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In this 6th Edition  Editor’s Note  Silver Award for Excellence  Chemical Spill in School Lab  How Should you R.E.A.C.T™ to Chemical Spills?  Meet some of our new recruits  New Product Offerings for 2013  Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012  Big turnout at Mackay Corporate Triathlon  What do our Clients 1

say about our services?

Editor’s Note Our Mission

First 5 Minutes is Australia’s leading provider of Emergency Management Solutions through training and consultancy. For more than 25 years, our commitment to customer service, quality and deep technical and commercial expertise has resulted in a proven track record of successfully delivering valuable solutions that make a positive difference to our clients. Our primary focus is to provide peace of mind to our client organisations by minimizing their risks and maximizing life safety in their facilities. Through our R.E.A.C.T™ methodology, we enable our clients to train their staff to higher level of competencies when dealing with emergencies. We provide wardens with a simple yet effective approach which is in line with Australian Standards as well as various health and safety regulations nationwide. Our expert solutions, emergency plans, manuals and training programs are utilised by clients of all sizes, including multi-national organisations, government agencies, universities, commercial property managers, facilities managers and building owners. Our offices and consultants are located throughout Australia and our local knowledge of rules and regulations sets us apart from our competitors. Late 2012 we launched our new self-paced online training system (SPOT) and introduced the first SPOT skills training module, designed to supplement our industry leading F5M face to face Emergency Control Organisation training. This innovation has been provided to all existing F5M contract clients at no charge. In 2013, we will continue innovating and creating new solutions to provide more peace of mind to our existing and new clients in an ever changing business world. Together, let us make this year the best ever when it comes to safety and emergency management on your premises. Talk to us to see how. Jay Ramanah, January 2013

Emergency Wardens e-news: Feb 2012

Loretta Currey wins Award for Excellence

Loretta Currey– Administration Manager, Qld receiving her prize from Alex de Waal, MD of First 5 Minutes

First 5 Minutes seek to reward exceptional performance that supports its values, strategic goals and vision. A Reward and Recognition program was developed to assist supervisors and managers to build a culture of Performance by incorporating reward and recognition activities into their management practices as they:  Positively reinforce excellence in behaviours and performance,  Help build staff engagement, and therefore increases job satisfaction,  Lead to higher retention rates of key staff


 Reduce stress and builds an environment where people are encouraged to explore innovative approaches to their work.

“Loretta always has time for all staff and customers. She puts herself second to help others even on a national level. Her dedication to F5M is visible in her work and manner.”

One of her team members said “Loretta plays an important role in the success of the QLD business unit. She deserves the award”

When asked about the key indicators of excellent performance by Loretta, her manager Martin Dunn pointed to the following 3 main areas where Loretta made a difference:  Successful implementation of CMARS in the QLD business unit  Management of BCC account  Driving the F5M compliance review in QLD

Kristin Hughes,

Customer Service Team member , QLD

For the second quarter of 2012 – 2013, Loretta Currey, the Administration Manager for our Queensland Business Unit is the recipient of the Silver Award. Loretta received the award for Excellence on the back of continued commitment to customer service as well as exceptional work carried out to support the implementation of the CMARS project. She is well respected by her colleagues and is often know to be the first one in the office every morning and last one out every evening.

Unfortunately there can only be one Silver Award for Excellence winner per quarter for the whole of First 5 Minutes. However the following employees were recognized for their outstanding performance in their respective business units.     

Lynda Volk (Corporate) Sam Thornton (SA) Daniel McMillan (WA) Nathan Benson (Design & IT) Louise Powell (VIC/TAS)

Emergency Wardens Australia: January 2013

Chemical Spill in School Lab causes Health Scare. Thirteen students and two teachers from the school were rushed to hospital after dangerous fumes were released during a year seven science experiment. Paramedics were called to Bangalow Avenue in Chipping Norton after reports of exposure to sulphur dioxide. A paramedic said they had treated 24 patients but there appeared to be no major injuries, with most suffering minor inhalation injuries or vomiting. A Department of Education spokesman said the students and teachers had been affected by fumes during a year seven science experiment. "The school is investigating the cause of the fumes," he said. "The school moved very quickly to call emergency services and to alert the parents of the 26 students in the classroom at the time of the experiment." Acting Superintendent Josh Turner from Fire and Rescue NSW said atmospheric monitoring tests showed the air at the site of the accident was now safe.

"We've isolated the substance so it cannot vaporise any further," Acting Superintendent Turner said. He said it appeared a substance had vaporised during the science experiment, causing breathing problems for some of the students. Source: Ambulance NSW spokeswoman, Fire and Rescue NSW spokeswoman

A – Assess  Identify risks to life safety.  Identify source of gas leak and direction of wind.  Is anyone in danger of a medical emergency (Gas inhalation)?  Who on site is competent to deal with medical emergencies while waiting for ambulance to arrive? (CPR, First Aid etc…)  Where are the AED kits and First Aid kits in case they need to be used?  Assess building doors and windows in case we have to shelter in place  Assess fume propagation regularly.

C – Control

How should you R.E.A.C.T™ to chemical Spills? R- Response to a raised alarm / Raise an alarm  Remain calm.  Raise the alarm and inform people that they should stay in place and not move out.  Dial 000 and inform about the HAZMAT incident.

E- Examine  Identify the type and location.  Identify a HAZMAT incident


 If possible, identify the type of gas being releases (Toxic, Flammable?)

 If time is limited which is most likely going to be the case, latest research recommends Shelter- in – Place (SIP) as the safest course of action.  Close doors and windows and air vents tightly.  Move people away from doors, windows and any air vents where gas could enter.  Re-assess fume propagation regularly and allow emergency services to assess quality of air from time to time.  Instruct occupants to end SIP when given the green light by emergency services.

T- Talk  Keep all wardens informed of all decisions being taken  Keep informed of the situation by liaising with Police and Fire Services.  Keep occupants informed of the situation at all times.

Emergency Wardens Australia: January 2013

It is rewarding to know that we are in a key position to help our clients by servicing the administration and financial requirements of our front line staff. My responsibilities include making sure that our creditors are paid on time so that they continue to deliver services to us. We also have to ensure that our staff and trainers get their expenses paid to them, which is something that has a permanent place on my to-do list.

Meet some of our new recruits.

Mark Thomas Accounts Supervisor – Corporate

Having a freshly brewed cup of coffee delivered to my desk each morning is also a pleasant bonus. What are your main challenges for the year ahead? Since moving to Australia, I have predominately used stand-alone accounting packages, so the move to an enterprise level application comes with a learning curve that I want to get over as quickly as possible. I am also conscious that we need to make sure that our internal back end processes can develop and grow in line with the company’s growth. How do you like to spend your free time? I have a busy life at home with the family. We have 3 young boys (including twins) who are into sport and making lots of noise at unreasonable times of the day. We also foster rescue dogs from time to time, so we are kept on our toes.

What do you like about your job at F5M?


I have found F5M to be a welcoming and friendly place. We have a great team here in Corporate and I am fortunate to have a varied routine with plenty of scope to develop my role.

Kevin Webster Trainer – QLD

My name is Kevin Webster and I was born in Mississippi USA. I grew up on a working farm with 13 brothers and 7 sisters. At 18 I moved to Pasadena California we I pursued my dreams of becoming a Fire-fighter/EMT. I attended University in the Fire Science field and worked as a volunteer for two years. At age 30 I was employed with the City of Alhambra Fire Department where I spent the next 15 years. In 2009 I moved to Brisbane with my wife and son, and since being in Brisbane my wife and I have twins. I worked for the Princess Alexandra Hospital as a Fire and Security Officer the past 3 years. My skills having worked in the emergency medical field and fire fighting I hope will add great experience to the dynamics of First 5 Minutes. I look forward to growing my experience as a trainer and using the skills I have attained through study and life experiences.

The majority of our free time is spent enjoying the benefits of an outdoor life, which we cannot get enough of. However, when I am not being buried in sand up to my neck at the beach, I enjoy learning to play the guitar and learning to speak Spanish Emergency Wardens Australia: January 2013

New Product Offerings For 2013 In June 2012, First 5 Minutes acquired 100 % shares in Sharp Mining Industry Training Ltd. Sharp Training is a Registered Training Organisation based in Mackay which specialises in the delivery of accredited training for the mining, heavy industry and construction industry. With this acquisition, First 5 Minutes is now in a position to increase its product offering to its existing as well as new clients. In 2013, 2 brand new courses will be available through the first 5 minutes/ Sharp Training partnership:  Working Safely at Heights  Enter and Work in Confined Spaces

Working Safely at Heights The hazards of working at heights in the construction, mining and other industries are often underestimated. Falls from below 7 metres in height, account for a large percentage of Work Cover claims. The potential for serious injury or death from this extremely hazardous activity cannot be overstated. The suspension resulting from a fall from height via a harness is as life threatening as the fall itself.

Competency Unit: RIIOHS204A heights




A plan for prompt retrieval of personnel in the event of a fall being arrested is paramount due to the onset of suspension trauma. Depending on the susceptibility of the individual, this may lead to loss of consciousness, renal failure and eventually death. This program will enable students to not only understand and instigate safe working at heights procedures, but also to participate in a rescue from heights and perform a selfrescue. Topics covered in this program are:        


This nationally recognised training program provides participants with the unit of competency required to achieve a Statement of Attainment which forms part of RII20209 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations

Contact your local First 5 Minutes office or call us on 1300321120 to learn more about these new products!!

Identify work requirements Prepare for work Access and install equipment Perform work at heights Equipment inspections Perform Rescue Risk Assessment Recognise anchor points Emergency Wardens e-news: Feb 2012

Enter and Work in Confined Spaces The repercussions of working in a hazardous confined space could cause a tragedy. People's lives are being taken due to lack of training and understanding. Entering confined space is potentially the most dangerous environment workers may encounter on any work site. These encompass hazardous activities such as excavation, electrical, hot work, work at heights, also water and sandblasting operations. The possibility of contaminates, such as Methane, Hydrogen Sulphate and other gases within the confined space is a real and constant threat. This can lead to serious illness and or death if not correctly investigated and controlled.

Topics covered in this program are:     

Assess confined space for entry Use safety equipment and clothing Control confined space entry (stand-by persons) Conclude confined space operations Perform CPR

This nationally recognised training program incorporates the requirements of HLTCPR201A Perform CPR. Participants who successfully complete this program will achieve a Statement of Attainment which forms part of RII20209 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations and HLT21107 Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response Competency Units:  

RIIOHS202A - Enter and work in confined spaces HLTCPR201B Perform CPR

On successful completion of this training program, participants will have acquired the skills and knowledge to enable them to control entry (stand-by persons) to confined spaces for maintenance, servicing of vessels or other necessary reasons. Work in/entry to confined spaces shall conform to relevant legislation and Australian Standard, or its authorised update or replacement.


Emergency Wardens Australia: January 2013

Customer Satisfaction survey 2012

First 5 Minutes carries out a customer satisfaction survey each year to gauge the pulse of its thousands of clients across Australia.

November 4th 2012 launched Mackay’s first inaugural corporate team triathlon and is set to become an annual event for both for the Mackay Triathlon Club and for Sharp Training. Gregg, Susan and Tegan competed against another 64 teams in the sweltering 34 degree heat at Mackay Harbour. The swim started at the break wall and was 500m along the beach back to Mackay Surf Club, travelling with the current. The cycle was a reasonable flat 18km journey to Slade Point and back, which left the run to be a lovely 5km scenic route out along the break wall and around the marina. Close to 200 people in total competed in the Queensland Country Health Fund sponsored event and 1st place went to BMA Hay Point Team who won in a time of 1:05:01. We placed 15th with a time of 1:16:42. We received great support from our fellow co-workers and had a cheer squad on the day. It was a great, morning and our team put in an exceptional effort.

We believe that feedback from our clients is a crucial aspect of developing a successful business. It allows us to ensure that our products, services, and customer support are all on the right track. Without your feedback, we make sure that we listen to you and we are servicing your needs better. This year again, the number of responses have been overwhelming. The quality of responses has also provided us with a lot of insights into our customers’ perception of us. There is plenty of positive feedback as well as good scope for improvement.

Gregg Jones (Center), Susan Viero (Right) and Tegan Maszak (Left) are all colleagues from Sharp Training in Mackay who participated in the Mackay Corporate Triathlon 2012.

Big Turnout at Mackay Corporate Team Triathlon. 7

Emergency Wardens Australia: January 2013

Continue with what you are doing as it is extremely effective!

What do our clients say about our services?

Mindy Rafton Mahoney Lawyers

We have been very happy with your services Leanne Kingston, RACQ Insurance

We are very happy the way you provide our training i can't think of anything else to improve what you are doing, thank you

Jonathan Cauldwell Tattersall's Club Brisbane Queensland

I have received training from first 5 for eight years and have been very happy with the service. Helen Radford, Olympus Australia, Victoria


Emergency Wardens Australia: January 2013

We welcome your feedback and contribution to this newsletter. Write to: Jay Ramanah, General Manager (People, Culture and Training) E: T: 07 33552855


Emergency Wardens Australia: January 2013

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Emergency Wardens eNewsletter  

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