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Processing and packaging of meat and poultry

Your partner for plant engineering and construction

Our comprehensive range of services: Planning of food processing plants of any size, in particular: Slaughtering and processing plants for cattle, pigs and sheep Poultry slaughtering and processing Canning factories Cooling and freezing technology In-house manufacture of machinery and installations in Germany Personnel training Transfer of marketing know-how (e. g. recipes) Turnkey construction and elaborate cooperation concepts

sop h i st i c a t e d t e c h n olo g y to t h e s m a ll e st d e t a i l Depending on your requirements the „Processing“ division of EMF offers you individual solutions for meat and poultry processing with individual machines, entire processing lines or turnkey plants.

In particular, we undertake project planning, manufacture, and installation of complete production processes in the meat and poultry processing industries to produce, for example, the following food:

The location is not important. Whether in cold or hot regions, with our internal construction department we are able to offer you safe solutions even in earthquake-prone areas.

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Our expert staff advises and trains you starting with the processing technology including Western European style recipes. Naturally we are also able to take account of regional processing methods and flavours and together with you we can combine them to develop locally and internationally marketable products. Our references tell their own tale and you can benefit from our experience. The basis of our success is partnership. This includes our support to you in the sale of your finished products, working hand in hand with our subsidiaries.

Fresh meat and pre-products Cooked, boiled, raw sausage Pasty and meat products Fine food Canned food Convenience and trendy products

Naturally we also supply any auxiliary and consumption material required for a smooth flow of production, e. g. film and cardboard packaging, cans and packages. On the following pages you will find an exemplary illustration of a meat processing line with its major components; naturally, this line can be customized to your individual needs, to the size of your company and to your different levels of automation. We will be glad to advise you on your project.

t h e full r a n g e of m e a t pro c e ss i n g . . .

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7 The plant in detail: Pre-products (1) Curing (2) Production of sausage meat (3) Thermal division (4) Filling, closing (5) Packaging (6) Weighing, measuring (7) Cleaning, hygiene (8) Accessories (9)




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c ur i n g


For the production of cured meat we supply you, the customer, with injectors and vacuum tumblers and with the appropriate mixing and filter technology. Different injectors are available for the various types of meat ensuring optimal injection results of the highest product quality. As far as the production of brine is concerned, our scope of supply includes systems which allow for mixing in of additives. Generally, they are offered in a design and dimensioning matching the injector. By fitting the injector with a cooling jacket

pr e - produ c ts


EMF delivers precision machines and equipment exclusively for the production of pre-products such as: conveyor systems for fine cutting and portioning, band saws and portion cutters for preciseweight cutting, tumblers for marinating, machines for the packaging of the preproducts in dishes or on trays and vacuum packaging and thermoforming machines with labelling.

Portion cutter

All machines supplied by EMF adhere to the latest EU hygiene regulations and to the standards of the countries of installation, thus ensuring perfect processing and product quality. Naturally, inert gas (MAP) can be used for certain packages to maintain the product quality and extend shelf life.

Band saw

Packaging machine

Pickle mixer

you achieve a consistently high quality of brine, and at the same time you keep the microbiological load at an optimal low level. In addition, filters can be applied to remove suspended matter, thus ensuring a uniform injection of the brine by the injection needles. To suit your production requirements our vacuum tumblers are optionally available with or without cooling jackets. For each application we offer you the appropriate tumbler system. In this way you always achieve optimal results while your products are processed in a gentle and careful manner.

S A U S AGE MEA T P R O D U C T I O N Equipment for the production of sausage meat is exposed to extreme mechanical stress. We therefore offer only reliable equipment that has proven successful in the global market. Whether you require equipment for coarse or fine mincing, mixing or emulsifying machines delivered by EMF with contact parts made of stainless steel or food safe plastic you always get optimal results, e. g. for the production of boiled, cooked, or raw sausage. Our machines are available for plants and production capacities of any quantity starting from the equipment in a butcher‘s shop up to the fine sausage meat line, intended for large industrial entities.



Automatic grinder

Automatic grinder with lift-tilt device


Meat grinders are available as stuffing, automatic, mixing grinders or as grinders for frozen meat - naturally with all requested additional equipment. Cutters are delivered as standard or vacuum in accordance with the technological requirements and with various accessories. Complete lines for the production of fine sausage meat, for example with a continuous cutter, provide high production output in large and consistent batches. For the mixing of batches we supply standard or vacuum mixers, always perfectly adapted for their intended use, technological requirements and the production quantity. For quality assurance in the production of boiled sausages we can supply ice generators.

Cutter with ejector

Crushed ice producer

Vacuum cutter with lift-tilt device

Thermal Division The equipment for the thermal department is an important technological area within the production chain. It has a decisive effect on the overall quality of the product, its appearance and durability. Smoke gives a very special taste and an incomparable flavour to meat and sausage products. EMF provides thermal systems for smoked products in addition to drying, cooking, cooling and maturing. The universal chambers with a fully automatic process control system ensure consistent quality at smoking, convection cooking, baking, and steaming. As far as the smoke generating systems are concerned, you have the choice between smoke generators operating on friction, smoulder smoke, or liquid smoke basis. The systems ensure continuous production with minimal thermal loss. Furthermore, they work as closed systems, i. e. no additional costs are incurred, e. g. for thermal after-burning units, catalytic converters or air washers. The bodies of the units are made of stainless steel and are hermetically sealed.


Our high-efficiency cooling systems provide for rapid cooling of the cooked products. Thus, the temperature range critical for microbial growth (between 50째C and 30째C) is passed through quickly. The systems are designed for the cooling of scalded and cooked sausages as well as for meat and fish products. Our cooling systems do not only improve product quality and provide longer shelf life, they also reduce possible cooling deficits. Regardless if you produce large or small, thin or bulky, smoked, air-dried products, and/or products ripened by noble mould, NESS-climate cold smoke and air-maturing systems are suitable for a large range of applications. NESS Climate Class allows you to get defined and standardized maturing and drying conditions and as a result, a consistent and high quality product ensuring product safety.

To cook meat and meat products we offer cooking kettles and cooking systems for any production volume, equipped with different types of heating.

Universal system with smoke generator




d Cold smoke generator (a) Ripening plant (b) Universal system for meat and sausages (c) Universal system for poultry (d) Cooking kettle system with bin feed (e)


Fotos (a-d): Ness & Co. GmbH, Remshalden

F i ll i n g a n d c los i n g


Filling and closing also means getting the meat and sausage products into the right shape.

Single-clip machine

However, the main function of the filling machines, whether it is a piston or a vacuum filler, is the precise and gentle filling and portioning of pasty food or the forming by means of appropriate attachments. They are versatile and offer a wide range of applications, ranging from traditional sausage and meat products up to new convenience and trendy products. All machines ensure a constant high quality product, regardless if it is portioned in artificial or natural casings or in any other receptacle. High production capacity and easy handling of the machines ensures time saving and consequently lower production costs. For the closing of the filled sausage receptacles we offer you various types of clipping machines starting with manual clipping devices, including semi-automatic double clippers through to automatic double clipping units with automatic suspension. Naturally, all of the machines and devices permit you to mark products with production-relevant information, e. g. manufacturing and bestbefore dates.

Vacuum filler without feeding

Piston filler

Semiautomatic double-clipper

Automatic double-clipper

Vacuum filler with lift-tilt device

Pa c k a g i n g


First and foremost, the purpose of packaging is to protect the meat and sausage products. They need to get from the production plant to the consumer without deterioration from microorganisms, mechanical or climatic impact. Apart from this, the packaging is important for optimal presentation of the products and is consequently a tool of sales promotion. EMF supplies equipment for the packaging of your products in any desired system, for any application of varying production quantities.

tray sealers or thermoforming packaging machines, supplemented by equipment for manual or automatic labelling or pricing, there are various options. All machines have been designed to meet the highest demands in every day production, and they are compatible with peripheral devices such as slicers, metal detectors and carton processing equipment. Our machines are suitable for every application.

Different trays with or without labels

Whether it is vacuum packaging or shrinking machines, stretch film packaging units,

Hot water shrinking tunnel plus flow chamber machine with conveyor belt

Price marking machine

Label printer

w e i g h i n g , m e a sur i n g To ensure consistent quality of process controlling, inspection of subcontracted supplies and outgoing goods or the issuing of delivery and internal documents for accounting it is impossible to do without stateof-the-art technology and software solutions.


All units have been designed to allow optimal, full documentation, traceability and compliance with the HACCP concept.

The scales offered by EMF are designed especially for the food plant industry and meet all the requirements for operating in damp areas. Naturally, all weighing machines are compatible with existing computer systems, i. e. data management and can be altered in accordance with your individual needs. For quality optimization during the production process thermometers, pH-meters and salt meters are available.

Combined pH thermometer

Weighing machines of various dimensions


Laboratory equipment

Pipe track scales

Control panels for weighing machines

Patented hygiene station by ITEC GmbH, Beckum, Germany

Hy g i e n e

A c c e ssor i e s



Complying with hygiene rules is an essential component of quality management in food production.

In addition to the main equipment required for the production process EMF also delivers all related items.

Therefore, devices for personal hygiene, for cleaning and disinfecting of appliances, equipment and containers as well as for the cleaning of production areas are absolutely necessary.

These include tables, pallets, transport containers, smoking and feeding trolleys for lifting and tilting units, cooking moulds, transportation equipment, labour protection equipment as well as workwear and hygienic clothing. Some of these products are manufactured in our own manufacturing plant in Barth.

EMF provides the right equipment for any application and any size of plant. Our large scope of supply includes mobile cleaning devices as well as highly efficient stationary cleaning and disinfecting units. Laboratory equipment for the examination of samples taken for checking the achieved cleaning and disinfection results are also part of our delivery programme.

Case washing machine

Grinding machine for cutter knives

Washing machine for bulk containers

Foam cleaning machine

Pallet truck

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Processing and packaging of meat and poultry  

Depending on your requirements the „Processing“ division of EMF offers you individual solutions for meat and poultry processing with individ...