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* Front Page - Fredericton Chamber wins Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM & Conference 2017 - In photo - Krista Ross, Steve Horsman, Michael McMullen, Hon. Keith Ashfield, Mike O’Brien, Joseph O’Donnell

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Stephen Hill, President


n Fredericton we like to punch above our weight. Whether it’s our booming Information and Communications Technology sector, or consistently hitting the $100 million mark in annual new construction projects, or being the first city in North America with community-wide free Internet access, or the UNB Men’s Hockey Team winning four national championships in the past decade. Things are no different at the chamber of commerce, particularly with our advocacy work. In October, members of the our chamber’s staff and board of directors will be heading off to Ottawa for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting and conference (the same conference that we will be hosting in Fredericton in 2017). The conference is a great opportunity to not only make great contacts and learn innovative best practices, but also to let everyone know what a great small-city we have here. Better still, in 2017, we’ll get to show them. We currently have two policy resolutions on the books with the national chamber’s advocacy team and have submitted another for consideration this year - dealing with regulating the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) technology. Canada currently has a bit of a regulatory advantage over the United States regarding the use of drones and we want to see that continue and expand if possible. We are also active at the provincial level, participating in the election process, pre-budget consultations and the strategic program review. We also work hard to develop relationships with ministers and civil servants that allow our members’ voices to be heard on various issues. Just a few of the departments we communicate with include Finance, Health, Local Government & Environment and Natural Resources.



Sept. - Oct. 2015

At the local level, the Municipal Government Affairs Committee prepares an annual policy brief for council each spring. The City is also very supportive of the chamber and we work together on many issues and projects throughout the year for the benefit of the community, including our members. All of this is to say that we are working hard with our advocacy at every level to improve the business and economic conditions for our members. This includes big-picture policy items like federal drone regulations and the Canada-US price gap to provincial issues like the NB Drug Plan and public pension reform to municipal items such as economic development funding, snow clearing and signage by-laws. To accomplish all of this work we ultimately rely on our members for support. Members comprise the board of directors and various committees. They give us guidance and great ideas through our surveys and other feedback mechanisms. They support our efforts by attending events, sponsoring initiatives, joining committees or just by being members. Our membership consistently tells us that the more they participate in chamber activities, take advantage of the benefits and make their voices heard - the more value they get for their membership. That is something that is very important to us and why we ask every year on our annual survey. So as we enter our busy season with committees and events ratcheting up for the fall, please make an effort to get involved with your chamber. We are doing big things in our little city and we need you to continue to be a part of it.


Krista Ross, CEO

elcome to fall! The chamber is kicking into high gear for another great season of events, networking, education and advocacy. Our committees are reforming and we are looking closely at the results of our annual survey to find out your priorities for our focus in the coming year. With this information in mind, we are also working on a strategic plan to help guide us for the next three years. Your input and insight are our most valuable resource in determining our direction, goals and vision for the coming year(s). Please share with us your big-picture concerns and ideas so we may use your thoughts to help guide our medium-term priorities. If you have not yet signed up for a committee - we encourage you to do so! And be sure to check out our calendar and register to attend some of our upcoming events! The value you receive from your membership is directly related to the level of your involvement! I am proud to let you know about an award our chamber has recently won! Earlier this year, chambers from across North America submitted entries on a “Startup Local Platform” to compete in the 2015 Chamber Innovation Awards. With a third place finish, the Fredericton chamber was the only chamber in Canada to place in the top three! Join me in celebrating our Business Immigrant Mentorship Program being chosen as a winner of this prestigious award. As you know, this program is lead by Janet Moser and I salute her along with many volunteer mentors and educators for their dedication and hard work on the Business Immigrant Mentorship Program as well as our HIVE program! Bravo Janet & team! Additionally, Janet recently hosted a webinar with the Conference Board of Canada highlighting this program and was asked to present at a fall conference in Sweden as well!

As you read this, we are getting close to the Federal Election - I am writing this article, however, the morning after the Macleans leaders debate. The leaders of the four national parties were focused on four areas: the economy, the environment and natural resources, democracy, and foreign affairs. Of course, as Canadians - these are areas of paramount importance for all of us! As a business community, the people I talk to - our members, volunteers and collaborators are all seeking the same things. A vibrant and growing economy - and jobs! This was certainly a focus of the debate and our chamber is working closely with the local candidates to ensure that this message is firmly on their radar as being of paramount importance. With Fredericton’s July unemployment rate at nearly 9% - almost 5000 individuals unemployed - we need to work hard in this area!! It is imperative that government work with us to create an environment in which business can prosper - including a fair tax regime, a reasonable and workable regulatory environment and an economy that is picking up speed rather than slowing down. Small and medium size businesses are the engine of the economy and if we can be busy enough to start hiring… the spinoff to our economy is exponential! I look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at an upcoming Chamber event.



Sept. - Oct. 2015

New Members

Hello Newest to our

AV Nackawic 103 Pinder Road Nackawic, NB E6G 1W4 Tel: (506) 575-3403 Email: Website: Main Contact: Al Hitzroth

Urquhart MacDonald & Associates 141 Rollinghill Drive Richibucto, NB E3A 9V1 Tel: (506) 461-0198 Email: Website: Main Contact: Adam Pye

Focal Point Landscape Design and Installation 411 Tripp Settlement Road Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1W6 Tel: (506) 447-7614 Email: Main Contact: Dave Milburn

Monamie 50 Crowther Lane, Suite 140 Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Tel: (506) 238-0911 Email: Website: Main Contact: Heidi Erdle

Innovation Hearing Services Inc. 1133 Regent Street, Suite 111 Fredericton, NB E3B 3Z2 Tel: (506) 452-2913 Email: Website: Main Contact: Cheryl Morehouse

icidici Communications 361 Victoria Street, Suite 206-7 Fredericton, NB E3B 1W5 Tel: (506) 292-0690 Email: Website: Main Contact: Jim Asher

Fernhill Market Garden 1670 Woodstock Road Fredericton, NB E3C 1S3 Tel: (506) 260-4198 Email: Main Contact: Ryan Boyer and Jonathan Stockall

SLS Health Coaching 6 Westbrook Lane Fredericton, NB E3G 0V5 Tel: (506) 476-3066 Email: Website: Main Contact: Mary-Ellen Landry

Full Pint Software Development 527 Dundonald Street, Suite 111 Fredericton, NB E3B 1X5 Tel: (506) 227-0849 Email: Website: Main Contact: Luke Megarity

Raise the Bar 505 Fulton Avenue Fredericton, NB E3A 5R4 TEl: (506) 476-3838 Email: Website: Main Contact: Nathan Armstrong



Sept. - Oct. 2015

Vault 29 Grill.Bar 426 Queen Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1B6 Tel: (506) 454-1929 Email: Website: Main Contact: Amie Gairns

James West Photography 285 Canada Street, 3rd Floor Fredericton, NB E3A 4A3 Tel: (506) 440-6157 Email: Main Contact: James West

ABC Documentation Experts Inc. 212 Queen Street, Suite 202A Fredericton, NB E3B 1A8 Tel: (506) 300-1610 Email: Website: Main Contact: Mae Florina

New Members

Members Hogg Funeral 10 King Street Minto, NB E4B 3N5 Tel: (506) 327-3490 Email: Website: Main Contact: Bruce Hogg

Edgewood Communications 13 Spruce Terrace Fredericton, NB E3B 2S6 Tel: (506) 444-1623 Email: Website: Main Contact: Clare MacIntyre

GenInk 924 Prospect Street, Unit 103 Fredericton, NB E3B 2T9 Tel: (506) 451-1896 Email: Website: Main Contact: Michael Shin

RV Consignment Services 2428 Route 102 Lincoln Road Lincoln, NB E3B 7E7 Tel: (506) 260-2666 Email: Website: Main Contact: Pete Mossman

Williams Chiropractic Health & Performance Centre 132 Main Street, lower level Fredericton, NB E3A 1C7 Email: Website: Main Contact: Sarah Warren

Fredericton Makerspace 28 Saunders Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1N1 Tel: (506) 261-5261 Email: Website: Main Contact: Chris Wilby

Business Excellence Awards Changes

Merriam Safety Services Inc. 135 Friel Street Fredericton, NB E3A 2P3 Tel: (506) 459-2325 Email: Website: Main Contact: Lloyd Merriam

Platinum Salon & Spa 1198 Onondaga Street, Unit #41 Oromocto, NB E2V 1B8 Tel: (506) 357-2182 Email: Website: Main Contact: Maureen Schmidt

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards (“BEAs”), held each October, is a chance for the business community to come together and celebrate our successes over the previous year. In order to keep pace with the dynamic nature of business and better reflect the changing economic landscape, we have revised our BEA policy, awards and criteria for 2015. Our selection committee will now present awards in seven categories: Small Business Award (20 or fewer employees); Large Business Award (More than 20 employees); Not-for-Profit Organization Award; Community Leadership Through Business Award; Start-Up Award; Resilience Award; Business Person of the Year Award Based on feedback received, we have refined the criteria for each award and full details are available by contacting the chamber. Overall, there is a greater emphasis sustainability, innovation, planning, professional development and employee/community relations. We have also brought greater standardization to our selection committee’s scoring system through the use of matrices and introduced some restrictions on the number of times an organization can be nominated/win over defined time periods. But perhaps the biggest change is that now all businesses in the Fredericton area are eligible to be nominated for an award. We think this better reflects the integrated nature of the local business community and increases the number of valuable connections that our members can make at this event - one of our top priorities! Of course, we always want to hear what you think about our activities - so if you can further suggestions for the BEAs or anything of our other events - reach out to our Event Manager, Stacey Murray at or (506) 451-9741.


by Janet Moser


urisdictions across Canada are recognizing the importance of newcomers and are making immigration a key component of their plans for the future, both at the provincial/territorial level and increasingly at the municipal level. Our region needs population and economic growth through retention, repatriation and immigration we can shift the trend and have a positive impact on our community and we have already started! The City of Fredericton has been approved by Citizenship & Immigration Canada and direct a Local to establish, research and direct a Local Immigration Partnership which will represent a new form of multi-level governance involving municipal, provincial and federal partners. Coordinated by Ignite Fredericton, the overall objective is to engage the municipalities, community groups and stakeholders to coordinate and enhance the current newcomer’s settlement and integration service delivery network. The Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF) plays a vital role in establishing communication and fostering understanding between the community, settled immigrants and newcomers. MCAF accomplishes this by offering programs and services that facilitate newcomers’ integration; encouraging and promoting the concept of diversity and inclusion in the community; and through the organizing various events to promote a welcoming and inclusive community. Through the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, newcomers have access to two different programs - the Business Immigrant Mentorship Program and The Hive incubator. Both programs guide, assist and mentor newcomers with potential investment opportunities and/or opening new businesses in Fredericton. These initiatives foster the economic and social growth of our region.



Sept. - Oct. 2015

Planet Hatch is the only accelerator and entrepreneurship centre in New Brunswick to offer the Startup Visa Program - a key strategy to retain current international students in early-stage startups to help them create economic growth and jobs for our region. We have an amazing entrepreneurial hub located at Knowledge Park, where you will find support for all businesses located in our region, including support from Planet Hatch, BIMP/The Hive, Ignite Fredericton and more. Now we need YOU to come aboard!

How: In your neighborhood, help new people find out about garbage day, the closest grocery store, or anything else you would want to know if moving to a new country extend a helping hand! MCAF’s volunteer program recruits and trains local volunteers and matches them with newcomers. Volunteers play a vital role in helping newcomers adapt, settle and integrate into Canadian life. Be part of the team, become a BIMP/Hive Mentor.


by Morgan Peters



Sept. - Oct. 2015

CCC Conference

Canadian Chamber of by Morgan Peters


he Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is an active participant not only at a local and provincial level, but we work with a number of other groups on regional and national issues that are important to our members. We are members of the Atlantic and Canadian chambers of commerce for many of the same reasons that organizations choose to join the Fredericton chamber - there is strength in numbers and we get results!

It is also by far the largest event on the chamber calendar, with 350-400 delegates attending. Each year, the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada (“CCEC”) hosts its annual conference immediately preceding the CCC meeting. In total, business leaders and chamber executives from across the country will be in Fredericton for six days. This is great exposure for our city and our chamber, but it will also bring a large, tangible benefit.

Our extensive work with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (“CCC”) has lead to Fredericton being named as host for the 2017 CCC annual general meeting and conference. This is the key meeting to set the course for the next year (and beyond) for the national organization. As CCC board chairperson Michael McMullen stated at the announcement:

Conferences are big business. On average, one delegate of a national conference provides $324 of economic impact for everyday that they are in the city, based on the City’s Meetings Matter team’s ongoing analysis. This represents money going to our hotels, restaurants, local shops, taxis, tourist attractions and more. Even better, most of this economic impact is ‘new’ money coming in from outside of New Brunswick, which the province desperately needs and gives us the opportunity to showcase our beautiful city to the rest of country! The Canadian chamber estimates that the economic impact on Fredericton over the course of the six days will be nearly $1 million.

“Our AGM and Convention is the most important event of the year for the Canadian Chamber. It provides chamber executives with key learning and networking opportunities and enables members of the chamber network to tap into the latest developments, trends and issues that are important to the Canadian business community, as well as set our policy agenda for the upcoming year. In 2017, we’ll be doing it in a beautiful and friendly setting right here in Fredericton.”



Sept. - Oct. 2015

Of course, we did have some great help preparing our bid. One of the defining characteristics of chambers of commerce is that by coming together under one umbrella organization, as a whole we are greater than the sum of our parts. We also actively apply this principle to one of our key priorities establishing connections with partners to better leverage our individual resources for the benefit of the community and our members. This could mean expertise, peoplepower, contacts, funding, or other resources. A great example of this team effort is our relationship with Fredericton Tourism and the Fredericton Convention Centre, particularly as it relates to their “Meetings Matter” program.

CCC Conference

Commerce Conference In brief, the initiative asks local residents to let the Meetings Matter team know about conferences, tradeshows, and the like that they have attended so that the team can try to bring a subsequent edition of that event home to Fredericton. The person submitting the idea can then be involved as little or as much as they want - the team can take the ball and run with it, or can assist in preparing a professional submission and application. It may seem simple - and it is - but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a huge impact on the city. Not only did it make the process much easier for our chamber, but the knowledge and expertise provided by our partners in this case was a difference maker. So was the convention centre itself. In fact, Michael McMullen, Chairperson of the Canadian Chamber board of directors stated that if there was a tie-breaker between Fredericton and the competition - it was the Fredericton Convention Centre itself, demonstrating its value to our economic ecosystem.

I would encourage anyone to get in touch with the Meetings Matter team if they have a lead on a potential conference. The impact on your community could be huge. Its never too early - conference recruiting can start as early as five years in advance of the event. More information can be found on their website: You can also expect many more updates from us as the Canadian chamber conference draws closer. We want to show the country that Fredericton is a great place to do business and hope that our members and the community as a whole will help us do just that!

Since Meetings Matter was launched, the program has secured a number of significant and diverse conferences including the Canadian Brewing Awards, the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, the Catholic Women’s League of Canada, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and the Canada-Wide Science Fair, amongst others. To allow Fredericton and the Meetings Matter team to go after even larger conferences, we now need the long-planned new hotel downtown. This will allow conferences with more delegates to choose Fredericton and, of course, provide an even greater economic impact! I know this is a high priority for City Council and it is for the business community as well.

11 Insight Sept. - Oct. 2015

The following people have referred members to the chamber and have received their gift certificates: Beth Crowell, Mayday Fine Print & SwagShop referred Platinum Salon + Spa Wendy Williams, Andrew H. Williams Insurance Agency referred Williams Chiropractic Health & Performance Centre Pete Mossman, R V Consignment Services referred A.B.C. Documentation Experts Inc.

As your community economic development organization, Ignite Fredericton can provide the rocket fuel to help you grow your business! Our specialists offer free, confidential advice and resources on topics such as: s¬%XPORT¬¬4RADE s¬4ALENT s¬&ACILITIES s¬3ALES¬¬Marketing


¬#ROWTHER¬,ANE ¬3UITE¬ ¬+NOWLEDGE¬0ARK &REDERICTON ¬." ¬%#¬* City of Fredericton Marketing Partnership IGNITE CHAMBER AD.indd Insight 12 14

Sept. - Oct. 2015


506.444.4686 | | 15-03-27 9:41 AM


by Morgan Peters


s Canadians head to the polls on October 19, 2015 to elect the 42nd federal parliament, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (“CCC”) is busy letting the parties know what is most important to the business community. The national chamber has released its 2015 election platform - A Canada that Wins. The document focuses on the need for Canadian businesses to compete on a global stage and the need for our government to provide the tools to allow that to happen.

A Canada that Wins focuses on four key priorities: • • • •

Access to a powerful workforce Access to capital Access to technology and innovation Access to markets

Access to a powerful workforce:

Canada’s competitiveness will depend, in large part, on its ability to find and foster workers with the skills businesses need to succeed. The shortage of skilled workers is making it impossible to meet the rising needs of many sectors. We need to better align skills development with immigration policy goals. We must also fix the increasingly complex and costly immigration system currently in place, allowing employers to find workers with the skill sets needed for them to compete in the new global marketplace.

Access to capital:

Capital is the oxygen that enables businesses to grow, create more jobs and export to new markets. For start-up companies, access to capital is the difference between life and death as they move from the early stages of innovation to the commercialization of products and services. Canadian start-up companies often depend upon venture capital (“VC”) as the lifeblood needed to take an idea to the market. Yet Canada’s VC industry is still small and punching below its weight, particularly when compared to the U.S. In fact, many top Canadian companies and entrepreneurs look to investors and early adopters outside of Canada for funding. In addition to building up our VC industry, we must do more to attract international capital and foreign VCs.

Access to technology and innovation:

In an era of big data and Internet-driven machines and objects, speed and bandwidth are paramount, and digital infrastructure is a key factor for global companies when making investment decisions. Canadian firms are struggling to adopt the advanced technologies that can vastly improve their productivity. For example, just 6% of firms in Canada are harnessing technologies to allow them to better monitor their production and distribution processes, and in a recent poll, just 22% of executives said they are using the key metrics in data analytics as a tool to better understand product cycles and the real value of their own innovations. Federal policy support for innovation in Canada is largely focused on primary research led by postsecondary institutions. The support provided to innovative academic research also needs to focus on marketplace needs and ensure the intellectual property that results from these efforts can lead to commercialization.

Access to markets:

As part of a small, open economy, most of Canada’s businesses depend on international trade. Exports, imports and foreign investment create and sustain jobs in our communities, stimulate competition and innovation and give families affordable choices in the marketplace. Canada is also privileged to possess rich natural resources that support millions of jobs in fi sheries and in the mining, petroleum, forest products and electricity sectors. Demand for our resources contributes substantially to our national economy and is the underpinning of our trade relationships, especially with the fast developing economies of Asia.

To read the full document, visit the CCC website at

13 Insight Sept. - Oct. 2015

Health & Safety

Are you in compliance with OH&S Act & Regulations? Inspectors are coming… by Lloyd G. Merriam, CRSP, CHSC


ome of you may have seen my previous information outlining the changes to the NB Occupational Health and Safety Act (“the Act”) and regulations that were effective June 2014. Further to that article, I would like to explain what compliance really means as well as some misconceptions, and how you can avoid having problems with regulators. As a general first point to keep in mind - the Act and regulations apply to all businesses, not just construction companies, manufacturers and higher risk industries. It applies to hotels, restaurants, insurance companies, offices and so on - even though it may seem that the risks are lower. All businesses can face health and safety-related issues such as workplace violence, harassment, ergonomics issues, fatigue, psychological stress as well as physical exposure to hazards. One common issue is failure to identify hazards in the workplace and to have adequate hazard and risk assessment tools available to mitigate these hazards. The Act says that all employers have a responsibility to acquaint all workers with hazards related to their work. This is done by using a combination of proper orientations, training, communications, job procedures, hazard assessment tools, etc. - to keep the workers out of harm’s way. It is also necessary to document these things on an ongoing basis in case there is an inspection or incident and you are charged with a violation. This is where having proper policies, and in some cases a Health and Safety Program in place is paramount. Think of it as an insurance policy. How many of you would operate your business with no insurance at all? In the coming months some of you will see Occupational Health and Compliance Officers for perhaps the first time. Many businesses are accustomed to inspections by the Department of Health and other authorities, but compliance with the revised Occupational Health and Safety Act will give WorksafeNB the motivation to visit your facility, at which time they will be looking at all operations, not just compliance with the changed portions of the Act.

Insight 14 May ---June June 2015 May Sept. Oct. 2015 2015

I expect that many companies will be in for an awakening if they have not been visited before. I’m not trying to scare you WorksafeNB Officers are well-trained, helpful, knowledgeable people, but they have a job to do and if you are not in compliance, it could cost you money, time and perhaps more. Remember, the changes are in most cases, “in addition”, to existing requirements in the Act and regulations. For employers with fewer than 20 employees, the changes focus on specific orientation and training requirements, written policy, incident reporting requirements and communication with workers. If you have 20 or more workers, and do not have a recently reviewed Health and Safety Program, then you have more reason for concern. Employers with 20 or more workers now must have a safety program containing specific elements including safe work procedures, codes of practice, training, supervision, hazard assessment, investigations, inspections, job procedures, statistics, maintenance records, Joint Health and Safety Committee procedures, as well as a system of monitoring and annual review (audit). It is worth noting that the Act and regulations are a bit “grey” in places and it is not uncommon for me to visit a company that assumes it is compliant but falls far short if they were to face charges and/or litigation. In the event of a serious non-compliance issue, charges and a trial, a judge would require the employer to have done everything reasonably possible to protect workers, supported by documentation. Actual compliance requires proof of “due diligence “ by the employer. Our workers are our most values assets. Knowing how to protect them is a primary responsibility. Compliance is not expensive compared to the consequences of non-compliance and we can usually train a member of your existing staff to play a lead role in program development and maintenance. I am happy to assist any member with a free initial consultation and invite you to visit our website or call me at 506-459-2325. Lloyd G. Merriam, CRSP, CHSC Principal Consultant Merriam Safety Services Inc.


by Gina O’Rourke-McKay


o you know Star Trek? You know that giant spaceship the Enterprise? Imagine you were handed the keys to the Enterprise, and told to make a quick errand run to Saturn. You’re suddenly made responsible for an important mission and the safety of your crew, with zero training and zero experience, and you’re expected to just go and do it. Sounds far-fetched and a little crazy, but it’s actually a pretty fair parallel to what we ask skilled tradespeople to do all the time. We assign an electrician an apprentice and expect the electrician to have the ability to teach not just the skills of their trade, but how to be a professional, how to work safely, how to work with a team, how to be a communicator and a leader. We don’t teach those tradespeople to be teachers; the electrician knows her trade, so she ought to be able to teach it to someone else, right? Wrong! Effective mentorship is a learned skill, just like welding, or accounting. Yet for decades we’ve deprioritized and devalued the essential role of the on-the-job teacher, neglecting to give them the learning opportunities necessary to develop their mentoring skills. Enter NB-MAP: the New Brunswick Mentor Apprentice Program. This non-profit works with employers in the construction trades to develop a learning culture in their businesses, ensuring knowledge and skill is transferred from one generation to the next effectively. The agency provides training, tools and on-going support to their employer-partners, engaging all staff from the front-line apprentice right through to the C-level executive.

Sustainable Skills Supply Even in the smaller mentor classes NB-MAP teaches, there are usually at least 120 years of trade skill and experience in the room. This spring they taught a class with 431 years of experience in it, and every single journeyperson in the room was at best 10 years from retirement. After that class the instructor said: “The business owner was in the room, and I watched the horror spread across his face as he understood for the first time what his business would be losing, and how quickly it would happen.”

Developing a strong learning culture in an organization is more important today than ever before. Babyboomers are retiring, and as experienced team members retire they take their decades of knowledge and ability with them. Millennials are notoriously tricky to recruit and retain, and this younger generation communicates and learns differently than any that’s come before. NB-MAP believes the key to developing a sustainable skills supply in the New Brunswick workforce is to entrench on-the-job mentorship as deeply as safety is in the construction trades, or customer service is in the retail sector. Are you handing your employees the keys to the Enterprise, without teaching them how to fly? The NB-MAP approach to on-the-job-learning is customizable and transferrable to other sectors; visit NB-MAP online to learn more, and stayed tuned for a workshop for Fredericton Chamber members this fall.

15 Insight Sept. - Oct. 2015

Innovation Award

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce takes 3rd place internationally! “It is one thing to develop a pilot program in a small province such as New Brunswick and hope you are getting it right and making a difference to the lives of immigrant investors and their families. It is something else entirely to be recognized on an international platform, so to receive a 3rd place nod internationally gives us great pride a sense of accomplishment. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Business Immigrant Mentorship Program and Hive Incubator Program have assisted over 150 immigrant investors since 2009 in finding their way through the maze of learning how to do business in a new and foreign country! We need them to support our goals of expanding populations and triggering economic growth.� Janet Moser, Program Director



Sept. - Oct. 2015

In July 2015 the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce was selected by the North American ChamberMaster as the 3rd place winner of their Chamber Innovation Competition 2015. This is the second time that the award that the Programs have been recognized. The first was in 2012 by Startup Canada for their top 10 mentors in Canada award. Next program director Janet Moser has been invited to speak at the International Round Table on Immigration with a delegation from the Conference Board of Canada coming up this fall in Sweden and Denmark. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is proud to support newcomers to our region which will enhance our ecosystems as well as promote and showcase the second to none life style our fair city, province offers its residents and visitors both locally and from a far. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the Province of New Brunswick for their continued support of the Business Immigrant and Hive Incubator Programs

Women in Business

Women in Business


ocused primarily on rural areas of the province, the New Brunswick Association of CBDCs (Community Business Development Corporations) have 10 local offices to help potential and existing entrepreneurs access capital and other business resources. CDBCs are not-for-profit organizations run by volunteers from the local business community. Not competing with mainstream sources of capital, they are high-risk niche lenders who work with entrepreneurs that may have difficulty securing capital through traditional sources.

Consulting Advisory Services Program

CBDCs in New Brunswick have four development officers who work specifically with women business owners in the community. They provide one-on-one support to women living in both rural and urban areas. The development officers ensure that women business owners have the products and services they need to move their businesses forward, including: • Access expert business advice, information, mentorship and support • Acquire information on financing • Identify ways to enhance their innovation and export capacity • Obtain training, professional development and networking opportunities To fulfil this mandate, they have launched a Women in Business Initiative and part of the services offered include a Consulting Advisory Services Program to provide financial assistance with consultant advisory services with a value up to $3,750. Most intangible services are eligible, including developing a marketing plan or new organizational structure, financial accounting services, business growth strategy and many more. To participate, you must be a woman that has owned a business for at least 24 months and provide documentation that you (or several women) own at least 50% of the company’s shares. Franchises and not-for-profit organizations are not eligible for funding.

Other Services

CDBCs also provide a host of other entrepreneurial support resources, including: • Pre-planning considerations • Marketing study assistance • Business planning • Loan programs In many ways, CBDCs are like traditional banks, but differ in the following ways (as per their website • CBDCs have the ability to spend more time providing advice and assistance to entrepreneurs. • CBDCs have a mandate to help businesses start, grow, and remain competitive in today's marketplace. Although our loan interest rates are priced competitively, we do not compete with banks and credit unions. • When people apply for a business loan, we place much emphasis on the character of the applicant, and the merit of the business. (More information below.) • CBDCs are also more flexible during the repayment process, particularly with seasonal options. CBDCs allow you to make lump sum payments or to pay your loan off at any point through the terms of the loan without penalty. Perhaps most importantly, using the services of a CBDC allows a person to tap into their experienced and helpful staff and volunteers. Particularly for new entrepreneurs, the one-on-one attention that CDBCs are able to provide their clients can make the difference between success or failure. For more information, visit their website here or contact Christina Allain, Development Officer at (506) 452-3918 or

17 Insight Sept. - Oct. 2015

The Buzz

A RECAP OF EVENTS IN JUNE AND JULY • Think Big, Act Small: How to Grow a Sticky Brand • Summer Biz Bash hosted by Wheels & Deals • Presentation Day - Enbridge Gas New Brunswick • June Business Over Breakfast hosted by Dynamic Dental Hygiene Clinic • Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting • Medical Resident Reception

Insight 18 Sept. - Oct. 2015

The Buzz

EVENTS YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS! On Thursday, October 15, 2015 Pecha Kucha Night is coming to Fredericton! Brought to you by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Fusion Fredericton, Oromocto & Area Chamber of Commerce and the Mactaquac Country Chamber of Commerce. Local businesses will share their stories using a Pecha Kucha style presentation. This is a networking event you won’t want to miss! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more event details #PechaKuchaFredericton. On Thursday, October 22, 2015 Join us for the 32nd annual Business Excellence Awards held at the Delta Fredericton Hotel. We’ll be recognizing a business in each of these seven categories: Small Business Award, Large Business Award, Not-For-Profit Organization Award, Community Leadership Through Business Award, Start-up Award, Business Person of the Year Award and the Resilience Award. For the first time ever, nominations for these awards were open to ALL businesses in the Fredericton area. For a complete list of upcoming events, visit our website at

19 Insight Sept. - Oct. 2015






Customize your coverage by selecting the benefits that best suit your firm. • Health options • Employee / Dependent Life • Dental options Insurance • Critical Illness benefits • Employee Assistance Programs • Disability Coverage • Group Retirement Solutions


The Chambers Plan gives you important guarantees that help you get coverage and keep it! • All for-profit businesses with 1 to 35 employees are eligible for coverage. Guaranteed coverage for firms with 3+ people. • Coverage is guaranteed renewable. • Pooled benefits stabilize your firm’s rates at renewal.

MORE THAN JUST FINANCIAL SUPPORT The Chambers Plan also gives you these valuable benefits and services without additional charge. • Best Doctors® and Business Assistance Service • my-benefits® - administer your plan anywhere, anytime. Call Blair or Robyn Corey 458.0102 or Ryan Boyer 452.1891 to tailor a plan suited to your needs. See what the Chambers Plan can do for you!

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce - Insight Sept./Oct. 2015  
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce - Insight Sept./Oct. 2015  

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce - Insight Sept./Oct. 2015