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CURACAO Discover the wonders of the Caribbean’s Dutch Charm A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE FOR YOU This is your chance to experience an island with many hidden treasures. Imagine waking up in Paradise every morning. Imagine being able to finally experience that “difference” you have been longing for. This is your chance to be re-vitalized and satisfied. This is your chance to experience the wonders of the Caribbean’s Dutch Charm. EXPERIENCE CURACAO FOR YOURSELF.

YOUR ULTIMATE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE One of the hottest destinations of the Caribbean awaits you. Are you the discerning traveler? An adventurer, nature lover, or, romantic? It doesn’t matter what kind or traveler you are, or, the purpose of your visit to Curacao, there is something for everyone. Curacao is your perfect destination and will provide you with your most desired ultimate travel experience. This is yours for the taing

CURACAO IS PERFECT FOR: families + couples + family reunions + honeymooners + sports enthusiasts + scuba diving + group getaways + duty free shopping + best friend getaways+

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Dolphin Academy The Dolphin Academy in this entrancing resort island encourages visitors to meet the fascinating creatures face to face. The mystery surrounding dolphins poses the same familiar questions here: Can we ever learn to speak their language? And do they understand ours? Obviously they want to make friends, play games, and put on a magnificent show of grace and agility. The dolphins feel right at home with humans and enjoy a stroking and a kiss. Sailing and Boating

While in this southerly part of the Caribbean, don’t miss a Bounty Adventure, sailing along the beautiful south coast. You will be aboard a 90-foot sailing vessel. You’ll stop at a famous shipwreck and snorkel-explore the shallow reefs in the national underwater park, joining the experienced crew in feeding the rainbow-colored fish Horseback Riding Various routes for guided tours on horseback are offered ranging from one hour to an entire day trip like the sunrise and moonlight trips. Inexperienced riders and children from 6 years can also take part.

Bike Rentals & Tours Discover Curaçao and get some exercise at the same time! Cycle through the beautiful natural surroundings and the real Curaçao countryside. The cycling tour ends at one of the many beaches on Curaçao. You can rent bicycles for all heights and weights.

Jeep Safari Get to know the beautiful and rugged Curaçao countryside by Jeep . Jeep safaris take you along narrow tracks past grand estates, mansions , caves, flamingos and huge fields of cactus and many gorgeous beaches.

Scuba Diving For millions of years reefs have surrounded the island, attaching to the shore like a narrow border. In some places they are like beautiful gardens, with delicate corals and are home to brightly colored tropical fish. In others, massive coral formations extend into depths with deep-water fish patrolling the plunging walls.

BREEZES CURACAO This is your chance to experience all the excitement of a Super All Inclusive Resort. As the first Super-Inclusive resort in the Southern Caribbean, Curaçao’s native Dutch character adds a sophisticated new twist to the classic Breezes vacation. The resort sits on 1500 feet of pure white sand, beside crystal clear waters that have beckoned Scuba divers from around the world. So you’ll feel like you’ve entered your own private sanctuary. Which is not far from the truth, since the resort is adjacent to a pristine Undersea National Park. See the sea for yourself just off the beach, or stay on dry land and visit the Sea Aquarium next door.

As always, just about everything you can eat, drink and do is included, which makes Breezes Curacao an ideal family vacation destination. There’s always something to keep your kids thrilled, while you slip away for a little excitement of your own at the largest casino in Curaçao, which just happens to be located right on the premises. When you add it all up, Breezes Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino is the perfect vacation, because it leaves nothing to chance.

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