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INSIDE Show Layout • Directory of Vendors • Schedule of Activities •Profiles of Seminar Presenters Directory produced by River Hills Traveler in cooperation with Truth & the Outdoors Wildlife Expo



Truth and the Outdoors Show Directory Rick Thomas Committee Chairman Mark Bay Event Coordinator

Joe Curry Assistant Coordinator And Pro Staff Member Amanda Thomas Treasurer

Bro. Jim Plymale Director of Missions

Executive Committee Members Maynard Grannemann Robin Jobe Brian Scott

The Truth and the Outdoors Hunt us down on facebook! A ministry of the Franklin Baptist Association 785 Butterfield Union, Missouri 63084 636-583-2639

To learn more about having an event like the Truth and the Outdoors at your Church or Association: Please call 636-583-2639 This program will work with a wide variety of interest including, car shows, boat shows, gun shows, craft shows, sports shows, home improvement shows, garden shows, quilt shows to name just a few.


March 8-9-10, 2013

A Special Thank You For Eternity

he Bible says that there are not enough books in the whole world to contain the accounts of all that Jesus did because of how much He did. It is kind of like that when we think of thanking all those who have given sacrificially to make the Truth and the Outdoors Expo possible. There are literally hundreds of individuals, churches, businesses and other groups that have given time, talents and monetary donations to produce this great event. So please understand why we can not list them all in this program. If we did try to do so, there would not be enough room to list everyone and we would surely end up leaving out some who have given of themselves and their businesses. We do want to dedicate this space to recognize and to thank every person, group or business, as best as we can, for every contribution, no matter how large or small. It took such generous participation by

each and every one to make this event possible. It has been amazing to see how God has brought all the different folks to work together for this common goal. The Bible says that even giving a cup of water in Jesus’ name will not go unnoticed by our Father in heaven, and such will be rewarded both in this life and in the life to come, when our life is over here on earth. Truly, only in eternity will any of us know the full results and impact of the contributions we have given to this effort. The lives that will be touched through this effort will in turn touch many others, who will then touch many others. So only God knows truly just how great your reward in heaven will ultimately be. God is great and loving and your reward from Him will surely be generous and eternal. God bless you for your service and generosity.

Welcome from the Franklin Baptist Association It is a great pleasure and honor for me to welcome you to our association’s third “Truth” and the Outdoors Expo. We have planned and prepared this school campus and the related exhibits and seminars with you in mind, hoping that your visit here would be enjoyable and enriching. We wanted this expo to be unique from the many others that you may attend. From the very beginning it has been the vision of our association leaders and the “Truth” and the Outdoors Team to provide an affordable and richly rewarding experience for the entire family where each visitor could also have the opportunity to be “exposed” to the “Great Truth” behind the outdoors. The Bible, and even nature itself, plainly teaches us that there is a Creator of our wonderful outdoor world

and of all who live within it. In fact He created our world for our enjoyment and His glory. That Creator is Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the “Truth” behind the Outdoors and that He desires every person in the world He created to personally know His love and to enjoy His fellowship here on earth. He also desires for us to live forever with Him in the heaven that He also created. Along with enjoying all the outdoors exhibits and programs, please take advantage of the many resources to know Jesus that we have made available today in your handouts and in our seminars. If we can help you to know Him, or know and love Him better, just ask one of our Team Members wearing the orange shirts . ( May God bless your time with us at our expo, and your life forever! Here to Serve You, Jim Plymale Director, Franklin Baptist Association

This show directory for the Truth & the Outdoors Wildlife Expo was produced on behalf of the Franklin Baptist Association and Truth & the Outdoors by River Hills Traveler, P.O. Box 245, St. Clair, MO 63077. Emery Styron, editor & publisher; Jo Schaper, assistant editor. Religious views expressed herein are those of the Franklin Baptist Association and/or seminar speakers and are not necessarily those of River Hills Traveler, management and staff.

FREE ADMISSION TO TRUTH & THE OUTDOORS SHOW WITH A CANNED FOOD DONATION Help us share the harvest by donating non-perishable food items

March 8-9-10, 2013


The Truth and the Outdoors Show Schedule Friday, March 8th

3:00 p.m..........................................................................Gates will Open 3:00 p.m.................................3D Archery Motion Pop-Up Shoot begins All day......... Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Buck Scoring, Kids events, S.O.M.E. Big Buck Display 4:00 p.m..............................Meet Smokey the Bear and Eddie the Eagle 5:15 p.m...........Seminar Speaker: Tim Shannon, The Pond Pro on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Fishing Gear 6:00 p.m..............................Meet Smokey the Bear and Eddie the Eagle 6:30 p.m............Seminar Speaker: Travis Loewen and his 2,200 Pound Bull, on the stage in the Jr. High Gym. Prize: Savage Mark II BV 22 long rifle with Accu Trigger 8:00 p.m..................................................................Vendor Booths Close 8:15 p.m.....................................................Seminar Speakers Mark and Dan Witt, on the Auditorium Stage Prize: Fully Equipped Athens Bow, Hunter Safety System and other prizes.

Saturday, March 9th

10:00 a.m.........................................................................Gates will Open 10:00 a.m................................3D Archery Motion Pop-Up Shoot begins All day......... Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Buck Scoring, Kids events, S.O.M.E. Big Buck Display 10:15 a.m....................Seminar Speaker: Brian Utecht from CTO, on the Auditorium Stage Prize: Hunting Equipment 10:30 a.m.............................Meet Smokey the Bear and Eddie the Eagle 11:15 a.m........Seminar Speaker Marty Holmes, on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Hunting Equipment 12:30 a.m........ Seminar Speaker: Chris Morrow, Catfishing 101, on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Fishing Gear 2:00 p.m.................Seminar Speaker: Roger Sigler (Antler Dog Trainer), on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Dog Training Gear 3:30 p.m.............................................Seminar Speakers Mark and Dan Witt, on the Auditorium Stage. Two Prize winners: 1.) Fully Equipped Hoyt Charger Bow, Hunter Safety System and other prizes. 2.)Fully Equipped Benelli shot gun. 5:00 p.m......................................Seminar Speaker: Travis Loewen and


his 2,200 Pound Steer, on the stage in the Jr. High Gym. Prize: Custom Maple Table valued at over $2,300.00 and other prizes. 6:30 p.m..Seminar Speaker: Dr. Jim Reimer from Worlds Outstanding Whitetails, on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Hunting Equipment 8:00 p.m..................................................................Vendor Booths Close 8:15 pm................Seminar Speaker: Tim Shannon, The Pond Pro on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Two-day guided, all inclusive fishing trip to Lake of the Ozark for an one adult and one child.

Sunday, March 10th

8:00 a.m................... Church Services Start ( All are welcome to attend.) 10:00 a.m.........................................................................Gates will Open 10:00 a.m................................3D Archery Motion Pop-Up Shoot begins All day......... Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Buck Scoring, Kids events, S.O.M.E. Big Buck Display 10:15 a.m... Seminar Speaker Marty Holmes, on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Hunting Equipment 10:30 a.m.............................Meet Smokey the Bear and Eddie the Eagle 11:15 a.m................................Seminar Speaker: Brian Utecht from CTO, on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Hunting Equipment 12:30 p.m.....................................Seminar Speakers Mark and Dan Witt, on the Auditorium Stage. Two Prize winners: 1.) Fully Equipped G5 Quest Rouge Bow, Hunter Safety System and other prizes. 2.) Remington model 700 Deer Rifle. 1:00 p.m..............................Meet Smokey the Bear and Eddie the Eagle 2:00 p.m................Seminar Speaker: Travis Loewen and his 2,200 Pound Steer on the stage in the Jr. High Gym. Prize: Custom Maple Blanket Box valued at over $400.00 and Savage Mark II BV 22 long rifle with Accu Trigger. 3:30 p.m..................Seminar Speaker: Roger Sigler (Antler Dog Trainer), on the Auditorium Stage. Prize: Hunting Equipment 2:30 p.m..Coloring Contest Winner Announced on the Auditorium Stage 2:30 p.m................................3D Archery Motion Pop-Up Shoot Winners Announced on the Auditorium Stage 4:00 p.m..................................................................................Show Ends Come by the TATO Prize Display in the Senior High building, to see all the prizes being given way at our seminars!

Brian Utecht to talk white tail deer hunting

Brian Utecht, national director for the minisrry of Cross Trail Outfitters, will speak at Truth & the Outdoors on many aspects of hunting whitetail deer in Missouri. Brian is a Midwest boy through-andthrough. He was born and raised in Nebraska and played as a linebacker for Missouri Western University in St. Joseph. He then joined up with the U.S. Coast Guard and served as a rescue swimmer and weapons officer, and at the time was the most highly decorated rescue swimmer in Coast Guard history. His service to our country took him across our great

Hear Brian Utecht speak at 10:15 a.m. Saturday and 11:15 a.m. Sunday on the Auditorium Stage. See show schedule for prizes nation, finally leading him and his growing family back to Missouri to join Cross Trail Outfitters. Cross Trail Outfitters is a year-round youth hunting and fishing club with summer camps and weekend outings that teaches upon three cornerstones: Building men, preserving our hunting

Are you hunting for a great rate?

and fishing heritage, and sharing our

Christian faith. God has prepared Brian for this full-time missionary position through years of experience in the great outdoors from trapping in the creeks of Nebraska as a youth to brown bear hunting in Alaska as a young adult to being a professional hunting guide in Texas and top 100 B.A.S.S. Fisherman across the United States. Brian’s passion for sharing his years of experience and skills in the outdoors can be attributed to the hunting and fishing heritage passed down from his grandpa and father who also had a love for the outdoors.

Let us help you bag the best mortgage around! (636) 583-2555 15 E Main St. 210 W Hwy 50 1440 Rebel Rd.

Member FDIC



Brothers to share story featured in Field & Stream

Mark and Dan Witt, the brothers whose story of losing their father in a hunting accident was told in the December 2011/January 2012 Field & Stream article, “Following Our Father,” will speak on their outdoor experiences and Dan Witt Christian faith at the Truth & the Outdoors Wildlife Expo. During Mark’s first deer hunt at the age of 12, his father was tragically killed, an event that would change and impact each family member’s life forever. In spite of the their father’s loss, Mark and Dan have continued to hunt and grow in their love for the outdoors. Mark and Dan have spoken at numerous wild game events in the U.S. and Canada. They have produced a gospel tract “Mistaken Identity” which

tells about the hunting accident and also points the reader to Christ.

Mark Witt

March 8-9-10, 2013

See collection of 16 of biggest whitetail deer ever on display A collection of 16 of the biggest whitetail deer ever on display will be at the Truth & the Outdoors Wildlife Expo in the Murray School Gym courtesy of Worlds Outstanding Whitetails.. Three of the heads score over 400 non typical! Ten of them score over 300 non-typical. Dr. Jim Reimer of Worlds Outstanding Whitetails will speak about the exhibit at 6:30 p.m. Saturday on the Auditorium stage.

Hear Dr. Jim Reimer speak at 6:30 p.m. Saturday on the Auditorium Stage. See show schedule for prizes

Hear Mark and Dan Witt speak at 8:15 p.m. Friday, 3:30 p.m. Saturday and 12:30 p.m. Sunday on the Auditorium Stage. See show schedule for prizes

Jim’s Country Catering Catering Large or Small Events



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First Baptist Church Gray Summit

iXL Academy is an after school program designed to assist Kindergarten through Sixth Grade students with homework and academic enrichment in a safe Christian environment. Call (573) 468-8044 for more information! TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURH 444 Beeman St Sullivan, MO

Sunday: Wednesday: 636-742-4350

Bible Study for All Ages - 9:45 a.m. Worship Service - 11:00 a.m. Bible Study/Prayer - 7:00 p.m. Youth & Bible Drill - 7:00 p.m.

2705 Highway 100, Gray Summit MO Preschool 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

March 8-9-10, 2013



Team Catfish member Chris Morrow will describe pursuit of whiskered beast Chris Morrow, pro staff member for Team Catfish, Weld Pro Boats, and Surge Trophy Cat Series,

is one of the eight seminar presenters at Truth & the Chris Morrow with 55.5-lb. blue catfish. Outdoors. Chris is an avid catfisherman with over 30 years of experience chasing the whiskered beast. He has fished for catfish all over the country including the Red River of North Dakota and Manitoba, the James River of Virginia, and the Gulf of Mexico. Chris has caught several Master Angler catfish in Missouri, Manitoba and Virginia. He has been featured in In-Fisherman Catfish Insider Guide, and Brent Frazee’s Ultimate Guide to Missouri Fishing book. Chris has also given numerous seminars across the state.

For reservations call

Hear Chris Morrow speak at 12:30 p.m. Saturday on the Auditorium Stage. See show schedule for prizes


Saxon Lutheran Memorial

Wilhelm & Christian Bergt Living History Farm • Frohna, MO 63748

2013 Festivals

Spring - April 27-28 Summer - June 29 ind and like us for up to date event info. Site open March 1 through November 30; other times by appointment.


MRV Scenic Tour Drive Mini Festival,Craft & Plant Sale

Fall - Oct. 12

Annual Fall Festival 1800s demonstrations music, food, crafts, prizes, buggy rides

Bluegrass Music Fest Bluegrass music, food, fireworks. $15 adm. Advertising Opps available

Our grounds are

a family-friendly venue suitable for many outdoor and group events. Call for details.

Winter - Dec. 21

1820s Barn LIve Nativity See the story, celebrate w/family & friends kid’s crafts, food

Community Baking Day 9:30 am

Open Year Round

1st Sat. March - November

Only 150 yards from the Jacks Fork River!

Come and spend your vacation with us •Satellite TV •Heating & A/C •Playground Equipment •Laundromat • Full RV Hookups N. Hwy 19 - P. O. Box 94 Eminence, MO 65466

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March 8-9-10, 2013

Pond Pro Tim Shannon perfected technique while grieving for father

636-629-5473 636-744-2275 - cell

Feed for Farm & Home • Equine • Livestock • Dogs & Cats • Wildlife • Birds Featuring Pet Products “If it eats, we’ll feed it!”

Phone: 636-629-9941 • 8011 Hwy. 47 Union, MO 63084

255 S. Commercial • St. Clair, MO 63077 Open 11-8 Tues-Sat

Dine In - Carry Out

The Original All-Terrain Pack Chair

“Not everything starts from good beginnings but God has a way of making things work out.” says Pond Pro Tim Shannon. After Shannon’s father died unexpectedly in 2004, he began a quest for a 10-lb. bass to honor the passing of the man who introduced him to the sport. That quest, said Shannon, “ultimately cost me my job, my wife, a few lifelong fishing buddies and nearly my own life.” After four and a half years of chasing “The One,” Shannon came to the realization he was throwing his life away, so he Pond Pro Tim Shannon developed his ended his quest. expertise on a quest for a 10-lb. bass to He also realized that from honor his late father. years of fishing practice and studying how-to videos that he Hear Tim Shannon speak at had become an expert at small 5:15 p.m. Friday and 8:15 p.m. waters fishing. Saturday on the One day staying home from Auditorium Stage. work to care for a sick son, See show schedule for prize he sat down at the computer

and launched a new concept for fishing called The Pond Pro on Facebook. Shannon started posting tips and how-to’s on the page about how to catch fish in your own backyard and instantly gained attention “I was gaining 130 likes a month but it wasn’t good enough. I knew if I really wanted to get this concept out there I had to do two things: focus on fishing and come up with a gimmick or way to put a stamp on what Pond Pro is all about.” He sold all his hunting gear to get the needed money to buy a jersey with “Pond Pro” on the back and a GoPro camera to post videos instead of articles. His site gained serious momentum and “Here I am,” says Shannon. “I wanted people to know that even the BASS, FLW and LBAA pros started somewhere just like them, on a pond bank.”

Sigler to talk about antler dogs

Roger Sigler, innovator and entrepreneur, With such a diverse background Roger felt that developed a method for teaching dogs to find it would be possible to expand the world of dog shed antlers. He’ll explain that method and share training to the sport of shed antler hunting. experiences from nearly four decades of animal He found there was no information available training at the the Truth & the online or in print. No one had Outdoors Wildlife Expo. Hear Roger Sigler speak at explored, much less developed a Sigler has been involved in 2 p.m. Saturday and 3:30 p.m. way of teaching the dogs to hunt animal training.for most of his for the antler sheds. He believed Sunday on the adult life. certain breeds of dogs could be Auditorium Stage. In years of experience with trained to find antler sheds and See show schedule for prize today he is proving his belief to dogs, horses, mules and other animals Sigler developed his be correct. own technique of training. He keeps 15 to 18 dogs at He uses no force or harsh treatment of his animal various stages of training and has placed antler dogs students, a method that in more than 32 states and Canada. allows him to gain their Roger has been featured in many national trust and co-operation so magazines, outdoor TV and radio shows and at that they enjoy the task that seminars at outdoor retailers and sports shows they are asked to perform. around the country.

Robert & Kimberly Schilly Cell 573-846-7032

We exist for the glory of God through Lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Join us on Sunday: 8:15am Worship Service 9:30am Small Groups 10:45am Worship Service

444 Beeman St Sullivan, MO 63080 (573) 468-8044

March 8-9-10, 2013



BowLife Pop Up Tournament Rules

• Pre-register online at www. • First place prize: $500 (Additional places and prizes will be announced and awarded at the Expo) • Entry Fee: $40 • Entry fee gives you one qualifying round and two practice rounds • Requalifying rounds $10 • Practice rounds $5 TOURNAMENT RULES & FORMAT BowLife HSC is a computer operated 3D archery range. We use life-like 3D animal targets that will be moving. The targets are programmed to pop up for a length of time then go down. There will also be a runner. This target will move from one side of the range to the other. OUTLINE The shooter will need five arrows to complete a round. During a round, five targets will appear at random. The shooter must look and find the target and make a shot before the target goes away, and the next appears. After the five shots, the targets in that round will all pop up to be scored.

SCORING The scoring will be 12,10,8 and 5. The center ring will score a 12, the circle inside the vital area will score a 10, the larger oval will score an 8, and anywhere outside of the 8 ring will score a 5. Ties will be broken by the number of 12s then the number of 10s. Arrows must be touching the line of the rings to gain the higher score. In the case of the arrow being so close to the line making it hard to determine, the higher score will be given to the shooter. ARROWS THAT HIT A TARGET AFTER GOING THROUGH A FRONT BLOCKER WILL SCORE A ZERO. All scoring will be done by BowLife Staff. PRACTICE/ FUN ROUND The practice and fun rounds will be five arrows, five targets, and will be second to qualifying/ requalifying rounds. QUALIFYING ROUND The qualifying/requalifying round will consist of a 10-target score (two rounds of five). The top number of shooters will be placed on the shoot-off board. This number will depend on the entries for the event. As higher scores are made throughout the

qualifying round, names will be replaced. It is up to the shooter to make sure they remain on the shoot-off board by requalifying if need be. The qualifying/ requalifying round will be held up to a given time on the last day of the event. That time will be determined at the event and posted at the BowLife Booth. Additional qualifying rounds will be available. THE SHOOT-OFF At the time of the shoot-off, the shooters must be present. If not, the shooter will be replaced by the next highest scorer. The shoot-off will be a headto-head round. (Example: 16 shooters in the shootoff, #1 will shoot against #16, #2: vs. #15 and so on). The high scorer will advance to round 2. This will be the format down to the final two shooters. RULES Bows: 70 lbs. maximum. Shooters must be able to control their bow. Range finders will not be allowed on stand. BowLife staff may enforce rules additional rules if necessary. YARDAGE Yardage for each target will be between 40y max and 15y min.

German Roasted Nuts Cinnamon Roasted Pecans & Almonds Ginger Murphy Bulk Orders • Fundraisers • 314-713-9366 Special Events • Festivals & More

LODGING • CAMPING • FLOATING Horseback Riding • RV Camping BBQ Dinners • Hunt Bros. Pizza On the Crystal Clear Huzzah River

Steelville, MO

Over 30 Years of Serving You! 1-800-367-4516

1503 Gravois St. ,St. Clair, MO 63077

canoe & kayak

Canoes • Kayaks • Rafts Group Camping Less than an hour from St. Louis 1316 Old Cove Rd St. Clair, MO 63077




March 8-9-10, 2013

Travis Loewen will bring 2,200 lb. longhorn Branson entertainerTravis Loewen will be performing with his longhorn steer, Jack, and his horse, Top Cat, as he presents his message on the relationship of the animal and trainer at Truth & the Outdoors. You will also be entertained with trick roping, rope tricks, cowboy poetry and storytelling.

If you are a hunter, think of the time and energy invested into the hunt for that one moment of truth when you are focused in on your quarry and it is time to make the shot. It all comes down to that moment. Have you prepared and stayed on track? Is your rifle sighted in? Are you breathing properly? Are you squeezing the trigger slowly? Such is our preparation in life for God’s judgment. If we don't keep His commands and treasure them within us, we will be accountable for a missed shot.

Hear Travis Loewen speak 6:30 p.m. Friday, 5 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday on the Junior High Gym Stage. See show schedule for prizes Raised on a ranch in Meade, Kan,, Travis grew up to become the emcee for the famed Dixie Stampede in Branson and has worked in other shows around that community. He performed in the Shepherd of the Hills drama for five seasons, was the chuckwagon cook for the Sons of the Pioneers dinner show and participated in Silver Dollar City’s Salute to the Great American Cowboy. He will amaze you at his seminars as he

shares techniques that he uses to build relationships and train his animals. After Travis’s seminar Saturday, those who are present will be entered

into an immediate drawing to win a custom made maple table from Meramec Woodworks worth over $2,000.

Advertiser Locator Map & Index SULLIVAN • Bosse Construction.......7 • Oak Grove Archery......11 • Temple Baptist Church.........................4, 8

WASHINGTON • Ed’s Meat Market............9

UNION • Clearview Feed..............8 • United Bank of Union....3

LEWISTOWN • Watkins Products...........8 MARTHASVILLE • Sister Chick’s Jillybeans....................... 9

29 BOURBON • Calvary Baptist Church.......................8 • Bourbon Family Center........................7 • Blue Springs Ranch........................7


LABADIE • Straatmann Feed............8


GRAY SUMMIT •First Baptist Church........ 4


kansas city

DIXON • Boiling Spring Campground.............7

ST. CLAIR • Budget Lodging............. 8 • Compass Ministries.... 11 • Dave’s Taxidermy.......... 9 • Farmers & Merchants Bank............................... 9 • Firehouse Signs & Designs....................... 9 • First Baptist Church...... 9 • German Nuts.................. 9 • Hoff Insurance............... 4 • Jim’s Country Catering.4 • Meramec Country Woodworks . ................. 2 • Old Cove Canoe & Kayak........................... 9 • Outdoors Addiction....... 9 • River Hills Traveler....... 5 • Shane’s Joint.................. 8 • St. Clair Auto Body........ 7 • St. Clair Health Mart..... 8

Each business or organization listed here has an advertisement at the page number indicated. A chart of expo booth locations appears on pages 6-7.






LUEBBERING • Carroll Mills & Lumber.8 FESTUS • Middleton’s RV............. 12



ST. MARY • Sitting Hawk LLC......... 8




STEELVILLE • Huzzah Valley Resort.... 9 • The Rafting Co................ 8

67 60

EMINENCE • Shady Lane Cabins & Motel................................ 5

FROHNA • Saxon Lutheran Memorial..........................5

March 8-9-10, 2013 TRUTH & THE OUTDOORS SHOW DIRECTORY Franklin Baptist Association Churches/Missions

CHURCH LOCATION PASTOR PHONE Allenton Heights, First Allenton Heights Earlwood Towne 636-742-5176 Calvary Bourbon Ed Carter 573-732-4439 Calvey Robertsville (Currently no pastor) 636-285-0509 Charrette Marthasville (Currently no pastor) 636-433-2077 Compass Ministries, The Union Jim Creath 636-677-5182 Crossroads Richwoods Bob Murphy 314-568-4158 Duly St. Clair Darren Perkins 636-629-7826 Evergreen Beaufort/Sullivan Tom Rudloff 573-484-3418 Faith Washington Fred Broome 636-239-2432 Friendship Southern New Haven Elvis Lee 573-237-2626 Gerald, First Gerald Devin Haus 573-764-2505 Grace Union Richard Hinson 636-583-1669 Gray Summit, First Gray Summit (Currently no pastor) 636-742-4350 Green Mound St. Clair Bill Luttrell 636-390-4637 Leslie Leslie Chuck Tedrow 573-484-3855 Lighthouse Moselle Jeff Scott, 636-629-7050 Memorial New Haven Joe Nogalski 573-237-2154 Mt. Calvary Robertsville Frederick Evans 636-257-3868 New Chapel Hill Sullivan Paul Niemoeller 636-887-1410 New Friendship Gerald Dennis Vickers 573-764-2614 New Hope Hwy K—Sullivan John Pursley 636-629-2772 Oak Grove Lonedell Glenn Hammond 636-629-0297 Outreach Union Jim Armistead 636-239-9945 Pacific Pacific Stan Gibson 636-257-2661 Prospect Lonedell Stephen Hodges 636-629-5056 Rose Hill Villa Ridge Robert Stevenson, Jr. 636-451-5541 Shiloh Robertsville George Fulghame 636-257-3593 Spring Bluff Spring Bluff Fred Banderman 636-629-7321 St. Clair, First St. Clair Cliff Day 636-629-2407 St. Clair Southern St. Clair Bill Savage 636-629-0612 Temple Sullivan Scott Perry 573-468-8044 True Vine Sullivan Jim Sanders 573-468-2304 Union, First Union Greg Cross 636-583-2386 Villa Ridge, First Villa Ridge Roger Johnson 636-742-3662 Virginia Mines Lonedell Bob Herron 314-808-7144 Washington, First Washington Bob Schneider 636-239-6209 *Denotes mission church Rev. 03/09 OTHER CHURCHES PARTICIPATING IN TRUTH & THE OUTDOORS EXPO Elmwood Missionary Lonedell (Currently no pastor) 636-629-2020 Bethel Missionary St. Clair Ben Kingston 636-629-2978 Friendship St. Clair Johnny Dover 636-629-1180

Marty Holmes to explain work of Mule Deer Foundation

Marty Holmes is currently the director of field operations for the Mule Deer Foundation where he oversees the fundraising efforts of field staff and volunteers for mule deer and black-tailed deer conservation projects. He has been in the nonprofit, wildlife conservation sector for the past 25 years. Marty was one of the original employees who built the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and held several field leadership and supervisory positions in his 18 years with that conservation organization. Later, he also held a field position with Safari Club International where he worked with over 30 chapters in 11 states. Early in his career, after receiving his bachelor’s degree in range management from Utah State University, he was a Range Conservationist with the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management in eastern Montana. Marty later worked Hear Marty Holmes speak at in the coal and mineral development industry for seven years where he held 11:15 a.m. Saturday and 10:15 a.m. Sunday on the various positions; first as a Project Manager for Burlington Northern Railroad’s Auditorium Stage. energy subsidiarY. See show schedule for prizes Marty is a true conservationist who believes everyone has a stake in preserving our rich wildlife heritage. He has received awards from the Colorado Division of Wildlife for his efforts on the acquisition and management of the 30,000 acre Bosque del Oso State Wildlife Area in southern Colorado and from the Native American Fish & Wildlife Society for his spirit of partnership to secure a future for wildlife resources on millions of acres of Indian lands in the southwest.




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The Compass Ministries. We are a church designed with you in mind, those that love and enjoy the outdoors. Our meetings are casual and relaxed. You can come in jeans or even wear your camo but if you choose to wear a tie, we reserve the right to cut it off. We study the Bible, God's Compass for our lives, which always points to true north, Jesus Christ. We always have good food before our service. We shoot our bows, hang out and share our hunting and fishing stories and secrets, all while we introduce outdoorsmen to the Creator of creation. Come and join us, we would love to have you. Location: The Franklin Ministry Building at 785 Butterfield and Highway 47, just north of John's Flooring. Time: Thursdays at 6 PM For more information call: Jim Creath at 636-485-3348 or Rick Thomas at 636-629-5059

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Truth And The Outdoors Wildlife Expo Program  

Please come to the 3rd bi-annual Truth and the Outdoors Wildlife Expo, March 8-10 St. Clair High School, Gravois Road, St. Clair, MO

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