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The magic of life Who is she?

About 10 mins ago she came to the world. Can she see me?


The baby comes home. She seems to have something to say.

(Hello, who are you? Where am I? Why are you taking picture of me?)

She catches my eyes every moment, every minute.

She is naughty. What are you think about? (Nothing…) Is there anything I can help? (Leave me along…) …… I am worry about you, if you can tell that will be good. (……)

(I got you! Ha!)

(Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)

(I am only joking! Don’t be too seriously. ) …… I’ll remember it. (>.<)

She is brave. (What are you looking at?!) Oh…, no…, I am just want to know if you have any needs I could help.

(Be careful, next time you will be a dead man.) Huh?

(Now, you know who the boss is.) …… Yes, Madame.

She is intelligent. (Hey, come here, I have a question to ask.)

(Why does the climate become so cold?) Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because the winter comes. (When does the winter go?) Until the spring comes, the climate will be warm.

(That says the climate will change by the winter and spring?) Not only the winter and spring, but the summer and fall would change the climate also.

(Oh, I got it. There are four seasons to change in our world. The seasons make our world more beautiful! )

She likes to share. (Do you like carrots?) No, thanks, you keep it.

(It tastes good. You should try it.)

(Come on, take a bite.) ……

The first time she could crawl. Come on, baby! Come here!

(It too hard for me, I wouldn’t be able to do it.)

There is a toy. Don’t you want to play?

(Oh, it’s my favorite one, I want to play!) …… …… Look! You are moving!

(Yeah! it’s a piece of cake! I could do more than that!) Congratulation!

Sometimes she is an evil. Baby! Stop playing with that tissue!


(Come clean the mass!)

(What do you say?) ……

While she was eating. (Eh?)



(Hey! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you see I am eating?) Oh, sorry, I disappear right now.

The most important person she loves. Who do you like most?


(Are you kidding? Of course my mom, she is shy behind me!)

Sometimes she confused about the life. (What is life?)

(I can not figure out!)

Hey! Take easy. Life is a juicy fruit waiting your taste! (Ah! ah! ah! ~~)

Soon, she went out of the confused. (Look, one day I will be somebody!)

The first contest in her life. Baby! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Baby Crawl Contest! You should win the cup!

(Is this important to me?) Of course! This is your first step to the world. You should do your best!

(Ok, look at me; this will be a glorious moment in my life!)

She is curiosity and likes to taste everything. Baby! What are you eating?!

(Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worry, I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t swallow it, I am just biting it.)

(It’s not a big deal.) ……

A girl should come with the skirt. You are beautiful! (Really?) You look like a girl! (I am a girl!)

(Why do you keep taking picture of me?)

(Hey, I would tell mom, if you post my photos in the internet!)

She is my girl.

To be continuingâ&#x20AC;Ś

the magic of life  

my girl at home.

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