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CONTRIBUTORS Chris Johnston Krista Ross Stacey Murray Morgan Peters Mark Haines-Lacey



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Chris Johnston, President


he theme of this edition of Insight perfectly sums out how the chamber is able to be an effective group to the benefit of our members. “One Voice, One Vision, One Chamber,” both reflects the strength of our organizational structure and the weight that comes with the influence of our 900+ members. The advantages of membership to any organization are best realized when viewed as a two-way street. Members of the chamber who attend events, use the tangible benefits and stay engaged in advocacy issues consistently report getting the most value from their membership. Likewise, the more members who actively participate in chamber operations, the better able we can deliver our services. With a high level of member engagement, the Fredericton chamber is able to offer more events and benefits and have a greater voice in our advocacy efforts. It is through this advocacy that we can most clearly define the “One Voice” aspect of the operation. The chamber is constantly seeking member feedback on various issues that affect business in our region. This is done both formally through our annual survey and various polls and more informally through word of mouth and one-on-one meetings. If you have an issue that you think the chamber should act on, I encourage you to contact anyone on the board of directors or the staff. With a diverse membership that includes organizations in every sector, all of the opinions and information from our members are filtered through our staff, committees and board.



Nov. - Dec. 2013

Sometimes there is near-universal agreement on issues and other times members have different views on certain topics. It is then the job of the staff, committees and ultimately the board to synthesize the available information and take a nuanced approach on issues that best benefit our membership. Speaking with this “One Voice” is essential to being heard by governments, economic development agencies, or any other entity that we encounter. While it’s impossible to be all things to all people and please every member on each issue, the goal of everyone involved with the chamber is to (a) represent our members as a whole to the best of our abilities; and (b) move the economic environment of the region in a positive direction. This is the same strategy that works on a national level as well. I just returned from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting and the primary activity at the conference is voting on a number of policy resolutions which are submitted by chambers from across the country. These resolutions give direction to the Canadian chamber’s advocacy work with the federal government. On many of these positions, there is disagreement between chambers on their benefits – a 2/3 favourable vote is required for a resolution to pass. This could mean that 1/3 of delegates disagree with a particular position, but in order to conduct effective advocacy, the Canadian chamber speaks as “One Voice.” If you, our members, have opinions on any issue, I encourage you to get involved - it might be as simple as a conversation with a board or staff member. It’s your chamber and we want to hear your voice.


ecently I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Chamber of Commerce annual conference. This year, it was held in Kelowna in the lovely Okanagan Valley. It was a pleasure to be there representing our chamber along with our President Chris Johnston, our 1st VP Joseph O’Donnell and our Policy and Research Manager Morgan Peters. There were 20 delegates from our region, representing all four Atlantic provinces as well as the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce. As the conference will be held in Charlottetown next year, we are hopeful that the Atlantic Region will be even better represented in 2014. At the conference, there were more than 400 delegates in attendance representing communities from one end of the country to the other. The gathering exemplified the theme of this edition of Insight magazine: “One Voice, One Vision, One Chamber”. The Canadian chamber has more than 450 member chambers of commerce and boards of trade from across the country. Our organization represents more than 200,000 businesses! The breadth our membership gives our organization credibility with all levels of government and the public. Although we represent diverse communities and diverse memberships, as we met together, it was abundantly clear that regardless of whether a chamber is in a small town or large city or somewhere in between, whether our membership is made up of micro businesses or large businesses, or a combination of these…. we serve our members similarly, and we have similar challenges in our communities. From coast to coast our members see the chamber as a vehicle for providing networking, connections, and leads – helping members to build relationships with each other that will assist them in growing their businesses. Whether the networking takes place at events like Business After Hours, or award galas, or spectacular evenings like the annual Fredericton Chamber of Commerce State of the Province dinner - this is something that every chamber strives to provide.

Krista Ross, CEO

We all work towards providing educational and professional development opportunities for our members as well. The topics may vary as the community business needs differ… but the provision of service is similar. Additionally – chambers of all sizes are advocates for their member businesses with their local and provincial governments as well as federal in some cases. Chambers work diligently to shape policy and influence the issues that are important to their members. Chambers from east to west also provide tangible benefits to their members like our health plan, and various other benefits and member-to-member programs – again, our offerings may differ from community to community depending on what our members need… but generally we are all working to provide great benefits to our members. At the most basic level, the work of the chamber is to support sustainable business growth, and to help to develop prosperous communities. The president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber says it best: “Our network’s sole purpose is to strengthen your business”. Going forward, the Fredericton chamber will continue to strive to provide the quality networking, education, advocacy and benefits that you are looking for from us. We will continue to work towards helping you strengthen your business! If you have ideas that can help us help you… I want to hear from you!! Don’t hesitate to call or email me (or.. send me a tweet).



Nov. - Dec. 2013

New Members

Hello Newest to our

Keay Care 919 Prospect Street, Suite 60 Fredericton, NB E3B 2T7 Tel: (506) 443-8175 Email: Website: Senior Services/ Family Services Contact: Trevor O’Donnell

Yeh! Yogourt & CafĂŠ 1350 Regent Street Fredericton, NB E3C 2G6 Tel: (506) 999-3618 Contact: Dan He Email:

Key Elements Media 1338 Route 105 Douglas, NB E3G 7K4 Tel: (506) 206-5100 Email: Website: Graphic Design/ Marketing Contact: Debbie Jones

Flare Entertainment Inc. 474 Queen Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1B6 Tel: (506) 463-Boom Email: Website: Restaurants/Food/Beverage Contact: Robert Fleet

Plexus Connectivity Solutions 840 Hanwell Road Fredericton, NB E3B 6A2 Tel: (506) 454-1514 Email: Network Cabling Contact: Robert Ludvik

The Gaia Project 270 Rookwood Avenue Fredericton, NB E3B 2M2 Tel: (506) 442-9030 Email: Website: Education/Training Contact: Vanessa Paesani



Nov. - Dec. 2013

Cana-Group Business Centres Inc. 85 Melissa Street, Unit 4 Fredericton, NB E3A 6V9 Tel: (506) 454-4253 Email: Website: Business Services Contact: Amanda Gilks Products & Services: Cana-Group Business Centres represents a new and exciting concept to growing your business on a regional, national or even international basis. Cana-Group offers office space and virtual workstations for very reasonable start up costs. Simply lease an office or workstation and the rest of your business activities are supplied. This concept is growing fast in Canada and is especially beneficial for new and small business that wish to grow in a professional environment. For more information please visit our web site at or give us a call at 506.454.4253.

Lulujo Inc. 101 Regiment Creek Avenue Fredericton, NB E3G 0G2 Tel: (506) 461-7690 Email: Website: Manufacturing Contact: Dawn Pottier

New Members

Members Canadian Beverage Association 20 Bay Street Toronto, ON M5J 2N8 Tel: (416) 362-2424 Email: Restaurants/Food/Beverage Contact: Brandon Ashmore

Liberty Lane Inc. PO Box 1441, Station A Fredericton, NB E3B 5G2 Tel: (506) 451-2120 Email: Not-For-Profit Agency Contact: Fiona Williams

FERO / Ready John 91 Timothy Avenue South Fredericton, NB E3C 2B7 Tel: (506) 472-3376 Fax: (506) 458-8587 Email: Environmental Services Contact: Alan Pollard

Cominar 125 Whiting Road, Suite 200 Fredericton, NB E3B 5Y5 Tel: (506) 451-8151 Fax: (506) 451-1350 Email: Website: Real Estate Contact: Kristina Ingleby

Amazon Pools and Spas Inc. 520 Brookside Drive, Unit F Fredericton, NB E3A 8V2 Tel: (506) 472-3519 Fax: (506) 472-5596 Email: Retail and Specialty Stores Contact: Frank Pearson

Coach Atlantic Group 7 Mount Edward Road Charlottetown, PE C1A 5R7 Tel: (902) 566-5664 Toll Free: (800) 575-1807 Email: Website: Transportation Contact: Marsha Doiron

YSC Forest Products Marketing Board 819 Royal Road Fredericton, NB E3G 6M1 Tel: (506) 444-6644 Email: Forest Products & Services Contact: David Palmer

Samosa Delight 440 Kimble Drive Fredericton, NB E3B 0K5 Tel: 455-2683 Email: Food, Beverage, Restaurants Contact: Anh Tuan (James) Bui

Sprout Digital Signage Ltd. 174 Brookside Drive Fredericton, NB E3A 1T6 Tel: (506) 999-3113 Email: Website: Signage Contact: Jerome MacDonald



Nov. - Dec. 2013


by Morgan Peters The event was divided into five strategic zones with 65 participating exhibitors as follows:


ore than a year of planning by the chamber’s economic development committee came to life on 2 October 2013 with the inaugural Choose Fredericton event, held at the J. Richard Currie Center on the UNB Fredericton campus. Choose Fredericton is a response to the business community’s concerns with respect to current and projected skill shortages and is aimed at creating connectivity between post-secondary students and local businesses/employers, as well as the community at-large. The event truly demonstrated this month’s Insight theme of “One Vision, One Voice, One Chamber,” as it brought together many groups under the chamber umbrella to work towards a unified goal. Choose Fredericton is a joint effort among the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, the City of Fredericton, Enterprise Fredericton, Provincial Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training & Labour, University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University, New Brunswick Community College, Eastern College, the Centre for Arts & Technology, Atlantic Business College, Fredericton Region Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (FRYPE), and private industry. The event facilitated an opportunity for students from the six educational institutions to network and obtain information about local, current and future career opportunities in a comfortable, social setting, as well as network with other young professionals, who have established careers here. Beyond a traditional career fair, the October Choose Fredericton event was an opportunity for employers, community groups and other young professionals to raise awareness amongst post-secondary students about what is available for them in Fredericton, both now and in the future. It is hoped that more students will see Fredericton as a viable permanent home after graduation, both in terms of career opportunities and work-life balance.



Nov. - Dec. 2013

The employer zone educated students about local career opportunities, both at present and in the future. Research has shown that the student population is largely unaware of the exciting opportunities and diversity of businesses in the city. The “Startup City” zone promoted entrepreneurship as a career path. In line with the City’s Vision 2020 economic development plan, students were encouraged to view starting their own business as an immediate option. The city and province have an increasing number of tools and resources to support startup operations and students were made aware of how to leverage these opportunities while meeting some of the people making it happen in the city currently. The community zone expanded the students’ knowledge about all there is to see and do in Fredericton so that they could start to see a more complete vision of their future in the city. The international student zone provided foreign students with available program information/resources to remain in Fredericton post-graduation. Many international students come to the province to be educated and then leave. If more of these students choose to stay beyond graduation, the city can grow both its population and its cultural diversity. The networking zone featured ‘connectors’ to help facilitate connections in the between the students and employers. The connectors included members of the Fredericton Region Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (FRYPE) network, and members of the Chamber’s Economic Development Committee and Board of Directors. Having members of FRYPE in attendance was critical to relating to the students as both peers and potential mentors to encourage them to stay. Moving forward, the committee will conduct a post-mortem on the event, including surveying both students and exhibitors to determine the next steps. Any input from the membership is welcomed.

Member Bene�its


This is Canada’s leading plan in group benefits for organizations with 1-50 employees. Comprehensive benefits packages are available to businesses from one person and up. Fully pooled benefits stabilize your organization’s rates and renewal time. A complete benefits package you can customize with benefits such as: • Extended Health • Dental • Critical illness • Disability • Employee / Dependent Life Insurance • Employee Assistance Programs


The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Wilson Insurance and Aviva Traders to provide discounted rates and savings on your home and auto insurance. • Low group rates on your Home and Auto Insurance • 15% discount if you insure your home and vehicle(s) with us • Additional discounts for claims-free customers, mature citizens, and short commute drivers

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THE M2M ADVANTAGE PROGRAM (MEMBER TO MEMBER DISCOUNTS) This program offers your organization the opportunity to offer discounts and/or special incentives to fellow chamber members and their employees to encourage business-to-business relationships within the Fredericton chamber membership. Your organization and your full-time employees will receive M2M cards that you can show to over 120 participating chamber member companies and save up to 45% on products and services!



Nov. - Dec. 2013


The Atlantic Payroll Company offers an automated payroll service with 15% discount on payroll services. This fullservice payroll processing includes: complete payroll and reports, government remittances, year-end processing, record of employments and more.

CHAMBER EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Chamber educational opportunities offer a variety of educational topics from chamber members and their staff.

ENTERPRISE RENT–A-CAR / NATIONAL CAR RENTAL PROGRAM Rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car / National Car Rental anywhere in North America and receive discounted rates.


We offer advertising opportunities in the following communication tools: • INSIGHT magazine advertising - New Fredericton chamber members receive a 50% discount on for the first six (6) months of membership. INSIGHT magazine is produced every two months, six issues a year. • Chamber Connections e-newsletter goes out every two weeks • Dedicated e-blasts from your company to our 1700+ distribution list • Website • Community Calendar • Member Spotlight • Enhanced membership listing • Annual membership directory

Member Bene�its


FREE listings include all contact information for your company plus a website link. Visit us at for up-to-date activities and announcements. You will also find information on advocacy issues and economic development efforts as well as the many services and benefits the chamber offers you and your business. Use our member directory to find a fellow member and be sure to check out our upcoming events. New M2M discounts are updated regularly. You will also find information about our great events and information on the programs we offer.


Our bi-monthly magazine, which keeps members informed of the issues the chamber is currently advocating, news on the events that have taken place as well as information on upcoming events, is circulated electronically and print copy: 1200 copies are printed and distributed, a PDF version is circulated monthly through our e-newsletter to a distribution of over 1700, and is also available on our website; with an estimated readership of 11,000. New members also receive a one-time opportunity to advertise in our magazine at half price during the first six months of registration.

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY—SEE A MEMBER FIRST Our directory is published annually and lists all our members alphabetically and categorically.


We provide boardroom rental opportunities to our member organizations which holds 15 - 20 people comfortably; we provide a coffee machine, white board, overhead projector and more. Rental rates for half days ($30) and full days ($60).


Advocating on behalf of our members has always been at the very centre of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce’s mandate, and we’ve increased our efforts even further to recruit volunteers, engage stakeholders, and promote our members’ perspective to the public through surveys and committees. We’ve recruited over 60 members from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to help us develop policy that articulates the business community’s priorities that we can advance for the betterment of the Fredericton business environment. • Provincial Affairs Committee • Economic Development Committee • Municipal Affairs Committee

NETWORKING – Throughout the year the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce hosts 50-70 events and social functions to help you get connected with the Fredericton business community. These events are a great way to promote your business. Monthly Events – The chamber holds free monthly networking events for its members. Our Business After Hours networking takes place monthly from September to June. It is hosted by one of our members to showcase their company and location along with Early Bird Networking events and luncheon events. Check our website for upcoming events. Large Events – These range from major events such as annual State of the Province Address with attendance up to 800, State of the City Address with approximately 200-300 attendees, Business Excellence Awards attracting 400+ business leaders, and the Distinguished Citizens Awards attracting 200-250 people. MARKETING

FACEBOOK – Fredericton Chamber of Commerce –‘Like’ us to remain current on chamber initiatives and our members. TWITTER - @Fton_Chamber – follow us to remain current on new members.

11 Insight Nov. - Dec. 2013

Candian Chamber

KELOWNA, BRIT by Morgan Peters


s you will read in other sections of this issue of Insight magazine, members of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce board and staff recently attended the Canadian chamber’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Kelowna, British Columbia. Of central importance to the national AGM each year are the policy resolution debates. This is the mechanism that local chambers of commerce (who are accredited Canadian chamber members) use to provide the national organization with instructions on which issues to advocate to the federal government on their behalf. Resolutions have a life of three years, at which time they must be resubmitted to the voting process again (often with changes or updates).

2013 Fredericton Chamber Resolutions The Fredericton chamber submitted two resolutions for debate at the 2013, which were prepared by its Provincial Government Affairs Committee. The first, Controlling the Canada-US Price Gap, was based on the February 2013 Standing Senate Committee on National Finance report titled The CANADA-USA Price Gap. As a community that is an hour from the US border, we have several industries – particularly the retail sector – that are materially affected by the issue of cross-border shopping.

Insight 12 Nov. - Dec. 2013

At the heart of this issue is that many products and services are priced significantly lower in the US. There are many factors which contribute to this problem, but simply put – if prices in Canada were more comparable to the US, it would not be financially viable for Canadians to travel to the US to shop. The Canadian chamber`s Economic Policy Committee and International Affairs Committee both supported the motion, which was ultimately passed unanimously by the more than 400 delegates and proxies at the conference. The second resolution, Standardized Licensing and Accreditation Requirements Across Provinces for Professions, calls on the federal government to work with provinces and territories to better coordinate and bring procedures and criteria in line with each other for professional designations. It states that the federal government should continue its efforts to implement the 1995 Agreement on Internal Trade, which has thus far seen the most progress made on skilled trades, particularly through the red seal program. While this would increase labour mobility between provinces, it is believed that the biggest benefit would be to make Canada (and New Brunswick) a more attractive destination for skilled immigrants. The Canadian chamber’s Human Resources Policy Committee supported the resolution and was also passed unanimously at the AGM.

Canadian Chamber


Voting Process

Resolutions submitted to the Canadian chamber must follow four specific criteria: 1. The resolution deals with an issue relevant to Canadian business that is within federal jurisdiction and is of national significance; 2. The issue is current, timely and requires action; 3. The resolution is complete, detailed and supported by factual information; 4. The resolution does not align one sector, industry or region of Canada against another.

With 68 resolutions to consider in only five and a half hours (split over two days), the debate process is regimented. The submitting chamber is given an opportunity to briefly introduce the resolution and then discussion is opened up to the floor to comment (statements can be in support, opposition or neutral). In addition to general discussion, any delegate may suggest an amendment, which is voted on before the resolution as a whole. Once discussion is complete, voting is done by holding up cards – a two-thirds majority is required to pass either an amendment or a resolution. Each chamber has one vote, but each delegate may carry up to two votes, including proxies. The Fredericton chamber carried a total of eight votes, the maximum amount with four delegates.

Submission Process Resolutions must be submitted by late May / early June each year to be considered for implementation at the AGM. They are vetted by a compliance committee to ensure they meet the four criteria listed above, as well as for formatting and other technical issues. They are then distributed to the relevant policy committees for review and feedback. In the case of our resolutions, the Economic Policy Committee, International Affairs Committee and Human Resources Policy Committee were consulted. A conference call is then held with each committee to receive feedback and be informed if the committee intends to support or oppose each resolutions (with or without suggested changes). Individual chambers can then decide to accept these changes and/or whether to proceed with the resolutions to the AGM – the opinions are the committees are not determinative, voting delegates (and proxies) will make the final decision.

Moving Forward Now that the Fredericton chamber’s resolutions are part of the Canadian chamber’s mandate, they will advocate to the relevant federal government ministry on these issues. As they have over 100 resolutions on the books at any one time, they have previously developed relationships with these departments, putting them in a much better position to achieve the goals of each piece of policy. This will likely mean that we will work more closely with the Canadian chamber and raise our profile on advocacy issues nationally. For more information on the Fredericton resolutions, the policy process or submitting future resolutions, please contact Morgan Peters at (506) 451-9742 or

13 Insight Nov. - Dec. 2013

Attracting investments that make a difference in Fredericton


ttracting investments New Brunswickers value: it is this vision that has led to our successes over the past two years at Invest NB, and it continues to drive our team towards achieving our strategic goals for the coming year. Our mission at Invest NB is to create jobs and attract foreign direct investment (FDI) to New Brunswick using a business-focused approach under the guidance of our private sector-led board. Our approach is working and has helped us achieve significant results. This past fiscal year, Invest NB attracted 14 new investments to New Brunswick, creating 677 full-time jobs and resulting in a $136.8 million contribution to the province’s gross domestic product (GDP). These investments also accounted for $35 million in capital expenditures province-wide. InvestNB is proud of the investments we have attracted to New Brunswick’s capital city. Bluedrop Performance Learning has committed to creating up to 30 jobs over the next two years. Their neighbour in Knowledge Park, Siemens Canada, is expected to create up to 25 scientific and technical jobs over a four year span. Xplornet Communications Inc. has also committed to establishing up to 55 full-time jobs at its customer care centre. When Invest NB wins, the City of Fredericton wins as well. These jobs help increase the tax base, creating more revenue for our city and more traffic through the doors of our local retailers. Make no mistake, Invest NB is focused on attracting well-paying jobs. The average annual salary for the jobs we attracted in 2012-13 is $38,296, which is well above the provincial average salary of $26,610 and the Canadian average salary of $29,950. We are aiming to achieve an even higher average salary for the jobs we create as we work towards completing our three-year plan.

Insight 14 Nov. - Dec. 2013

By Mark Haines-Lacey Accountability is fundamental to the culture of our organization. We strive to be responsible and prudent in our decision making to ensure a positive return on taxpayer investment (ROTI). This past fiscal, we achieved a ROTI of $2.23 for every taxpayer’s dollar spent, a significant increase from $1.79 in 2011-12. We operate in a highly competitive environment, with more than 1,200 investment attraction agencies trying to lock down investment from 194 countries. Many of these agencies have much broader access to incentive dollars; however, unlike Invest NB, these agencies are not guided or measured on a positive return on investment based on direct and indirect inputs to the tax base. We also deal with a much longer sales cycle: investments are often brokered over months and even years, not days and weeks. Further, as every entrepreneur in the city knows, this is a challenging economy. According to data from greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets, Canada experienced a downturn in inbound FDI. Invest NB has responded to these challenges by adjusting its sales strategy to include additional lead generation and in-market agents to key geographies. We are confident this will allow us to achieve our three-year targets. We could not have achieved our successes alone. Invest NB credits the strong support from our partner network of government departments, agencies, academic institutions, sector councils, private industry and others. We value the support of the members of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce who believe in Invest NB’s mission and have voiced their support. FDI is only one approach to nurturing a stronger provincial economy, when you consider FDI represents approximately 30 percent of Canadian GDP. Our small and medium sized enterprises are New Brunswick’s economic drivers. By cooperating to make Fredericton – and New Brunswick – an attractive location for investment, we can achieve our goals for long term prosperity and build on our vibrant communities. Mark Haines-Lacey is the Executive Vice-President of Invest NB, the crown corporation responsible for attracting FDI to New Brunswick. Its head office is located at 520 King Street, Fredericton. Learn more about Invest NB by visiting their website at or follow Invest NB on Twitter at @InvestNB

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Directory Update

Carol-Ann Melvin of Number 1 English is the winner of a $500 gift card from fellow chamber member Jump+ - an Apple retailer located in the Regent Mall. Her name was drawn at random from those who completed the chamber's 2013 membership survey in August. Carol-Ann is pictured on the left receiving her prize from chamber CEO Krista Ross. Congratulations and thanks to those members who completed the survey.

The following are changes and corrections to our 2013-2014 membership directory: - 1 on 1 Computers – 212 Main Street, Fredericton, NB E3A 1C9 - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers – email address - Atlantic Hot Tub is now Brunswick Hot Tub – email address - Precision Pilates – contact is Cara Hazelton - John & Bertha Real Estate Management – Telephone 476-4281, contacts Bertha Scribner and John Coates - Dr. Andrea Hickey – email address: - Quality & Productivity Management - phone number (506) 363-5086

Business Excellence Awards Congratulations to this year’s recipients! Credit Unions Business Excellence Award (20 or Less Employees) · Dana’s Collision Center / CSN

Wilson Insurance Inc. Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award · Andrew Bedford & Kerry Wells, Ginger Design

UPS Business Excellence Award (20 or More Employees) · Kingswood Ventures Inc.

Bell Aliant Business Person of the Year Award · Sean Dunbar, Northampton Brewing Company Ltd.

Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals Not-For-Profit Organization Award · Fredericton Community Food Centre

KPMG Resilience Award · Wilkins Home Building Centre

Matthews McCrea Elliott Community Leadership Award · Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival Thank you, to the Business Excellence Awards sponsors! Outreach Productions, Signature Sound, Executive Education Centre - UNB College of Extended Learning, Credit Unions, KPMG, UPS, Wilson Insurance, Matthews McCrea Elliott, Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals, Bell Aliant, Constellation Brands, Valley Graphics Ltd., KKP Kwik Kopy Printing, Rob Blanchard Photography, Weddings and Events Designed by Sylvain, Tonya Myers Photography, Vagrant Web & Creative and Newcap Radio.

17 Insight Nov. - Dec. 2013


1979 - 2002

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2013 +


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The Buzz

Golf Tournament

24th Annual r winning teams at the Congratulations to ou Golf Tournament: ce Cox & Palmer – 1st Pla ce Pla d 2n – er lm Cox & Pa ce Pla 3rd – s exp Service dericton and aisals, Enterprise Fre Absolute Value Appr t Honourable Team ntractors Ltd. – Mos Simpson Building Co presented a amber of Commerce *The Fredericton Ch 13 September to Jobs Unlimited on cheque for $2,300.00 m “putting presents proceeds fro 2013. This amount re ers at the silent auction fundrais pandemonium” and 29 August 2013. al golf tournament on chamber’s 24th annu

by Stacey

Lunch & Le

November 5, 2013

Making the Perfect Pitch: presentation skills for business success held at the Fredericton Inn

November 6, 2013

Winning in a New Economy held at Kingswood Lodge

November 7, 2013

Business After Hours hosted by UNB Conference Services



HR Forum

On Thursda y, October 2 5th, the Fre Commerce dericton Ch and HRANB amber of co-hosted a keynote spe HR Forum w aker, Jamie ith Eddy and m along with a oderator, Sa panel of HR lly Wells professiona well attend ls. This eve ed and we h nt was ope that ev regarding h eryone’s qu iring, recruit e s ti ons in g checks, etc , interviewin were answe g, reference red.

November 14, 2013

Let Us Show You the Money! held at Planet Hatch

November 21, 2013

December 5, 2013

Business After Hours/Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Christmas Party hosted by the Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hotel

State of the City Address held at the Fredericton Convention Centre

January 14, 2014

November 28, 2013

January 30, 2014

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and Fredericton North Rotary Luncheon held at the Fredericton Inn

Visit for more details or to register.

vent Mana

rn Sessions We hosted a lunch & le arn in Septe Marketing S mber titled olutions for Effective the Budget Business O Conscious S wner. The p mall resenter of Daley of Kie this session rs Marketin w as Doug g Group. Th Doug had lo is event sold ts of great a out, and dvice for th ose in atten dance. In October we hosted a lunch & lea Anti-Spam L rn titled Can aw - What B ada's usinesses N presenter o eed to Know f this sessio . The n was Elizab salesforce.c eth (Betsy) om Kelly of more aware . We hope those in att en of Canada’s anti-spam la dance are now best practic w, recomme es for comp nded lian information on expected ce, as well as the lates t timing for im Act. plementatio n of the

Networking Events were busy months for networking at

er September and Octob dericton Food r of Commerce. The Fre be am Ch the Fredericton a Business After nnel Inc. both hosted rso Pe ity ior Pr d an nk Ba iere Executive am Real Estate / Prem rh Go d an t en ev s ur Ho ity Tennis pital Region Commun Ca d an ton ric de Fre s Suite t. The Bird Networking even rly Ea an d ste ho th bo Centre uac County of Commerce, Mactaq ber of Fredericton Chamber & Oromocto Area Cham the d an ce er mm Co of Chamber tri-chamber ed together to host a Commerce all partner Conference Riverside Resort and networking event at the rticipated in all our members you pa Centre. Thank you to people and you all met some new these events, we hope connections. made some business

Murray, E

The Art of Networking held at the Station on York

State of the Province Address held at the Fredericton Convention Centre 19


Nov. - Dec. 2013


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Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Nov. / Dec. 2013  
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Nov. / Dec. 2013