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Document capture software

Casegoods furniture series

Software from Lexmark classifies and extracts fieldlevel and line-item data from all types of business documents, virtually eliminating manual keying and document separation. Reduced employee time and effort result in an estimated return on investment on the software within nine months. The software recognizes completed paper and/ or electronic documents. It can extract data,

Cabinets, shelves, desks and tables in the WaveWorks furniture line are available in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. All pieces in the line are veneered with antimicrobial silver ion technology

Meeting All of Your Government Fleet Needs

TW WO-P POST LIFTS IF S 7,000 through 30,000 lb. capacity two-post lifts. Shown: Model TP-20

Circle 223


Award-winning Windows based wheel alignment systems for passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks. Circle 227

Circle 224

validate that data against external databases, and automatically pass the image and document data on to its next destination. The software expedites work like loan application processing, order filling and document indexing. Photo shows a Lexmark multi-function printer on which the software runs.

Lexmark, Lexington, Ky. Circle 213 on Reader Service Card or visit

and IntegraClear, a low-VOC, durable finish. Table models include a flip/nest design, which seats one to two people for educational or training environments, and can be stored quickly when more floor space is needed.

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Circle 228

Shown: Model TR50

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Silk trees Silk trees 10 to 14 feet tall ship directly in two boxes and can be assembled in minutes in an office,

TIRE CHANGERS MOBILE LIFFTS Mohawk MP-series electric / hydraulic mobile lifts available in 4,6, or 8 post configurations.

Rugged tablet PCs from MobileDemand are certified for compatibility with Brother Mobile Solutions’ PocketJet and RuggetJet mobile printers. Both product lines are designed to meet computing and printing needs in field-based industries like transportation, public utilities, healthcare and government. With an ingress protection rating of 65, the T7000, T8000 and C1200 tablet PCs can withstand stresses like temperature extremes, rain, humidity, vibration and up to 26 consecutive 5-foot-high drops. Intel

Mobile Demand, Hiawatha, Iowa

19,000 through 120,000 lb. capacity models give complete under vehicle access for trucks & buses.

WHEEL BALANCERS Balancers with ForceMatch capability for passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks. Wheel lift models available.

National Office Furniture, Jasper, Ind.

Mobile computing and printing system

processors enable the PCs to handle graphic- and dataintensive applications. The products have highcapacity batteries, WLAN and WWAN compatibility and screens that are visible in all lighting levels. The Brother line of mobile printers (photo) includes thermal full-page printers and handheld laminated label printers. Desktop printers also are compatible with the tablet PCs.


Tabletop, leverless, Eurostyle, heavy-duty truck and heavy equipment models to fit every service need. Circle 229

Shown: Model MP-18 4-72

Circle 225

BRAKE LATHES PARALLELOGRAM LIIFTS IFTS 36,000 through 100,000 lb. lifting capacity with track lengths from 26 to 48 ft. long. Circle 226 Shown: Model 50-26-S

On-vehicle or bench lathes for up to medium-duty trucks. Industry-leading ServoDriveTM, anti-chatter technology, computerized compensation and reversedrive features. Circle 230

Secure Government Buying Area

lobby or reception hall. The design eliminates the custom-building and installation expenses usually associated with taller artificial trees. The trees look natural and realistic without any of the maintenance expenses that live plants require. Varieties available include alder, bamboo, ficus, Ming Aralia and silver birch. In the photo: the Tall Deluxe Bamboo model.

OfficeScapesDirect, Cincinnati, Ohio Circle 216 on Reader Service Card or visit

States in red indicate current Mohawk state contracts.

www ww mohawklifts com/gov


Mohawk Industrial Park P.O. Box 110 • Amsterdam, NY 12010 Telephone 518-842-1431• FAX 518-842-1289

Made in the U.S.A. Circle 222 on Reader Service Card or visit

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