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Welcome to Emergency Physicians of the Rockies! We believe we have the best jobs in Emergency Medicine. Emergency Physicians of the Rockies has been providing the highest level of emergency medical care to Northern Colorado since 1972. Today we are comprised of over 30 Board Certified Emergency Physicians and 20 Allied Health Professionals dedicated to meeting the emergency medical needs of our community with integrity and excellence. EPR is closely partnered with University of Colorado Health which owns and operates each facility we staff. It is the goal of EPR to be the leader in patient-focused emergency medicine while continuing to grow to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We encourage you to use this booklet as a gateway to explore all that Northern Colorado has to offer.

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This place will take a minute to fall in love with, and a lifetime to explore.� - Travis Brown, DO

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

About EPR


ABOUT EPR     SINCE 1972                                   

100% - Physician Owned At EPR, we are dedicated equally to our patients and to each other. We believe that in order to be a successful Emergency Medicine Physician, you need to be able to work in an environment, and at a pace, that is sustainable. It is our goal to have happy, stress-free providers that are able to bring a positive attitude to their patients care - we understand the importance of a work and life balance.

four - Emergency Departments We currently staff four emergency departments in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, and our providers work at each location. Each location has its own demographic, acuity and feel, offering a variety of workplaces.

All - About Coloardo Living Life in Northern Colorado is as rich in diversity as it is in beauty. From the thousands of miles of trail; to the multitude of dining opportunities; to the art and live music, this is one of the best places to call home.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015


About EPR

BUSINESS OFFICE   STAFF                                     The EPR business office staff are the backbone to our group. With strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and a desire for customer service, our office staff make the transition to the EPR team seamless one.

Betsy Gammon Practice Administrator

Angela Johnson Finance Manager

Betsy has served as the practice administrator for 20 years. Having worked alongisde ER physicians, she knows the lifestyle and demands of the ED well. Her background in business management equips her to see areas of development for the future, while still managing the day to day functions of a growing, democratic emergency practice. Betsy’s keen ability to relate to her staff while supporting them, ensures that the practice functions smoothly.

Angela has been with EPR for 3 years. As the finance manager, she processes payroll and manages employee benefits. From expense reimbursements to retirement elections, she keeps employees informed of their options and will assist with the forms and processes. Angela’s attention to detail and customer service focus ensures that our physicians are well taken care of and supported.

Jacinda Schroyer HR/Project Coordinator

Kristi Esslinger Administrative Assistant

Jacinda has worked with EPR for a year. As the HR Coordinator, she works with employees to assist them through credentialing startup and maintanance. As the Project Coordinator, she works to facilitate and organize projects ranging from yearly evaluations to recruitment. Jacinda’s attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensure that our staff are well supported.

Kristi has worked with EPR for 10 years. As the admin she supports the ED staff, office staff, and the Board of Directors. From assisting new employees with integration into the EPR and UCHealth systems, to managing billing requests and complaints, she keeps staff updated and on track. Kristi’s ability to multi-task and can-do attitude ensure that the practice runs smoothly.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015



PVH & MCR   LOCATIONS                                     POUDRE VALLEY HOSPITAL 1024 S. LEMAY AVE FORT COLLINS, CO 80524 PVH is the busiest of our hospitals. It was the first ED we staffed, and it hosts the only regional PICU. All major specialities are available 24/7. We have 24/7 availablity of all imaging modalities including CT, MRI, and US. Volume: 56, 000 Rooms: 30, with 2 resuscitation and 3 psych website

Medical Director: Eric Wideman, DO

MEDICAL CENTER OF THE ROCKIES 2500 ROCKY MOUNTAIN AVENUE LOVELAND, CO 80538 Built in 2007, MCR is the jewel of the front range hospitals, boasting a levell II trauma center. It is the base of operations for the Airlink Medical Helicopter and the majority of cardiac patients are transported here. All major specialities are available 24/7, along with all imaging modalities.

Medical Director: Jamie Teumer, DO

Volume: 30,000 Rooms: 26, with 2 trauma, 2 psych and 6 observation.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015



GREELEY & HARMONY   LOCATIONS                                     GREELEY EMERGENCY & SURGERY 6906 10TH STREET GREELEY, CO 80634 Built in 2012, this free standing ED allowed us to expand into West Greeley, and functions as a full service Emergency Room. There is no inpatient aspect, so most admissions are transported the short distance to MCR.

Medical Director: Jim Campain, MD

Volume: 20,000 Rooms: 12, including 1 resuscitation website

HARMONY EMERGENCY ROOM 4630 SNOW MESA DRIVE FORT COLLINS, CO 80528 Opened in October 2016, this free standing ED features 12 private exam rooms, CT, ultrasound and X-ray services. Additionally, this facility has an outpatient laboratory and a retail pharmacy, both of which are open 24/7 - a first for this area of the city. Volume: TBD Rooms: 12 private rooms website

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

Medical Director: Jim Campain, MD






is excited and looking forward to what is in store for the next few years! Recently, UCHealth began the initial stages of construction and renovation at Poudre Valley Hospital, paving the way for a brand new emergency department.

Poudre Valley Hospital A-Wing Remodel This 150,000 square-foot addition will replace the hospital’s older A Wing and will have the capacity to add two additional levels for a total of four stories. The first floor of the expansion will include an expanded emergency department for greater efficiency and patient safety.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015



OUR PROVIDERS   PICTURES                                    

Ken Patrick, DO President

Eric Wideman, DO Medical Director, PVH

Jamie Teumer, DO Medical Director, MCR

Mike Apostle, MD Medical Director, PVH EMS

Darren Tremblay, DO Medical Director, PVH EMS

Carlos Arguelles, MD

Dan Arguello, MD

Marc Breen, MD

Dave Farstad, MD

Tom Fralich, MD

Gabe Green, DO

Travis Brown, DO

Kriss Dellota, MD

Jim Campain, MD Medical Director, Greeley & Harmony Emergency Dept.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

Tim Hutchison, MD Medical Director, MCR Airlink



Jason Green, DO

Tara Hallahan, DO

Erik Hermstad, MD

Laura Ivy, MD

Keasha Kuhnen, DO

Hank Landsgaard, DO

Darla Leins, DO

Matt Luttrell, MD

Amber McCollum, MD

Danielle Mianzo, MD

Robert Mosiman, MD

Eric Olsen, MD

Ken Philbeck, MD

Eugene Reinersman, MD

Steve Slauson, MD

Matt Solley, MD

Tracy Springfield, MD

Jeremy Stueven, MD

Jeff Schwartz, MD

Noah Kaufman, MD

Ian Wood, DO

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015



ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS                                   

Rodger Anders, PA-C

Aaron Ast, PA-C

Rebecca Clark, PA-C

Lindsey Coats, NP

Erik Kelleher, PA-C

Corey Leo, PA-C

Colleen August, PA-C

Heather Freeman, PA-C

Tom McNally, PA-C

Cindi Brown, PA-C

Erin Carnahan, PA-C

Joe Hamel, PA-C

Pagie Hobbs, PA-C

Julie Menefee, PA-C

Maureen Moore, NP

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015



Bard Nace, PA-C

Casey Panko, NP

Kevin Perotti, PA-C

Kelly Romanelly, NP

Chris Scott, NP

Kolby Vaughan, PA-C

Hilary White, PA-C

Toni Will, PA-C

Mollie Wolf, PA-C

Ryan Wolf, PA-C

Zack Wulbecker, PA-C

Thank you for ruining me for any other job. I’ll never work with such a talented, kind, and athletic group of doctors again. I don’t think I’ll ever be in a group or system that works so cleanly, so easily. I dont’ know that I’ll ever be in a place that is so supportive of its employees and does everything possible to make my life easier and better. You guys really helped me grow as a physician and person. I am so appreciative of the opportunity that you guys gave me and so appreciative of the opportunity to work with such amazing people in the ED. Thank you for making my time in Colorado so special! Casey Herrforth, MD - relocated to Hawaii, 2015

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

CITIES OF NORTHERN COLORADO                                    

NoCo Living


Northern Colorado is all about being in the “sweet-spot.” With towns that are just big enough, but not crowded, there’s plenty or room to move and breathe. With excellent and safe neightborhoods, real estate is prime, appreciated, and moving fast. With some of the best rated school districts in the state, education is a top priority along the front range. Let’s see what the towns of NoCo can offer you!

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015


NoCo Living




ort Collins was named Money Magazine’s “Best Place to Live” in the US in 2006, No. 2 in 2008, and No. 6 in 2010. Old Town, Fort Collins is known as one of the towns that inspired the design of “Main Street, U.S.A” inside the entrance of many Disneyland parks around the world. Well known for it’s craft breweries, Fort Collins has become a destination hot spot for beer lovers around the world. As the flagship location for New Belgium brewing, the city quickly beame popular amongst the craft brewing industry and now boasts over 20 craft breweries. Nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Moutains and alongside the banks of the Cache La Poudre River, the city is just 65 miles north of Colorado’s state captiol, Denver. Fort Collins is home to over 40 city parks scattered throughout the town, and a bike path system provides miles of paved trails popular with local cyclists, runners and walkers. As the county seat and the most populous municipatlity of Larimer County. Fort Collins had a registered population of 151,330 and was listed as the fourth most populated city in Colorado in 2013. Home to Colorado State University, it fits the midsize college city profile of fun, and young professionals.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

NoCo Living



oveland is the “gateway” to the Rockies, and known as America’s “Sweetheart City.” As the second most populous municipality in Larimer County, it boasts a population of 67,006, making it the 14th most populous city in Colorado. With 25 city parks, Lake Loveland, and Boyd Lake State Park, any boater/angler/water skier/ general recreationist’s paradise is just outside the main town.


indsor is located in both Larimer and Weld Counties of Northern Colorado. With a population of 18,644 in 2010, the city has recenty seen rapid growth. Windsor ranked No. 1 in a study of the “Best Cities to Live in Colorado.” The town’s low crime rate, ideal location and nearby amenities helped it to beat out other favorable locations throughout the state of Colorado.


reeley is the business center for Weld County and is the second largest community in Northern Colorado. The city serves as a major retail trade center for agricultrual communities in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Situated 60 miles north-northeast Denver, Greeley serves as a major city to the Front Range Urban Corridor. According to the 2012 Census, the population was 95,357 making it the populated city in the state of Colorado.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015


Real Estate

REAL ESTATE                                       

The national trend of corporate downsizing,

reorganization, and consolidation has brought many people to Northern Colorado. Many others come here for the quality of life we enjoy, and as a result

The Group, Inc. Northern Colorado’s Largest Realtor Group

the local economy is booming!





Home values in Fort Collins have gone up 8.9% over the past year, and Zillow predicts they will rise another 3.5% within the next year.

Home values in Loveland have gone up 8.7% over the past year, and Zillow predicts they will rise another 3.3% within the next year.

Home values in Windsor have gone up 14.5% over the past year, and Zillow predicts they will rise another 5.5% within the next year.

Home values in Greeley have gone up 14.9% over the past year, and Zillow predicts they will rise another 5.6% within the next year.

$238,000 median home value

$244,200 median home value

$305,500 median home value

$188,100 median home value

$357, 400 median price of homes currently listed in Fort Collins

$309,900 median price of homes currently listed in Loveland

$379,900 median price of homes currently listed in Windsor

$230,000 median price of homes currently listed in Greeley

$273,900 $243,200 $320,600 $187,200 median price of homes median price of homes median price of homes median price of homes sold in Fort Collins sold in Loveland sold in Windsor sold in Greeley $1,250 median rent price in Fort Collins

$1,185 median rent price in Loveland

$1,275 median rent price in Windsor

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

$895 median rent price in Greeley




Education Education is a strong point for Colorado. A recent ranking by Wallethub ranked Coloardo as the 6th best state for education. The ranking outlines the best states given the connection between one’s educations and future earning potential. The ranking was based on 12 factors including student dropout rate, pupil/teacher ratio, test scores, rates of bullying and school safety measures. US News and World Report ranks Colorado in the top 10 of all states in preparing students for college. At nearly 38%, Colorado ranks second only to Massachusetts.

Poudre School District

Weld County School District

Includes Fort Collins & North to Wyoming 27,909 students enrolled 26 elementary schools 8 middle schools 4 high schools Ranks 22nd of 127 districts in Colorado

Includes Windsor 1,931 students enrolled 5 elementary schools 2 middle schools 1 high school Ranks 13th of 127 districts in Colorado



Thompson School District

Weld County District 6

Includes Loveland 16,042 students enrolled 20 elementary schools 5 middle schools 4 high schools Ranks 54th of 127 districts in Colorado

Includes Greeley & Evans 19,840 students enrolled 3 elementary schools 4 middle schools 3 high schools Ranks 114th of 127 districts in Colorado



Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

LIFE IN NORTHERN COLORADO                                    

Life In



Life in Northern Colorado is rich in adventure, taste, and entertainment. With over 300 days of sunshine, there’s no good reason to stay indoors. With over 400 miles of hikeable, bikeable, and walkable trail, the great outdoors is just a few steps away. With some of the best rated, locally grown, and quality food in all of Colorado, there are plenty of good eats to be found.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015




Here in Colorado, the saying goes,“if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.”

With nearly 300 days of sunshine, there is never a bad time of year when it comes to weather. Located along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Northern Colorado experiences a semi-arid climate with four distinct seasons and low annual precipation. Summers range from mild to hot, with low humidity and occasional afternoon thunderstorms. Winters range from mild to moderately cold. The average temperature in July, the warmest month, is 71 degrees. The average temperature in January, the coldest month, is 29 degrees. Annual snowfall averages 50 inches, and can occur from early September through the end of May. Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015





orthern Colorado is well known for its abundance of spectacular views and well kept biking and hiking trails.

In Fort Collins alone, there are over 280 miles of trail, including paved and non-paved walking and bike trails. In Loveland, there are over 50 parks and natural areas to set up a picnic to enjoy the sun and some wildlife spotting. Rocky Mountain National Park, celebrating it’s 100th birthday in 2015, boasts some of the most spectacular hiking in Northern Colorado. Just a short drive west rewards visitors with majestic views ranging from the vastness of the Colorado Front Range, as viewed from the highest paved road in America; to the grandeur of Longs peak as seen from below, while camping along the river. Colorado is known for it’s abundance of mountain ski towns, and Northern Colorado is perfectly located just a few hours drive from world-class skiing. Head southwest toward resorts like Breckenridge, Cooper and Keystone for a true Colorado adventure! Or make the trek up north to Steamboat for an all around family weekend on the slopes.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015


T h i n g s To D o



EAT: FORT COLLINS & LOVELAND With over 100 restaurants between Fort Collins and Loveland, the area is central to great dining.

Jax Fish House, The Kitchen, Rare Italian and Nimo’s Sushi are always our go-to’s. But Chimney Park in Windsor is by far the best restaurant in Northern Colorado.” Matt Solley, MD

Start your morning off with a “stick to your ribs breakfast” from one of Fort Collins oldest restaurants, the Silver Grill. Or visit Next Door in Loveland for tapas and drinks on a quiet Saturday evening. Or, on a Sunday afternoon, sneak in a bike ride to New Belgium or O’Dell to sip delicious brews and eat from the local food trucks. Feasting Fort Collins features restaurant reviews and town favorites. For a complete list of restaurants in the area, see the Fort Collins Guide. Fort Collins often receives rave reviews; this woman went above and beyond and broke it down by her favorite spots. For a complete list of Loveland favorites, visit the Loveland Visitor Page.

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

T h i n g s To D o


SHOP Promenade Shops at Centerra

Downtown Fort Collins Downtown Loveland

PLAY Hiking Parks Skiing

EXPERIENCE Bohemian Nights at New West Fest Tour De Fat Breweries

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies | November 2015

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Emergency Physicians of the Rockies // November 2015