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Using our abilities to reach inclusiveness

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Chris Johnston, President


he theme of this month’s issue of Insight is “Businesses working with Not-for-Profits,” but this characterization almost underplays what a symbiotic relationship exists between these two groups in our community. Making up approximately 10% of the membership, not-for-profit organizations play a vital and active role at the Fredericton chamber. Members of these organizations volunteer for our committees, attend events, and support all of our initiatives. As a non-profit entity itself, through the chamber lens it becomes obvious that these organizations contribute greatly to make Fredericton (and other communities) a better place to do business. From making the population healthier to skills training to beautifying the community, non-profits make tangible contributions to the business environment in many different ways. In turn, the business community provides support through financial contributions, volunteer hours, promotional activities and more. It is truly a partnership worth fostering and celebrating. Living in a relatively small community it is also easier to see that an overwhelming number of businesses in Fredericton are community-minded. Almost all business owners and their employees live in the area and so have a vested interest in improving the community outside of economic incentives. Working with non-profit organizations is a great way to accomplish this goal. Likewise, non-profit organizations benefit from the support they receive from businesses, financially and otherwise.



Mar. - Apr. 2014

Businesses working with Not-for-Profits A good example directly related to business needs is the chamber’s recent partnership with the Neil Squire Society. This organization works with persons with disabilities and employers to break down barriers to employment. Amongst other things, they offer assistance with computer training, workplace accommodation needs, and wage subsidies through their “Working Together” program. Having wages subsidized for a period of time and a greater pool of talent to fill open positions are clear benefits, but there are also other positives such as a lower unemployment rate and more people paying taxes thereby reducing the province’s debt and deficit. Perhaps a less obvious example is the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. This organization and others like it benefit the business community by welcoming newcomers to the community, helping them adjust to life in a different culture and integrating them into the local workforce. New Brunswick has a serious demographic problem; both our municipal and provincial governments have made population growth and entrepreneurship a priority and groups like MCAF are making a significant contribution to combat this problem. These two examples and countless others make it clear that businesses and not-for-profit organizations have many overlapping and mutually beneficial goals. At the chamber we try to take a holistic view on business issues and one of the most important of these is that a better community is better for business. From an advocacy perspective, the input of non-profits is quite valuable to make sure we have a balanced approach and are looking at issues from all possible angles. We are lucky to have some many engaged non-profits in the community as we all benefit from their work whether we realize it or not.

Your Chamber Working for You


ost people are aware of the chamber’s first-class events, networking and professional development opportunities, but less visible is the work done behind the scenes on your behalf. Over the past few months, your chamber executive, board, committees and staff have been very busy advocating for you. Whenever we meet with political leaders, civil servants, other organizations, partners and stakeholders our core message is always the same – the need to create an environment in which business can succeed, prosper and grow. Of course this singular focus takes on many forms in many different issues, but keeping this motivation in mind ultimately benefits every member of the chamber – from small businesses to larger corporations to non-profit groups. The Provincial Government Affairs Committee recently presented its annual pre-budget brief to Finance Minister Blaine Higgs during a discussion with the minister in a private meeting focused on the specific recommendations contained therein. Our Policy and Research Manager and I then participated in the budget lockdown, where we were given the chance to see the budget immediately before the minister’s speech in the legislature and were pleased to see a number of the committee’s recommendations included. This committee also selected the 10 questions that were given to the premier at the State of the Province Address, where three were chosen at random for him to answer. In the coming weeks they will be compiling a list of the chamber’s top 10 issues to present to all of the political parties to ascertain their positions in advance of September’s election so that our members can be as informed as possible. At the local level, our Municipal Government Affairs Committee is working on a position brief to present to city council in early spring. To compliment this effort they have been meeting with different groups and officials in the city to gain as much understanding of each issue as possible. They have also circulated an infrastructure survey to further refine what we learned in our annual membership survey from last summer.

Krista Ross, CEO

Members of our executive meet with the regional caucus on a quarterly basis as well as other politicians with portfolios that align with our advocacy priorities. We recently met with the province’s Economic Development Minister Bruce Fitch to both share and receive information. We presented the minister with information received from our committees and members on how the province can best use its limited resources to facilitate a business ecosystem that can not only get back on its feet and survive, but eventually thrive in the global marketplace. A focus on wealth creation through competitive infrastructure, exporting and a skilled workforce were central to this discussion. The executive has also met with Health Minister Ted Flemming multiple times to speak primarily about the efforts of our Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee (PRRC) as well as the upcoming New Brunswick Drug Plan. Since the government began their public consultation process in early 2012 the chamber has been an active participant with a clear and consistent message – a universal/catastrophic drug plan is a good thing, but businesses in the province cannot afford to contribute the proposed $15-25 million through a prohibitive payroll tax. The work of the PRRC has much more breadth than its name suggests. The committee does do activities such as host receptions to encourage new graduates to begin a practice in Fredericton, provide tours to those considering a move to the city, helping spouses look for employment, and provide help with finding a working and living space and other such assistance. It must be noted here that our members have consistently donated generously to these efforts – from providing gifts and items for prizes to their time and expertise to making useful connections in the community. But the committee is also engaged with assisting in getting Fredericton’s community health clinic up and running, monitoring the no-physician registry in the city and advocating on specific issues such as the reinstatement of financial recruitment incentives.


Continued on pg. 13


Mar. - Apr. 2014

New Members

Hello Newest

Canadian Taypayers Federation 608 New Maryland Highway Fredericton, NB E3C 3C1 Tel: (506) 262-5114 Email: Website: Not-For-Profit Organization Millicent Forrest

Neurofeedback East Inc. 151 C Brunswick Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1G7 Tel: (506) 455-4551 Email: Website: Health/Wellness Sue McCormick

Carrie Greene Interior Design 51 Blair Street Fredericton, NB E3B 5X1 Tel: 506-447-2429 Email: Website: Interior Design Carrie Greene I have been working in interior design since 2005. I offer a full range of design services for residential and commercial clients; from colour consultations to full scale building/renovation assistance.



Mar. - Apr. 2014

to our

Florique Flower Shop 440 King Street, Unit 36 Fredericton, NB E3B 5H8 Tel: (506) 454-4268 Email: Website: Retail/Specialty Stores Jafar Soleimani

Medavie Blue Cross 644 Main Street Moncton, NB E1C 8L3 Tel: (800) 667-4511 Website: Insurance/Benefits Martin Hayes

Florique Flowers offers the Fredericton, NB area superior floral arrangements and assortments including all occasion bouquets, dish gardens, plants, weddings, funeral tributes, and fruit /gift baskets. Our deep-rooted passion for flowers, along with our dedication to service, makes us the ideal choice for any occasion!

Fredericton Intercultural Centre Inc. 28 Saunders Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1N1 Tel: (506) 458-2912 Email: Events Management/Rentals Salman Khan Bio – Fredericton Intercultural Centre Inc.

TransCanada 450-1 Street SW Calgary, AB T2P 5H1 Email: Website: Gas/Oil Extraction Jennifer Tachuk

A non-profit organization that offers long-term leasehold spaces like class rooms, offices and storage closets in addition to rentable spaces like a gym, jogging track and events room to ethno-cultural and community organizations in the Greater Fredericton area at affordable rates.

J D Irving Limited PO Box 5777, 300 Union Street Saint John, NB E2L 4M2 Tel: (506) 635-6690 Email: Website: Manufacturing Karen Leeman

Mandarin Palace Restaurant 502 Forest Hiill Road Fredericton, Nb E3B 3K4 Tel: (506) 455-1182 Email: Website: Restaurant Tina Tu

WMA Communications 405 cherry Avenue, Fredericton, NB E3A 9L1 Tel: (506) 455-6514 Email:

Website: Media Karl Ingersol

New Members

Members TaylorMade Solutions 221 Springwater Lane New Maryland, NB E3C 1J5 Tel: (506) 470-2385 Email: Website: Marketing Heather Anne MacLean

Canaport LNG 2530 Red Head Road PO Box 2029 Saint John, NB E2L 3T5 Tel: (506) 638-1311 Email: Website: Oil & Gas Kate Shannon Canaport LNG is a state-of-the-art liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving and regasification terminal in Saint John, New Brunswick – the first in Canada. A partnership between Repsol and Irving Oil, the facility began operating in 2009. Eigen Innovations Inc. 50 Crowther Lane Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Tel: (506) 292-8377 Email: Website: Software Justin McKillop April Penney – Student Tel: (506) 262-0645 Email:

Brojack Ventures 29 Morning Gate Drive Fredericton, NB E3B 0G5 Tel: (506) 470-8388 Email: Website: Marketing/Advertising Glen Brown

IBEW Local 37 138 Neill Street Fredericton, NB E3A 2Z6 Tel: (506) 455-0037 Email: Not-for-Profit Leslie MacNeill IBEW Local 37 is a progressive union representing over 2200 hard working New Brunswickers including employees of NB Power, Emera Utility Services, Rogers Television, K&M Utility, the Regional Council of Millwrights, Carpenters & Allied Workers, the Village of Perth Andover, and Algonquin Power.

Canadian Youth Business Foundation 540 Southgate Drive Bedford, NS B4A 0C9 Tel: (902) 407-7709 Email: Website: Not-for-Profit Nicole Osmond

Hyton Innovation Inc 50 Crowther Lane, Suite 140 Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Tel: (506) 260-3223 Email: Environment Services Nathan Armstrong

New Brunswick Business Council 440 King Street, Suite 626 Fredericton, NB E3B 5H8 Tel: (506) 444-8919 email: website: Not-for-profit agency Contact: Susan Holt The New Brunswick Business Council is a non-partisan group of leaders who have a deep, personal stake in this province and its future, and have demonstrated a commitment to NB's economic growth and community development.

Snips Inc. 328-1045 Douglas Avenue Fredericton, NB E3A 9N3 Tel: (506) 455-3935 Email: Hair/Esthetics Services Cheryl Farrer



Mar. - Apr. 2014


New Brunswick Drug Plan by Morgan Peters


he Fredericton chamber has been an active participant in the consultation process regarding the New Brunswick Drug Plan since it began in April 2012, at that time called a “Drug Plan for Uninsured New Brunswickers.” Our message has been consistent throughout the process: all NBers having drug coverage is a good thing, but businesses in the province cannot pay for it by absorbing another payroll tax. This position became even more entrenched when it became clear that the proposed plan would be more expensive than any other province with the possible exception of Quebec. When Health Minister Ted Flemming introduced the Prescription and Catastrophic Drug Insurance Act on 10 December 2013, the chamber was pleased that the bill excluded an employer contribution for the time being. The minister has stated that the New Brunswick economy is not currently strong enough to support an employer contribution. However, we remain leery of the government’s future plans in regards to both the timing and amount of potential future costs to business.

What do we know so far?

The drug plan will be implemented in two phases, with the first phase beginning on 1 May 2014 and ending on 31 March 2015. Enrolment in the plan will be voluntary for individuals and there will be no payroll tax imposed on employers during this time. Phase two begins on 1 April 2015 and all New Brunswickers not by a private insurance plan at that time will be required to join the New Brunswick Drug Plan. A private group plan will also have to cover every drug that appears on the NB Prescription Drug formulary and cannot have annual or lifetime caps on coverage.

The province is also launching a new consultation process “to determine how business can contribute to the New Brunswick Drug Plan in the months to come. The Implementation Advisory Committee...will lead this consultation process.” The original plan called for the business community to contribute $15 to $25 million of the estimated $120 to $150 million price tag. We had been told that this would be collected via a 2.0 to 2.5% payroll tax – increasing the payroll tax burden by approximately 20% for many small businesses. Particularly in light of fairly recently increases to the minimum wage and a broken election promise of lowering the small business tax from 5% to 2.5% (currently sitting at 4.5% with no plans to lower it further), many members have stated this is a burden that would prohibit hiring or worse. More information can be found here: 1269.html.

Where do we go from here?

The Fredericton chamber will continue to be an active participant in the consultation process and represent the interests of our members. Our position on business’ role in funding the plan remains the same. We released a statement on 11 December 2013 stating in part that: “Given that the Province of New Brunswick itself is not projecting to balance the provincial budget until 2016-2017 because of projected challenging economic conditions, it seems unlikely that the economic climate would support business contribution until well past this date.” The government’s most recent projects do not anticipate a balanced budget until 2017-2018, further highlighting the fragile state of our economy. The full release can be found on our website at



Mar. - Apr. 2014

Provincial Budget

2014 - 2015 Provincial Budget


n 4 February 2014, New Brunswick Finance Minister Blaine Higgs unveiled the Alward government’s fourth operating and capital budgets, which doesn’t forecast a balanced budget in New Brunswick until the 2017-18 fiscal year. While disappointing, the Fredericton chamber hopes will be a sign of fiscal restraint from all parties leading up to the 22 September 2014 provincial election. Revenues for 2013-14 are projected to be down $286.7 million from previous estimates, although on the positive side spending came in under-budget for the third year in a row, this time at $201.3 million. Some of the highlights include:

The government has been touting enhancements to the Small Business Investor Tax Credit (SBITC) program as a replacement for a reduction in small businesses taxes. While the program is beneficial, its limited scope and usage (around 600 approved applications in 10 years) means that not many small businesses have been affected. Allowing corporations and trusts to take advantage of the program should increase its participation rates. Minister Higgs also announced a new incentive called the Community Economic Development Investment Funds, but as of this writing (and notably, the announcement) no details are available on that program.

Initial Funding for Fredericton’s Community Health Centre - The chamber has been advocating for a new

Workforce Expansion Programs - The chamber asked

downtown clinic since 2008, most recently in our 2014-15 pre-budget brief presented to the minister earlier this year. The clinic will not only provide some relief for the city’s no-physician registry, currently sitting above 7,000, but also keep more people out of other healthcare facilities, most notably (and expensively) emergency rooms.

Increased funding for transportation infrastructure maintenance - This was another recommendation

included in this year’s pre-budget brief. Balancing fiscal restraint and strategic investments is a delicate exercise with a weak provincial economy, but in general, spending in the short-term to save more in the long-term is a move that the chamber supports, particularly when endorsed by the auditor general. How these funds will be rolled out remains to be determined through departments estimates, which will ultimately determine if this was a worthwhile investment.

the government to continue and enhance workforce expansion programs, particularly wage subsidies. As was previously announced at the State of the Province Address in January, the province is extending the One-Job Pledge program from 850 positions to 1,000 (original target was 650). This program is particularly attractive because it is aimed at recent post-secondary graduates, which will keep more highly educated young people in a province with a severe demographic problem.

Other positives – the chamber has publically supported a number of measures announced by Minister Higgs that were not strictly financial in nature. Quarterly updates from the auditor general’s office will be helpful to our advocacy work, as well as legislation requiring an independent accounting of the cost of election promises – presuming it can be done in a timely and efficient manner. The continued roll out of previously announced innovation funds and the smart regulations program are being seen positively, as is MLAs converting to the shared-risk pension model.

Taxes – The chamber has been advocating for the

fulfilment of a 2010 campaign promise to lower the small business tax to 2.5% by this budget, which did not happen – it remains at 4.5%, second highest in the country. After personal and corporate income tax rates were raised in 2013, they remained at those levels this time around.



Mar. - Apr. 2014

Jobs Unlimited

How hiring through Jobs Unlimited can benefit your workplace. by Ernestine Long

Some Jobs Unlimited Employers are saying:


ounded in and unique to Fredericton, New Brunswick, Jobs Unlimited provides employment opportunities for adults with barriers to employment such as intellectual disabilities. From its modest beginnings 30 years ago, the charitable not-for-profit organization provides training and long term employment maintenance services to several hundred individuals and their families in this community. The appreciation for what Jobs Unlimited does may be best expressed by a parent of a long-term employee. "We felt the prospects were very limited for our son until we discovered Jobs Unlimited and this community that supported it. The work that he continues to do each day has provided him with a sense of worth and purpose that has meant the world to all of us."

The Jobs Unlimited Process:

An individual seeking work will approach Jobs Unlimited after not having success in securing employment. A team of vocational counsellors will meet with the individual to discuss and assess the skills, aptitude and interests of the work-seeker. The vocational counsellors approach employers in the community to discuss any need for a worker with a matching set of skills, aptitude and interest. An interview will be arranged if agreed. The vocational counsellors will meet with the work-seeker to prepare him or her for the interview. Prior to the interview, a vocational counsellor will discuss with the potential employer any specific needs of the work-seeker, incentive programs available, as well as outline what support services Jobs Unlimited will be providing over the long term.



Mar. - Apr. 2014

The employer and work-seeker will meet to interview for work.

"We have partnered with Jobs Unlimited for many years and are very proud to have individuals on our team that embrace honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of our business. We utilize Jobs Unlimited as an effective tool to find the people our company needs." Gary De Mone, Fredericton Value Village "A key to success for an employee here is being able to adapt to the ever-changing pace and daily demands. We couldn't be happier with Dave's work ethic and willingness to take on new tasks." Sean Dunbar - Owner, Picaroons Traditional Ales

"UPS Canada has been a valued employer of Jobs Unlimited since the Fredericton Brokerage office opened in 1995. Helping the community by providing meaningful work opportunities for adults that face barriers to employment is something that UPS is proud of. UPS's culture is founded on honesty, integrity and ethics, having Lindsay as part of our team is an asset" Katherine Francey, Human Resources Supervisor, UPS Canada

Thank you

Hiring through Jobs Unlimited provides organizations with individuals that work diligently with an appreciation for the opportunity to work that doesn't seem to diminish with the passing of time. Most of the work opportunities that Jobs Unlimited arrange become permanent as the employees typically do become key members in the organizations that hire them. If you are interested in becoming an employer through Jobs Unlimited, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Jobs Unlimited 1079 York Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3S4 (506) 458 9380


The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce hosted the 40th State of the Province Address at the Fredericton Convention Centre. Nearly 1,000 guests attended this event. Premier Alward’s speech outlined his government’s three key pillars for moving the province forward: resource development, innovation, and economic strategies allowing businesses to grow and to protect jobs.

u o Y k n a h T onsors Sp

11 Insight Mar. - Apr. 2014

New Standard

Chartered Professional Accountants

Canada’s New Accounting Standard by Jenna Kennedy


he Canadian accounting profession is currently undergoing significant change that would see all three legacy accounting bodies, Chartered Accountants (CAs), Certified Management Accountants (CMAs) and Certified General Accountants (CGAs) amalgamate to create a new, nationwide designation – Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). All accounting bodies in all provinces and territories have either successfully merged or have committed to merging. This means that a single voice will represent 185,000 Canadian CPA members on a global scale. A fully unified profession will reduce the number of governing bodies from 40 to 14 and simplify operations and governance. A new common certification program and a single set of high ethical and practice standards, common code of conduct, practice inspections, and discipline processes will create a strong foundation on which to build the united profession. Under the new CPA designation, existing CA, CMA and CGA members would retain their current designation and add the CPA designation to their credentials. The CPA designation will be the pre-eminent designation and business credential for professional accountants in Canada. CPAs in Canada will have a unique skillset of expertise in all areas of accounting, including financial and management accounting, assurance and taxation. Existing members will not need to obtain any additional training to become CPAs, but are prohibited from using the CPA designation until legislation is enacted in New Brunswick.

Insight 12 Mar. - Apr. 2014

Anyone with a recognized undergraduate degree from a Canadian university or equivalent is permitted to register for the CPA program. Partnerships are currently being fostered with universities in New Brunswick to provide and promote pre-requisite education that would allow students to complete a certain portion of CPA-equivalent courses through their degree programs, and thus, allowing them to complete their CPA studies in a shorter amount of time. The CPA certification program builds on the best of the existing education programs, and creates a challenging and rigorous certification process that meets the needs of business, public practice and government. The program will meet or exceed all International Federation of Accountants standards for education, assessment and practical experience. It will also meet or exceed the requirements of the leading global accounting bodies, ensuring the new profession can maintain existing and establish new Mutual Recognition Agreements or Reciprocal Membership Agreements. The new program is nationally developed and will be delivered by the provincial (or in some cases, regional) bodies. It will be recognized as being at least as challenging as the current programs, and appeal to employers for its development of accountancy and business skills in a high-quality, cost-effective professional program. The CPA certification program consists of academic pre-requisites for admissions into the CPA Professional Education Program, a graduate-level CPA Professional Education Program, examinations, including a Common Final Examination, and relevant practical experience. Questions or concerns can be directed toward any of the three legacy bodies in New Brunswick. New Brunswick Institute of Chartered Accountants Phone: (506) 634-1588 Email: Society of Management Accountants of New Brunswick Phone: (506) 455-2262 Email: Certified General Accountants of New Brunswick Phone: (506) 857-0939 Email:

Neil Squire Society

Using our abilities to reach inclusiveness by Alexi Thomas


here are many stereotypes placed upon people with disabilities in the workforce. These false perceptions create barriers discriminating people with different abilities in working society. It’s time for a change! The Neil Squire Society is a not-for-profit organization that offers programs to assist people with disabilities so that they can live independent lives and become active members in the workplace and society. The Neil Squire Society offers a wage subsidy program called Working Together. The program provides a unique opportunity for job seekers with disabilities to be connected with employers. By introducing a wage subsidy, employers will be educated and supported on the importance of an inclusive working environment and it will help eliminate myths placed upon people with disabilities. The Working Together Program is not a traditional wage subsidy program, but a unique model encouraging the development of change within society’s working environment. While raising awareness of the importance of hiring someone with a disability, the program also provides employers with a positive business case. Supported by the Report from the Panel on Labour Marketing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities , employers will gain a return on investment when hiring someone with a disability. For instance, people with disabilities take less sick days than someone without a disability. It lowers a company’s staff turnover rate, and provides companies with a fresh pool of talent. When employers hire someone with a disability they are not just increasing profits and obtaining a valuable employee, but are raising their community profile through staff diversity and community engagement.

A Message from the CEO Continued from pg. 5 At the federal level, the chamber has always had a good working relationship with our Member of Parliament, Keith Ashfield and his office. We have also been working over the past year with the provincial government and chambers from across the country on the implementation of the Canada Job Grant, including speaking directly to Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney. The chamber participates with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce on the federal budget and this year hosted a post-budget information sessions with Minister of State and Regional Minister for New Brunswick Rob Moore.

The Working Together Program is the only national wage subsidy program that is partnering with boards of trades and chamber of commerce across the country. This relationship allows the Neil Squire Society to access a network of businesses and provide them with the education and support needed to hire people with disabilities. Sometimes there is a fear of hiring someone with a disability because a working environment is not accessible. The Working Together Program provides employers with the necessary worksite accommodations to help adapt the worksite to the new employee. Individuals with disabilities should not be restricted when trying to attain their employment goals. The Working Together Program brings an invaluable opportunity for people with disabilities to go beyond society’s boundaries, eliminates stereotypes, and anticipates stronger prominence of Canadians with disabilities in the workforce. The program will create a dynamic relationship between employers and people with disabilities. This is a great chance for employers and society to see that a disability should not differentiate a potential job candidate’s qualifications from another, and that a disability is not an impediment to ones abilities and talents. People with disabilities will bring prosperity, inclusiveness and diversity to the working environment. Together let’s be the change! Alexi Thomas Manager of Communications 604.473.9363

The chamber also works on a regular basis with many other organizations that have overlapping goals and mandates. Just a few of these include: Enterprise Fredericton, Downtown Fredericton Inc., Business Fredericton North, UNB, Joint Economic Development Initiative, Knowledge Park, Startup Fredericton, Planet Hatch, the City of Fredericton, Neil Squire Society, Rotary Clubs of Fredericton, the Canadian and Atlantic chambers of commerce as well as other chambers from across the country. As you can see, while we are here to make connections between our members, it is equally important that we stay connected ourselves in order to stay on top of current issues so that we are able to effectively represent our members. If you have suggestions about how we can even more effectively advocate on your behalf, we would appreciate your input!

13 Insight Mar. - Apr. 2014

We’re in the business of helping you grow. When you’re trying to grow your business, the last thing you want is to overpay your taxes. At Grant Thornton LLP, our highly experienced team advises businesses—large and small— across New Brunswick on: Corporate structuring t Sales tax t Succession and estate planning t Tax compliance and planning t US and international tax Smart tax planning drives business growth. Give us a call. Patrick Cunningham, CA | Tax services Fredericton | Suite 400 | 570 Queen Street | T +1 506 458 8200 Audit t Tax t Advisory © Grant Thornton LLP. A Canadian Member of Grant Thornton International Ltd



- We will exceed expectations! -


Reservations: 1.800.268.1133


Joint Economic Development Initiative Inc. by Mark Taylor


uccess is important to any business but achieving this goal can be very time consuming when you are the owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise. Entrepreneurs often have to fill the role of CEO, financial officer and human resource director at the same time. Fortunately, there is an answer. Collaborating with a not-for-profit organization could be a healthy path forward for your business. Not-for-profits offer a wide range of resources, networks and opportunities for a SME to flourish. A great example is the Joint Economic Development Initiative Inc. (JEDI). Created in 1995, JEDI works with partners to foster Aboriginal economic and workforce development in New Brunswick. JEDI is an organization of Aboriginal people helping Aboriginal entrepreneurs and communities. Aboriginal people in the province are young, educated, dynamic, and have a deep connection to where they are from. According to Statistics Canada, there are just over 22,000 Aboriginal people in New Brunswick and the average age is 31. They are eager to pursue careers, start businesses, grow existing businesses and contribute to the overall good of the place they call home. JEDI is helping Aboriginal people meet their goals by bringing a diverse group of partners together to open doors to Aboriginal businesses or careers for JEDI’s clients. At the same time, our private sector partners benefit from new opportunities that save time and money.

Although JEDI has worked with partners to achieve great success in recruitment and training-to-employment, the organization has also done a lot of work on Aboriginal entrepreneurship, community economic development and partnership development through programs such as the JEDI Aboriginal Development Fund. JEDI boasts a staff of sixteen professional people with extensive experience and expertise in everything from economic development to human resources. The organization also recently moved into their newly renovated business space. Visitors are always welcome! JEDI invites you to collaborate with us. There are many ways to do just that. We encourage you to attend one of JEDI’s plenary events throughout the year, to schedule a meeting with us at our new office space, partner on an economic development or human resources project, bring one of our many talented Aboriginal interns into your organization or co-host an event with us. Indeed, JEDI is open for business and we invite you to partner with us.

The New Brunswick Aboriginal Information and Communications Technology (NBAICT) Project is a good example of what JEDI can do. This training-to-employment project was a collaboration between JEDI, the ICT industry in New Brunswick, Aboriginal communities, the Government of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick. The creation of NBAICT came from a need for more Aboriginal ICT professionals and the full involvement of Aboriginal communities as well as the private sector. This partnership created an industry-driven curriculum and training program that taught students the exact skills employers required. The result is New Brunswick now has a large pool of Aboriginal individuals with cutting-edge skills that employers have asked for. These graduates are now working or pursuing entrepreneurship. Twenty of the students will graduate in April from Canada’s first Aboriginal mobile application development program. It is definitely a great example of how business, not-for-profits and government can do great things together.

15 Insight Mar. - Apr. 2014

Fredericton Green Shops


n 2008, Fredericton’s newest green initiative was launched, Fredericton Green Shops. The ultimate goal of the program is to reduce Fredericton’s environmental impact by supporting, promoting and rewarding environmental stewardship within the business community. Participating businesses are encouraged to implement specific actions that simultaneously reduce their environmental impact and operating costs while advancing Fredericton’s movement towards being a more environmentally sustainable community. Action items fall into categories such as: transportation, products and services, energy and fuel, waste management, and water conservation. In order for the program to grow and be relevant each year new categories are added to the action items and in 2013 a new category was added: “Create a Culture of Environmental Sustainability”. Many businesses were already donating old furniture, computers, cell phones and unused office supplies to local Not for Profits, but this year we have had many businesses getting more involved with initiatives like: donating a full day of staff, sponsoring fundraising events, having their own office fundraisers, and donating the money or supplies collected. Green Shops’ members care so much about the environment, about the community and about sustainability. A better term may be Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is defined as the voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner. Every individual living on this planet has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. On June 9, 2011, another program joined the Green Matters Umbrella, this one similar to the Green Shops program but tailored for not for profits, schools, faith based groups and crown corporations. Green Matters Certified is an online program where participating organizations are encouraged to reduce their environmental footprint by undertaking ‘Acts of Green’ in five principal categories: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management and recycling, transportation, and products, services and outreach. The programs are coordinated by the City of Fredericton and guided by its partners/co-owners, Business Fredericton North, Downtown Fredericton Inc, and the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce.



Mar. - Apr. 2014

The two programs help connect businesses and not for profits, making the right connections and accomplishing a shared objective, environmental sustainability. There are many great events in this city that businesses and individuals can be part of, one example of a community organized event is Cleanupfred#. This event is a city wide clean up day held on or close to Earth Day, April 22. The purpose of the event is to keep our city clean and beautiful, to educate that it’s not OK to litter, and to celebrate with the caring residents of Fredericton that come out every year and give their time to help clean the neighborhoods, streets and trails of Fredericton. Cleanupfred# was started by a small group of caring citizens and has grown into a yearly event that attracts over a hundred volunteers. Another partner of the Green Matters Certified program is Computers for Schools (CFS) a national, federal government-led initiative that operates in cooperation with all provinces and territoriesas well as the private and volunteer sectors. CFS collects, repairs and refurbishes donated surplus computers from government and private sector sources and distributes them to schools, public libraries and not-for-profit learning organizations throughout Canada. Placing computers into classrooms means that New Brunswick students gain hands-on experience with computers and other technology, which facilitates the development of new skills. CFS-NB also provides environmental benefits by ensuring that computer systems do not end up in landfill sites but are, instead, reused and/or recycled. All non-working systems are stripped of their working parts, which are then used to repair other systems. These are just a couple examples of groups that work to build a more sustainable city, there are many more not for profits with great environmental initiatives that need help. Finding volunteers is not easy, people have busy lives, but getting involved is so rewarding personally, economically, and socially. Considering the pace at which the environment is changing and the mounting scientific evidence showing humans as a contributing factor, the phrase “think globally, act locally” has never carried so much weight.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Imperial Oil are pleased to offer the Esso Business Card Program to all Chamber members and their employees. Program includes: - 3.5 cents per litre fuel discount; - Detailed monthly invoices; - Over 1850 locations across Canada; - Restricted to fuel, top-up fluids, and car wash; - Speedpass - the fastest way to fill your vehicle; - Esso Extra or Aeroplan Miles; - Tiger Express and On The Run Contact the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce for details.

FreddyLink is a partnership between the community of Fredericton and the Cobocol Area Development Program in the central plateau region of Haiti through World Vision. In the past four years, over 350 children in Haiti have been sponsored by individuals, businesses and even schools in the Fredericton area. These sponsorships provide the education, improved health, clean water, vocational training and business skills to make a lasting difference for these sponsored children and their families. These sponsorships also contribute to the process of taking an entire community of about 20,000 people from poverty to self sufficiency. By investing in a child today, you can provide a “hand-up�, not a “hand-out�. Through visits to the community, Skype links, and on-going communication, we all can see first-hand the tangible progress this community is making.




To find out more about how you can help make a real and lasting difference, please check out our website ( or call Bernie Zebarth, FreddyLink Project Coordinator (261-4414).

Mayor Brad Woodside donates a goat on behalf of the City of Fredericton to a family in Haiti as part of the FreddyLink “Kids for Haiti� fundraiser.

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March 12, 2014

April 3, 2014

Lunch & Learn – Next Steps in Social Media Marketing at Kingswood Lodge guest speaker Ben Conoley, Talkative Social Media

Business After Hours hosted by Weddings and Events Designed by Sylvain (WEDS) and Sable on Blonde

March 13, 2014

April 9, 2014

Business After Hours hosted by Cook In Services at their new venue C I Lounge

Lunch & Learn – The Legal Aspects of Running/Owing a Business at Kingswood Lodge guest speaker Michael Melvin, McInnes Cooper

March 17, 2014 Fredericton Rotary Luncheon at the Fredericton Inn featuring Steve Morek of TransCanada

March 18, 2014 Distinguished Citizen Awards at the Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hotel

March 28, 2014 Curling Funspiel at the Capital Winter Club

April 10, 2014 Fredericton North Rotary Luncheon – Bernard Lord at the Fredericton Inn

April 10, 2014 Tri-City Chamber Business Expo at the Fredericton Convention Centre

April 22, 2014 Early Bird Networking Hosted by Cana-Group Business Centres Inc. On 5 February 2014 the Fredericton chamber and New Brunswick Real Estate Association co-hosted a post-budget breakfast meeting with Finance Minister Blaine Higgs and members of the Fredericton Regional Caucus. Pictured are MLA Jack Carr, MLA Ross Wetmore, MLA Pam Lynch, Minister Higgs, Chamber 1st VP Joseph O’Donnell, Justice Minister Troy Lifford and MLA Kirk MacDonald.

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Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Mar. / Apr. 2014  
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Mar. / Apr. 2014