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P L a n n i n g 路 P R O D U c T I O N 路 i m pl e m e n t a t i o n

The complete fulfillment from one source Your partner for plant engineering and construction

Planning of production plants

1: EMF’s development centre in Nienburg, Germany.


2: Visit us on one of the most important trade fairs for food engineering taking place throughout the world.


3: During the planning stage of the project we develop comprehensive concepts reaching beyond the mere construction of the plant.


STRENGTH Our comprehensive range of services extends throughout the project lifecycle: • Planning of technical food processing plants of any size • In-house production of machines in Germany • Personal training • Transfer of know-how (e. g. recipes) • Turnkey construction working hand in hand with our customers

EMF LebensmitteltechnikAnlagenbau GmbH





Innovative concepts from a single supplier

Production plants for the food industry are not created

We are able to provide a competent design, ma-

in a day. This makes it all the more important for you

nufacture and implementation in the following

to rely on us to provide the perfect coordination of the

fields of food engineering:

individual steps of project development from planning right up to commissioning of the turnkey plant. With EMF you have a supplier who offers you a full range

Poultry slaughtering and processing

of development from one single competent source.

Slaughterhouses for cattle, pigs and sheep

Diversified technical know-how, a history of selling for

Red meat processing

more than 30 years on an international scale enable us to define the specific requirements and demands of each project and to develop customised solutions. Quality management all down the line What’s important for us is consistent quality management; one important contribution to this is manufacturing machinery and components in our own factory. Being manufacturers of high-quality prefabricated building elements we have been successful in implementing complex turnkey projects for many years, supporting our customers far beyond commissioning. EMF has a global network of branch offices giving our customers even better support.

Fish processing Canning factories Refrigerating and deep-freeze technology Individual plants for all fields of food engineering


Customised manufacture of machines and plant modules for an EMF project


In our production company SAB Barth/Germany high-quality plants for the food industry are manufactured.

EMF LebensmitteltechnikAnlagenbau GmbH



Made by EMF means more than Made in Germany

Our production plant SAB in Barth/Germany has a

ning on site. This enables us to provide a high level of

history of machine and plant manufacture of more

flexibility when implementing your requirements.

than 100 years. After the takeover by the EMF group in the 1990‘s a separate production area for high-

High Quality

grade steel products was established. Based on this

The high quality standards we apply to all SAB pro-

and with continuous technical innovation a modern

duction lines are not only evident from high-quality

high-capacity production plant was developed. Thus

workmanship and long life cycle of the machines. In-

we are able to manufacture machines and plant

novative technology, optimal handling and a high de-

modules of highest quality economically in our own

gree of maintainability are also important criteria for


us. This is certainly one of the reasons for the steady increase in demand for SAB products and for the fact

Two separate production areas

that our company has established itself as a compe-

In addition to high-grade steel processing the black

tent, high quality supplier.

steel construction capacity was extended. Today SAB Barth GmbH does not only manufacture maritime


installations and high-capacity fish meal, fish oil and

SAB has been approved and certified according to

rendering plants for the world market, but also those

the high requirements of the EU guidelines for qua-

prefabricated steel parts we need for our turnkey pro-

lity management EN ISO 9001-2000. It also holds

jects when building complete plants. Therefore, we

the “Advanced Welding Fitness Certificate” in accor-

are able to offer our customers even more than a pro-

dance with the important German industry standard

duction line “made in Germany”. We deliver you com-

DIN 18800.

plete EMF plants from one source from the very first step of planning up to final assembly and commissio-


Controlled quality by customised machines and plant modules


EMF’s expertise in engineering: all ďŹ elds of high-grade steel processing in one production plant

EMF LebensmitteltechnikAnlagenbau GmbH



Well-engineered technology for customised plants

The capability of our high-grade steel sector is based

preparation procedures. Our plant concepts focus on

on three important supporting pillars:

the requirements of the processing industry. If applicable, we consider hygiene regulations based on the

• The high technical standard of our advanced production lines • The know-how of our experienced engineers and

results of the latest research as much as any specific regulations required by employment and animal protection law.

skilled engineering workers • The involvement of the EMF group of companies

Supreme technical standard

keeping always direct touch with the requirements

The SAB range of production comprises also more

of the market

complex technical installations requiring interdisciplinary professional competence and experience. As an

Specific solutions

example, the design and construction of cold stores

Therefore, we do not have any problems in optimising

including the cold store modules manufactured in our

our products according to market requirements and

own premises. Our compact and therefore economic

in developing new ones in order to make operating

spiral freezers stand out by extraordinary flexibility

procedures of our plants even more economic and

and versatility and are suitable for being customised

effective. Customised machines and plant modules

to various fields of food processing and different ca-

that have been developed by us meet all country-spe-


cific demands made to slaughtering, processing and



Poultry slaughtering

Slaughtering of big animals

• Complete slaughtering lines – fully automatic or for manual operation

• Complete slaughtering lines and modules

• High speed of processing • Plant modules and single machines for all areas:

• Specific design for cattle, pigs or sheep • Conveying systems • Cutting up plants • Customised solutions for plants of any size

• Reception

• Pre-cooling

• Slaughtering

• Weighing

Meat processing

• Eviscerating

• Cutting up

• Processing lines and single machines for the production of

• Rendering plants

• Pre-boiled sausage • Raw sausage Poultry processing

• Boiled sausage

• Processing lines and individual machines for the production of • Poultry sausages

• Deli food

• Poultry pasty • Canning engineering • Freezing and chilling • Vacuum and packaging technology

EMF LebensmitteltechnikAnlagenbau GmbH

• Deli food

• Canning technology • Smoking installations • Freezing and chilling • Vacuum and packaging technology


Fish processing


• Complete production lines for various processing purposes

• Spiral freezers in compact design and customised size

• Canning • Smoking • Frozen food • Defrosting installations • Filletting tracks • Forming and frying lines • Vacuum and packaging technology • Fish meal installations Canning lines

• Construction of and equipment for complete cold stores of any size • Heat exchangers, liquefiers and pipe systems • Switching and control technology


Fish meal plants and boat launching installations: Maritime plant construction is a long-established segment of manufacture of SAB Barth. >


Prefabrication of construction elements for halls and ship installations in a separate production hall.

EMF LebensmitteltechnikAnlagenbau GmbH


Prefabricated building units and plant engineering

Combining high-grade steel manufacturing and black

Maritime plant construction

steel construction in one manufacturing plant with

In the field of prefabrication and later assembly on site

two production units EMF is in a position to offer the

SAB has comprehensive experience originating from

complete implementation of a food processing plant

maritime plant construction. The shipbuilding-related

from planning up to turnkey handover from one single

modules and installations, particularly high-capacity

source. Thus our customers benefit from the flexibility,

boat launching units and ship cranes, are individually

cost-effectiveness and quality of our company-owned

manufactured and subsequently installed on board.

manufacturing plant. Fish meal and rendering plants Prefabrication for turnkey projects

In Barth, EMF also manufactures plants for the pro-

In most cases the structures of the halls used for our

cessing of waste from the food industry. In spite of

turnkey projects are prefabricated in our manufactu-

being constructed in a compact, economic way the

ring plant in Barth. This is the safest way to comply

fish meal, fish oil and rendering plants of SAB can

with our own demand for high quality standards and

be adapted to the individual requirements of the cus-

is of particular importance where highly resilient sup-

tomer and to the processing capacity he needs (for

porting structures are concerned, being exposed to

example as land- or ship-based units), and they are

extreme climatic conditions. All steelwork items are

regarded among the most long-lasting and techni-

painted or galvanised in Germany and assembled on

cally mature installations worldwide. The fact alone

your construction site together with the building ser-

that 900 SAB fish meal plants have been sold so far

vices. It goes without saying that you can expect the

speaks for itself.

same care we apply in manufacture.


After commissioning of your plant, we can provide recipes and ingredients for your marketing area, direct marketing of your products, fast and flexible maintenance and spare parts service. >


Experience makes the difference. Our turnkey projects meet highest demands at every stage. Complete with all building services and constructional elements that have been prefabricated by us in Germany.

EMF LebensmitteltechnikAnlagenbau GmbH


Turnkey construction and cooperative concepts

Buying a production plant and the appropriate buil-

and spare parts. Factors such as low operating ex-

ding from one source gives you the deciding edge:

penses, high operating reliability and long life span of

optimal coordination of the individual trades, higher

the whole plant ensure that this way of implementing

flexibility and from the economic point of view more

turnkey projects will yield benefits for many years af-

efficiency and transparency. All of that is offered by

ter completion.

EMF. Marketing support on a global scale Poised for special demands

Our profound regional knowledge in marketing and

Due to the wide range of in-house production capa-

our variable partnership concepts enable us to sup-

bilities we are largely independent of subcontractors

port your efforts in the marketing of your products.

and component suppliers; this ensures the quality of

For this purpose, we offer you recipes that are tai-

the whole project and is crucial if highest demands

lor-made for your target market and if required we

are made to structural engineering, for example in

can supply you with the appropriate spices and in-

earthquake zones, under extreme climatic conditions,

gredients as well as packing and consumable materi-

in the Arctic Circle or in desert regions.

als. Should you require, we will be pleased to discuss with you the direct marketing of your products by our

High profitability

company. Being a long-time, reliable business partner

It goes without saying that our comprehensive qua-

of Deutsche Bank AG and other German and inter-

lity management also includes commissioning of the

national banks we are in a position to support you

plant and the training of your personnel, together

in financing your project, this in turn, will provide you

with a fast and flexible delivery service for equipment

with a competitive advantage.


1: Stunning trap of the slaughterhouse RUKS


2: Cold store in Astrakhan with a storage capacity of 1,000 tons


3: Meat canning factory near Bucharest/Romania



Advanced slaughtering and cutting-up plant in Moscow for up to 70 pigs or 20 head of cattle per hour.

EMF LebensmitteltechnikAnlagenbau GmbH





References setting patterns

In the past few years we have successfully finished

and smokehouses with a capacity of 210 animals/

numerous new projects with high technical require-

day was planned. We are happy to supply you with a

ments demonstrating our outstanding performance

large number of reference sites.

capability. Fish processing Poultry slaughtering and processing

The fish processing plants having been implemen-

In this field we have implemented more than 100 pro-

ted by EMF are designed for various purposes. They

jects in 26 countries to date. We have fully automatic

range from frozen food plants to smokehouses to

slaughtering plants in Tyumen, Russia, in Opole, Po-

canning plants with Kosmino (19,200 cans/day) and

land, and especially designed plants for the slaughte-

Preobashenije (24,000 cans/day) having the highest

ring of turkeys or ducks in Antalya, Turkey, and Pyong

capacities. The turnkey processing plant we imple-

Yang, North Korea. In White Russia we have imple-

mented in Moscow has a processing capacity of 10

mented several turnkey plants including building,

tons/day, a similar one in Arkhangelsk has a capacity

building services and slaughtering line. In 2007, eight

of 15 tons/day. Plants for the processing of squids

slaughterhouses were built in Egypt – these slaugh-

and caviar in Astrakhan and Vladivostok as well as for

terhouses have capacities in the range 500 to 6000

fish food complement the range of our activities.

animals per hour. Cold stores and freezers Slaughtering and processing of big animals

EMF builds turnkey cold stores of any size. The cold

In this field EMF has effective references in Riga,

store of Petropavlovsk on the peninsula of Kamchat-

Minsk, Kaliningrad and Moscow. Furthermore, big

ka with a storage capacity of 5,000 tons is currently

slaughterhouses were implemented in Romania, Bul-

the oldest one; placed in one of the most earthqua-

garia and Kazakhstan. In the North of Kazakhstan

ke-prone areas of the world. The versatile high-per-

we are building the largest modern slaughtering and

formance SAB spiral freezers are operating in many

processing plant with a footprint of 6 ha. Moreover,

processing lines, and models with capacities between

modern slaughterhouses are located in Almaty and

400 and 3,000 kg are in operation in Germany, Aus-

Aktobe. The customers required capacities of 50 up

tria and Russia.

to 500 pigs/hour or 10 to 60 head of cattle/hour or 50 to 500 sheep/hour. In Dnepopetrovsk (Ukraine) a

Please ask us for further reference items in your vici-

meat processing plant with a pelmeni processing line

nity or visit our website!

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Food technology, steel construction, plant engineering and construction

Fish farming technology

Fish delicatessen

EMF branch offices and agencies all throughout the world

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