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Higher Education Profile 2014

EMERSION DESIGN architecture | interiors | sustainability | planning | engineering

We are a collaborative architecture, interiors, planning, and engineering practice driven by a passion for exceptional designs that advance our client’s objectives. Strong relationships with our clients are the core of what we do. Our workspace is open and informal – full of the energy that comes from the productive exchange of ideas. Our tools are deep curiosity, innovative analysis and strategic, technical problem solving. Charrettes (brainstorming) are common, reframing problems and generating better solutions. We’re always hungry to understand more and do better, in our work and through regular learning opportunities. We know that the built and the natural environment are inextricably and vitally linked. We share our client’s commitment as stewards, through our work and through our active involvement in the US Green Building Council.


1775 Mentor Avenue Suite 202 Cincinnati, OH 45212 (513) 841-9100 CAMBRIDGE OFFICE

45 Prospect Street Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 682-0262

philosophy We value the repeat business and client referrals that have become the cornerstone of our firm’s success. Our detailed programming sessions, appropriate material selection processes, sustainable approaches and evidence-based design practices, provide our clients with end results that meet their design, functional and financial objectives. We offer expertise in the design of clinical environments, surgery centers and diagnostic testing facilities that promote health and wellness.


emersion DESIGN was founded in 2007 to provide professional design services to public and pri“Shawn is creative, energetic, and demonstrates superior knowledge and acumen relative to all aspects of sustainable design.” Ted Christian Project Manager Miami University

“It has been a pleasure working with both Shawn and Chad and I gladly recommend them. Their knowledge and skill would greatly benefit any client that considers sustainability an important factor for their decision making.” Mark Fisher Senior Director of Facilities & Planning Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

vate clients. Primary markets include:  Learning - Universities and Colleges  Government – Federal and State Agencies  Science and Technology - Medical and Technology Facilities  Workplace - Corporations, Professional Services and Non-profit Organizations Government clients include state, local and federal agencies. Learning Institutions include universities and colleges, museums and consortiums, both public and private. Science and Technology clients include: medical facilities, research spaces and laboratories. Workplace clients include those in corporations, professional services and non-profit organizations. The name, “emersion,” comes from the verb ‘emerge’ as a planet re-appearing after an eclipse. The founding members previously worked together within the same organization, serving these same markets for nearly 20 years before forming emersion DESIGN. Our management is highly trained and experience professionals with exceptional personal resumes and a track record of success illustrated by the letters of recommendation from the clients we have served.


Procter Hall sits at the fulcrum of East and West Campus. Its prominent location allows the building to function as a gateway element as well as an elegant partner to the Vontz Center. The simple block massing provides a thoughtful counterpoint to Gehry’s dynamic building. The layered, louvered façade suggests a gateway pair with the University’s Central Utility Plant. The Renovation required superior technical knowledge as well as superior design insight. To fully realize its considerable potential necessitates a complete integration of the two. The second façade wrapper also improves envelope performance by buffering solar gain, wind infiltration and water penetration. The quality of the wrapper transforms the building and its context with a thoughtful, quality exe-

cution that integrates meaning and technology in a durable, cost effective system. Urban gateway, envelope performance and handsome detail inform and enhance each other to create an integrated whole. Goals for restoration/replacement of the facade elements included creating a new identity for the College of Nursing, preparation of master plan of immediate site to identify future opportunities, providing a new façade to improve overall building appearance and function, identifying future opportunities for roof patio and green roof, addressing pedestrian access issues, development of opportunities for a new University gateway image, creating a workable occupancy and construction phasing plan, and minimizing impact to weather envelope..

< << O WNE R University of Cincinnati Division of Administration and Finance Planning, Design & Construction Barrett Bamberger (513) 558-2908 S IZE 81,381 sf $5.6 million P ROJ ECT MA NAG ER Steve Kimball E MER SIO N D ESI GN TEAM Jim Cheng Shawn Hesse Mark Stedtefeld M. Simon Sapsford Chad Edwards Lee Dunfield Greg Hutzel Megan Griffith Steve Ricci Dan Behnfeldt D ESI GN HIG HLI GHT S University of Cincin nati project Renovation of a commer cial building Occupancy Consideration  Phasing  Cost Estimating  Academic Building  Construction Admin istration services State of Ohio Capital  Project Administration Process Master Planning 


emersion DESIGN was selected to update interior finish palettes for a variety of buildings on the University of Cincinnatiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Main Campus. Our scope of services include verifying existing building conditions, selecting updated interior finish palettes that enhance buildingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s architecture, and maintaining existing finishes where appropriate. Importance is placed on sustainable materials that support the universities environmental goals; while balancing aesthetically pleasing design, durability and cost effectiveness. Selected buildings require building wide furniture standard programs that coordinate with building finishes, and maintain performance, sustainable, technical and ergonomic standards.

< << O WNE R University of Cincinnati Beth McGrew University Architect (513) 556-1933 S IZE campus wide E MER SIO N D ESI GN TEAM Amy Green Heather Ernst Jean-Marie Arelt Melissa Johnson Charlie Kemp B UIL DIN GS COM PLE TED Rieveschl Hall Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Neurosciences, French West- Africana  Studies, Judaic Studies, Mathematical Studies, Women’s Studies, Interdisciplinary and Exploratory Studies Health Professions  Building Proctor Hall College of  Nursing McMicken Hall College  of Arts and Sciences Carl H. Lindner College  of Business Teacher’s College 


emersion DESIGN completed a walkthrough/ visual assessment of the existing architectural and structural building conditions. As part of this, we anticipated the life expectancy of the roofs; identified major envelope issues and interior concerns related to the building being repurposed for institutional use by Chatfield College. The MEP systems will be replaced to suit the proposed college program. A general exploration of potential new MEP systems that could meet the program were explored and documented. As a general assessment of the exterior facade, we analyzed the current architectural conditions as they relate to renovation codes including life safety (egress, sprinklers, etc.), restroom capacity and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Issues associated with the existing thermal envelope were identified (current R-value of walls, infiltration issues, condition of windows, etc.) Recommendations and potential techniques to save or minimize energy usage were provided as well as a preliminary LEED Checklist. Findings were organized and recorded in a final report for the owner to determine if the property was suitable for acquisition. A programming session was between emersion DESIGN and Chatfield College in order to clarify project goals and objectives, clarify program requirements, identify the functional requirements of the project, brainstorm and evaluate ideas. This resulted in a schematic design as a basis for probable construction costs.

< << U SER Chatfield College John Tafaro (513) 875-3344 C LIE NT Coalition for Sustainable Communities Rob Richardson (513) 284-5250 S IZE 16,500 square feet $2.7 million P ROJ ECT MA NAG ER Michael Chapman E MER SIO N D ESI GN TEAM Chad Edwards Mark Stedtefeld Shawn Hesse D ESI GN HIG HLI GHT S Building assessment  Energy Efficiency Anal ysis LEED Gold target  Non-profit project  Educational facilities  Office Space  renovation to a Con tributing building in OTR Schematic Design  Cost Estimate 


Cincinnati State hired emersion DESIGN as the community college's Campus Sustainability consultants to facilitate their President's Climate Commitment Committee meetings and to lead in applying for sustainable campus storm water control funding. Multiple meetings of key stakeholders were facilitated to engage multiple departments of the College including students and administration. emersion DESIGN also led the College in developing and modeling the school's greenhouse gas emissions inventory for use in measuring and

goal setting for their quest for carbon neutrality. In addition to campus sustainability planning, emersion DESIGN wrote successful grant requests for over $190,000 to analyze sustainable storm water control strategies on campus and an additional $1,800,000 in funding for implementation of those strategies. emersion DESIGN, serving as sustainable planning consultants, made recommendation to the existing master planning team. The final implemented design removes 12 million gallons off the storm sewer grid.

< << C LIE NT Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Ralph Wells (513) 569-1789 S IZE 44.75 acres $190,000 design grant $1,800,000 implementation grant D ESI GN TEA M Shawn Hesse Chad Edwards D ESI GN HIG HLI GHT S Sustainable planning  Sustainable consulting  Carbon reduction  planning Operations and  maintenance planning Grant writing  Rain gardens  Bioswales  Urban gardens  Pervious pavement 


emersion DESIGN is currently providing Architectural Design services for this 2,500 sf research & learning center.

Research Center will be the first manifestation of the Master Plan and will set the tone for the remainder of the new structures.

The University of Cincinnati received a gracious donation from the Court Family for the design and construction of an archaeological field station in a historically sensitive location. The building will be erected on a section of the White Water Shaker Villageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s South Farm located in the Hamilton County Park District. Master Plan and State Historic Preservation review and analysis was performed by the design team to ensure an appropriate and successful project would come to fruition. The

The field station employs passive design strategies to lower mechanical needs, and a mounded septic system prevents aquifer contamination. The team followed many referencing criteria including, the Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s classroom guide and LEED. A balance between modern technologies and historic sensitivity was paramount. The building is intended to make a visual connection to, yet be markedly distinct from, the existing historic complex.

< << O WNE R University of Cincinnati Jack Schnieder (513) 558-8999 S IZE 2,500 square feet $344,500 P ROJ ECT MA NAG ER Steve Kimball E MER SIO N D ESI GN TEAM Jim Cheng Chad Edwards Lee Dunfield D ESI GN HIG HLI GHT S University Project  LEED Registered  Classroom and Laborato ry Archival Capabilities  Exceptionally tight  budget constraints Multiple Owner Groups  Multiple Authority  Groups Master Plan Implica tions

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPLEX | PHASE 1 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

emersion DESIGN provided Architectural and Interior design services for the preparation of a design/build RFP for a Phase I of the Information Technology Complex (ITC). The Information Technology Center provides state of the art computing, collaborative modeling and simulation environments required for the rapid infusion of IT to enhance weapon system life-cycle acquisition and support capabilities. It establishes an internationally recognized center of excellence at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. ITC was envisioned by the original 2002 Master Plan as five phased buildings arranged around a landscaped courtyard, joined by a curving circulation spine, totaling 530,000 sf.

The Information Technology Complex will be constructed in five phases using a campus approach. This current project further evolves the Master Plan and develops a Phase I Design to accommodate new requirements and reduce costs while maintaining and enhancing the vision of an integrated technology campus. Phase I integrates leading edge simulation facilities with the supercomputing resources required to drive them. It consolidates critical classified computing and workspaces for modeling, simulation, analysis and design. The project was built within budget, and all bid options were realized.

< << O WNE R US Army Corps of Engineers Steve Skaggs (502) 315-6368 S IZE 97,000 square feet $25 million P ROJ ECT MA NAG ER Steve Kimball E MER SIO N D ESI GN TEAM Jim Cheng Mark Stedtefeld Roger Curran Shawn Hesse Jean-Marie Arelt Megan Griffith Lee Dunfield Amy Green Steve Ricci D ESI GN HIG HLI GHT S  Design/Build  Master Planning  Programming  Latest AT/FP requirements  LEED Silver e  High profile facility  Cockpit simulation space  Administration space  Large Briefing Room  SCIF spaces  Locker Rooms  Secret Level conference room  United States Air Force Worldwide Design Award


Preparation of Design/build documents for

new “studio-type” dormitory constructed in

the solicitation of design/build proposals.


New 3-story 192-person dormitory. Each

Building exterior is brick and masonry back-

dormitory room is designed for double

up with a standing seam metal roof to

occupancy in a “motel” style environment

complement the new “studio-type”

with shared bathroom and closet facilities.

dormitory. Access to each dormitory unit is

Building community facilities include a

provided via exterior walkways and

laundry, vending area, administration

balconies which connect each dormitory

office, game room, TV/Lounge room, public


toilets, mail/storage facility, janitor’s closet and central mechanical room. Rooms are provided with cable TV, telephone and internet access. Furnishings, accessories and interior finishes are included in the

Site development includes utility connections for gas, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, cable TV, power, telephone, communications systems and high

building design and construction.

temperature hot water service. New

This building is designed as an expansion of

providedThis new Dormitory Project will be

the existing dormitory campus and will be

designed and constructed for a LEED Silver

constructed immediately adjacent to the


vehicle, motorcycle and bicycle parking is

< << O WNE R U.S. Air Force Wright-Patterson AFB Dean Vinson (937) 656-3421

S IZE 52,000 square feet $11.4 million P ROJ ECT MA NAG ER Steve Kimball E MER SIO N D ESI GN TEAM Jim Cheng Mark Stedtefeld Mike Sapsford Chad Edwards Roger Curran Bryant Cherry Shawn Hesse Jean-Marie Arelt Pam Irvin Amy Green D ESI GN HIG HLI GHT S Task Order under IDQ  Prior Joint Venture  experience Dormitory Housing:  double occupancy New construction  Master planning  LEED silver  certifiable Site development  Anti-Terrorism, Force  Protection Design-Build RFP  development Computer lab  Admnistrative support  facilities


The USAF School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) students, housed in the recently constructed Pipeline Dormitory, required additional space for recreation activities including billiards, video games, computer access, and reading. To provide the Pipeline students with a mental break from their daily training rituals inside the dorm, a Student Activity Center was constructed immediately adjacent to the Pipeline Dorm. The 3,000 sf Student Activity Center is only be open to Pipeline students, and provides space for relaxation and socializing during free time in the evenings and on weekends. The Student Activity Center contains a food service area where students can purchase snacks and beverages, a large multipurpose game room with billiard tables, ping-pong, and video game consoles, and smaller gathering areas for reading, study, computer use, and watching movies. The Student Activity Center is a place where Pipeline students can find a respite from the regimentation of their formal training and strict supervision. The Center normally serves 20-60 students on a normal basis, with occasional parties up to 120.

< << O WNE R US Air Force 88 Air Base Wing Corps of Engineering of Civil Works Jim Balsamo (937) 656-3670 S IZE 3,000 square feet $700,000 P ROJ ECT MA NAG ER Steve Kimball E MER SIO N D ESI GN TEAM Jim Cheng M. Simon Sapsford Mark Stedtefeld Roger Curran Shawn Hesse Megan Griffith Lee Dunfield Amy Green Dan Behnfeldt Steve Ricci D ESI GN HIG HLI GHT S Occupied spaces during  construction Renovation/Addition  Interior Design  Multipurpose entertain ment room Repeat client  Campus environment 

sustainability philosophy emersion DESIGN was created, in part, to lead by example, engaging in our ideals of stewardship for our clients, environment and community. Each decision is weighted against this pursuit and our sustainable design focus is paramount to realizing these ideals. We have been trusted by government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, universities and colleges, health care institutions, and science and technology firms to guide them to a more sustainable future. “Shawn has demonstrated a keen understanding of sustainability, and the policies and planning strategies that can encourage green development in Clinton County. I would highly recommend Shawn Hesse and emersion DESIGN for any municipality seeking expertise in sustainable planning and policy matters.” Christian Schock, Executive Director - Clinton County Regional Planning


      

commissioned to achieve the first Net Zero Energy commercial retrofit in the United States asked by US Army Corps of Engineers to redefine their building and site design process to align with their Net Zero Energy goals designed 4 Net Zero Energy or Net Zero Energy Capable buildings acquired over $2.2 million in grant funding for sustainable storm water controls achieved a Net Zero Stormwater site designed a Net Zero Stormwater Campus Master Plan obtained LEED Platinum, Gold and Silver credentials for our clientele hired to educate architects and engineers across Ohio on energy efficiency measures assisted governmental agencies, Fortune 500 companies and universities with their organizational sustainable strategy and goals, including facility, policy and product analysis


  

became the first architecture and engineering firm in the world with a LEED Platinum office. We accomplished this monument al feat for under $27 a square foot for tenant fit out and furniture. We have since won 5 design awards for our space. Projects can be highly sustainable, inexpensive and beautiful 3 Past USGBC Regional Chapter Presidents, another Past Executive Committee member and 1 current Board member on staff 1 out of 109 world wide LEED Faculty members on staff staff has been asked to help write LEED v4 and subsequent releases LEED for Neighborhood Development Regionalization State Chair



1775 Mentor Avenue Suite 202 | Cincinnati, OH 45212 | P 513 841 9100 |

     

the only 2 Living Building Challenge Ambassador architects within 3 states asked to speak to US Congress on sustainability matters invited to speak at over 200 local, regional, national and international conferences achieved 99.27% waste diversion from landfill for our office fit out 22% alternative commuting practices Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) Education Providers

firm POLICY     

commits to 2030 energy goals toward NZE incorporated organic waste management through vermicomposting full service office recycling through Green Recycling Works purchases only Energy Star Certified equipment Lunch and Learn session expenditures donated to area food banks in lieu of staff lunches

staff OUTREACH emersion DESIGN staff have been invited or elected to sit on boards or councils of the following sustainability focused organizations:          

US Green Building Council, including 3 Past Presidents Green Umbrella Greater Cincinnati Green Business Council Coalition of Sustainable Communities Living Building Challenge Collaborative Groundwork Cincinnati Mill Creek Green Partnership for Greater Cincinnati City of Cincinnati Sustainability Plan Steering Committee Communities of the Future Advisory Board Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility

company RESEARCH emersion DESIGN has received multiple awards for sustainability research including: 

Green Jobs Study - Investigates the impact and implementation of sustainable policies in the Southwestern Ohio manufacturing industry Green Historic Study - Identifies historic preservation, energy and sustainable processes that allows a building to obtain State Historic Tax Credits and City LEED Tax Incentives Social Impact of Building - Investigates potential implications on communities and humans from design and construction practices



45 Prospect Street | Cambridge, MA 02139 | P 617 682 0262 |


emersion DESIGN's Headquarters



Cincinnati Regional American Red Cross Headquarters LEED NC 2.2


Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Advanced Power and Thermal Research Laboratory



Cincinnati Art Museum Longworth Wing Renovation

LEED NC 2009


Highland Avenue Medical Office Building



Fort Stewart Child Development Center



Fort Stewart Youth Center




Fort Campbell Soldier and Family Assistance Center


(COE Verified - Silver)

Crane Secured Engineering


(COE Verified - Silver)

Fort Campbell Training Support Center


(COE Verified - Silver)

Bureau of Public Debt


UC Court Archaeology Research Center


Donald P. Klekamp Community Law Center


Venture Corporate Center


Clearcreek Township Youth Center


Special Operations Facility Language Sustainment Training Facility

LEED NC 2009


LEED NC 2009

Air Force HC-130J Simulator

LEED NC 2009

Advanced Engineering Consultants Office

LEED NC 2009

NASA Plum Brook Station Main Gate


Fort Dix Kelley Reserve Center

LEED NC 2009

Coraopolis Heated Storage Building

LEED NC 2009

Fort Stewart Gray Eagle Master Site

LEED NC 2009

Fort Stewart Gray Eagle Central Operating Facility

LEED NC 2009

Fort Stewart Gray Eagle Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

LEED NC 2009



45 Prospect Street | Cambridge, MA 02139 | P 617 682 0262 |

(COE Verified - Silver)

contact information Cambridge Office >> 45 Prospect Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 617.682.0262

shawn hesse, RA, USGBC Faculty, BD+C, 0+M Architect | Sustainability Consultant 617.682.0262

Cincinnati Office >> 1775 Mentor Avenue, Suite 202 Cincinnati, Ohio 45212 513.841.9100

chad edwards, RA, LEED AP BD+C Principal Direct 513.841.3907 Cell 513.787.4562

emersion DESIGN LLC |


45 Prospect Street | Cambridge, MA 02139 | P 617 682 0262 |

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