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IN THIS ISSUE: Sheri Allen’s ‘Dirty’ Little Secret Emerge Gives Back Featured Project: Driving In The Mine Taking a bite of the Apple

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FEATURED PROJECT: OSSA DRIVING IN THE MINE ................ 2 FEATURED LEARNING TOPIC: ON THE ‘WEB’ .......................... 4 EASTERN DELIGHT................................................................ 6 EMERGE GIVES BACK ............................................................ 4 TAKING A BITE OF THE APPLE ............................................... 6 EMERGE GETS ANALYZED...................................................... 7 ELEARNING ON ELEARNING .................................................. 7 ALL ENERGY SHOW – ABERDEEN MAY 2010 ........................... 8 UP IN THE AIR……. ............................................................... 9 EMERGE ON THE WEST COAST .............................................. 9 EMERGE IN PRINT............................................................... 10 EMERGE ONLINE…. ............................................................. 10 EMERGE DEMONSTRATES ITS AGILITY ................................ 10 THE X-FACTOR……. ............................................................. 11 OILPATCH EX GOES LIVE..................................................... 11 NEWS…………………. ............................................................. 11 …AND FINALLY…… .............................................................. 11


By Jody Edwards


In this edition, our very own Sheri Allen leads the way on sharing with us information about the person behind the consultant. You will be able to watch the interview we did with Sheri earlier this year. Plus she has a dirty little secret to share with us. We will be continuing this feature in future editions and would like to showcase one of our fabulous Associates in the next edition. Click here to see Sheri’s interview. Want to volunteer? Contact Matt Ravlich

A ‘BRAND’ NEW EMERGE By Jody Edwards

As many of you know, earlier this year Emerge has been refreshing its image. We have rolled out some great marketing materials including a refreshed website, a brochure, postcards and a new Sales tool for eLearning called eLearning on eLearning (see separate story and link). We have been ensuring that our new image is being updated on the rest of our company materials including business cards, documents, proposals and workbooks. If you are looking for logos or how to represent Emerge please visit the associate facebook page or go to

The Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) developed the Regional Code of Practice (RCOP) to maintain safety standards across its member companies. Emerge was contracted to develop an eLearning course to ensure that when operators — contractors or employees — show up for their first day of work in a mine, they not only know and understand the RCOP, they can apply that knowledge on the job.

N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0


This project, which will launch by the end of the year, is a fantastic example of Emerge excellence. The course starts off with a devastating three-dimensional (3D) scenario that immediately underscores the value of paying attention to the RCOP. What follows, using 2D animation, video, some great interactions and some truly excellent writing, engages the learner from start to finish. Congratulations to all who had a part in its production. If you would like to see a sample of this course let us know.



N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0

Web Conferencing? Webinar? Webcasting? So what’s the difference between them all you may ask? The business goal for all of this technology is typically the same, to communicate with a geographically dispersed group of people via the internet. But there are some big differences in the technology and the size of group it involves. A web conference is an online meeting typically conducted by combining telephone with the web. Slides are used to present and you share your desktop online using your PC. Audio is captured and transmitted through your phone line or by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). In some circumstances, video can be captured using a web camera and with the addition of tools, surveys and polls it can lead to a highly engaging session. Web conferencing is ideal for small, collaborative meetings where most—if not all—participants communicate with one another. Web conferencing is two-way

collaboration between the presenter and the participants and is best used in groups of 15-

20 persons.

A webcast is a live or on-demand presentation streamed over the web in audio or audio and video. Webcasting is ideal for targeting large audiences with virtually no interaction with the presenter and is essentially broadcasting over the internet. A webcast is typically a sophisticated, professionally produced program of broadcast quality, streamed live with almost any combination of interactive features that are also used in web-conferencing such as tools, surveys and polls. The biggest difference between Webcasting and Web conferencing is the predominance of video vs. sharing desktop applications and content. That makes Webcasting preferable for high-profile public events.

Webinar is a term used to describe a specific type of web conference short for "Web Seminar". A "webinar" expands the idea of a webcast into a more interactive format and attempts to reproduce the benefits of attending a live seminar with limited interaction using one-way communication

with only the presenter with little to no interaction with other participants. Audience

members can ask questions of the presenter, the speaker can survey or poll the audience and get feedback as he or she delivers the information.

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So whatever you are learning, do it on the web and share it with others. Contact us as if you would like to know how we could help you take your content to a wider audience.


Every year Emerge tries to make a meaningful contribution to our community as way of saying thank you for our success. This year we decided to go a step farther, by creating our first annual “Giving Back” project. Our idea is to support one charity or organization a year through our expertise in training and eLearning. For our inaugural project we chose to support Volunteer Calgary. The project they requested was an eLearning orientation for people interested in becoming a Board Member for a volunteer organization. For us, this project seemed a natural fit where we could impact more than one organization at a time, with both our governance and eLearning knowledge and expertise. By enlisting the support of Dave Kelly, a one time Canadian breakfast TV host, and Kathy Shane, a talented narrator who has worked with us on many projects, and an assortment of talented and generous actors we provided not only a great course, but also an engaging volunteer recruitment video. Volunteer Calgary will be launching the module towards the end of the year. 4


N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0

months later, Apple once again caused masshysteria among Apple fans (myself included) when it released the iPhone 4.

If you support a charity that you think might benefit by our annual “Giving Back” program please let us know. We will be choosing our 2011 project in December this year.

In previous years, many greeted these sorts of announcements from Apple with fanfare and celebration. Jovial fan boys couldn’t wait to pitch their tents outside the local Apple store as the hype would be further fueled by high praise and excitement generated by the media. And while the fan boys did still line up blindly as Apple released these new products, this year brought a much different story from the media.

EASTERN DELIGHT By Natalie Macaulay, Partner

In July this year we were retained to deliver Change Transition workshops for over 150 employees of Petro Canada in Syria. Suncor Energy completed a merger with PetroCanada last year and these workshops which were delivered to North American staff last year were offered, via the International HR team to the foreign assets. The workshops were delivered to staff across three locations: head office in Damascus, the Gas Treatment Plant and Gas Gathering Station in the Syrian desert, 2 hours north east of Damascus. View Natalie's blog from Syria.

TAKING A BITE OF THE APPLE By Evan Lauderdale, Totally devoted to all things Apple.

This past spring was a busy one for the folks over at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino Tech giant Apple turned many heads in April when it released its brand new product line when they announced the iPad. A few

N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0

You can view the module at

It all started at the beginning of 2010 when Apple first announced its plans to launch the iPad. The new gadget was seen by most as… well… a giant iPod. The reaction of many was one of “uhh… Steve, that’s not quite what we had in mind”. People couldn’t understand how they would use such a device. It wasn’t a laptop, but it wasn’t small enough to be an iPod. So what was it? Many people were quick to dismiss the iPad as an experiment gone wrong - a technological Frankenstein unfit for this world. As launch day approached, the media outlets continued their criticism. Could this be Apple’s first real failure? Experts made their sales predictions: ”Wall Street expects Apple's 'risky' iPad to sell 1M-5M in first year” read one headline. Would the media be correct? Would this new product inevitably fall short compared to the success of all the other idevices? All of the media’s questions were quickly answered 80 days post iPad launch when Steve Jobs announced that Apple had sold 3 million iPads. Let that soak in a bit. 3 MILLION units… in 80 days. The mass media was wrong about the iPad. And not just by a little. By a lot. The iPad was a mass hit. Not only was it a hit for the Apple fans, but it was 6

The media’s urge to find holes in Apple’s armor happened once again in mid-July. Fresh off the launch of the new iPhone 4 in late June, media outlets again were quick to criticize the new product. The claim? The new iPhone 4 was technically flawed and would drop calls by simply placing ones hand over the bottom left corner of the device. THIS…yes, this for sure was Apple’s first real failure! The story spiraled out of control as PR “experts” believed a recall was inevitable. The story became so out of proportion that it forced Apple to hold a press conference in its defense. During that press conference, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would issue free cases for all newly purchased iPhone 4’s to fight the so-called ‘antennagate’ problems. Jobs insisted there really wasn’t a problem and encouraged all consumers to return their devices if they weren’t completely satisfied. The result? 3 million iPhones sold in just under a month. Here in Canada, currently the phone is so popular that a month after launch, consumers still must wait for 5 hours in line when new stock arrives at an Apple store. As an owner of both products mentioned here I can safely say this: Yes, the iPad is amazing. It may not be for everyone but I fully believe it has the potential to revolutionize the learning industry. No, the iPhone 4 does not have signal issues. Having owned it for over a month, I have dropped zero calls from my end. And while Apple releases amazing new products, I think we will continue to see more Apple criticism in

the future. As Apple quickly grows to become the industry leader in technology, more and more people will look to take a bite out of the apple. However, I learned this year that it’s best to make decisions for your self. Don’t let the media influence your decisions and get swept into the hype either way. In a world where mis-information can run rampant, it’s important for people to do their own research and always educate themselves. With that said, it does look as though Mr. Jobs still has it. My opinion? Self-made billionaires usually know what they are doing. (See Flash

N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0

also a big hit for regular consumers in everyday computing scenarios. The iPad surpassed many people’s expectations. But then again, why were we expecting anything less from Apple?


Note from the Editor: Evan does not moonlight for Apple nor does he gain commission for writing this article from Apple. He did however line up for over 5 hours for his iPhone 4 and for that reason alone we honour his passion, enthusiasm and support for all things Apple.

EMERGE GETS ANALYZED By Matt Ravlich, King of Social Media

We have been working hard to make our website ( more web 2.0 friendly and to attract more visitors to our site. We have been using Google analytics to help us with our web efforts and it has provided us with some really effective information. Google analytics is such a great tool for any website. You can see exactly how many visitors your site is getting, where they are coming from, how many pages they view and so much more. It gives you the ability to see if your website is effective and if you are attracting the audience you are targeting. This service allows you to set goals for your site and helps you create metrics to compare and see how your site is performing. Oh, and did I mention it does all this for free?!?

ELEARNING ON ELEARNING By Simon Hester, UK Business Development Lead

Whilst eLearning is an established technology, many people are not yet truly aware of what eLearning offers and cannot always identify the many potential benefits it will 7

We’ve held a couple of business development meetings where we have used this tool as part of the meeting and the initial feedback is great. The viewers grasped the concept and quickly identified areas where it may be of benefit to their organisation – they then lead the discussion and start defining what they want us to achieve – so don’t miss out on this exciting learning technology view it now on our website!

ALL ENERGY SHOW – ABERDEEN MAY 2010 By Natalie Macaulay, UK Business Development Lead

When I landed in Aberdeen, Scotland in May in preparation for the All Energy Show 2010, I could have been forgiven for thinking that I had landed in a slightly spruced up version of Fort McMurray, Canada (sorry Fort McMurray). If you have never been to Fort McMurray (or Aberdeen for that matter), then what I mean is that they looked virtually the same…of course. Aberdeen is the Oil and Gas boom town of Scotland; Fort Murray the same of Alberta. Petite provincial airports full of Oil and Gas workers to’ing and fro’ing, a distinct feeling of ‘industry’ in the air and Oil and Gas advertising everywhere you look. But that is where the similarities stopped. Aberdeen is approximately 4 times the size of Fort McMurray with a population of circa 250,000. It is on the Eastern seaboard of Scotland and serves the offshore North Sea Oil and Gas industry. All Energy 2010 was the 10th such show, which is dedicated to all Energy production other than conventional Oil and Gas and is dominated by the Renewable Energy sources. Now if you don’t know anything

about Renewable Energy sources you are likely to at least identify Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal and Biomass as renewable sources. This year however seemed, to me at least, to be the year led by the Wind Power producers, like Trillium Wind Power Corporation of Canada. Wind Power appears to have incredible potential to provide a significant portion of the power that we have and all with zero emissions. There are plans afoot for large Wind Farms in the North Sea, off the East Coast of the USA and in the Great Lakes in Canada. One of the attractions is that this part of the industry can tap existing skills from the traditional Oil and Gas sector. The positioning and placement of Wind Turbines draws on skills that are deployed to position off shore rigs and the power transmission lines are not dissimilar to those of Oil and Gas pipelines. One of the best things I learned at the Show was about Liquid Ammonia but I won’t go off into that here, but if you get a minute you might want to Google it. See what you can learn?

N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0

undoubtedly have for their particular organisation. We have therefore created a tool which filled any knowledge gaps and to a certain extent mirrors the concept of a learning module.

You may, at this juncture, be wondering why on earth Emerge Learning would choose to be at a Renewable Energy Show? Well we have an idea to produce electricity from Learners by making them walk on specially engineered treadmills that produce electricity whilst they are engaged in eLearning. Of course I am kidding. We were invited to join the Canadian and Alberta governments Show stand as part of the Canadian delegation attending the show. Having just expanded our Canadian company into the UK this year it was a good opportunity. In fact it was a great opportunity as it turned out because the show was full of potential clients like the ones we service in Calgary, all of whom have new and growing businesses that require people. Even better we were the only Learning company on site and that made us stand


The other thing that amazed me was a contact that was made by an Eastern Canadian organisation. You may think that is not very surprising considering we are a company Head quartered in Canada and we were stood on the Canadian stand. Well the reason it was remarkable is because the contact came from the organisation that was not at the Show and here is how they learned about us. As a company who loves to leverage technology for learning, my colleague, Simon Hester, and myself were providing regular video logs from the exhibition for our own team back in Calgary. Our team then loaded these videos to You Tube and ‘tweeted’ about them on Twitter using something called a hash tag. The organisation was following the All Energy Show on Twitter, watched our video logs and our infomercial about who we are and what we do and then contacted us by Twitter. Remarkable. The power of social media continues to impress me for how it can raise your profile and get you known to people who ‘may’ just be looking for someone just like you to help them. So we leave All Energy 2010 for this year and head back to our offices in the UK and Canada with a new perspective for a developing part of the Energy world and who knows, maybe a new sector for us to develop and deliver Outstandingly Wicked Learning for?

UP IN THE AIR By Kathryn Skeet, Production Daredevil

Despite the fact that technically I am still a teenager, I know who Bob Marley is. Why do I know who he is? Well, because my best friend and I are trying to live by the quote

“Live the life you love, Love the life you live” (one of his song titles). So we have compiled a young person’s version of a bucket list: everything we want to do in the next few years. Skydiving was on the top of our list! We decided not to tell our parents because we knew that if ‘the’ parents knew that they would tell us we couldn’t or try to talk us out of doing it. So on a bright and sunny morning right around my 19th birthday, we did it. Yep, we jumped out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft with nothing but a flimsy parachute to guide our fall to earth. It was incredible. Although, now my Dad knows that I have a list he is asking me what comes next?

N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0

out. Now it remains to be seen if we will gain any new clients from the opportunity but there are at least 25 companies that have now heard of us, that hadn’t before and that can’t be bad.

Kathryn is currently studying at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology on the New Media Program. She is completing an Emerge Learning internship with our production team.

EMERGE ON THE WEST COAST By Pat Schneider, Proud owner of 135 steps at her Pacific Ocean front residence

While we have worked in British Columbia for several years (principally with BC Hydro in the design and delivery of their Supervising for Results blended learning program) we currently do not have a long list of BC based clients. That could all change now that Pat has an office in her Victoria home. Over the past 5 months Pat has met with potential BC clients who are interested in the breadth and depth of our experience. She is particularly motivated to work with BC and Victoria based clients as this would allow her to spend more time in her new garden that hangs on an Oceanside cliff and where watching sailboats, otters, eagles, herons and hummingbirds are a potential source of daily inspiration. The house also provides an opportunity for getting in shape – there are 35 steps down to the front door and more than a 100 down to the ocean!


By Rob Skeet, Partner

Recently, Emerge Learning’s own Rob Skeet was interviewed for an article in MultiLingual Magazine entitled Embracing disruption: translating e-learning texts. Rob explains why localized instructor led training is so important and the challenges faced in the new global marketplace. The writer of the article, Adam Blau, works for a partner company of ours called Milengo. Rob met up with Adam and Milengo at the Macie Learning Conference two years ago and have since developed a strong relationship. What is unique is that they are a global company who use local translators from all over the world and also use localized voice talent to ensure the dialect is authentic. Emerge has engaged Milengo to help deliver eLearning programs in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and German.

groups, web-conferencing allows participants to meet and interact virtually with each other and their facilitator. This helps to decrease travel costs for the participants and facilitators as well as allowing for little to no impact on productivity for the client. In some cases, the sessions used web cameras, which increased the level of interactivity with the groups. Through the use of polling and ‘live’ chat functions, facilitators were able to pose questions to the group and create some great discussions. Our facilitators were able to take the same material used in classroom sessions and adapt it for use in the web-conferencing sessions along with the use of video and sound to enhance the overall sessions. In all cases we utilized the client’s webconferencing technology that was already in place, which helped to increase their Return on Investment (ROI) and gained us a greater working knowledge of both the Microsoft Live Meeting and Cisco Web Ex solutions.

N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0


You can find the article by clicking this link:


We were also to be found in the latest edition of the Human Resources Institute of Alberta’s quarlterly publication, Network. This article focuses on a project we did for PetroCanda (now part of Suncor Energy) harnessing mobile media in delivering an onboarding package for new employees. For the full article written by our own Natalie Macaulay, click on the following link. HTTP://WWW.NXTBOOK.COM/NXTBOOKS/NA YLOR/HRIQ0310/#/22

EMERGE ONLINE By Jeannette Jervis, Emerge Learning’s publishing and webcasting guru

This past year we have had a tremendous opportunity to deliver Leadership Development training for more than three clients through the use of web-conferencing. A learning tool that is best used in small

EMERGE DEMONSTRATES ITS AGILITY By Rob Skeet, Partner in Charge of Technology

Over the past few months, Emerge’s production department has undergone a few process changes. Choosing to send the old waterfall method over the cliff in exchange for a more AGIL[sic] method of development. In short, the idea is, rather than waiting for scripts or instructional designs (ID) to be signed off before starting production, AGIL development breaks the project into a series of tasks that can be accomplished whilst waiting for the ID to be approved. Another key part to the AGIL process are daily SCRUMS where, in 15 minutes or less, the team meets standing up and reports on what they did the day previously, what they are working on today and whether there are any 10

Want to learn about SCRUM? View this short (less than 10 minute) video on YouTube: oUI

THE X-FACTOR By Matt (Simon Cowell) Ravlich, Emerge X judge.

Emerge Learning has some exciting news to announce. We are about to roll out our first ever Emerge branded eLearning modules. They will be available for purchase on our website. Our initial offering will consist of four eLearning products with additional module planned for the later in the year. EmergeSAFE: is a module on safety in the workplace and which advocates to the learner to have the courage to speak up for safe actions and performance. EmergePERFORM: is a toolkit tailored to help leaders perform effectively in their role and in their engagements with their employees. EmergeEXPLORATION and EmergeDRILLING are eLearning modules aimed at training people about the oil and gas industry and are currently embedded in our blended learning workshop called OilPatchEX. Curious about OilPatchEX then click here.

OILPATCH EX GOES LIVE By Natalie Macaulay, Partner in Charge of Business Development

MMBOE? WTI? Crack spread? If you have no idea what these terms mean or have never even heard of them, then you may be interested in taking the introduction to the onshore Canadian (sorry Europe but watch for OffshoreEX coming to the UK soon) Oil and Gas industry with the help of OilpatchEX. OilpatchEX, (the

EX stands for next generation) is a 2 day interactive and highly engaging blended learning course that incorporates 2 eLearning modules (introduction to exploration and drilling&completions), a one day facilitator led workshop, followed by a one day simulation: exploring, drilling and producing oil on your own lease. The course is brought to you by the collaborative efforts of the OilPatchEX partners: Emerge Learning, June Warren Nicles Publishing, Simprentis and Rainmaker Global Business Development. The course runs each month and can even be run internally within organizations as an in-house offering to staff. Be sure to view the trailer for OilPatch EX {link to Oilpatch trailer]

N E W S L E T T E R FAL L 2 0 1 0

blocks. This new method of development has re-ignited the team and from all accounts has benefitted the production process immensely!

For more information on OilPatchEX and to join our next course click here

NEWS New 1.5 hour session ready on Engaging the Generations. Workshop roadmap & supporting media available. Speak to Natalie for more information. Latest newsletter from the UK-Canada Chamber of commerce. Emerge Learning is a corporate member of the chamber.

‌AND FINALLY If you have liked what we have produced here then please tell others. If you don’t like what we have produced here then please tell us! Contact us at with any feedback you have. Thanks for reading, we hope you learned something? Team Emerge in Canada and the UK


Emerge Fall Newsletter  

Emerge Learning's Fall Newsletter features articles on Emerge's latest news, events and projects that have kept us busy.

Emerge Fall Newsletter  

Emerge Learning's Fall Newsletter features articles on Emerge's latest news, events and projects that have kept us busy.