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Gobble! Gobble! The Top Cigars for Thanksgiving Well, it’s turkey time again. And what better occasion to light one up than a day devoted to watching football, eating too much, and sharing a couple cold ones with friends and family? I’ve consulted my local brick and mortar, Emerson’s Cigars in Hampton Roads, VA about what’s trending hot this Fall season. The consensus seems to be that some of the newest editions this year are making big impressions on the regulars. I’ve been lucky enough to sample most of the highlights from this year’s IPCPR as well as late season additions and I’ve narrowed my findings to a few gems that any cigar connoisseur should be pleased with. So grab a nice, frosty glass of pumpkin beer and enjoy my picks for Thanksgiving 2010! 1. Mac Cru Royale aka The perfect “watchin-fuzeball-waitin-for-dinner” cigar. 2010 has been the year to push the envelope and look who decided to show up for the party! Macanudo gets a little out of their comfort zone to bring you an incredibly intricate and satisfying medium bodied smoke. Stepping up their game with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper never before seen in their line, the Mac Cru Royale makes a statement right from the presentation with a beautiful blue and silver band: very regal. The exotic flavor combination you get from the Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan fillers when paired with a smartly chosen Dominican binder blew us away. Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Binder: Dominican Filler: Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan Strength: Medium Bodied 2. El Primer Mundo: Liga Miami aka The perfect “I-ate-too-much-but-I-am-still-gonna-eat-pie-later” cigar. Different can be good. In fact, sometimes different is AMAZING. And in this case, Liga Miami might not look like the other cigars from El Primer Mundo but it stands out for all the right reasons. Immediately you might notice that it’s not box pressed. This is because Liga Miami pays homage to the old world Cuban tradition of cigar rolling. It’s easy to appreciate the beautiful cabinet boxes and the gorgeous silver band. There is a nice feeling of simplicity. However, what’s inside is NOT so simple. Liga Miami uses an entubado method of compiling the filler tobacco. Basically, this means that every filler leaf is slowly are carefully rolled into individual tubes. You can image how time consuming this is but the result is a near perfect draw. Two binder leaves are used to hold this special filler in place. Liga Miami is finished with an enticing Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper. The result of this innovation speaks for itself. This cigar lover’s dream features toasted nuttiness with cedar accents and creaminess throughout. Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sungrown Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan Strength: Full Bodied 3. PDR 1878 aka The perfect “maybe-I’ll-have-a-turkey-sandwich-but-for-now-pass-me-another-beer” cigar This fantastic Maduro features a chocolaty, Brazilian wrapper that adds that incredible sweetness to a surprisingly complex cigar. The Dominican Criollo ‘98 binder when combined with the Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers give the PDR 1878 it’s burst of spice in the beginning that lingers elegantly in the background throughout. This cigar packs evokes lots of beautiful, aromatic smoke and is sure to be a new favorite. Wrapper: Brazilian Binder: Dominican Criollo '98

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan Strength: Medium Bodied All of these amazing smokes and more can be found daily at Emerson’s Cigars in Hampton Roads, VA. Emerson’s has five locations in the Tidewater area but they are also available online at

Gobble! Gobble! The Top Cigars for Thanksgiving  

All of these amazing smokes and more can be found daily at Emerson’s Cigars in Hampton Roads, VA. Emerson’s has five locations in the Tidewa...

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