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ANNUAL MEETING Parish of St. Matthew Annual Report January 28, 2018

We are a Christian community, and Welcome all, wherever they are in their journey, Nourish all who see unity with God and each other in Christ, and Serve all, striving to do Christ’s work in the world.

Stewardship Stewardship is currently composed of six parish ministries. During 2017, all Stewardship Ministries, with outstanding lay and clergy leadership, performed with commitment, compassion and dedication during the 75th Anniversary Celebration of our parish home. Thank You! The results of the 2018 Stewardship Pledge Campaign deserve special approbation, as does our parish for its outstanding support and response to Renew Our Spiritual Home and expand its work to transform lives. This is made possible only with increased financial generosity of our parishioners. To date, $ 1,850,588.00 has been pledged. This is 92.5 of our goal pledged by 378 parishioners. Of the 378 pledges reported 70% increased their 2018 pledge. Thank you to the entire Campaign Team of 100 parishioners for the outstanding work and leadership! We will continue to invite everyone to pledge in order to meet the 2018 goal. The 2017 year has been filled with wonderful events and ministry opportunities: the Spring Workday with Troop 223 in preparation for Palm Sunday followed by the Alleluia Book Offering, Pentecost Sunday; St. Matthew’s Planned Giving & Legacy Sunday; Spring and Fall Stewardship/Community Dinners; the annual St. Matthew’s Day Celebration that culminated the year long 75th Anniversary Celebration, followed by the 2018 successful 2018 Pledge Campaign; the Fall Workday again with Troop 223 preparing the property for All Saints Sunday. All this was topped off with the beautiful Annual Parish Christmas Faire that supports our Parish Outreach.

Rosters Stewardship Pledge Campaign Planning Committee: Bruce Freeman, Kathy Bitting, Lynne Brickner, Kristin Chambers, Lisa Goldman, Nona Greene, Mike Hurst, Peter Mann Jr., Paul Notaras, Charles Simonds, Peter Trepp, Kathy Volz, Becky Winding

St. Matthew’s Day Celebration: Jana Russell, Marianne Wisner Royer, Kristin Finney-Hocking, Courtney Sheldon, Vesta Kia, Cindy Davis, Alexa Villen, Jennifer McCarthy, Kathy Bitting, Bruce Freeman

Planned Giving/Legacy Society: Bruce Freeman, Kathy Bitting, Lynne Brickner, Bill Finestone, Lise Luttgens, John Martineau, Becky Winding

Annual Christmas Faire C0-Chairs: Cary Sinnott, Courtney Wyman, Anna Hurst, Channing Grigsby, Holly Manzo; Bruce Freeman, Advisors: Amy Childress, Jennifer McCarthy

Alleluia Offering Book: Michelle Bitting and Phil Abrams, Susanne Howarth

Work Days: Parish volunteers, Hospitality: Lyuba Harris, Troop 223, Missy Morain, Altar Guild, clergy, office staff, Jeremias Mendez and the sextons.

Submitted by Kathy Bitting and with great appreciation to all!!

Ministries with Young People at St. Matthew’s continues to prayerfully create the conditions that enable the work of formation to be done by the Holy Spirit. This is accomplished by continuing to weave current ministry programs and opportunities together while filling in missing portions, and focusing on faith formation resources and support for families engaging young people in their primary faith formation learning environment– their homes. Parish-based formation opportunities continue to be many and varied, including: Godly Play, Cub Scout Troop 223, Boy Scout Troop 223, Confirmation, St. Matthew’s Day Camp, and St. Matthew’s Parish School. We also focus on providing resources to parents and young people for formation through faith-at-home materials. You don’t have to have children at St. Matthew’s to receive materials; just contact Missy Morain, Director of Christian Formation for Children and Youth ( and ask to join the mailing lists. Godly Play Godly Play continues as an area of Christian formation ministry to children and their families. Our Godly Play programs begin at age three and continue through fourth grade. St. Matthew’s has two Godly Play sessions most Sunday mornings through the school year, beginning at 10:15 am. All stories are one of three different types: sacred stories, liturgical action and parables. St. Matthew’s is lucky to have some of the finest and most dedicated Godly Play faculty including, Sarah Adams, Jim Dutka, Sue Ganz, Kim Iselin, Mackenzie Lee, Guilford Robinson, Debbie Tennant, Kathy Bitting, Peter Dubrawski, and Pam Mann. Nona Greene serves as the Godly Play Coordinator leading our faculty and program, and Pam Mann serves as the Godly Play Room Coordinator, slipping in and out of rooms without being seen to make sure we have the correct supplies and that our rooms recover after the summer fun of St. Matthew’s Day Camp. Our annual budget has given us the opportunity to continue to have high quality art and work supplies, while also allowing us to purchase new stories to expand our lessons. Confirmation We welcomed Bishop Edward Mackenzie to celebrate the sacrament of confirmation with young people on Sunday, April 23, 2017, following a season of preparation. Our confirmands were partnered through their preparation time with mentors from the congregation who joined them in their confirmation “classes” and supported them through their discernment process.

St. Matthew’s Day Camp The 64th year of St. Matthew’s Day Camp was a tremendous success under the leadership of Director Erik Warren, Assistant Director Katie Wood and Animator, John Meyers. Approximately 250 campers entering first through fifth grade joined with fifty staff members for a fun-filled summer. Although the majority of campers come from within the parish community, the camp program reaches out to the broader community and includes a number of “campership” children, who participate each summer free of charge.

Daily transportation is provided from the Neighborhood Youth Association community center in Venice. The six-week session included a wide variety of activities taking place across the entire property. The daily schedule includes a camper-run chapel service, swimming, arts and crafts, music, and skits. Special days involved performances, competitions, adventures, hikes, beach trips, a camper run fair to raise money for St. Matthew's Outreach Partners, and a day to give thanks for our time together this summer. So much of the mission, ministry and program of day camp rests on the shoulders of the staff and they are a tremendous gift to the St. Matthew's community.

Roster A Board of Directors, appointed by the St. Matthew’s Vestry, leads St. Matthew’s Day Camp; the current SMDC Board members include Tony Hocking, President, Gina Davis, Vice President, Rachel Schultz, Secretary, Brian Wood, Treasurer, Brooke Crane, Mike Davis, John Dillulo, Vicky Grinsfelder, Missy Morain, John Phelps, Liz Rahn, Mackay Schinto and Erik Warren.

Boy Scout Troop 223 Troop 223, sponsored by St. Matthew’s, had another extremely successful year of Youth Development. Carrying out its Vision of “Young men leading skillfully, making good choices, and serving others,” the Troop’s Youth Leaders participated in more than 8800 hours of leadership training and practice, 5180 hours of ethical discussions, and rendered approximately 3500 hours of service to St. Matthew’s, its Outreach Partners, and the greater community!

Scouts join for Fun, Adventure, Achievement and Friends. The 140 boys and eighty-seven adult leaders in the Troop enjoyed ten overnight campouts, nine days at Emerald Bay on Catalina Island, canoed and backpacked over 6600 boy/adult miles, learned responsible wake boarding, shotgun, rifle, and archery shooting, rock climbing, river rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, rowing, canoeing, and Leave No Trace Outdoor Conduct. The Troop’s Scouts achieved, earning more than The Troop will welcome new scouts in 1000 merit badges and qualifying for over 200 February. individual rank advancements. On November 21th the Troop awarded twenty-three Scouts the prestigious Eagle Award, bringing the Troop’s sixty-year total to over 790. By the end of a Scout’s first fifteen months in the Troop, he has been trained, tested and qualified for merit badges in survival swimming, advanced lifesaving, boating safety and rescues, wilderness survival, and advanced first aid. All Scouts also earn three different citizenship merit badges, Environmental Science, Oceanography, Communications, Personal Management, and Personal Fitness. All eighty-seven Adult Leaders of the Troop and the twelve Troop Committee Members have completed Scouting’s required Youth Protection Training including online testing. All Youth leaders have completed, or are in the final stages of completing Scout Leader Specific and Outdoor Training. All High Adventure Teams of eight to twelve have at least one person trained in Wilderness Medicine and two in advanced CPR.

Roster Michael Lanning serves as the Scoutmaster for Troop 223, Bill Walker is the Troop Committee Chair, and Missy Morain is the Charter Organization Representative. Mike, Bill and Missy join with the members of the Troop Committee to The Troop Committee members are Andy Breech, Maureen Hastings, Frank Jakel, Richard Klein, Missy Kolsky, Christy Lowe, Heather Mingst, Nick Nissen, Jana Russell, Christian Stracke, Bill Walker, and Brian Webber.

The Choir of St. Matthew's Parish Following Music Director Tom Neenan's departure after 36 years, the choir continues to serve St. Matthew’s Parish under the direction of Nate Widelitz, who came to us as Interim Director this year. Holding degrees in Vocal Arts and Choral Conducting from USC and Yale, Nate is also a former Fulbright Scholar to Bulgaria. When he is not at St. Matthew's, he serves as Assistant Conductor of Pacific Chorale, a member of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, and a faculty member at Cal State LA, Mt. San Antonio College, and Los Angeles Valley College.

The choir includes approximately 28 volunteers and eight staff singers and is led by Nate and Dr. Haesung Park, our Parish Organist. The choir sings on Sundays and at feast day services from early September through mid-June, in addition to three Evensongs and two concerts annually. We were pleased this year to welcome new volunteer alto Tykie Tobin after she relocated from northern Virginia and new staff alto Diana Woolner, who replaced longtime section leader Rose Beattie when Rose stepped down in September. Former choir member Dr. Dwayne Milburn, who was named the next Music Director upon Tom's retirement, will assume direction of the choir at the conclusion of the year. Nate Widelitz, Interim Choir Director Haesung Park, Parish Organist

The St. Matthew’s Music Guild The Music Guild is celebrating its 33rd season of concerts at St. Matthew’s. This year we are presenting seven subscription concerts and continuing our music outreach in the community by planning new initiatives with area schools while continuing our relationship with Paul Revere Middle School. Last May we presented a free neighborhood concert that featured the premiere of a new work by Los Angeles composer Richard Meyer, commissioned by the Music Guild and composed for a joint performance by The Chamber Orchestra at St. Matthew’s and the Chamber Orchestra of Paul Revere Middle School. That piece has been published by Alfred Music and is being performed throughout the country by middle school and high school orchestras. Beginning in January, Music Guild President Tom Neenan and guest artists are offering a once-per-month program at Atria Senior Living.

The Music Guild has over 200 current subscribers who are the life-blood of the organization. The series of subscription concerts, the outreach program, and the commissions of new works are financially supported by subscriptions, individual, corporate and foundation contributions, ticket sales and private and public grants. We are currently in the midst of its fifth consecutive matching grant campaign based on an award from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission in the amount of $19,600. The LA County grant supports our commissioning and outreach programs. We are grateful to interim Music Director and Conductor Tomasz Golka and eagerly await the arrival of Dwayne S. Milburn in the fall. For more information on the Music Guild programs or matching grant campaign, go to The Music Guild is a 501(c)(3) organization governed by a Board of Directors.

Roster Tom Neenan, President; Fred Doering, Treasurer; John Graham, Secretary. Board members: Catherine Carrick, Mary Conley, Anne K. Costin, Gordon Dressler, Patricia Massey, John O’Reilly, Cynthia Smith, Fred Simmons.

St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop

St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop, the original outreach program of the Parish, marks its 61st year of operation on Main Street in Santa Monica. As in the past, the Thrift Shop continues to thrive due to generous donations from the Parish and School community, its dedicated volunteers, and its Board of Directors. The Thrift Shop continues to honor its original mission, which is to sell affordable clothing to its customers and to donate all the proceeds to local service agencies.

Sales in 2017 were up 15 percent over 2016 and, even more exciting, our sales were up 37 percent over 2015. This will allow us to increase the amount of money we give in grants in 2018. We augment our shop sales with programs such as online book sales, the CARS Car Donation Program, Susan Carroll’s “Gift Garden Antiques” for high-end jewelry and antiques, and annual events held at St. Matthew’s Parish School: Town Fair, Ski Sale, and Christmas Faire. In 2017, we were able to give a total of $132,894 in grants. We funneled $50,000 through St. Matthew’s Outreach Commission to help support the Westside Food Bank, SPY (Safe Place for Youth), The People Concern and St. Joseph’s Center. The remainder of our grants went to: Airport Marina Counseling Center, Children’s Lifesaving Foundation, K9 Connection, Las Familias del Pueblo, Palisades Homeless Coalition, PRISM backpacks, St. Margaret’s Center, Venice Family Clinic, and our emergency grant fund.

As of 2018, the Board of Directors has decided to modify its awards criteria to focusing our grants on organizations who are members of the Westside Coalition because these organizations more directly serve the Thrift Shop’s customers. We will make exceptions for Las Familias del Pueblo and St. Margaret’s Center because of our long-term relationships with them and the important services they provide.

The Thrift Shop donates its unsold merchandise to both Disabled American Veterans and the County of Los Angeles Toy Loan Program. Last July, we hosted a picnic and pool party for 65 children from Las Familias del Pueblo on the St. Matthew’s grounds. The Thrift Shop purchased backpacks for the annual PRISM Picnic. St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop is a community where we treat all customers with respect – a place where people can hang out, read a book, chat with other customers, or share their journeys with one of the caring volunteers.

Our goal for 2018 is to renovate the shop now that we have secured a long-term lease. We extended the shop’s hours during the Christmas season and when volunteers were available to keep it open. The shop has instituted a “designer section” for selling some of our high-end donations. Of course, we continue to emphasize affordable prices on our inventory. Another goal for 2018 is to update our website, Facebook page, and social media accounts. We are making new signs for the school campus and plan to increase community awareness about our mission and services. The Thrift Shop continues to have an active summer volunteer program for rising 7th graders at St. Matthew’s Parish School..

Roster Diane Elander, David Higley, Diane Hogsta, Heather Jones, Richard Kuhlenschmidt, Jamie Madden, Tracy Metzger, Mary Naef, John Phelps, Patricia Platt, Alexandra Roosa, and Stacy Santos, and special thanks to Jeremias Mendez and the Sextons.

Outreach Commission The Parish of St. Matthew demonstrated its commitment to outreach throughout the year as we served those in need. Many parishioners volunteered countless hours to ensure another successful Christmas Faire, from which 100% of the net proceeds go to outreach grants. In 2017, we made grants totaling $319,000 to our outreach partners from the Parish and $73,000 from the Thrift Shop. David Miller Endowment Grants added over $36,000. In addition, the school distributed $88,000 to outreach organizations through their Service Learning and Parents Council in the 2016-2017 school year. It adds up to more than half a million dollars in support for our partners, a remarkable testament to our will to serve and a blessing to our partners in service. Parishioners prepared and served monthly dinners to homeless youth at Safe Place for Youth (SPY) as well as holiday meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas at SPY and Common Ground. Many volunteers came together at our annual Christmas lunch at St. Joseph Center’s Bread & Roses Café. We collected hygiene products for OPCC, visited the incarcerated and celebrated a wonderful Prism Picnic with the families of those who are incarcerated. We donated art supplies and books for NYA in December and parishioners made Christmas merry and bright for hundreds of clients of St. Joseph Center in Venice through the Adopt-a-Family Program. Together with the school and Boy Scout Troop 223, we held two Food Drives for the Westside Food Bank and donated thousands of pounds of food. A cold weather drive for socks, coats, sleeping bags and underwear has received support again and will continue on for next year. In addition, parishioners shared their time, talent and treasure with our outreach partners as regular volunteers, board members and donors as they lived out God’s call to serve others in God’s name.

Thank you so much to all who offer their time, talent and treasure by serving or helping with organizations including: • SPY dinners and Common Ground meals • Annual PRISM Picnic • St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop • Prison visits and support • Boards of Westside Food Bank, Chrysalis, the CLARE Foundation, Hollygrove, NYA and OPCC

Outreach Partner Grant Recipients Angel Interfaith Network Chrysalis CLARE Foundation Episcopal Urban Intern Program Episcopal Relief and Development Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance Hollygrove/Uplift Family Services Jubilee Consortium Neighborhood Youth Association OPCC (OPCC is transitioning to the People Concern) PRISM/Restorative Justice Safe Place For Youth (SPY) St. Joseph Center Westside Food Bank

Newcomer Team The Newcomer Team began its ministry in 2016 at the behest of the Vestry, with the mission of ensuring a culture of Radical Hospitality at St. Matthew’s, where all who show up are warmly welcomed. The Newcomer Team is responsible for welcoming new churchgoers on Sundays and planning activities where newcomers can meet, establish relationships, and learn about the many ways they can share in the life and ministry of our Parish. After planning some “Welcome Events,” we instituted a new approach called Connectors. The Connector Ministry is a reinvigorated Shepherd/Mentor ministry, where existing church members serve as guides for newcomers to explore the many ways they can be involved in the parish together.

Additionally, the Team has moved to modernize the system of recording our newcomer contact details, so we can reach out to them more effectively in our community and introduce them to desirable ways to participate, through groups such as Helping Hands, SPY, and Pastoral Care. Our job is enhanced greatly by the tremendous work of the greeters, who have welcomed friends old and new with open arms.

Roster Special thanks to our wonderful Connect team members under the direction of The Rev. Bruce Freeman: The Rev. Christine Purcell, Missy Morain Amy Childress, Sarah Peterson, Cindy Dunne, Betty-Jo Tilley, Shawn Silletti, Steven Purdy, and Alex Siroky. And, thanks to our Connectors: Jessica Wire, Bill Greene, David Landau, Deidre Simonds, Melissa Rawlins, Janet McKillop and Cindy Dunne.

St. Matthew’s Altar Guild St. Matthew’s Altar Guild is a faithful and dedicated team of women and men who, with love, dedication, and respect, work together each week to prepare Christ’s Table for the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Under the direction of René Buchanan, the Altar Guild Directress, our 2017 Lenten, Easter, Advent, and Christmas Seasons were beautifully and expertly handled by our amazing members. During Advent, the Crèche found a new home atop the Baptismal Font, giving it more visibility and giving parishioners a more personal opportunity to enjoy its splendor. The Altar Guild’s Weddings and Funerals Ministry, overseen by Lynne Brickner, continues to tenderly and lovingly care for our community members at two very important crossroads: at the beginning of a new life together and in death. In 2017, we sadly lost a number of beloved parishioners, and Lynne and her team were there to serve and support families and friends as we celebrated each person’s life. Two of our members took on new roles as 2017 unfolded. Melanie Dwight and Annette McCarthy took additional roles of support as our new Quality Assurance Stewards, thereby monitoring liturgical details and providing training and assistance when needed. In 2014 the Altar Guild downsized from four to three teams as we struggled to deal with the death and retirement of some of our longtime members. Still at three teams, we continue to work towards adding another fourth team by ever broadening the scope of our new member search. In late 2017, we added one new member and are actively outreaching to several other parishioners. The Altar Guild continues to fully embrace our Rector’s belief that our children should be involved in all aspects of parish ministry, as well, and hopes to grow youth involvement in our ministry. It is our wish that we will be able to enlist help with our recruiting from Clergy, staff, and the school so that we may strengthen our numbers and, thus, our ability to serve.

Leadership Roster Maida Hastings – Co-Captain: Team I Merelie Whited – Co-Captain: Team I Katie Sanders – Captain: Team II Audrey McQuay – Recording Secretary Lynne Brickner – Captain: Weddings and Funerals Annette McCarthy – Fair Linen Steward, Trainer, Quality Assurance Steward • Jane Anderson – Sacristy Supplies Steward • Melanie Dwight – Liturgical Supplies Steward, Trainer, Quality Assurance Steward • • • • • • • René Buchanan – Directress, Trainer, Captain: Team III

The Fellowship Commission is a Ministry providing hospitality and festivities for key events throughout the Liturgical Year. We promote “Fellowship” among Ministry members, as well as throughout our Parish Community. Through Fellowship we emulate God’s unconditional love: All are welcome in our Ministry, as all are welcome at St. Matthew’s.

Fellowship sponsored events: • Foyer Program & Kickoff Dinner • Advent Celebratory Brunch and Ornament Party • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Celebration • Easter Vigil Reception • Eastertide Brunch Co-Chairs: Holly Manzo Shawn Silletti In coordination with: The Rev. Christine Purcell

Pastoral Ministries “Pastoral ministry is one of the primary ways we witness to the compassionate and enduring love of God for the world. What’s more, no matter how complicated our lives become, how many phone apps we use, how brilliantly our productivity software works, basic caring for one another, connecting and serving one another with love, are essential to our life in community.” It’s been a year since I wrote those words, and I am more convinced than ever that they are true. And also that the work of so many generous and gifted ministers in this congregation is mediating that Divine love and compassion within the body of Christ here at St. Matthews. The Pastoral Care Commission has been capably chaired by Maida Hastings for the past year (2017). On December 31, she stepped down from her interim position, and we are delighted to welcome Daniela Winter as the new Chair. Daniela has been involved with Pastoral Ministry for some time coordinating the Birthday Callers ministry, and as of last year has been serving as Vestry representative for Pastoral Care. And, she brings great energy, warmth and enthusiasm to her new role. Welcome, Daniela! The Pastoral Care Ministries at St. Matthews and their coordinators are: • Anointing /Prayer Ministry – David • Saints Alive – Jane Anderson, Landau and Lizzy Tooke Bob Harter and Susan Sutton • Birthday Callers – Daniela Winter • Flower Delivery – Heather Crawford • Helping Hands – Lindsey Hansen and Lissa Purdy • Home Eucharistic Ministers – Cyndy Ufkes • Intercessory Prayer – Fred Simmons • Lay Pastoral Visitors – Rob Wood • Memorial Receptions – Kathy Bitting In addition, a Pastoral Care Team continues to meet regularly with me to monitor the pastoral needs of the parish: Robin Darrow, Maida Hastings, Elizabeth Keatinge, Missy Morain, Guilford Robinson, Daniela Winter and Rob Wood. There are so many ways that we can be present with and for one another in this parish. As we move into 2018, our goal is to increase visibility of and involvement with these ministries, and, at the same time remain open to new possibilities as they arise. If you enjoy lending a helping hand or a listening ear, or praying for and encouraging others, you are needed in this beautiful and rewarding work! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch: 310-5730729 or

Adult Christian Formation Three Saturday opportunities for spiritual growth and formation in 2017 were well attended and received: • “Preparing for Lent” with Ravi Verma, spiritual director and teacher at Stillpoint; • “A Conversation about Prayer and Healing” with Ravi Verma • “Saying Yes to God in Advent” with Sister Susan Alice Metzmaker of the Anamchara Fellowship.

Two five-week series were offered between the 8 am and 10:15 am Sunday services, one in February and the other In October. • “St. Matt’s 101” introduced newcomers to the Episcopal Church and to this parish; • “Practicing Christian,” based on the promises of the Baptismal Covenant, considered how faithfulness is expressed in daily life in the 21st century. The Rector’s Bible Study met weekly on Thursday mornings. Under Bruce’s excellent leadership, this lively group engaged Paul’s Epistles with deep conversation, good coffee with cream and amazing home-baked goodies.

Deeper prayer continues to be a focus of ministry and formation. • Centering Prayer met weekly in the Chapel for conversation and spiritual practice, moving to the Labyrinth on Monday evenings where there was a full moon. • The Rosary Group continued to gather the first Saturday of each month. • The annual Psalmathon was again held during Lent. Over two Saturday mornings, participants read all 150 psalms, celebrating their deep poetry and prayer.

The annual Women’s Retreat, held at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu January 15-17, was facilitated by the Rev. JoAnn Leach from the Diocese of Nevada. Some 35 women gathered to reflect, meditate on and discuss the subject of “Compassion.” The Stern Lectures, featuring the Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann, one of the foremost Old Testament scholars of our generation, were held in March. Despite a postponement due to illness, the event was extremely well attended; many participants traveled substantial distances to be present. This year’s Stern Lecturer is Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, a distinguished New Testament scholar and internationally acclaimed speaker on the intersection between first century Judaism and the Jesus movement.

A one-day workshop on “Last Things” was held the Saturday before Legacy Sunday. Under the guidance of the Rev. Charlie Brumbaugh, participants learned about end-of-life planning and the ministry of providing for the Church in our estate plans.

Emmaus Groups Dedicated to the spiritual growth and transformation of individuals as well as the community, small groups are a priority for our parish. Regardless of the significant changes experienced in leadership over the past few years, this small group ministry remains strong and has been growing over the past years. Under the strong leadership of Christine Purcell, the Emmaus Group ministry has grown significantly through 2017. Highlights include: • Leadership Training in April 6 new people trained • 4 New Emmaus groups – 3 are led by newly trained leaders – reaching a total of 10 current groups: Men’s Group Co-ed Evening Group Women’s group Moms of young children (a 2nd group of young mothers) is forming • More than 30 new members in all the groups in addition to the growth in number of groups • Activities in groups continue to broaden in many, varied directions, from yoga and men’s interests to crafts and outreach support

Current Emmaus Leaders Sarah Adams, Robin Darrow, Cindy Davis, Karen Grigsby, Josephine Habiby, Jim Huser, Jana Russell, Megan Sheridan, Betty-Jo Tilley, Nancy Von Oeyen, Henry Weaks, Linda Wessen, and Mary Yoder

Facilities The facilities team has been digging in to projects around the entire St. Matthew’s campus as led by Greg Heidt, the Director of Operations and Facilities, with the support of Jeremias Mendez heading Special Events throughout the year and Josh Castellanos supervising the enormous calendar of maintenance assignments. The facilities crew is responsible for an unending variety of tasks to meet the needs of parishioners on Sundays and through the weekdays – as well as requirements from St. Matthew’s Parish School and all of the greater St. Matthew’s community. They handle projects from the extraordinary – such as the installation of new structures, plumbing systems, security, and more – to such daily tasks as ensuring coffee set up prior to meetings, replacing light bulbs, delivering service bulletins to the church, setting up and taking down tables and chairs on an endless basis – and even impromptu car repair on very special occasions. In 2017, the facilities department supported the parish with multiple, ongoing tasks and focused on some particular projects including: • Breaking ground on the new swimming pool under reconstruction • Creating an entirely new, outdoor Parent/Toddler playground space • Repairing damaged wood throughout the Mill Building and repainted the complete exterior • Entirely resurfaced the main parking lot to the church • Completing a deep cleaning of the church itself, including dusting the rafters and waxing the floors

St. Matthew's Annual Report 2018  

The Annual Report of the Parish of St. Matthew

St. Matthew's Annual Report 2018  

The Annual Report of the Parish of St. Matthew