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Catch a fish that’s a big fighter? Walt Krause tells you how Muskie Fishing, I Did Not Know That Walter Krause • Walter’s Guide Service 66 p. $14.95 • $16.13 w/tax • $19.63 w/tax and shipping Soft Cover No Illustrations Muskie Fishing, I Did Not Know That is a slim manual from a Southern Illinois expert fishing guide. It concentrates on one thing: the how-to thrill of successfully catching muskellunge, the largest and fightingest fish in the pike family. Krause is well-qualified to write this book: he is a professional fishing guide who has fished muskie for over 40 years; pursued Midwestern muskie since 1979, has been on the muskie pro tournament circuit, and written professionally about muskie to both novice and seasoned anglers. That Son of a Gun Had Sense: Mule stories a great read! That Son of a Gun Had Sense: Mule Stories from the Bootheel Area during the 1930s-1940s Era By Lonny Thiele • Stinson Press, Poplar Bluff No ISBN • 2010 • 298 p. • $25.95; $28.01 w/tax • $31.51 w/tax and shipping It’s hard to believe that people still alive in Missouri worked the land with mules as children, but this book by Lonny Thiele tells the stories of 78 people, most of whom are still alive, who did just that. The book consists of short vignettes, mostly two to three pages long, of these people telling their youthful exploits with mules. Thiele, a reporter retired from the Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic, found men and women, black and white, with stories to tell. Nearly all were respectful of their braying farm partners over 60 years later, often attributing more sense to the animals than their fellow humans.

Chasing Spring 2 More on DVD about Spring Turkey Hunting from the Turkey master Ray Eye . Volume 2, The Good the Bad and Ugly, is a collection of all new 2011 Chasing spring hunts, kills, misses, Gobblers getting away, including unsuccessful hunts without a kill, this is real turkey hunting. Ray Eye explains each hunt’s tactics, maneuvers and valuable “how too” information as it unfolds. $19.99 • $21.57 w/tax • $23.57 w/tax and shipping

Just Published: Ray Eye’s Turkey Hunting Bible. Everything you need to know to bring down the wily birds: Order now; we have stock on the way from the publisher. Arrival in time for Spring Turkey Season. $24.95 • $26.93 w/tax $30.43 w/tax and shipping

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