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Wage Subsidy Program in New Brunswick


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Chris Johnston, President


conomic development is the perfect topic for this edition of Insight Magazine as we begin a new year at the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. In one way or another, economic development is at the heart of everything we do at the chamber. From networking to government relations to physician recruitment to discounted member services, the goal of the chamber is to make a positive impact in creating an economic environment that is most conducive to business. Economic growth in the province not only benefits our members, but is also a key to lowering the Province’s debt burden, balancing budgets and paying for social programs, all of which benefits New Brunswickers from across the province. The chamber continuously works with other stakeholders on a local, provincial, regional and national level to improve the Fredericton region’s economic ecosystem. Being able to leverage such a wide range of collaborators allows the chamber to represent its membership on a much greater array of issues than an organization with a small staff and a volunteer board of directors, committees would otherwise be able to accomplish. At the chamber of commerce, we see economic development holistically and encompassing a broad array of interconnected issues. This can be best understood by taking a closer look at one of our advocacy committees.



Jan. - Feb. 2014

The committee that is less obvious to many people from an economic development perspective is our Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee. While having access to primary care is perhaps most widely viewed as a social issue, it also has direct and indirect economic consequences. When businesses are trying to attract skilled employees from other parts of the province or country, we hear time and again that one of the first questions asked is whether it is difficult to get a physician for their family. On a larger scale, the same is true when trying to attract new or existing companies to set up shop in the province. From a 30,000 foot view, this would seem to only be a financial decision because it is easy to forget that the owners and employees of these companies are also uprooting their families to live here and face all of the same real-world issues as anyone else. On a more macro level, access to primary care means more preventative care, early detection of health issues and a continuity of care (which will continue to be an issue until the province has a comprehensive electronic medical records regime). This ultimately leads to a healthier population who access expensive medical care on a less frequent basis, driving down the cost of providing healthcare in the province. When we are able to take a step back and breakdown the long-term and far-reaching economic consequences of a seemingly social issue such as access to primary care and see how it has direct and indirect effects on the local/regional/provincial business community, it is easier to understand how important and interconnected economic development is to not only the business community, but to all New Brunswickers generally.


ne of the most effective ways to make projects and processes work efficiently and successfully, as well as to get the best ideas possible, is to collaborate with others. This is true whether in business, with volunteer work, or at home! The concept of collaboration is one that the chamber embraces in many facets of what we do. Of course, our advocacy committee-work is always an excellent example of collaboration where we take issues of concern and work as a group to do research and create advocacy documents, policies and take action. In addition to this work however, in my column this month, I wanted to highlight some of the other collaborative work that your chamber has been focused on in the last month or two. StartUp – The Fredericton chamber is very excited to have recently partnered with StartUp Fredericton to work with them in a collaborative partnership which will help to educate our members on the StartUp initiatives and businesses in our city. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to educate the StartUp community about chamber of commerce benefits and services and help them to integrate into the local business community. New Brunswick Drug Plan – As you are no doubt aware, your chamber has been speaking out on a regular basis and working with government to express the concerns of business regarding this plan. We have continued to ensure that government knows that small business owners do not feel that they can afford another payroll tax to implement this program and that other ways of funding the program should be explored. Many other business groups and representatives have been sending this same message. In the fall of 2013, we began working with several other associations and business groups under the umbrella of the Coalition of NB Employers. Working together, we have a much bigger impact and can represent the interests of our members as advocates with an even stronger voice, as evidenced by the government’s decision not to include a payroll tax as part of the program’s subsidy for the time being. The chamber will continue to be a strong voice on this issue moving forward, both on our own and as part of the Coalition.

Krista Ross, CEO

Neil Squires – We have recently collaborated with the Neil Squire Society and other chambers in the region on the ‘Working Together’ program. The premise of the program is to connect job seekers with a disability to employers. The Neil Squire Society will subsidize wages, provide worksite accommodations if needed, and provide ongoing support. Employers will provide a part-time or full-time position with the likelihood of long-term employment. The chambers will help to promote the program to our membership and ensure that employers are aware of the opportunity. HR Forum – The chamber collaborated with HRANB (Human Resource Association of New Brunswick) to provide a half-day HR Forum for our membership. Nearly 100 members attended this workshop on October 28th at the Fredericton Inn. Through collaboration with the NB Department of Post Secondary Education Training and Labour, we were able to ensure that the cost of the program (only $25 / person, including breakfast) was extremely affordable for our members. This was a tremendously successful collaboration as evidenced by the survey of participants following the event. Of those who answered the survey, 100% were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the overall event. 100% also found the presentations of the panel speakers and the keynote speaker to be informative and helpful. 100% liked the format, and 91% said they would like to come to another similar event. Now that is a successful collaboration! Canada Job Grant – Your chamber, in cooperation with chambers of commerce from coast to coast have been collaboratively working with representatives of both the provincial government and the federal government to explore ways in which the federally announced Canada Job Grant could be adjusted to meet the needs of the business community.

Continued on pg. 12



Jan. - Feb. 2014

New Members

Hello Newest to our

River View Orchards 15 Ridgeview Drive Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1R1 Tel: (506) 440-4379 Email: Food Producer/Farm Contact: Andrew Lovell

Consultation Germain Landry Consulting 138 Willis Street Fredericton, NB E3A 5H3 Tel: (506) 447-1409 Email: Website: Research & Development Contact: Germain Landry

Jessica Lovell Accounting Tel: (506) 471-4574 Email: Student Membership

Massage Experts Fredericton 169 Dundonald Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1W7 Tel: (506) 440-8440 Email: Website: Health/Wellness Contact: Russell Drummond

Talkative Social Media 112 Parhurst Drive Fredericton, NB E3B 2J4 Tel: (506) 238-7709 Email: Social Media Contact: Ben Conoley

Heritage Renos & Exhibition 999 Clements Drive Fredericton, NB E3G 7J3 Tel: (506) 461-1307 Email: Building/Home Renovations Contact: John Morgan

Teresa Greer Email: Student Membership

Brendan Lee Young Email: Student Membership

Massage Addict Fredericton 520 Brookside Drive Fredericton, NB E3A 8V2 Email: Website: Health / Wellness Contact: Rick Dunn



Jan. - Feb. 2014

New Members

Members Staples 1140 Prospect Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3C1 Tel: (506) 462-4060 ext. 640 Email: Website: Retail/Specialty Stores Contact: Tim Granter

Isaac’s Way Restaurant 649 Queen Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1C3 Tel: (506) 474-7222 Email: Website: Restaurant Contact: Jason LeJeune

Resson Aerospace Corporation 276 Parkhurst Drive Fredericton, NB E3B 2J9 Tel: (506) 471-9457 Email: Website: Aerospace Contact: Peter Goggin

Atlantic Mediaworks 180 Charlotte Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1L2 Tel: (506) 458-8806 Email: Website: Contact: Daphne Curtis Audio/Visual Productions

Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne 715 rue Priestman Fredericton, NB E3B 5W7 Tel: (506) 453-2731 Fax: (506) 453-3958 Email: Website: Not-for-Profit Contact: Thierry Arseneau

Timbre Cases Inc. 50 Crowther Lane, Suite 140 Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Tel: (506) 476-4762 Email: Music Industry Conntact: Peter McMath

Calithumpians (Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theatre) 745 George Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1K6 Tel: (506) 457-1975 Email: Website: Arts / Entertainment Contact: Peter Pacey



Jan. - Feb. 2014


by Morgan Peters


ith New Brunswick’s provincial election fast approaching on 22 September 2014, the Fredericton chamber intends to compile a list of the 10 most important issues provincial issues to chamber members. We will then attempt to ascertain each party’s position on these issues in advance of the election to give our members the most current party-policy information in an effort to make voting decisions as informed as possible. With the current economic environment in the province, the next few years will be critical to determining the long-term financial future of the province. We have a few topics in mind based on our annual member survey results, but are also seeking input from the membership on your most important issues. Please send your suggestions to Morgan Peters, Policy and Research Manager at or call (506) 451-9742. Some of the topics that may make the list include: Small Business Tax Rate: New Brunswick’s small business tax rate currently sits at 4.5%, tied for the highest of any province in the country. The New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives promised to lower the rate to 2.5% during the 2010 election campaign but have recently stated that it will not go lower than 4.5% during the current mandate. It will be interesting to see if the Conservatives make a similar pledge in 2014. The chamber has previously supported the move to lower the small business small tax rate.



Jan. - Feb. 2014

Public Pension Reform: With the introduction of legislation to implement the shared risk model for public pensions in the fall of 2013, the Conservatives position appears relatively clear. This will likely be one of the key issues for the 2014 election as public servants, unions and the political parties appear to be split on their positions of (a) the viability of the shared risk model; and (b) who should be affected by its implementation. The chamber has previously supported the implementation of the shared risk model to pension reform. Shale Gas Exploration: Perhaps the most divisive political and social issue currently in New Brunswick will sure to be a contentious issue for the upcoming election and beyond. Citizens of the province are debating (a) the safety of the hydraulic fracturing process; and (b) the financial benefits to the province of developing the resource. The question of risk (likelihood of an incident x the consequences of an incident) vs. reward (the economic and social benefits of a viable industry) looks to be a debate that will continue well past the next election. The chamber has previously supported the exploration of shale reserves to determine if there are sufficient resources for a viable industry. These three issues are examples of topics that might be included in our top ten, but ultimately we want to take direction from the membership to make the information gathered as meaningful as possible. We should also note that the positions on some issues from some of the parties are clear at this point, but we may be able to ascertain more nuanced answers focused directly on the business community.

StartUp Fredericton

Why is there a StartUP Fredericton?


tartup Fredericton is a grassroots enterprise driven movement, bringing together entrepreneurs and stakeholders. Their mission is to get people together to support one another (in both successes and failures) as they create fantastic new companies in Fredericton. Startup Fredericton is made up of entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and intrapreneurs who work for other organizations. Organizations such as the chambers of commerce, universities, mentors and SMEs are also a big part of the Startup community.

Join the StartUP community if you would like to:

• Feed off other entrepreneurs talents, creativity & support; • Celebrate community rockstars; • Peer to peer StartUP coffee at the Cedar Tree Cafe; • Work with community enterprise partners; • Virtual access to entrepreneurs & thought leadership across the country; • Nationwide promotions in Canada StartUP Pivot Magazine & social media channels; • Access mentors, space, funding and support to start and grow your business; • Access to entrepreneurial education through the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce; • Help StartUp entrepreneurs by teaching and sharing your experiences as a way of giving back; • Attend our StartUP drinks social and hear fellow entrepreneurs speak about their journeys. There are many ways in which you can belong to this community. Come to events to learn about how you can be involved or to just meet other like-minded entrepreneurial people. As a wise man once asked “Who are the people in your neighbourhood?” Come join the community and find out.

StartUP Fredericton is organized by a panel of volunteers who have a passion for entrepreneurialism, for business and for people. We get together regularly to brainstorm and plan events for the Freddy Beach StartUp community. If you would like to come and see what we are all about, our events will be posted on the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Community Calendar, And since Fredericton was ranked #1 in Atlantic Canada for startups - this is the community to be a part of. Whether a startup, mentor, or community rockstar - “start” with us!

Twitter: @StartupFred Facebook: Startup Fredericton Website:



Jan. - Feb. 2014

The Two Keys

The two keys to Fredericton’s by David Campbell

Some of these entrepreneurs dream big. They get good at their business in Fredericton and then take on the world. Firms such as ADI, Radian6, Q1 Labs, Remsoft, CARIS, PQA, and SwiftRadius started in the capital city and are now serving clients across Canada and beyond. Collectively, these firms have built an impressive information technology (IT) and engineering services cluster.


tatistics Canada’s latest labour force survey contains some good news for the Fredericton region. There were nearly 2,000 more people working in October 2013 compared to the same month last year. The unemployment rate in the Fredericton-Oromocto economic region dropped from 7.8 percent last year to 6.7 percent now. Despite the turbulent economic conditions across New Brunswick, the Fredericton area seems to be bucking the trend. In my view, there are two keys to Fredericton’s future economic growth and prosperity: 1) continuing to foster high-potential start-up companies and 2) ensuring the talent pool is in place to support a growing, increasingly knowledge-based economy.

Key #1: Fredericton - New Brunswick’s Start-up Capital When asked to describe the Fredericton economy, most people would likely talk about the impact of the provincial government and the city’s universities. They might also mention the expanding role of health care. While these sectors do play an important role, if you dig a little deeper you will find the economy has some other very interesting attributes. It turns out that Fredericton is the start-up capital of New Brunswick - at least as measured by the number of people that are self-employed. Over 10 percent of workers earned self-employment income in 2011. There are over 5,700 registered business establishments in the Fredericton region and 82 percent of them have fewer than five employees.



Jan. - Feb. 2014

The Fredericton area has a higher concentration of people employed as computer and information systems professionals than all other urban centres in Atlantic Canada. In fact, among all of Canada’s urban centres, only Ottawa–Gatineau, Toronto, Québec City and Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo have a higher percentage of computer and information systems professionals in their workforce. That’s pretty good company. The community also has one of the highest concentrations of engineers of any urban centre across the country. Fredericton is home to an enviable roster of organizations mandated to ensure the community continues to turn out high-potential start-up companies. Run by the indefatigable Nancy Mathis, the Wallace McCain Institute at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) offers a variety of support programs for young entrepreneurs including the flagship ELP (entrepreneurial leaders program), targeting businesses that are ready to “bust-out” with new products, export plans, plant expansion and/or hiring increases. Also located on campus at UNB is the Pond-Deshpande Centre which was established to advance innovation and entrepreneurship with a particular focus on social enterprise. Fredericton’s Knowledge Park is home to the most exciting new start-up initiative in Atlantic Canada - Planet Hatch. Planet Hatch’s accelerator program provides early-stage companies with access to coaching, mentoring, funding, space and educational tools to commercialize their technologies into game-changing products and services. Planet Hatch is also involved in a variety of other activities meant to foster a start-up culture in the Fredericton region and beyond.

The Two Keys

prosperity: Start-ups and talent Key #2 - Talent development and attraction Few would argue the point that Fredericton offers its residents a high quality of life. The beautiful St. John River, ample walking/biking trails, charming downtown and vibrant arts and culture scene are just a few reasons why the community is a great place to live. On the talent development front, Fredericton has an unrivalled post-secondary educational infrastructure relative to the size of the community. There are over 10,000 post-secondary students in the Fredericton region, or about one student per nine residents. There are over 5,000 people employed in the education services sector, or 10 percent of total employment. It is important for this education and training infrastructure to align itself to the emerging workforce needs in the region. The community has also shown an ability to attract talent from other areas in Canada and beyond. In the 2011 National Household Survey, Statistics Canada provided data on migration patterns over the five year period between 2006 and 2011. In this timeframe, for every 100 persons that moved out of the Fredericton region, 120 people moved in. Among the important 25-34 age group, however, the migration pattern was reversed. For every 100 persons that moved out, only 70 moved in. Down the road in Saint John, 140 people in this age group moved in for every 100 going the other way. If Fredericton is going to continue growing world class firms, the supply of high quality talent for these businesses will be critical.

Continued economic growth matters

There are at least two overarching reasons why it is in the interests of all Frederictonians and New Brunswickers that the local economy and population continues to grow. First, continued population growth is needed to balance our demographic situation. In 2011, there were 34 people in the Fredericton area receiving Canada Pension Plan (CPP) cheques for every 100 persons earning employment income. Over the next 10-15 years the ratio of retirees to workers is set to get much worse as the baby boomers retire. We will need to attract more young workers just to ensure existing labour market needs are addressed.

Second, New Brunswick needs its urban areas to be generators of tax revenue to support our cherished public services and infrastructure. Frederictonians generate more taxes for government per capita than any other urban centre in New Brunswick. If the local economy isn’t growing and expanding its tax contribution to government it will be very hard to properly fund health care, education, transportation infrastructure, etc. Fredericton has the building blocks to continue its role as a dynamic and growing urban centre in New Brunswick. Local business, government and community leaders need to work together to ensure these strengths are being used to foster a more prosperous Fredericton and, by extension, a stronger provincial economy. David Campbell is the President of Jupia Consultants Inc., an economic development consulting firm based in Moncton. He is also a Research Fellow with the Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy and Public Administration (CIRPPPA) at the UniversitÊ de Moncton and a columnist with the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal.

Message from CEO

Continued from pg. 5 Going forward, we are working to ensure that whatever programs are offered to assist businesses in the area of training and hiring are feasible, targeted and affordable. The program must provide the needed opportunities for upgrading employee skills as well as training potential employees. We hope that we will see positive results from our collaborative efforts. Let us Show you the Money – Another event that we were able to provide to our members through collaboration with others. This event was co-organized by NB Innovation Foundation, First Angel Network, Financial and Consumer Services Commission, and Planet Hatch. With nearly 100 guests registered to attend this session, the information shared about how to access funding for small businesses was a hot topic. By collaborating with the various groups who can help small business in this regard, we were able to provide information to our members on a topic that was requested in our most recent annual membership survey.

In business, I think it is fair to say that we try to think of how to use our resources in the most efficient way, how to stretch out the resources that we have to make the most of them. We know that it is important to avoid overlapping efforts, and creating redundancies. When you think of your resources with this lens, you come up with collaboration! I am proud to tell you that at the chamber, we are thinking just like you are! We are finding ways to ensure that our resources are used efficiently by working with others towards common goals. Through collaboration we are able to provide more events, greater advocacy, increased networking and additional benefits. As you read this message, we are beginning a new year. May 2014 be successful for you both personally and professionally. We look forward to working with you, and for you, in the coming year. Please let us know what we can do to make your chamber even better for you. If there are ideas you have for services, networking, professional development or advocacy, please share them! We would love to collaborate with you!!!

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Insight 12

Jan. - Feb. 2014

2013-11-22 2:30 PM

Economic Development

Wage Subsidy Programs in New Brunswick by Morgan Peters

Neil Squire Society – Working Together Program

Other Wage Subsidy Programs in New Brunswick

The Neil Squire Society ( is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Burnaby, BC with a regional office in Fredericton that assists persons with physical disabilities acquire meaningful jobs through the use of computer-based assistive technologies, research and development, and various employment programs. Since its establishment in 1984, more than 29,000 people have been assisted throughout Canada.

One-Job Pledge: This program is targeted towards hiring workers who have graduated from a post-secondary institution in the previous four years. As per the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour’s website: “The percentage of wage reimbursement for a recent post-secondary graduate is 70 percent of the wage up to $10 per hour, for a maximum of 40 hours per week. The duration of a subsidy for a recent post-secondary graduate is 52 weeks. The employee must be paid at least $14 per hour.” More details can be found here: ry_education_training_and_labour/services/services_renderer. 201311.One_Job_Pledge_Initiative_.html.

The chamber has recently partnered with the Society to promote their “Working Together” program to our members. The goal is to help organizations to create a more diverse and inclusive working environment. The program connects job seekers with disabilities to employers by providing a wage subsidy for a minimum of six months to a maximum of one year. Participant employers are required to “provide an individual with a disability a part-time or full-time employment opportunity with the likelihood of long-term employment and to maintain contact with the Neil Squire Society staff and provide feedback to assist in the individual’s professional development.” The stated advantages to employers are: (1) eliminate the hiring and training cost of a new employee; (2) experience a reduced turnover rate when hiring someone with a disability; (3) learn the value of hiring an individual with a disability; (4) encourage a more diverse and inclusive working environment; and (5) an opportunity to learn a positive business case. More details on the Working Together program can be found here: individual-programs-services/workingtogether/

Workforce Expansion – Employer Wage Incentive: The Employer Wage Incentive program is a temporary wage reimbursement initiative meant to help establish permanent employment or annually recurring seasonal jobs. The rate and duration of wage incentive that are available depend on the type of employment that is created and individual employed, falling under three categories: Permanent Employment: Applies to unemployed individuals who are EI eligible. Incentive is for 50 per cent of the hourly wage to a maximum of $8.00 per hour for a duration of 12-24 weeks, depending on the National Occupation Code (NOC) of the job. Individuals from a priority group (Aboriginals / Social Assistance Recipients / Persons with a Disability / Visible Minorities / Newcomers / Older Workers) are eligible for 70 per cent of the hourly wage. Annually Recurring Seasonal Job: Applies to unemployed individuals who are EI eligible. Incentive is also for 50 per cent of the hourly wage to a maximum of $8.00 per hour. Employment must be for a period of at least 14 weeks in duration and funding is for half the employment period (a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 10 weeks). Recent Post-secondary Graduates: Applies to unemployed individuals who have graduated from a recognized institution within the last four years from a program that was 40 weeks in duration or more. The position must be related to the employee’s field of study. For unemployed individuals who are EI eligible, duration is 40 weeks. For unemployed individuals who are not EI eligible, duration is 24 weeks.

13 Insight Jan. - Feb. 2014

Energy Choices for your Future The Smart Grid – Constant Energy in a World of Constant Change. Energy systems worldwide are facing a growing range of challenges. To minimize the amount of energy, emissions and revenue wasted in transmission and distribution, we have to maximize the intelligence we put into our energy systems. That’s why smart infrastructure grids will be a substantial, if not decisive, part of tomorrow’s energy distribution. Thanks to decades of proven expertise and a unique global execution footprint, Siemens offers an open and flexible architecture of solutions with the industry’s most comprehensive smart grid solutions.

Siemens’ end-to-end Smart Grid portfolio enables a paradigm shift away from a centralized, reactive and producer-controlled network toward a grid that is decentralized, proactive and demand-controlled. It allows efficient power generation and delivery in the future, and a safer, more efficient and economically optimized power grid for New Brunswick. It results in higher capacity utilization, greater overall transparency and opportunities to further stabilize systems, develop new business models and optimize energy trading. Siemens Canada is proud to be the platinum sponsor of the 2014 State of the Province Address.

Answers for Canada.

We know, love and understand Atlantic Canadian business Advocate has been a key part of Atlantic Canadian success stories since 1891. We know how to make a lasting impression. Whether you need a corporate brochure, letterhead and _Uþ3  U þ5 þÜþ] þ 5L35 5þ ÜÜþ   campaign; our expert team has the practical advice and impactful solutions to meet your goals, connect with clients and grow your business. SUE-ELLEN RICHARDS Director of Sales, New Brunswick/New England Telephone: 506-832-2483 Cell: 506-654-1303 DIEPPE | PICTOU | SAINT JOHN | ST. STEPHEN














OFFICE SPACE NEEDED The Downtown Optometry Clinic has been continuously operating in downtown Fredericton for over 60 years. Dr Smith and Dr Mulherin provide comprehensive vision health care, with a staff of five, including a licensed optician and optometric assistants. From eye health care services to the provision of high quality eye glasses and contact lenses, we strive to exceed our patients’ expectations, being a truly patient care based practice. We believe in complete eye health care, and are committed to practice growth through a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction. From complete eye examinations, and contact lens fitting and training, to personalized eyeglass fittings and superior quality lenses, our goal is to serve as your family’s eye care practice for life. We have recently moved to our new office located at 169 Dundonald Street, in the Tingleys building. Our office has a spacious dispensary with a large selection of frames, and new equipment to better serve our patients and provide the care and service that they have come to expect. Our office hours are Monday to Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Thursday from 8am – 8pm, and Saturday mornings from 9am – 12pm. We invite everyone to come visit our new office and see what the Downtown Optometry Clinic has to offer.

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is seeking information on potential spaces to host our office after our current lease expires on 31 December 2014. Please note that we will not be visiting premises at this time, but simply collecting information on prospective offices in our community – particularly in the greater downtown area. The chamber will request detailed proposals at a later date. To give a general idea of our space needs, please note the following (these items are subject to change and are simply a list of our anticipated requirements as we begin this process): • 2500-3500 square feet • 8-10 office spaces plus reception • Boardroom, mid-sized meeting room, 1-2 small meeting rooms • Kitchen facilities • Washroom(s) • Copy / file room • Storage / work room • Ground floor preferable but not necessary – Street / Façade signage necessary • Parking Chamber members interested in providing information on potential space should send an email to the chamber’s premises committee at The committee previously sent an email to chamber members who may have knowledge of available space, if anyone was inadvertently missed in this initial communication, please accept our apologies. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank our current landlord, Dr. Salem Masry of Caris for our eight years at 270 Rookwood Avenue. We encourage any local organizations to investigate this great space to see if it is a fit your operation.

January 14, 2014

February 12, 2014

March 17, 2014

January 30, 2014

March 12, 2014

March 18, 2014

February 6, 2014

March 13, 2014

The ART of Networking at The Station / La Gare

State of the Province Address at the Fredericton Convention Centre

Business After Hours hosted by Bulletproof Solutions Inc.



Jan. - Feb. 2014

Lunch & Learn – Social Media (Part 1) at Kingswood Lodge

Lunch & Learn – Social Media (Part 2) at Kingswood Lodge

Business After Hours hosted by Cook In Services

Fredericton Rotary Luncheon at the Fredericton Inn

Distinguished Citizen Awards at the Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hotel

March 28, 2014

Curling Funspiel at the Capital Winter Club

Join Us!

Join the Chamber in celebrating our 140th Anniversary in 2014!

In 2014 the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating their 140th anniversary. In preparation of this milestone, a committee has been formed to organize a celebration of the accomplishments of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and Fredericton community over the last 140 years. The celebration will consist of three separate events: a volunteer day, a community event and a member event. The committee consists of the following individuals:

Barb Clarke Cathy Pugh Christina Nicoll Janice Corey, Past President & Chair Jessica Cleveland Jill Dickinson Kelly Kelly Kevin Brewer Krista Ross, CEO Lee Shakoto Lindsay Johnston Lynn Fullarton Mac MacFarlane Stacey Murray, Event Manager Sylvain Pitre Wendy Southworth

BarbaraLee Designs Fredericton Convention Centre The Kidney Foundation of Canada Corey & Company Central Valley Adult Learning Association Inc. Clowater's Plumbing & Heating Kelly's Homes Ltd. Kevin Brewer Financial Fredericton Chamber of Commerce BarbaraLee Designs Gorham Real Estate / Premiere Executive Suites Fredericton Optimized Planning & Interiors Inc. Investors Group Financial Services Fredericton Chamber of Commerce WEDS - Weddings and Events Designed by Sylvain Priority Personnel Inc.

More details regarding this celebration will be announced in 2014. We hope you, your family, friends, and co-workers will join us in celebrating our 140th anniversary.

17 Insight Jan. - Feb. 2014

Wendy Hébert-Hoël Sales Consultant 450-7858

Sales Display Office: Heritage Memorials Ltd. 183 Main St. Fredericton, NB (across from Foodland)

As the leading retail monument manufacturing company in Atlantic Canada, Heritage Memorials is committed to custom designing, fabricating and installing meaningful memorials for the families we serve. We have recently undergone a multimillion dollar plant expansion and retooling to improve efficiency and widen the range of products we can offer. We have operated our current regional sales display office in Fredericton since 1988, and I myself joined the Heritage team in 2013. I am a licensed life insurance agent, so I have the flexibility to assist the public in pre-funding their cemetery memorial through the FamilySide insurance program. To learn more about Heritage’s wide ranging products designed to suit any budget, please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation consultation.

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call 506-451-6835 or email

The Buzz

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On Thursday, November 28, 2013

the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and Fredericton North Rotary invited David Innes, President and CEO Fredericton International Airport Authority Inc. to speak to their members on “The Community Air Access Strategy - A Call for Action”. Mr. Innes addressed issues related to improved air access as well as specific initiatives aimed at improving air service in our community.

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ber 5, 2013 the Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hote hosted the Freder l icton Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Business After Hours and An nual Chamber Christmas Party. Santa made an ap pearance at this event and brough t many deserving members a present for their ki nd donations to th e Children’s Wish Foundation. We ho pe everyone had a happy and safe holiday season.

19 Insight Jan. - Feb. 2014

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Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Jan. / Feb. 2014  
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce "Insight" Jan. / Feb. 2014