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Janice Corey, President

NETWORKING… Not only for the Company Bottom Line!


etworking as a word and concept has to some degree become overused in our language. There are many definitions of what networking is or has become in this digital age…however it quite quickly boils down to the concept of mutual assistance. In the networking landscape, we are looking for assistance or benefits for ourselves personally and professionally. Networking can help our company image, our company bottom line, further our careers…the list is endless. Why network? Small and medium-sized businesses often have to balance the time it takes to network against the time that they need to be working in their businesses. Feedback that we hear at the Chamber would indicates that many of our small business owners really struggle with this – it becomes a time and revenue balancing act. Networking is part of a business action plan that we as owners, entrepreneurs, and those in principle management positions need to do – so that we are working on our businesses and not just in our businesses. This is a mindset change. This concept is important to growing our company bottom line. So, once you are focused on working “on” your business, it becomes important to know the most effective use of your resource of time. One of the principle concepts of networking is that it is not merely the exchanging of business cards….it’s foundation needs to be the exchange of reliable information and resources all wrapped up in integrity. Without these key elements it can do more harm than good. As with any thing that we are choosing to spend our valuable time at doing, it is important to focus on what the actual outcome is of networking. Without knowing the outcome, it is hard to measure if the valuable time that you are spending doing these types of ‘actions’ is really worth your while.



Sept. - Oct. 2012

The goal of any conscious networking event is for us to build a network information hub – not your personal status. Always strive to be remembered for being present in the moment, genuine in your attention and these ‘seeds’ will grow into success. A good and thoughtfully established network can help you: • Make your company known • Become close with the leaders in your industry • Promote your skills and talents • Land your dream job When networking, it is helpful for all of us to remember that there are some general guidelines to get the most out of the time spent doing this activity. The keys are simple and logical: 1. Be prepared – know about the event and who you might meet there. Have your 30 second ‘elevator’ speech on what your business, or you professionally, are about. 2. Be opened minded – we often find ‘gems’ in the least likely of places 3. Be willing to give help and be willing to ask for help 4. Treat others with respect – you will become known by that trait 5. Build a network that includes diversity 6. Be thankful….always thank a person in your network when receiving anything from them. Just as in other areas of our lives, the electronic age has changed our networking style and opportunities. We are all familiar with the traditional opportunities – professional association meet and greets, cocktail hour at conventions and so forth. The weaving of the electronic opportunities into this landscape makes networking more accessible and dynamic – something to be aware of and manage wisely.

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.” -Keith Ferrazzi

...Continued on Pg. 15


s you read this article, the Chamber’s fall schedule is starting to hop! The golf tournament was a great success, and planning is well underway for three of our major events: the Business Excellence Awards on October 11th, the State of the City Address on November 29th, and the State of the Province on January 31st. With fall arriving, we are also recruiting members for our various Chamber committees. This is a great way to lend your expertise to the Chamber and help the voice of business be heard in our community. Committees like Provincial Government Affairs, Municipal Government Affairs, Economic Development, and Physician Recruitment, work with, and advocate to government on behalf of business. Committees like Communications, New Member Welcome, and Event and Networking, help us to meet the needs of our members. This year, an Education Committee is also being formed in response to our recent survey, where you told us that you wanted more educational opportunities such as “lunch and learns,” workshops, seminars, and professional development opportunities. The Education Committee will focus on bringing these opportunities to the membership. If you haven’t already done so, consider joining a committee! Registration is on our website! In June and July, we surveyed you, our members, to find out what your priorities are for the coming year, and to learn more about what you think are the most significant issues currently impacting your business and our community. We also wanted to determine your interest in various Chamber activities and events, ascertain your awareness of our benefits and services, and of course, find out how we are doing in terms of communicating with you. The annual survey is also a report card on how effective you feel the Chamber has been on your behalf in terms of advocacy. We were pleased with the outcome of the survey – more than 30% of our membership participated! Thank you! Over 95% of respondents would

Krista Ross, CEO

recommend Chamber membership to another business. Over 98% of respondents were satisfied with the value received from the Chamber for your membership. You also gave us great input and suggestions of how we can do better in the coming year to increase this value even further. We take your advice and suggestions seriously and will be working hard to implement some of the great ideas that you gave us! The committees will be using the survey results this fall to help guide their activities on your behalf.

And, as a final note, “congratulations” to Jordan Banks, Sales and Training Representative for St. John Ambulance... Jordan filled out our survey and was the lucky winner of a draw for two ultimate passes to the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival! Enjoy the festival, Jordan!



Sept. - Oct. 2012

New Members

Hello Newest to our

Florique Boutique Inc. 440 King Street Fredericton, NB E3B 5H8 Tel: (506) 454-4268 Email: Category: Retail/Specialty Stores Contact: Mohsen Farsad

The Board of Directors and staff of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce welcome back Katie Gillingham, Director of Membership and Marketing.



July - Aug. 2012

Dr. BA Rinehart Professional Corporation 523 Dundonald Street, Suite 102 Fredericton, NB E3B 1X5 Tel: 506-451-8008 Fax: 506-458-1886 Email: Website: Intro: As a certified specialist in Orthodontics and Periodontics, Dr. Brian Rinehart is committed to creating beautiful smiles and healthy bites and treating Temporamandibular Dysfunction or TMJ problems. We offer complimentary Orthodontic exams, no interest Orthodontic payment plans and dentist referral not necessary.

Carl Duivenvoorden Consulting 110 Mazerolle Settlement road Upper Kingsclear, NB E3E 1V5 Tel: (506) 363-8117 Fax: (506) 363-8113 Email: Website: Category: Consulting Contact: Carl Duivenvoorden Products & Services Carl Duivenvoorden helps people and organizations save money, energy and the environment through: - dynamic keynotes, workshops and seminars that explain, engage and motivate - sustainability coaching to help you plan, prioritize, act and measure - technical and creative messaging to get your entire team on board

D M White Architecture Inc. 398 Sewell Street Fredericton, NB E3A 5G8 Tel: (506) 447-8774 Email: Website: Contact: Tamara Darroch White

Kevin Brewer Financial 500 Beaverbrook Court, Suite 201 Fredericton, NB E3B 4X5 Tel: (506) 454-4478 Email: Contact: Kevin Brewer

Robert L Kenny Professional Corporation Fredericton, NB Tel: (506) 452-7677 Email: Contact: Joan Kenny

Capital Region Community Tennis Centre 839 Aberdeen Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1S9 Tel: (506) 452-0631 Email: Website: Contact: Reg Gallant


New Members

Splurge Salon 190 King Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1C9 Tel: (506) 454-1007 Email: Category: Hair/Esthetics/ Supplies/Services Contact: Jody Fraser

K-Line Construction Ltd. 8 Avery St. Hanwell, NB E3C 0E6 Tel: (506) 328-9848 Email: m Contact: Kendall Wright, P.Eng, GSC Website: K-Line Construction Ltd. is a multi-faceted construction company, in business over 30 years, with offices in Fredericton, NB, Woodstock, NB and Dartmouth, NS. K-Line’s core areas of expertise include: power and telecommunications infrastructure, heavy civil and road building, and highway signing and lighting.

Thrive Consulting 25 Colonial Heights Street Fredericton, NB E3B 5M2 Tel: (506) 449-1395 Email: Website: Contact: Shawn Dalton

Pathways Educational Services Inc. 1010 Hanwell Road, Unit 9 Fredericton, NB E3B 6A4 Tel: (506) 447-7235 Email: Julie@pathwayseducationalservices. com Category: Education / Training Contact: Julie Wilson Products & Services Pathways Educational Services is the first Multisensory Language Center in New Brunswick serving students with dyslexia, autism and other disorders. Through our one-on-one lessons, students receive individualized research-based programming. We bring knowledge and innovation from the most successful programmes to New Brunswick to fit your child’s academic, social and communication needs. We also provide behaviour modification and outreach services for families in need.

Gutters Uncluttered Services 272 Victoria Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1W4 Tel: (506) 443-2457 Email: Website: Contact: Pamela Iezzi

O’Brien Ventures 65 Gravenstein Street New Maryland, NB E3C 1B8 Tel: (506) 292-4102 Email: Category: Business Consultants Contact: Kelly O’Brien With over 20 years of solid international business experience in sectors including IT, Knowledge, Medical and Manufacturing, Kelly has a rare mix of skills and qualifications. His contributions to the development, implementation, and commercialization of innovative business solutions have been recognized by AT&T, the Canadian Business and Telecommunications Association and Yankee Group.

Autism Connections Fredericton 1666 Lincoln Road Fredericton, NB E3B 6J6 Tel: (506) 450-6025 Email: Website: Contact: Michelle Gill



Sept. - Oct. 2012

Kathy Watt

Networking: Help yourself... help your business... help your community - By Kathy Watt, Leadership and Executive Coach with LMI Canada.


o you ever wonder whether or not the networking hours you’ve put in generate returns that merit your investment of time and energy? Perhaps you’ve looked at networking through a traditional lens of what it will do for you. There is another way! Perhaps we need to reframe the lens so that we approach networking from the mindset of what it might do for others. Here’s a look at an interesting approach to building both knowledge and networks that has the potential for community impact. A group of Fredericton business women* have taken a unique approach to bringing women together to make personal and business connections, to learn, and to grow and help their respective businesses. And its all about connecting good people to good people! Last December, Melissa Dawe, Director of Strategic Projects at UNB, approached me with an idea to provide a wider group of women an opportunity to think deeply about their lives and their careers in a format that allowed for people to attend a Saturday workshop. Joined by other women who had experienced transformational growth through one of my coaching programs, we came up with a formula that will be rolled out in the first of a series of four events – My Women’s Workshop – Women Helping Women. The initial session will be held at the Wu Conference Centre on Saturday, October 13. Everyone involved in this initiative is volunteering their time, their knowledge and expertise. Sponsors have come on board to provide support to cover associated costs, and the buzz is growing! At the heart of the concept is the recognition of the need to take time to stop and to reflect deeply about life, health, career, and more. So the first part of the equation is help yourself.



Sept. - Oct. 2012

The second part of our model is to help your business. As mentioned, both time and financial resources are being given by business owners and professionals. Each person recognizes that ‘giving back’ is good for business. However, the motivation to invest in this initiative comes more importantly from the notion that supporting other women is just the right thing to do! Our goal is to ensure whether a sponsor or a speaker, that those who are volunteering of their time, expertise and knowledge receive appropriate recognition in our marketing efforts. Investing in other people is always good for business! Finally, this networking and workshop format is about helping your community. As professionals and business owners, everyone benefits when people have the mindset and the tools to live a happy, healthy and productive life. Sometimes we need the support of experts and our own community to do that. As the women that attend this series of workshops equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the midst of busy careers, challenging business realities and family responsibilities, we are all the beneficiaries. For detailed information and registration for My Women’s Workshop – Women Helping Women, please go to *The steering committee comprises Melissa Dawe, UNB; Michele Madore, Madore Wealth Management, ScotiaMcLeod; Wendy Southworth, Priority Personnel; Kathy Watt, LMI Canada; Judy Wood, J.L. Wood & Associates



! e m o c l e W

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Morgan Peters has joined the chamber team in the position of Policy and Research Manager. Morgan will work with all chamber stakeholders and will research key issues to collaboratively recommend, produce and communicate relevant policies and positions.



Sept.- -Aug. Oct.2012 2012 July

Brenda Page





re you uncomfortable networking or talking about your business? Many people assume you need to be pushy or self promoting to be a good networker. I disagree. The key is to get to know the other person in a genuine, “I want to help you” manner. Then share your solutions, if it is applicable. If not, refer them to someone else. Don’t force a fit. If you are not the best company to meet this person’s needs let them know. This type of integrity will reflect very positively on you and your business. I promise. When I started my company Crystal Clear Concepts in 1992, specializing in HR / Business consulting, workshop facilitation, and certified leadership coaching, I fully expected I would be tapping my fingers and staring at the phone hoping it would ring. Instead, by my third month in business I was turning away business. This was all due to my extensive networking practices.

Photo by Rob Blanchard

Bottom line is, people do business with people they trust. Placing an ad will create awareness about your business, but personally meeting you or hearing about you is what helps close the deal.



Sept. - Oct. 2012

First thing you need to do is to take stock of your current network. Make a list of at least 300 people you know. For example, does everyone from your family, friends, cousins, neighbours, past co-workers, associations, churches, dentist, past clients, etc. have a complete understanding of what you do? Don’t assume they do – ask. You may be shocked by how many truly are not fully aware of your service/products. If they don’t, enlighten them. The next question is, do you have a full understanding what they do and who they know? You may already have new business to be developed and closed with these people. If your existing network does not know who your niche market is and what your services or products are, how can they give you a referral? Personal referrals are the best form of promotion.


Brenda Page


Once you’ve exhausted your existing network, where do you go to grow your network? Basically, anywhere. I personally loved the grocery store, Costco line-ups, etc. You have a captive audience. I have given out so many business cards in line-ups and received numerous referrals in these line-ups. It is time to stop dreading line-ups and embrace them when you have time to network. Never leave home without your business cards is the golden rule to networking. Of course joining associations related to your industry or going to Chamber networking events is key to growing your network.

I often get asked in my networking workshops, “How do I get rid of someone that won’t leave me alone?” Simple solutions include: 1) Excuse yourself to use the washroom. 2) Find someone else you know and ask if they know that person. If they don’t, introduce them to that person and move on. 3) Simply state, “I had a goal to meet 5 new people tonight so I need to move on to meet my goal. It’s been great speaking with you.” This is my favourite because it is true for me. I always try to set a goal before each function as to how many new people I will introduce myself to and/or set up a meeting with. If I feel sociable that day and have time to stay and network the numbers are higher. On days that I don’t feel extraverted or like going, I push myself to go but keep my goals lower. Then remember to always follow up with people you said you would follow up with. If you know you will not, then please do not say you will. Again, you will not be leaving a positive professional impression if you don’t follow up but said you would.

Photo by Rob Blanchard

Networking at a function can be very intimidating for some people. It is okay to go with a friend, just don’t hide in a corner with them and not talk to anyone else. Scan the room to see who you both know and introduce yourselves to each others’ contacts. If you don’t know anyone, look for odd numbered groups talking. There is generally an odd person out in a group of three for example. These people often want to be rescued and spoken to. Also look for other people hiding in a corner and introduce yourself. I use to start the conversation by saying something like, “Are you as uncomfortable as I am?” or “Do you know anyone here?”. Then we’d start to laugh and comfortably start talking. Standing by the bar or food is a great way to have people come and go and start conversations with. Remember though, do not have too many drinks of courage. You never want to make a fool of yourself, this is the first impression many people will have of you.

If you are looking for more tips on sales, networking and building your niche market, look up my book on, Lifestyle Selling for Women or contact me directly for a signed copy at or through my website at

11 Insight Sept. - Oct. 2012


Canadian Chamber Highlights 2011 Wins for Business by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce In 2011, we, along with our network of over 420 chambers of commerce and boards of trade, worked hard on your behalf to ensure that Canadian businesses, like yours, could save money, grow and remain competitive and productive. Our efforts paid off.

We’re saving you money. We got you:

• Almost $750 million in savings in 2011 and 2012 combined as a result of the government’s decision to limit employer Employment Insurance premium rate increases to 7 cents per $100 of insurable earnings in 2011 and 2012. • No planned personal or corporate income tax increases over the next five years. • A commitment to lower the general corporate income tax rate from 16.5% in 2011 to 15% in 2012- a measure that will save businesses about $1.5 billion per year.

We’re growing your business. We got you:

• $20 billion in federal stimulus funding in 2010-2011 and $1.3 billion in 2011-2012. • A commitment to sustain jobs and growth by supporting innovation and the adoption of new technologies. • The introduction of Bill C-11: Copyright Modernization Act in Parliament, which will provide a framework that will help protect and create jobs, stimulate the economy and attract new investment

• $145 million in savings over the next five years for individuals and corporations that trade and invest across international borders as a result of improvements to Canada’s international tax system.

We’re ensuring you remain competitive and productive. We got you:

• A bilateral commitment to improve the efficiency of Canada-US border operations and services. • The launch of government consultations on new rules for the taxation of corporate groups- the introduction of a formal system the functioning of the tax system, reduce tax compliance and administration costs for businesses and make Canada a more attractive location for business investment. • The launch of government consultations into reducing the red tape burden on Canadian businesses and a commitment to address the red tap irritants identified through the consultations.

Gearing Up


FOR CHAMBER EVENTS… by Stacey Murray, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce


he Fredericton Chamber of Commerce staff has spent the summer months preparing for a busy fall and winter season of great networking and educational opportunities for our members.

One of our most successful networking events is our monthly Business After Hours event which allows a member to host the event and to showcase their products and places of business. Attending members take advantage of this complimentary evening to network with the business community and make important contacts. The September Business After Hours event will be hosted by McInnes Cooper on Thursday, September 6th. The Chamber also offers Early Bird Networking events which are hosted in the morning and provide a networking opportunity for our members who may not be able to attend our monthly Business After Hours events. On Thursday, October 4th, 2012, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is hosting a free educational event called The Art of Networking. This educational seminar will teach members how to network effectively and feel more at ease during networking opportunities. Those attending the seminar will then have the opportunity to use their newly learned networking skills at the Business After Hours event hosted by the Fredericton Playhouse immediately after the seminar. The Business Excellence Awards will be held on Thursday, October 11th, 2012, at the Delta Fredericton Hotel. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce hosts this event annually to recognize businesses that have shown outstanding customer service, community involvement and other notable achievements. This gala event is the Chamber’s way of exemplifying leadership in business in the City of Fredericton. Don’t miss out on this great event, register online today!

On Thursday, November 29th, 2012, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the State of the City Address at the Fredericton Convention Centre. This event is an occasion to learn about the initiatives being undertaken by the City. His Worship, Mayor Brad Woodside addresses the major issues concerning the people of Fredericton and speaks of what we can expect in the future. Since 1974, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has been hosting the State of the Province Address. This year the event will be held on Thursday, January 31st, 2013, at the Fredericton Convention Centre. This prominent event carries the Premier’s message of the province’s accomplishments and future direction of New Brunswick. In March, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce will host the Distinguished Citizens Awards. This is an opportunity for the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce to recognize individuals in the community who have provided extraordinary service and/or leadership contributing to the quality of life in the Fredericton community. The Tri-City Mixer is an annual business tradeshow that is shared by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce and the Saint John Board of Trade. The Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce will host the event on April 16th, 2013 at the Delta Beausejour in Moncton. The Tri-City Mixer is a great way for members of these three organizations to come together, to explore new provincial business opportunities and expand their network. The Summer Biz Bash is a member appreciation event that is held annually in June offering Chamber members one more opportunity to mix and mingle before breaking for the summer. This event is hosted by a member company and is a great chance to network in a very relaxed atmosphere. Mark your calendars, and come join the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce at these great events! If you’d like additional information on any of the above mentioned events, please contact Stacey Murray, Event Manager at 13 Insight or (506) 451-9741.

Sept. - Oct. 2012

Businesss Card

– by Mar

ilyn Wils



our business card is the most affordable and convenient marketing tool that you will use. The world is full of opportunities that often happen without warning. A clever businessperson will always have business cards in hand when those occasions arise. You should never leave home without them! A real estate agent at one of our networking events has the chance to introduce themself to a couple who are “thinking of moving”. The freelance artist can pass their information on without seeming “too pushy” to the gallery owner they just met. When designing your business card, treat your company with respect and get a professional quality card. Business logo and email address are important for credibility, so invest in a basic branding to show you’re the real deal. Use the standard size flat or folded card. Although the circular, extra small or larger size are cute they are difficult to scan and don’t fit into traditional organizers. Keep your information simple; name and contact numbers are mandatory, links are recommended ex: Twitter and Linkedin, address only if people are stopping by or mailing you. You are not limited to only use the front of your card. If you are going to pay for a two-sided card, make it useful. Use your cards to maximize your marketing. Start a referral or loyal customer program, discount offer, free shipping. If you’re looking for clients to patronize your business, give them a reason to



Sept. - Oct. 2012

drop in, offer a free gift. With the introduction of the smart phone technology, there are more ways than ever to maximize the content of your business card. Add your QR code for the direct link to your mobile site or, better still, to a specific sale offer. Be proactive; keep your information up to date. Replace your cards right away if your information has changed. Scratching out emails or contact numbers give the appearance of being behind or disorganized. This may sound simple but BRING THEM put extras in your purse, jacket pockets, briefcase and car. Protect your card in a professional holder. Giving out a bent, soiled or battered card will not present the professional image you want to convey. When passing your card to someone always hand it to them horizontally with your name facing them not you. Always place your card in letters, thank you cards, gifts, bouquet of flowers or anything connected to you and your business. Although the business card’s major function is to exchange contact information, it can be so much more! You should consider its true potential. Despite its simplicity, a business card packs a powerful punch! Happy Networking

; e v i r t . e f c e f t a o a d o o t o r t s p p a u h e n o a B i t e r a a m r r o u f o n i s r g u o n i y h keep ll the great t a t u o d Fin


endy M – by W



ave you ever planned your event only to find that there is a conflict with another event on the same day? The Fredericton Community Calendar can help you avoid those scheduling conflicts.

... continued from Page 4

Since the Fredericton Community Calendar was launched in June, it has really taken off with over 1100 great events posted already. The goal of the calendar is to be the one-stop calendar for everyone in the area to support the activities of groups that contribute to the vibrancy and enjoyment of our community. Everyone in Fredericton, New Maryland, Fredericton Junction, Tracy, McAdam, Harvey, Nackawic, Stanley, Millville, Oromocto, Gagetown, Cambridge Narrows, Minto and Chipman can post their events FREE of charge and it is very easy to use. Events can be searched and displayed by day, week, or month. The calendar has been broken down into categories Just as in other areas of our lives, the electronic age has changed our networking style and opportunities. We are all familiar with the traditional opportunities – professional association meet and greets, cocktail hour at conventions and so forth. The weaving of the electronic opportunities into this landscape makes networking more accessible and dynamic – something to be aware of and manage wisely. In last quarters article on Social Media, it was highlighted that social media brought with it many changes, challenges and opportunities. One of those opportunities is the chance at extending our networking circle past those that are more traditional in scope. Email, LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook can all be valuable tools in your networking toolbox. We just need to remind ourselves from time to time that when using these tools they are our electronic face to the world – therefore be mindful of that and wise when using them from a personal or professional networking perspective. At the end of the day, networking is organic….it needs to be kept alive. If we don’t tend to it, it won’t be there when we need it.

so you can easily find the types of events that are of interest to you. There are categories for: Business & Networking / Conferences & Tradeshows / Meetings & Consultations / Fundraisers / Fairs, Festivals & Concerts / Arts & Culture / Sports & Recreation and we’ve recently added Educational Opportunities. To learn more about an event just click on the event name and a full event description will be displayed. Adding an event is as simple as clicking on the “Add an Event” link and completing the form. The event is forwarded to the calendar administrator who will then approve your message and your event gets posted. The calendar has been a great resource for people traveling to the area as well. Whether they are visiting for a few days or planning to relocate, the calendar shows that the Greater Fredericton area is a vibrant city with plenty of events, festivals and cultural events. Maybe you want to catch a game in your spare time, the calendar is a great place for sporting teams to post their game schedules. Or maybe you’re just looking for something for you and your family to do, the calendar will give you the information you need and it will even have a map to show you where the event is located. What a great place to advertise too! Expand your market reach to everyone viewing the Fredericton Community Calendar and while you’re adding your information send along an ad to further promote your event. Introductory rates are $100 per month. Contact Wendy at for details. So visit often! For more information about the Fredericton Community Calendar email Your Fredericton Chamber of Commerce = Opportunity. We strive through feedback from the board, committees and individual members to provide many types of opportunities for personal and professional networking. Our signature events include time dedicated to networking with colleagues and industry leaders, we have held education sessions that help businesses to maximize their networking potential. The important thing to note is, if you have an idea as a business owner on how the Chamber can more effectively meet your networking needs, the Chamber is open to your idea – so contact us! The recipe is simple – Build real relationships. Actively maintain them. Give as much as you take. We all go through periods of time personally and professionally when we lose touch of parts of our network…remember the recipe and rekindle the relationships, it can really be that simple!

15 Insight Sept. - Oct. 2012

James W. Ross

Championing a Champion Long-time colleague and friend Brian Mulroney will speak to Mr. Ross’ decades of service to his community, his province, his country and his particular dedication to supporting youth.


he Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is delighted to collaborate with The Learning Partnership to present the 2012 Fredericton Champions of Public Education Luncheon where businessman, philanthropist and former senator, the Honourable James W. Ross will be honoured for his dedication to youth and education. Former Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, P.C., C.C., G.O.Q., will deliver the keynote address and former senator and lieutenant governor of New Brunswick, the Honourable Marilyn Trenholme Counsel, O.C., O.N.B., is serving as honourary chair of the event. We strongly encourage all of our members to purchase tickets as soon as possible for what is sure to be a sold out event. Tickets can be purchased online at or by contacting Ed Wickham of The Learning Partnership at 416-440-5105 or

Funds raised at this event will directly support The Learning Partnership programs in New Brunswick, including Welcome to Kindergarten™/Bienvenue à la MaternelleMC, a program that helps parents ready their children for school and early learning; Take Our Kids to Work™ a Canada-wide program involving more than 25,000 Grade 9 students every year; Entrepreneurial Adventure, an initiative where kindergarten to Grade 12 students develop business ventures that raise money for charity, and Turning Points, an innovative writing program that gives Grade 6 to 12 students a character development and literacy experience to keep them engaged in school.

This event takes place on November 15th at the St. Thomas University Conference Centre in Fredericton. A sponsor reception will be held at 10:30 a.m. followed by lunch from noon to 2:00 p.m. A distinguished community leader, James Ross founded Ross Ventures, a diversified company with interests in commercial real estate, radio broadcasting and food and beverage services. He was appointed to the Senate in 1990 but returned to public life in 1993. Mr. Ross has dedicated much of his life to strengthening educational opportunities for young people. In 1994, he founded Partners For Youth, a non-profit organization that has developed a pragmatic, highly effective support program for youth in foster care and middle schools. Mr. Ross was awarded the Order of Canada for his work with youth.



Sept. - Oct. 2012

About The Learning Partnership: The Learning Partnership is a national charitable organization dedicated to championing a strong public education system in Canada through innovative programs, credible research, policy initiatives, leadership training and public engagement. Since 1993, more than 4.9 million students and teachers have participated in one or more of The Learning Partnership’s programs, including Take Our Kids to Work™, Welcome to Kindergarten™, Canada’s Outstanding Principals and Entrepreneurial Adventure. For information on The Learning Partnership, please visit

Who is open for Business in Fredericton?

Open in Fredericton

- by Kevin Brown, P.Eng, MBA


f you are reading this, you are likely a business owner manager or leader in Fredericton. So who are we? What types of businesses do we have? How do we make our money? In 2011, there were 4209 businesses which reported having at least one employee. This was down by 187 businesses from a year earlier. 2011 was a tough year for the local economy. Retailers are the most common single type of business. There were 575 retailers in 2011, down from 591 in 2010. Of the retailers, clothing, grocery and gas stations are the most common. Once we’re clothed and fed, it seems we want our cars ready to go. The second most common type of business are called “Other Services” by Statistics Canada. There were 516 businesses reporting employees in this category in 2011, which was down from 545 in 2010. The largest number of Other Service business is “Religious Organizations”. The second most common type of Other Services are “Auto Repair and Maintenance” businesses. The third most common type of businesses are in construction. In 2011 there were 501 construction companies reporting employees, which was down fro 526 in 2010. In fourth place are businesses providing “Healthcare and Social Assistance Services.” Interestingly, this is one of only business types which grew in 2011. With 443 registered businesses, we grew by five companies over 2010. The majority of these businesses are “Offices of Physicians”, which increased from 161 to 170 in 2011. Maybe there is a connection to our apparent love of autos. We are a very small business economy but we are also a government town. Nearly 90% of our businesses have less than 20 employees. However, in 2011 Public Administration became the most common type of employment. So, if we own a business, we’re likely selling food, clothing shelter, cars and health and quite a few of our customers are probably employed by our government.

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Sept. - Oct. 2012


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Clark Smith of Kiers Marketing Group referred: New member: Julie’s Pathways Educational Services Inc.

You can receive a $25 gift certificate to one of our featured restaurants, simply refer a new member to the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and if they join, get ready to enjoy a great meal.



Sept. - Oct. 2012

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Hanwell, NB) – Canada’s Los Cabos Drumsticks has expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the recent addition of a custom built, high performance, computer sorting system. Designed and built by engineers from the University of New Brunswick’s Mechanical Engineering Department, the prototype machine nicknamed “The Spider” can sort high volumes of drumsticks according to their individual weight and pitch. It is the first of its kind built for use by a Canadian drumstick manufacturer. The design and production of this unique machine was spearheaded by UNB’s Jason Elliot and supervised by Dr. Juan Carretero, director of the school’s Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory.

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27th, 2012, On Wednesday, June of Commerce hosted the

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On Thursday, Au


ust 30th, 2012, The 23rd Annual Chamber Golf To urnament took place at Kingsw ood Golf. The to urnament sold ou providing the op t, portunity for our golfers to experience a gr eat day of networ king and fun! Following the to urnament the go lfers attended an awards ceremon y, where they en joyed a delicious meal prepared by Chef Benoit Trem blay from Kingswood and received great pr iz es wonderful busine donated by our ss community. A big thank you goes out to all of our sponsors, w ithout your generosity the to urnament would not have been such a success. If you missed ou t on this year’s tournament, mak e sure to register early next year so you can join in on all the fun!

October 11, 2012 September 6, 2012

Business After Hours hosted by McInnes Cooper

October 4, 2012

The Art of Networking at The Playhouse

October 4, 2012

Business After Hours hosted by The Playhouse with guest speaker Paul Kearley of the Dale Carnegie Business Group

Business Excellence Awards at the Delta Fredericton Hotel

November 1, 2012

Business After Hours hosted by National Bank

November 15, 2012

Champions of Public Education 2012 Fredericton Tribute Luncheon

November 29, 2012

State of the City Address at the Fredericton Convention Centre

December 6, 2012

Business After Hours hosted by the Ramada Hotel

December 12, 2012

Christmas Chamber Open House at the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce

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Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Sept / Oct 2012  

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