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Information for Marlboro College Students Interested in Transitioning to Emerson College The Proposed Marlboro-Emerson Alliance There is a proposal for Marlboro College and Emerson College to form an alliance that would create the Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies at Emerson College. The alliance will occur if both the Marlboro Board of Trustees and the Emerson Board of Trustees vote to approve it. Those votes are tentatively scheduled to occur in early May 2020. The alliance would allow current students from Marlboro the option to join the Emerson community to complete their degrees in the Marlboro Institute, as part of Emerson’s Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program (IDIP).

Choosing to Study at Emerson If the alliance is approved and you choose to continue your studies and complete your degree at Emerson, you will be able to pursue your own self-created major within the IDIP by combining courses within the Liberal Arts or combining the Liberal Arts with courses from one or more departments around your defined area of academic interest. You will collaborate one-onone with faculty members and members of our Academic Advising Office, and you will have the opportunity to take courses across the College. As a Marlboro student in the IDIP, you will benefit from and be part of both the Marlboro Institute family and the Emerson College family. Emerson is a vibrant, creative, and tightknit community where students across all majors work on projects together and learn from each other, inside and outside of the classroom. The College is deeply committed to academic freedom and an interdisciplinary approach to education. More broadly, Emerson is situated in the heart of downtown Boston, and the Greater Boston community offers students invaluable resources in the form of internships, cultural experiences, and the chance to connect with students through the many other colleges and universities located nearby. Additionally, students here have access to the ProArts Consortium, through which they can take courses at six other visual and performing arts colleges in the city.

Advising and Credit Transfer at Emerson Should you choose to transition to Emerson, you will have the opportunity to work individually with Emerson advisors to determine the remaining coursework needed to complete 128 credits for graduation, while honoring your completed credits from Marlboro. You will retain the GPA that you achieved while at Marlboro as you transition to Emerson.

Transition Process from Marlboro to Emerson As a Marlboro student interested in transitioning to Emerson, if the alliance is approved, your first step will be to fill out the Emerson Interest Form by February 15, 2020. Some additional details: •


Completing this form does not bind you to enrolling at Emerson if the alliance is approved. The form is not an official offer of admission; it is simply a way for you to indicate your potential interest and give Emerson permission to contact you regarding your plans so we are prepared to support you if the respective boards approve the alliance. The Marlboro College Registrar will be reaching out to all current Marlboro students with a form that would give Emerson access to your transcripts and financial aid records. You must sign and return this form to the Registrar in order for Marlboro to release your records to Emerson.

Housing at Emerson

Costs and Financial Aid at Emerson

Opportunities to Visit Emerson

Marlboro students joining Emerson as part of the proposed alliance will have the opportunity to apply for on-campus housing in the early spring 2020 semester. You can apply to live in a specialty community within one of our residence halls identified for the Marlboro community or may choose to participate in the general room assignment process and choose from a variety of housing styles and options.

Here are some key pieces of information about your costs and financial aid, depending on how you might choose to enroll at Emerson as part of the proposed alliance:

In the months ahead, there will be a variety of ways for Marlboro students to visit and get to know Emerson better—as well as for Emerson staff to visit Marlboro. These opportunities will include:

Housing Requirement: Students enrolling at Emerson as first-years live on campus for the first six semesters, with the option to continue living on campus afterward as space is available. Marlboro students would be expected to live on campus based on their year of entry to Marlboro but allowed the opportunity to request an exemption allowing them to live off campus.

• For the 2020–2021 academic year, the net tuition cost for Marlboro IDIP undergraduates will be equivalent to the net price paid for Marlboro tuition. As this differs by individual— based on current aid received—we will need to understand each individual situation before providing a comprehensive cost. • Marlboro students who choose to enroll at Emerson in a major other than the IDIP will be charged regular Emerson tuition rates. • Any cost difference in room and board rates between Marlboro and Emerson are not covered by Emerson.

If you would seek housing accommodations for a disability, you must submit the appropriate paperwork to the Student Accessibility Services Office by March 1, 2020, to be reviewed prior to the start of the housing selection process. Requests submitted after this deadline will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Accommodations granted after housing selection has started will be met as space is available.

Contact Us

We are here to answer any questions you might have about transitioning to Emerson. Please get in touch with the following Emerson staff members for more information about these specific areas:

Undergraduate Admission Lisa Yaeger Senior Associate Director, Admission lisa_yaeger@emerson. edu 617-824-8443 Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program (IDIP) Amy Ansell Professor and Dean, Liberal Arts amy_ansell@emerson. edu 617-824-8297

• Marlboro Campus Visit on January 19–20, 2020, during which time Emerson staff from Admission and other departments will hold several group information sessions with Marlboro students and meet individually with those who are interested. • Marlboro Institute Information Day at Emerson on February 14, 2020. Please join us for a day on campus dedicated to providing you with access to our community, answers to your questions, and a chance to learn more about the opportunities available to you at Emerson. • Class Visits at Emerson throughout the spring term. We welcome you to visit a class during the spring semester to get a hands-on look at the Emerson academic experience. Please contact Malorie Kranis at to arrange your visit. Please be sure to provide at least two weeks’ notice prior to your desired visit day in order to ensure that we can provide you with an appropriate course selection.

Financial Aid Ian Flynn Assistant Director, Office of Financial Aid 617-824-8655 Advising Anne Doyle Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs anne_doyle@emerson. edu 617-824-8220 Audra Kenny Director, Academic Advising Center audra_kenny@emerson. edu 617-824-7876

Housing Kendra Stokes Associate Director, Housing Operations kendra_stokes@ 617-824-8620 Student Success Carol Smolinsky Director, Retention and Student Success carol_smolinsky@ 617-824-8215

Profile for Emerson College Admission

Marlboro Student Guide to Transitioning to Emerson College  

Marlboro Student Guide to Transitioning to Emerson College