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INNOVATION….A Key Driver in Economic Growth “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten”

Janice Corey, President

~Anthony Robbins~


know there have been many variations of the quote above, with many notable people having stated its key message. But what they all share in meaning is this: if you don’t change the recipe (what goes in), then the results are always the same (what comes out). That is certainly a challenge not only for businesses, but organizations, governments and academia as well. We struggle sometimes in the face of change and in consideration of other extenuating circumstances (global markets, export pressures, conflicts and so forth) with what we need to change in the ‘recipe’ to bring about a different outcome in our future. One of the words in this current climate of change that is getting a lot of attention is ‘innovation’. We can often over-use a term during times of change so that it loses its meaning. However, for a moment I would like to explore what role innovation can have in changing the recipe of what we currently are doing - which can be applied to our own businesses and a wider scope of economic development, government policy, and our community at large. Innovation in and of itself is an active word meaning the action or process of innovating. It often means introducing a new idea, methodology or way of thinking. It is about action. Its related words suggest novelty or newness. So where does it fit in the move-forward processes of our businesses? Venczel, Robert, “Innovation: Is there a recipe for success?.” Weblog entry. Cross Roads, Bivium Online. Posted 08/02 . Accessed 28 January 2013 (



Mar. - Apr. 2013

It can be said that the entrepreneurial world’s driving force is innovation. Therefore, innovation in and of itself is a key driver of economic growth and development. Defining a recipe to achieve innovation is the hard part – and it will be different for all of us. However, there are a few common themes and driving forces on the road to innovation. These factors support and play a role in pursuing innovative ideas towards success in the marketplace: • Education and a high quality workforce – we need to find and foster talent. Innovation will include inventors, entrepreneurs, high achievers and mentors. Where these types of people settle is where innovation can grow. • Management focus: managers matter. For innovation to become an action, the creativity of the innovation must have good management to move it forward into fruition. Good managers can connect the innovators and incubate action out of ideas. • Use of incentives – Aligning short-term and long-term performance management systems to the innovation agenda. Establishing a set of business metrics that match the forward-thinking innovation strategy you are trying to achieve. • Government policy – Much recent research has been done which indicates that the future of western industrialized economies depends on the health of innovation-driven high-tech sectors. Government policy will be a key component of success with innovation. How governments focus policy can make or break success in innovation. Innovation involves the whole value chain in business, not just the part which we immediately think of, such as product or market development. Innovation will include (as we move forward) areas in business that can’t be legally protected along with such things as patents and copyrights, however the need of moving forward on an innovative trajectory outweighs the risks and must include leadership skills employed during the entire innovation process .

Continued on Pg. 9

INNOVATION. . . . A Philosophy for Growth


f you attended the recent State of the Province Address on January 31st, you will know that innovation is not just a buzz word. In New Brunswick and here in Fredericton.... innovation is a philosophy for growth. According to Premier Alward, “We believe New Brunswick has the right mix of smart people, smart infrastructure, and smart ideas to kick-start Canada’s innovation agenda”. In fact, the premier announced the government’s intention to execute a three-point plan to stimulate and accelerate the growth of the knowledge sector in our economy. First they, will be leveraging the NB Innovation Foundation. Second, they will be working collaboratively with stakeholders, including federal partners, industry, and academia, to make investments in the NB economy and innovation ecosystem. And third, the Province has created a research and innovation council to oversee $80 million in investment in innovation over the next five years. Geoff Flood, President of T4G will co-chair this council with the premier. These announcements are very exciting and forward thinking and certainly bode well for growth and opportunity in our province and in our community. The chamber believes that in order to grow the economy of New Brunswick and our community, we must invest in and support innovation, economic development and business growth. This was one of the primary messages in our pre-budget submission to finance minister Blaine Higgs – government needs to provide the environment for business to grow and prosper. Initiatives like the One-job Pledge, red tape reduction / smart regulations initiatives, lowering of the small business tax rate are all ways to help businesses survive... and thrive.

Krista Ross, CEO

But... innovation does not have to begin and end with the knowledge sector. I challenge each of the 934 members of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce to work with a spirit of innovation. Develop new ideas, new ways of doing things, new solutions, better efficiencies, as well as serving the needs of your clients and customers in new ways! Take time to think, plan and set goals – and figure out new and innovative ways to reach them. It is very easy to get caught up working ‘in’ our businesses, rather than working ‘on’ them. Sometimes as small business owners, we think innovation is only for the IT sector. But we can all take a page from the innovation concept and implement creative new ideas. Let that be your challenge to work on your business in innovative ways. Going forward, the chamber is also looking for innovative thinkers to populate our Board table! Each year in the spring, we reach out to our members looking for individuals who are interested in participating as members of our Board of Directors. Just last week, we sent out an invitation to the entire membership to consider putting your name forward to serve on, what I think, is one of the most interesting Boards in Fredericton (I may be biased). If this appeals to you, please submit your name to our nominating committee for consideration! Perhaps this isn’t something you would be interesting in doing.... but maybe you know of someone that could bring a lot to the table and represent member interests well, please recommend them to the nominating committee! Wishing you all the best of continued success in your business. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have ideas, questions, or concerns you wish to share! Krista Ross, CEO tel: 506 458 8006 email: twitter: @KRossChamber



Mar. - Apr. 2013

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Hello Newest to our

The Extraordinary Assistant 220-527 Dundonald Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1X5 Tel: (506) 260-9840 Email: Contact: Deborah Watts

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Products & Services: With integrity and professionalism, Silk Road Canada provides accredited immigration services and business development expertise assisting immigrants in a successful transition to Atlantic Canada and local employers in filling areas of skill shortage.

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Mar. - Apr. 2013

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Members Roxstone Foods Inc. 289 Regent Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3X3 Tel: (506) 447-8856 Email: Contact: Josie Livingstone Ever After Weddings & Event Décor 558 Canada Street Fredericton, NB E3A 4A7 Tel: (506) 261-5734 Email: Website: Contact: Sarah Robinson

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Mar. - Apr. 2013


By Morgan Peters, Policy and Research Manager


embers of the Fredericton chamber’s executive recently met with New Brunswick’s Minister of Finance, Blaine Higgs as part of his pre-budget consultation process. This now-annual meeting with the minister is one of the best opportunities to advocate for our member’s interests. As in previous years, the chamber’s provincial government affairs committee also prepared a brief which was presented at the outset of the meeting. The brief can be accessed at The minister was actively engaged throughout the discussion, asking pointed questions and volunteering opportunities for follow-up on a number of issues. The chamber’s submission followed two central themes: increasing revenue through economic development and reducing expenses through departmental efficiencies with an increased focus on measuring return on investment. The item at the top of the ‘revenue / economic development’ list was a focus on innovation, particularly as it relates to post-secondary education in the province. With world-class talent and innovations being produced at our public schools, there is a real opportunity for the province to partner with these institutions to increase the quantity and quality of opportunities to commercialize existing and potential breakthroughs. In part, this section of the submission reads: “Leveraging the world-class innovations being produced by our four public universities and extensive college system can help drive social and economic progress. In this context, the province’s economic development strategy should in part focus on creating opportunities to:



Mar. - Apr. 2013

(1) Strengthen the ability of entrepreneurs and businesses to access new talent and improve their capacity for innovation with the goal of commercializing the intellectual property produced; (2) Collaborate with post-secondary institutions to maximize the benefits of international education in terms of (a) growing the population with highly educated immigrants; and (b) developing trade relationships in various industries via innovation;(3) (a) Renew public policy to harmonize innovation and post-secondary education with economic development and population growth strategies; (b) Align these strategies with an emerging federal innovation focus to maximize support available to New Brunswick employers and institutions.” Demonstrating the central importance of innovation in the modern economy, by undertaking this type of strategy the province can also address several other economic development priorities, such as: bridging the skills gap, strategic population growth, and increasing international export revenues. The chamber also used this section of the submission to advocate for Fredericton to be named the site of one of the announced Centres of Expertise, as found in the province’s “Strategies for Innovation” document, which can be accessed on the Department of Economic Development’s website. Specifically, it is the chamber’s position that the Centre for the Rapid Commercialization of Products and Services is a perfect fit for Fredericton, particularly in conjunction with the continued development of the previously approved ACcelr8 Centre in the Knowledge Park. It must also be acknowledged that innovation is a priority for most, if not all developed or developing jurisdictions around the world. For a focus on innovation to get us further ahead, we must be dedicated to also finding innovative ways to commercialize our efforts and to developing and retaining our young talent. Innovation does not occur in a vacuum, it requires a complete development strategy and a commitment from government, the business community and the citizens of the province.


Fredericton Business Immigrant Mentorship C a ll i ng a l l b u s i ne s s p r o f e ss i o na l s - M e nt or s Ne e d e d Join our award winning team of business professionals who are supporting and coaching New Brunswick’s newest investors as they work through the processes of learning how to do business in Canada. Mentoring a newcomer can mean a change for New Brunswick’s tomorrow!

Continued from Pg. 4 Innovation is often not an immediate money maker due to the complexities of its components which often results in businesses not making money or governments not improving the bottom line in the first few quarters (or years) of implementation. That is why as we move forward on the innovation agenda, the questions that we must ensure we ask ourselves include: 1. Who are the customers for the end product(s) or service(s)? 2. What do we need to do to meet our customer’s current and future needs? 3. How much cash do we need and for how long to be able to bring our product(s) or service(s) to the market? 4. How do we make money or improve the bottom line from our innovation? As we move forward with innovation as businesses and a province, there isn’t a straightforward recipe for successful innovation. As we are tweaking business and government policies to achieve an innovation agenda, we need to keep top of mind the guiding questions from above and we must keep our leadership driving the innovation process. These leaders need to ask and answer the types of questions included above to the best of their abilities. The success and litmus test of innovation in the end is whether we are meeting our customer’s needs with our products and/or services and that we can significantly improve our company’s or province’s bottom line.

Visit us at the Regent Mall in Fredericton at 1381 Regent Street Tel: (506) 455-2462 Email: Website:

Everything from corporate baskets to chocolate flowers to our famous carmel and chocolate apples

For further information on our advocacy efforts in this area please contact Krista Ross, CEO at (506) 458-8006. Chadha, Radhika, “HR – Incentives for Innovation.” Weblog entry. SpoonFeedin World. Posted 22 November 2008. Accessed 28 January 2013 (



Mar. - Apr. 2013


By Laura O’Blenis, Stiletto Consulting


few weeks ago, before the release of the new Blackberry 10 was clear, I visited a mobility dealer in Fredericton (who I will leave un-named for the purpose of this article) and asked when the new Blackberry could be expected. The sales associate asked me why I was sold on Blackberry and I said “because I want to support Canadian technologies”. He began to go on about how great the Samsung Galaxy was and then listed the benefits of the iPhone 5. I said again “really, no need to pitch me, I know the others are great and I’m really not interested, I am holding out hope for the new Blackberry”. Although I was adamant that I was not at all interested in other models, he continued to find reasons for me not to choose the Blackberry. I am not certain if the associate was offered greater incentives to sell more of the iPhones or more of the Samsung Galaxy model than he was for the Blackberry, but following my encounter at this dealer, one thing became abundantly clear.... why is it we must try so hard to convince ourselves that it’s okay to take a chance on something that’s “home grown”... why must we wait for everyone else to prove us wrong before we take a bit of risk and be part of the success... or the failure of something new? Since Blackberry purchased Fredericton’s Chalk Media and has a number of employees at its office in Fredericton, shouldn’t we be doing what we can to support them and keep those jobs here?

Innovation and Business Policy – Why Canada Falls Short: 2009



Mar. - Apr. 2013

Canada’s relative labour productivity in the business sector has fallen from more than 90 percent of the United States (US) level to about 76 percent in 2007 and Canada ranks 15 out of 18 comparator countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Surprisingly and perhaps in spite of ourselves, Canadian businesses have actually been more profitable than our friends in the US, exceeding pre-tax business profit in most years since 1961. Generally speaking, good has always been good enough... but it really isn’t anymore. In an ever-changing global economy, the development and successful commercialization of intellectual property is fast becoming the key to an economy’s current and future growth. In other words, because we live in a global economy and everyone is looking for the brightest and best talent, the more new start-ups we have that become sold (or become household names) proves we have the talent and the ability to compete. The more other regions look to us and see this, the more potential we have to bring new businesses here, export more of our goods and services and create new jobs and wealth in the region.


Take for example the way the Radian6 and Q1 Labs deals transformed the image of New Brunswick. Accounting for just over $1 billion in commercial success in one year (2011), the Radian6 and Q1 Labs acquisitions changed “the image of New Brunswick from a have-not province dominated by pulp, petroleum and potato barons to an innovation hotbed populated by smart techies and risk embracing investors.” It is estimated that as many as 50 millionaires will have been created by the two deals, which generates not only short-term economic wealth, but potentially long-term gain with new seed capital and angel investors ready, willing and able to invest in New Brunswick innovations. Premier Alward recently announced an $80 million investment in innovation over the next five years. This investment will surely help bootstrap the start-ups who need it and will hopefully be the beginning of creating a true culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, building upon what is here already and maximizing it to our full potential. Contrary to popular belief, innovation is not necessarily about being first to market, but rather about proper execution. “...groundbreaking businesses more often come from entrepreneurs who were able to out-execute everyone else in their space – which means getting products out there and growing a loyal customer base, not engineering a product until it’s supposedly perfect”. Microsoft is a great example of a company that has succeeded by execution. They’ve rarely been first to market with any of their products, but they’ve successfully introduced them, figured out how to improve them, and then repeated the process again and again. This is the approach that puts you in the Fortune 500.

There are lots of great ideas in New Brunswick and lots of smart people who are looking for mentors, investors and customers. I believe the best way we as New Brunswickers can continue on this path of innovation is for everyone to become an investor, mentor or customer to a new start-up, or perhaps to an existing business who is working hard to compete and transform themselves by adopting and applying technology in their business to be better and to grow here. So my question to you is this: Will you support a New Brunswick start-up? Will you consider being an investor, a mentor or a customer of a start-up before they are a proven success? Will you support New Brunswick and Canadian technologies? I promise this... when the new Blackberry 10 comes to Canada, I will be getting one... and will continue to believe in Blackberry. In good times and bad, I support Canadian technologies... will you?

Laura O’Blenis is a Past-President of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Project Manager for the Association of University Research Parks (AURP) Canada and Principal of Stiletto Consulting. Based in New Brunswick, O’Blenis specializes in advancing the local, regional and national knowledge economy and has clients across Canada. For more information visit Contact:

11 Insight Mar. - Apr. 2013

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CVALA’s latest program offering is Financial Literacy. Thanks to a Over half of the adult population in New Brunswick has literacy skills that are considered recently awarded TD SEDI to be below the level that enables them to function adequately at home, at work and in Financial Literacy grant, CVALA will be providing free financial their communities, and to deal with the demands of a knowledge-based economy. literacy programs to the public. This program is mobile and a The Academic Program focuses on Despite the extent of the problem, teacher will travel to any comthere is a general lack of underacademic upgrading to and including munity in York, Sunbury and standing of the literacy challenges the GED level. The GED certificate is Queens Counties to offer this facing New Brunswick. This is widely accepted as a high school training. Classes will run three compounded by the fact that society equivalency. Day and evening classes hours once a week for 4-8 still associates literacy needs with weeks, delivering a comprehenare available. Classes are small, illiteracy, and there is still an unfortusive curriculum covering between 8 – 12 participants, so that It is nate stigma attached to personal decision-making and goalteachers have more time to spend important disclosure of reading and writing setting; budgeting; personal one-on-one with each learner. There challenges. There is also a lack of to promote loans; banking; establishing and awareness of the need for and managing credit; saving and adult literacy are flexible attendance options to benefits of improving literacy skills. It as part of investing; and consumer awarmeet the needs of the adults we is important to promote adult literacy eness. serve, so if a learner has a full-time a lifelong as part of a lifelong learning process job, kids at home or other responsilearning Through partnerships with so that literacy development is seen bilities, an individualized learning plan government, employers and process as a positive choice. community and business organiand schedule is customized to meet so that zations, CVALA is working to the learner’s particular needs. The Central Valley Adult Learning Assoliteracy promote and support an ciation Inc. (CVALA) was established development Academic Program covers all five educated, skilled and selfin 2008 to make adult education major subjects required for GED is seen as sufficient workforce enjoying a more accessible in the Capital graduation: reading, writing, math, higher level of income and an a positive Region, and by doing so, to increase science and social studies. improved quality of life. choice. awareness of the importance of The Digital Literacy Program is adult learning for full social inclusion CVALA is always on the lookout designed to provide an introduction and participation, reduce poverty for new opportunities for partto today's highly computerized world nership. If you are an employer, and generate economic prosperity, and enhance the productivity of our and workplace. Classes are held three a CEO or manager or a volunregion’s labour market. teer interested in learning more hours once a week for ten weeks, In order to achieve these ambitious with the program’s teachers travelling about our programs and how goals, CVALA provides free public they might benefit your busithroughout the region to wherever access to quality adult learning ness, workplace or community, there are learners interested in we look forward to meeting you. programs. CVALA currently offers enrolling for the program. Each class Once a classroom site is three programs: academic upgrading consists of eight participants and the confirmed and a group of classes, a digital literacy curriculum, potential learners has been teachers come equipped with a and a new financial literacy course. These programs are delivered to laptop for each person to use during identified, CVALA can have one or more of our programs up and learners in communities throughout the course. The Digital Literacy running in a matter of a few York, Sunbury, and Queens Counties. Program covers a range of topics, weeks.


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It is important to promote adult literacy as part of a lifelong learning process so that literacy development is seen as a positive choice.


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By H.E.A. (Eddy) Campbell President and vice-chancellor University of New Brunswick


umanity’s past is littered with success and failure. Civilizations have thrived or failed based largely on their ability to manage the complexity of the problems they faced. The most successful among them understood where they stood collectively, and were able to choose new directions. Their fate was decided by their flair for innovation.

Alongside programs from departments and faculties at UNB including business administration, engineering, and technology management - the PDC is helping to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in our students. A life in business can and should be a career aspiration that comes as naturally as wanting to become a teacher or doctor or lawyer.

Today’s world is more complex and inter-connected than at any point in history, presenting new opportunities and new challenges. Our ability to act is tied to our collective mindset, our culture.

Programs and funds are in place at UNB to help budding entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground and into the marketplace. Similarly, the university’s own research activities have benefited from support that has allowed UNB to commercialize the results of its research at three times the Canadian average and twice the US average. Beyond the obvious benefit of economic growth, innovation can also stimulate social development. Working with partners in government, business, and the non-profit sector, UNB is helping to develop new and more sustainable business models for charities and NGOs delivering valuable social services and programs to, among others, vulnerable populations. Together we are proving that traditional non-profit organizations are able to do well while doing good.

Post-secondary institutions have a tremendous role to play in fostering a culture of innovation. The University of New Brunswick - along with numerous partners and fellow institutions – has embraced this responsibility and challenge with open arms. This work begins with our faculty and students. UNB’s professors and researchers have developed various learning and research programs that incorporate principles of innovation. Together with business experts seconded from the private sector, they are immersing our students in new theories while simultaneously modeling the practical skills that bring success to innovators. Innovation and entrepreneurship are often travel companions, perpetually supporting each other’s forward momentum. As a result, UNB has sought to instill an entrepreneurial spirit on its campuses. UNB’s newly created Pond-Deshpande Centre (PDC) acts as a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship in New Brunswick by facilitating collaboration among entrepreneurs, young companies, students, faculty and alumni.

Our collective capacity to innovate is related to our ability to gather, organize and access the information we need to make key decisions. It is also related to our ability to work together. To these ends, UNB continues to work with its partners on various initiatives, including the creation of centralizing hubs for social policy and big data. The famous management consultant Peter Drucker once said that innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship – it is the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth. Together we can guarantee that our culture focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. The result will be a healthy, vibrant and inclusive economy that provides opportunities for all of our citizens.

15 Insight Mar. - Apr. 2013

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The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes at the Fredericton Inn

Lunch & Learn: Revolution Strategy speaks on Emerging Technologies, Social Media and Marketing at Sam Sneadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oak Grill & Tavern

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Massive Graphics Displays Exhibits is a large format printing service bureau for designers, agencies and marketing professionals. We offer a full menu of graphic products as a canvas for the creative minds of our clients. From bus wraps to billboards to bannerstands, we have a product that will help present your message.

You can receive a $25 gift certificate to one of our featured restaurants, simply refer a new member to the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and if they join, get ready to enjoy a great meal.

Since opening our doors in 1997, Massive Graphics has kept pace with the rapid advancements in the wide format digital print industry. We work diligently on staying abreast of the latest developments in new technology and have carefully chosen the technology which will give you the best possible results. Our staff is trained in the use of the latest software and colour calibration systems which allow us to produce a very high quality and colour accurate product. Our latest acquisition consists of two machines that work together to produce truly unique point of purchases displays. First our flatbed printer can print on virtually any substrate up to 45mm thick. Our 1.5m x 3m cutter will then cut very accurately around the printed image to produce the final display. Our new cutter can even produce 3D models from 2D photographs. This application is great for producing dimensional lettering or logos for display on foyer walls. Check out our online portfolio for a full range or graphic products or visit our Facebook page to see what we are up to every day.



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* Correction Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made an error in our January/February INSIGHT Magazine. The BAA Co-Op Program article title should have been BBA Co-op Program (Bachelor in Business Administration) and the article was written by Mark Heighton.

The Buzz

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On Thursday, January 31, 2013,

the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2013 State of the Province Address at the Frederict on Convention Centre. Nearly 1,000 guests attended this sold-out event. Premier Alward’s focus on innov ation and resource diversification throughout his speech provided some insights into his government’s plans to “reb uild New Brunswick”.

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On Tuesday, February 19, 2013,

in partnership with LearnSphere, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce hosted a session called “Commercializing Innovation” with facilitator Jeff Jennings. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce looks forward to continuing their partnership with LearnSphere to host more professional development sessions for Chamber members.

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Upcoming Events You Don’t Want To Miss!

On Tuesday, March 26, 2013,

the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce will be honouring four Distinguished Citizens at the Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hotel. Purchase your tickets today to celebrate the accomplishments and community involvement of:

On Thursday, March 21, 2013,

the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Curling Funspiel at the Capital Winter Club! If you’re looking to chase away those winter blues with a fun afternoon of networking, this is the event for you! Not an experienced curler? Not to worry… instruction will be provided before play begins! Book your team today!

Mr. William J. Matthews

Mr. Albert Neill & Mr. Ronald Neill

Mr. John Waite

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Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Jan / Feb 2013  
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Jan / Feb 2013  

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Jan / Feb 2013