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BREATH OF DAWN Odessa Gheeneil Agbas Down the grassy ground, Breeze softly shushing The rustle of leaves underfoot But crickets were long gone asleep. Crimson face on the horizon Rising slowly from the east, Smudge of light flashing down the silhouette, walking on tiptoe. In every watchful step, I had my shadow on a leash, Tied it next to my head. I waited many moons for bravery. Mephitic fumes of cold years Killed the words on our lips. A cut through the tether Promised us a new scent. While you were the pendulum; I, the hands of time, Traveled to widen the distance— Footprints vanishing. I said everything to the sun, And let it be told to you in the morning When sunbeam kissed your eyes— Blazing violet fire.

Emerge Literary Journal, Issue Four  

We are a new journal of online and print poetry and flash prose dedicated to emerging writers and their words. We aim to publish poets who a...

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