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“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” ~Aristotle Janice Corey, President


hat is the goal of any organized group? There are many and varied answers to this question.

I would argue that connectivity is at the heart of the goal of any group. Think about it for a minute and apply it to the many organizations that affect your everyday life. Your faith, your sport groups, social groups and so forth. Connectivity or the ability to feel meaningfully connected in some way plays a major role in the vibrancy and success of groups.

• Still for others it is about the advocacy. The ability in the light of change and growth (municipal, provincial, federal, special interest groups and so on) to collectively be heard on a topic, policy or direction can be a powerful tool to shape our economic environment. • Member businesses also rely on the professional development seminars that focus on catapulting member businesses into master class performers on various topics (human resources, conflict resolution, business growth and so on.

When connectivity is achieved, then indeed the whole can become greater than the sum of the parts.

Regardless of your reason for being a chamber member, connectivity can arguably be at the centre.

We are fortunate at the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce to have not only the spirit of connectivity but the actual experience of the action of connectivity present.

This year has been marked by change - as have other years that have preceded it. Along with the staff changes that have successfully been implemented, we have seen many changes in our business community – on a provincial level, municipal elections, and changes to roles and responsibilities at our local MP level, to mark a few. We, as members, have connected in one way or another on at least one of the following areas that have been the focus of a lot of work and activity by the chamber:

We all join the chamber for different reasons. I have made a list that is not exhaustive by any means, but is based on my observations over the last year of being involved with the chamber in the role of president: • For some businesses it is the ability to tap into reasonable and cost effective insurance and health benefits as well as a myriad of opportunities in the M2M (member to member) discount programs that benefit us personally as well as professionally. • For others the value lies in our Business After Hours (or BAHs as they are affectionally called in-house) and special event breakfasts, lunches and dinners where we can network and be exposed to, or expose our business to, other businesses and service providers.



May - June 2013

1. Economic development and innovation files 2. Minimum wage discussions 3. Tariff changes 4. Anti-spam concerns 5. Top 10 barriers to competitiveness in Canada 6. Provincial budget 7. One-job pledge (provincial) 8. Vision 2020 9. Electoral boundaries 10. Fredericton as a Centre of Expertise – Rapid Commercialization 11. Red tape reduction by government 12. Health file: collaborative care and access to primary physicians 13. Air service 14. Deficit reduction 15. Immigration

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s we finish the 2012 – 2013 chamber season at our AGM on June 5th... and roll into a new year, it is a perfect time to say thank you to our outgoing president, Janice Corey of Corey and Company. Janice has been a tremendous volunteer this year on your behalf, representing the varied interests and concerns of the business community extremely well. She has put in countless hours in meetings, at events, and communicating with officials at various levels of government. As a co-owner in her own small business, ‘Corey and Company’ with her husband Edwin, Janice has sacrificed personal and business time to contribute to the business community as a whole. “Thank yous” also go out to those board members who are finishing their terms on the board – they are: Marilyn Wilson, Brian Duplessis, Frank Zhao and Adhir Mishra who all served the chamber as directors for two years and also served as chamber representatives on external committees or co-chaired internal committees. An extra thank you is extended to Andrew Steeves who has just completed his term as past president. Andrew joined the board in 2008, and after one year as a director, moved into the position of 2nd Vice President (VP) and then onto 1st VP and president and has also served as chairperson on a variety of committees and task forces. Congratulations also to Andrew on his recent recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary Club! Since I last spoke to you in our March / April Insight Magazine, your chamber has been very busy with events and advocacy – reports on many recent happenings are included in this edition of Insight. We have hosted breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, half- and full-day seminars, and even our first annual curling funspiel. We have advocated on your behalf on several issues ranging from the provincial budget to anti-spam legislation. If you hear of issues you believe we should be talking about and advocating on behalf of our 950+ members, please contact us so we can put them on our radar! I also challenge you to attend or participate in an upcoming event - participate to maximize your membership benefit!

Krista Ross, CEO

Recently, the chamber has been very engaged in the Vision 2020 process for our community. We are pleased to have been a key stakeholder in setting the City’s vision as it relates to economic development. The cornerstone of Vision 2020 is the growth of local business and nurturing start-ups through providing and strengthening access to business support and counselling through the continuation of Enterprise Fredericton. As an innovation agenda unfolds in our community, we are well poised for growth in the technology sector and we are excited about the new commercialization centre ACcelr8 which is in development at Knowledge Park! Over the next couple of months, we will be preparing our annual membership survey to assess your opinions on the economic climate of your business and our community. We also like to take your temperature on what the chamber is working on, how you think we’ve been doing on your behalf, and get your input on our plans for the coming year. We count on your guidance to provide direction and vision on issues of concern to you and your business – and what you believe should be the priorities for the work of the chamber in the coming year. Please take some time and respond to our survey when it comes across your desk! Wishing you the best of continued success in your business. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have ideas, questions or concerns you wish to share! Krista Ross, CEO Tel: 506 458 8006 Email Twitter @KRossChamber



May - June 2013

New Members

Hello Newest to our

Dynamic Training Centre 96 Hodgson Road Fredericton, NB Tel: (506) 450-4382 Email: Website: Contact: Pat Corkum

Tingley Accounting 212 Queen Street, Suite 208B Fredericton, NB Tel: (506) 442-9055 Email: Website: Contact: Matthew Tingley

Fredericton Dental Centre 1012 Prospect Street, Suite A Fredericton, NB E3B 5C1 Tel: (506) 453-9191 Email: Contact: Mary Donovan Website:

Eagle Eye One Solutions Inc 304 Hughes Street Noonan, NB E3A 7C2 Tel: (506) 470-0445 Email: Website: Contact: Daniel Lang

Squeaky Clean Car Wash and Self Storage Inc. 20 Commerce Street Oromocto, NB Tel: (506) 470-1651 Email: Contact: Gerry Vautor

Herbal Magic 10 Trinity Avenue, Building G2, Unit 4 Fredericton, NB E3C 0B8 Tel: (506) 452-2113 Email: Contact: Natalie Guidry

Colour Pro Paint and Design 212 Queen Street, Suite 311 Fredericton, NB E3B 1A8 Tel: (506) 476-9164 Email: Website: Contact: Scott Archibald

Quartermain House B&B 92 Waterloo Row Fredericton, NB E3B 1Y8 Tel: (506) 206-5255 Email: Website: Contact: Debra Quartermain

Capital Winter Club 232 Rookwood Avenue Fredericton, NB E3B 2M2 Tel: (506) 452-0020 Email: Website: Contact: Ann Grant

Kitrino Solutions 6 Cobblestone Drive Hanwell, NB E3E 2M6 Tel: (506) 440-3425 Email: Website: Contact: Nick Taggert

Swallow Immigration Consultancy Inc. 117 York Street, Suite 303 Fredericton, NB E3B 5L7 Tel: (506) 471-9168 Email: Website: Contact: Nousheen Pourjahani

BioComp Instruments Inc. 650 Churchill Row Fredericton, NB E3B 1P6 Tel: (506) 454-6410 Fax: (506) 455-6157 Email: Website: Contact: David Coombes

Matthew C DeWitt 466 Bowlen Street Fredericton, NB E3A 2T4 Tel: (506) 451-6288 Email: Contact: Matthew C DeWitt

Active Fredericton 250 Driftwood Loop Fredericton, NB E3B 7P3 Tel: (506) 262-5375 Email: Website: Contact: JD LeJeune



May - June 2013

New Members

Members East Coast Perma Inc. 2065 Route 645 Harvey, NB E6K 3E3 Tel: (506) 366-3236 Email: Website: Contact: Cindy Boucher Products & Services: A global company who offers an umbrella service for green/permaculture education, sales and consultations.

The Spa Club 654 Bishop Drive Fredericton, NB E3C 0B4 Tel: (506) 474-1772 Email: Website: Contact: Maureen Stewart Products & Services: Fredericton’s first and only full servie medi-spa. We offer: Laser Aesthetics – laser hair removal, laser vein removal, rosacea treatment; Skin Rejuvenation – peels, microdermabrasion, photo rejuvenation, Obagi nu-derm systems; Anti-Aging Solutions – Botox cosmetic, Juvederm dermal fillers, Accent radiofrequency, sclerotherapy (leg veins); Spa Services – manicures, pedicures, facials, relaxation massage including hot stone, waxing/tiniting, gel nails, shellac, RMT massage; Hair Services – all hair services including babe extensions exclusive Schwarzkoph products; Tanning; California Spray Tan – at the Spa Club our vision is simple. Provide friendly and top quality services at prices that are fair and reasonable for our clients. We want you to feel value for service and come again ofter. Also follow us on Twitter and share us on Facebook.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada (Atlantic Branch) 56 Avonlea Court, Suite 204 Fredericton, NB E3C 1N8 Tel: (877) 453-0533 Email: Website: Contact: Christina Nicoll Products & Services: The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to patient services, public education, organ donation awareness and communications. Assistance is available to help kidney patients locate the information and resources they need to learn more about how they can manage kidney disease, and the impact it has on their lives.

CDS Financial Inc. 927 Prospect Street, Suite 201 Fredericton, NB Tel: (506) 455-2555 Email: Website: Contact: Angela DeMerchant Products & Services: Angela DeMerchant of CDS Financial, offers a complete suite of Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Health, Disability and Investment Products. As Brokers we shop the market so you don't have too. Call me @ 506-470-9000 to take the guess work out.

Mama’s Pub 500 B Brookside Drive Fredericton, NB E3A 8V2 Tel: (506) 450-4303 Email: Website: Contact: Pat Campbell

Kings Landing Historical Settlement 5804 Route 102 Prince William, NB E6K 0A5 Tel: (506) 363-4999 Email: Website: Contact: Kevin Cormier

Advan Guard Protocol Inc. 6 Johnstone Lane Charters Settlement, NB E3C 0E3 Tel: (506) 292-7670 Email: Website: Contact: Jorge Prudencio Keller Williams Realty 1 McConell Street Fredericton, NB E3A 5T4 Tel: (506) 461-7766 Email: Website: Contact: Steve Saunders



May - June 2013

End-to-End Intelligence. The Smart Grid – Constant Energy in a World of Constant Change. Energy systems worldwide are facing a growing range of challenges. To minimize the amount of energy, emissions and revenue wasted in transmission and distribution, we have to maximize the intelligence we put into our energy systems. That’s why smart infrastructure grids will be a substantial, if not decisive, part of tomorrow’s energy distribution. Thanks to decades of proven expertise and a unique global execution footprint, Siemens offers an open and flexible architecture of solutions with the industry’s most comprehensive smart grid solutions.

Siemens’ end-to-end Smart Grid portfolio enables a paradigm shift away from a centralized, reactive and producer-controlled network toward a grid that is decentralized, proactive and demand-controlled. It allows efficient power generation and delivery in the future, and a safer, more efficient and economically optimized power grid for New Brunswick. It results in higher capacity utilization, greater overall transparency and opportunities to further stabilize systems, develop new business models and optimize energy trading. Together with NB Power, we will transform “smart grid” from a buzzword to a business model.

Answers for Canada.

Fredericton Family Chiropractic

by Dr. Shelley Quinlan


n his book The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm, Dr. James Chestnut notes that over 80 percent of our workforce has some form of chronic illness and that chronic illness is responsible for nine days of absenteeism per employee per year and up to 91 days of lost productivity per employee per year.

Businesses that place a high priority on wellness not only help to increase the health and quality of life of their employees, they gain a competitive advantage as well. As Dr. Chestnut asks in his book, does anyone actually believe that any business with eight out of 10 chronically ill employees can compete with a business that has healthy employees? Healthy employees are productive employees—and productive employees increase a company’s bottom line. So how does a business help to keep their employees healthy? Investing in a full-blown workplace wellness program is one great way to do this (and proven to generate significant return on your investment). For business owners that have not implemented a workplace wellness program but are looking to create a culture of wellness in their office, here are some things you can do: • Lead by example: Business owners and managers need to pay proper attention to their own level of wellness, to create an example for employees to follow. • Healthy snacks: Make sure that the food and snacks that are available in your office—either for free or for purchase—are healthy choices. Replace the cookie tray in the staff room with fresh fruit. Vending machine full of pop, chips, and chocolate bars? Get rid of it, or replace the contents with healthy options.

• Office wellness challenges: All 11 people in our office voluntarily took part in our January wellness challenge. Everyone set their own wellness goals for the month, reported on progress weekly (this is key), and at the end we all voted on a winner, who won a great prize. Everyone who participated made huge improvements in their health and fitness. It was lots of fun, totally energized our office—and it only took about 10 minutes to set up. • Keep it simple: Personal health can seem like a complicated, overwhelming subject. It can be tough to know where to start. Help to keep things simple and build some momentum by sending out weekly emails to your staff with a “wellness tip of the week”. Topics could include drinking more water, how to boost your pH, creative ways to exercise, proper posture, how to enhance nerve function, and so on. No one can overhaul their wellness all at once. The key is slow and steady progress, focusing on one thing at a time.

We help businesses foster healthier and more productive work environments. To book a wellness audit for your business, contact me at You can also access our online health seminars at Dr. Shelley Quinlan is a doctor of chiropractic, a wellness lifestyle advocate, and owner of Fredericton Family Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Centre.

Continued from Pg. 4 In the end, we as a whole, a business group representing more than 950 businesses are greater together than we are as individuals. The chamber allows us to retain our opinion, our autonomy, and our identity while working together for common goals, common business interests and in the end to make Fredericton and New Brunswick an amazing place to own and run a business. It is our connectivity that unites us as a whole but also allows us the mosaic to be individual businesses…..that is true ROI investment here in our community! For further detail on the list of benefits of chamber membership and/or the work in the past year of the chamber please refer to the chamber website at . For further information on becoming a chamber member please contact Krista Ross, chamber CEO at (506) 458-8006.



May - June 2013

Workplace Wellness

By Anne Cullihall

Who are we?

New Brunswick’s Workplace Wellness Community of Practice is a group of small, medium and large organizations from the private and public sectors who have come together to support a comprehensive workplace wellness approach. This approximately 40 member network was developed to share resources, data and educational opportunities, all with the intention to promote healthy workplaces. The Community of Practice is led by the New Brunswick Workplace Wellness Advisory Committee.

What do we do?

The New Brunswick Workplace Wellness Community of Practice works in partnership and collaboration with workplaces and stakeholders in New Brunswick to promote employee wellness practices and a safe workplace environment in pursuit of a healthy workplace culture (see Figure 1).

Why do we exist? Well workplaces mean well employees. Employees are members of our community, and are our parents, caregivers, citizens and community volunteers. As employers in New Brunswick, we all have an important role to play in promoting a work environment which supports workplace wellness and a healthy work-life balance. The majority of the adult population spends at least one third of their daily life at work, and as such, the workplace offers an excellent environment for promoting wellness.



May - June 2013

Our Community of Practice developed a framework based on “Live well, be well”, New Brunswick’s provincial wellness strategy which identifies workplaces as a key setting for influencing wellness. The framework includes a provincial and regional action plan including a ‘one-stop shopping’ workplace wellness resource database for employers. The database currently: • Hosts resources to support mental fitness and resilience, healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco-free living in the workplace; • Links to New Brunswick workplace wellness success stories; • Shares learning opportunities; and • Provides resources for promoting a safe workplace environment.

Workplace Wellness

The Community of Practice hosts biannual workshops to facilitate networking and to engage and mobilize employers to make positive changes in support of workplace wellness. At the workshop in November 2012, the framework was presented and finalized and workplaces were given the opportunity to network within their region and provide input into the Community of Practice action’s plan. Participants also heard from New Brunswick leaders in workplace wellness who have been able to demonstrate a return on their investment into workplace wellness.

In April 2013, the Community of Practice hosted the workshop “Mental Fitness in the Workplace; an Approach to Promoting Psychological Wellness”. Information sharing at this conference included; a review of the new National Standards for Psychological Health in the Workplace, and a diversified panel of representatives from workplaces who shared how their initiatives have impacted the psychological wellness and mental fitness of employees. Those who participated were also given the opportunity to learn some innovative tips and access tools to enhance mental fitness in the workplace. Stay tuned at\workplacewellness for information about the next workshop to be held in the fall of 2013. Ideas for presentations or topics for discussion are welcome.

How can you get involved? The New Brunswick Workplace Wellness Community of Practice would like to invite you to help us grow the workplace wellness movement in New Brunswick. Join us and share your successes. Learn from and help guide others as we work together toward enhancing wellness in the workplace. If you are interested in learning more about our Community of Practice, please contact Anne Cullihall at or Marilyn Babineau at

11 Insight May - June 2013

By Jasmine LeBrun, BCom

UPPER KINGSCLEAR (PETL) -eith Howell, president of Howell Ventures Ltd., has hired three young professionals with the assistance of Post-secondary Education, Training and Labour’s Workforce Expansion Program, to develop new products and international markets.


While seated in a wheelchair in the kitchen of his large home office, Howell’s blue eyes twinkle as he recounts the story of how he started and grew his business. “There hasn’t been a bad year; you can’t keep a good product down! I thought I’d be a [two- or three-man] outfit, but there’s thirteen of us now. When I started, producing 100 driving aids was good. Now, we make 3000 easily,” he said. In 1986 after quitting his job, he was faced with a choice: going back to school to complete a five-year degree or start his own company. He remembers preferring hands-on learning over the classroom - he is a practical man. So, he decided to try his hand at developing a driving aid to assist disabled people, like him. “When I started this company, all I had under my belt was a series of on-the-job training programs--employers subsidized by government for six-month apprenticeships. Once I completed my work term, I would ask my supervisors, ‘Where are we now; is there a future for me, here? What wage are you going to give me after?’ ” Often he ended up quitting his jobs because employers wouldn’t increase his salary to pay him the market rate for his trade.

After a reflective pause, Keith adds, “I’ve never treated anybody like that! Put your best foot forward, and I’ll give you a raise once you’ve proven yourself, and I’ll keep you on, if you wanna stay.” When the time came to expand his company, he contacted his local employment development office to find out what programs were available to help him hire new employees. He has been working with the same program officer since then. He started by hiring an electrical engineering graduate, working at Burger King who couldn’t find employment in his field and didn’t wish to move out west. Keith gave him $500 to develop a new product. Impressed with the results, he applied to the Workforce Expansion Program, a Canada-New Brunswick Labour Market Development Agreement initiative. Within a year his employee had doubled his salary and created promising new products for the company. Keith is now looking for someone to assist him and has contacted NBCC to find a competent graduate. Since his new employee worked out so well, Keith eventually hired a marketer, who had worked himself out of a job. As he grew his company, he got incentives to also hire data clerks and machinists. Finally, after hearing about the One-job Pledge initiative, he applied to employ a mechanical engineer for the first time in the history of his company! Howell Ventures Ltd. is the perfect example of what the Government of New Brunswick is trying to do with its employment development offices and programs--support businesses to stimulate the economy and create quality, permanent jobs. For example, under the One-Job Pledge initiative, companies may be eligible to receive a 52-week wage subsidy to hire an unemployed, recent post-secondary graduate, provided they pay their new recruit a minimum salary of $14 per hour. This initiative funds the reimbursement of 70 per cent of the paid wage, up to a maximum of $10 per hour. Employers can apply for this wage subsidy program by visiting and clicking on the Post-Secondary Graduate Wage Incentive (One-Job Pledge initiative) link. On this page, there is a hyperlink to a PDF application form that should be printed, filled out, and sent or brought to your local employment development office, where a program officer will assess your eligibility.

Insight 12 May - June 2013

By partnering with the federal and provincial governments, businesses and employees can work together to rebuild New Brunswick.

By Morgan Peters


he chamber’s annual membership survey has shown that the availability of skilled workers has been a major concern amongst our membership for several years now. At the same time, unemployment in the city, while significantly better than the province as a whole, has remained elevated. This is what we refer to as the skills gap – which leads to jobs without people and people without jobs. This issue has been taken on by our Economic Development Committee over the past year and a half. The result has been “Choose Fredericton,” a business and community expo meant to showcase the greater Fredericton area to post-secondary students. The lack of a skilled workforce is both a symptom and a cause of a weak economy. It can create a cycle where skilled workers cannot find employment and leave the province. This exodus then leaves our economy without the required talent to fill positions as they become available, slowly eroding the quality of work and workers. Choose Fredericton looks to leverage a major advantage in the city – thousands of post-secondary students with skill sets that can help businesses in nearly every industry. Choose Fredericton is a joint effort between the chamber, the City of Fredericton and the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. The University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University, New Brunswick Community College, Eastern College, the Centre for Arts and Technology, Fredericton Region Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs, Enterprise Fredericton and numerous other partners have joined the planning committee to make this a meaningful and comprehensive event.

Choose Fredericton is aimed at creating connections between our students and the Fredericton business community; raising awareness of local and future career opportunities in a comfortable setting; and showcasing Fredericton’s benefits to better integrate students in the community so that they will choose to remain here after graduation. The event will begin with a direct interface between the students and businesses. During this phase, it is anticipated that students will learn about various businesses in Fredericton and start to think differently about how their skills and experience can fit into businesses in many industries. Similarly, employers will be encouraged to consider hiring students with educational backgrounds outside of the norm for their business. The availability of the province’s “One-job pledge” funding makes this an ideal time to hire the right new graduate from a non-traditional program for your industry and provide them with training for a full year with minimal cost to your company. The second part of the event will be an informal reception with the students, hosted by Fredericton Region Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs, where students will be able to discuss Fredericton’s business and social environment with other young professionals. The reception will also feature a community expo where organizations, community groups, events, and attractions will be invited to showcase what there is to see and do in the Fredericton area. If you or your business is interested in participating as an employer or community group, please contact Morgan Peters at (506) 451-9742 or

13 Insight May - June 2013

Fredericton Mentors Awarded National Recognition

Hart North, Germaine Pataki-Theriault, Danny Crain, Rebecca Steeves, Janet Moser, Robert Grant, Sharon Cowan, Carol-Ann Hanley, Pierre Beaule and Tony Henderson. Current and past mentors not present: Michael Melvin, Peter Giebels, Heather Vienneau, Conrad Rutters, Alex Scholten, Leah Murchison, Sylvia Hudson, Bob Jewett, John Robison, Brian Bulley, Daniel Picard, Jeff Gray and Carole Hepperle

As part of the Canadian Mentorship Challenge, hosted in partnership with CATAAlliance and the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Start Up Canada put a call out to the national community to nominate Canadian Mentor Rock Stars the local leaders and passionate individuals who inspire others in their communities. With several hundred nominations submitted nationally the Fredericton Business Immigrant Mentorship mentoring group were recognized along with nine other top ten mentors/mentoring groups in Canada. On behalf of the Fredericton Business Immigrant Mentorship Program and the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce we would like to thank our volunteer business mentors for their hard work, time and dedication in making our program one of the best in the country. Thank you and congratulations to our mentors, it is with your ongoing support, dedication and interest that we continue to support our immigrant investors in their quest to start business in our city and province. If you would like to become a “Mentor Rock Star� and assist an immigrant investor with their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in Fredericton please contact Janet Moser at the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce

Insight 14 May - June 2013


Provincial Budget by Morgan Peters On 26 March 2013, Finance Minister Blaine Higgs released the province’s 2013-14 budget. Chamber staff participated in the annual “lock-in” prior to the official release in the legislature. This process allows stakeholders to review the budget and ask questions to government officials. Premier David Alward, Minister Higgs, and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams were present, along with employees of the Department of Finance. The following morning, the chamber also co-hosted a post-budget breakfast on 27 March 2013 with the New Brunswick Real Estate Association. Minister Higgs, Deputy Minister Jane Garbutt, and members of the finance department staff were on hand. Minister Higgs provided an overview of the budget and then answered questions from the chamber and real estate association. The chamber’s press release regarding the provincial budget can be found on our website at As indicated in this release, members were decidedly mixed in their reviews. Economic development – central to the chamber’s pre-budget submission to the minister was an enhanced focus on economic development. While the budget speech did not contain many new initiatives, the chamber is also hopeful that the previously announced Growing Together action plan, Growing Global Markets export strategy and the “One-Job Pledge” will help grow the economy and overall business environment. Personal and corporate income tax - overall, the decision to raise personal and corporate income tax while projecting a deficit until 2015-16 was not well received. As Minister Higgs has suggested on many occasions, the decision not to cut spending further is as much a political decision as a financial one.

Small business income tax - of great interest to chamber members, it now appears that the Alward government will not meet its target of reducing the small business tax to 2.5% by the end of their mandate. The tax has been reduced from 5% to 4.5%, but further reductions have been ‘suspended.’ The province is instead turning its attention to enhancing the Small Business Investor Tax Credit to “… encourage business investment and increase competitiveness...” As keenly interested stakeholders, the chamber has asked to be active participants in consulting on what this enhancement will look like in practice. Innovation - the chamber continues to support the government’s focus on innovation and asked the minister when we could expect to hear further details of how the $16 million allotted for 2013-14. Minister Higgs responded that he expected announcements in “late spring.” The chamber will meet with the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation in the coming weeks to determine how this fund can positively impact our members and create opportunities. We have also encouraged the province to work more closely with our post-secondary institutions and find ways to provide support to commercial the world-class innovations being produced. Reducing expenses - the Province indicated its intention to continue efforts to become more efficient through the use of lean six sigma and performance excellence exercises. As the civil service is reduced through attrition or other means, we are advocating that the loss of positions is distributed equitably throughout departments and continues to be distributed equitably across the province. The chamber also supports the government’s efforts to rationalize public sector pensions through conversion to shared risks plans. Health - bringing per capita health care costs under control is similarly a goal that is supported by the chamber, but must be accomplished in a way that maintains access to healthcare at a high level and reflects New Brunswick’s demographic challenges. Access to a family physician continues to be the number one issue for chamber members in its most recent annual membership survey.

15 Insight May - June 2013

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The Buzz

13, On Thursday, March 14,e 20 hosted the Fredericton

ag Gardiner Realty | Royal LeP at nthly Business After Hours mo Chamber of Commerce’s of ut no tur e on Bishop Drive. Th their new office building g, with over 100 people in this event was outstandin yal ns to Gardiner Realty | Ro attendance. Congratulatio nt! building and a great eve LePage on your new office

On Friday, March 15, 2013,

by Stacey

Murray, E

the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce hosted an executive workshop called ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habi ts’ with presenter Andy Buyting. This workshop sold out, and was well received by those members who attended.

On Tuesday, March 26,

, 2013, On Tuesday, March 19he re, the Fredericton

Sp in partnership with Learn he sted a session called “T ho e erc mm Chamber of Co r me sto Cu d an ce – Sales Gift of Giving Great Servi ployees” with facilitator Em e Lin Service for Fronted on sold out, and we receiv Kelly Deagle. This sessi se who attended. great feedback from tho

On Wednesday, March 20, 2013,

our Early Bird Networking event hosted by the University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Business Administration Coop Program was cancelled due to weather conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our members who were registered to attend. This event will be rescheduled to sometime in the fall, once classes resume.

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, March 21, the Frederic 2013, ton Chambe r of Comme Funspiel at rce hosted th the Capital W eir first Curl inter Club! and those w ing This was a s ho attended o ld out event, h a networking! d a fun filled day of curlin Congratulati ons to the to g and urnament w 1st Place inners: 2nd Place Delta Frede National B a ricton 3rd Place Financial G nk roup Scotiabank

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13, the Fredericton Chambe r of Commerce celebrat ed the 37th Anniversary of the Distin guished Citizen Awards, hosted at Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hotel by honouring four Distinguished Citize ns, Mr. William J. Matth ew s, Mr. Albert Neill, Mr. Ronald Neill an d Mr. John Waite. Congratulations to the fou r recipients! Thank you to the event sponsors: Crowne Plaza Fredericton – Lord Beaverbrook Ho tel, Bell Aliant, 92.3 HOT FM, AVW TELA V, 6 Colour Copy & Print ing , Ginger Design and Rob Blanchard Photography.

On Thursday, March 28, 2013,

the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce hosted at Lunch & Learn on Social Media. Thank you, to Lara Wood, VP, Digital and Social Media at Revolution Strategy for being our presenter and thank you, to Sam Snead’s Oak Grill & Tavern for the delicious meal! We look forward to hosting more Lunch & Learn’s in the upcoming months.

On Thursday, April 4, 2013,

Thank you to the Capital W inter Club, o donors and our sponsors ur curlers, o ur prize : National B Graphics Ltd ank Financia ., Massage l G 2 roup, Valley G Associates o, Allstate In Ltd., Foster surance, Bo & y C er & ompany, C J Hortons, Wil ayne Events l Venator – Wheels & D , Tim Premiere Ex eals Ltd., Co ecutive Suit vey Basics, es, Stewart McKelvey a n d Regent M We’re lookin all. g forward to next year’s tournament!

Scotiabank hosted the Freder icton Chamber of Commerce ’s monthly Business After Hours . We had a great turnout to this event, and those in attendance were all fascinated to learn that Scotiabank has been in Fredericton for 130 years!

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17 Insight May - June 2013


Jani-King of New Brunswick/PEI The King of Clean Jani-King of New Brunswick/PEI 18 Station Road Rothesay, NB Davis Hilton, Regional Director 506.848.5464 In 1995, Myles Milligan recognized that there was an opportunity to bring high quality commercial cleaning services to New Brunswick. “I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to be in business for myself, but that would also provide me with support to help grow my business, and a brand that was known for quality,” recalls Myles. “ When I found out that Jani-King Commercial Cleaning was looking for someone to develop New Brunswick, I knew this was what I was looking for. Not only would I have a chance to develop the brand in my hometown, I would have a chance to give other entrepreneurs in the area an opportunity to be in business for themselves. It was win-win.” Since then Jani-King has expanded services to many communities throughout the province including Fredericton, with more than 25 franchise partners offering services to a variety of businesses throughout New Brunswick. “What makes Jani-King stand apart from other commercial cleaning providers is our owner-operator concept. Every customer is partnered with a local franchise owner who has made an investment of time and money into building their business. Their number one priority is delivering a top quality service that exceeds their customer’s expectations,” explains Myles. “ Behind the scenes we have a highly trained regional office team who provide customer service, operations and administrative support to franchisees and customers.” To learn more about Jani-King’s services and opportunities available in Fredericton, visit us online at or contact Davis Hilton at 506.848.5464.



May - June 2013

May 9, 2013

Business After Hours hosted by 3D datacomm

June 5, 2013

AGM held at the Delta Fredericton Hotel

June 5, 2013

Summer Biz Bash hosted by Sam Snead’s Oak Grill & Tavern

June 11, 2013

Lunch & Learn held at Kingswood Lodge, Sam Snead’s Oak Grill & Tavern

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013,ncton at the Delta

Mo the Tri-City Mixer was held in mber of Commerce and Cha n Beauséjour. The Fredericto at this tradeshow. It was 15 of our members had booths es, as well as making some great seeing some familiar fac icton Chamber of Commerce new connections. The Freder this tradeshow next year! is looking forward to hosting

Continued fr o

On Tuesday, April 23, 2013,

merce partnered with the Fredericton Chamber of Com to host The 5 Biggest Monopolize Your Marketplace a three hour, Marketing Mistakes. This was d our members and cutting-edge session that informe ard to hosting more got them thinking! We look forw marketing sessions in the future.

On Thursday, Ap

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l 18, 2013, in partnership w ith LearnSphere, the Fredericton Commerce hosted Chamber of a session called “Team Building” Ginette Morrison with facilitator . The Fredericto n Chamber of Co forward to contin mmerce looks uing their partne rship with LearnS more profession phere to host al development se ssions for Cham the fall months. ber members in

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is hosting the 2014 Tri-City Mixer! We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at the Fredericton Convention Centre This year the Tri-City Mixer was held in Moncton at the Delta Beauséjour on Tuesday, April 16, 2013. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and 15 of our members had booths at this tradeshow. It was great seeing some familiar faces, as well as making some new connections. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to hosting this tradeshow next year! If you’re interested in being a booth exhibitor next year, please contact Stacey Murray, Event Manager at or (506) 451-9741 for more details.

19 Insight May - June 2013


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Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" May / June 2013  
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" May / June 2013  

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" May / June 2013