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M-SAT 10:30-10 p.m. SUN 11-9:30 p.m.

Creswell Exit 182 .2 mile east of I-5 70 EMERALD PARKWAY 541-895-3051



Happy Hour Specials Daily Specials Breakfast Served All Day To-Go Orders Available

The Hungry Man!

Service excellent, food was great and we will be going back to this restaurant! — Michaelle Bowen

Lumber Jack Burger w/ a Fried Egg

Come Watch the Game! NFL Sunday Ticket & PAC-12 Channels Full-Service Lounge

Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp

Slow Roasted Prime Rib

Restaurant open daily, 7 AM - 9 PM • Bar open until midnight or later 365 E Oregon Avenue, Creswell • 541-895-3109/541-895-3164 • I-5 Creswell Exit next to the Super 8 Motel and Arco Gas Station



A Friendly City welcome! ness of the people. Since then, Creswell has grown in size from 1,700 to over 5,400 today, but the special atmosphere hasn’t changed. Meander our streets, visit our shops, talk with our residents, and I think you’ll agree that Creswell is a special place.

By Mayor Dave Stram ON BEHALF of the many people who call Creswell “home,” I’m pleased to extend this welcome to you. Thirty-six years ago, our family moved to Creswell; we have enjoyed the small town feel and friendli-

In 1873, the Creswell Post Office opened and the City was named after John Creswell, then serving as the U.S. Postmaster General. Creswell came to be known as “Fruitlands,” with an arch spanning the entrance to the town proclaiming the same; there were 5,000 acres of producing orchards, a cannery, packing plant and a fruit dryer by the time Creswell was incorporated in 1909. Today Creswell is a bustling town with new residents and businesses arriving every year. With easy access to the Eugene and Springfield area, many choose to live here and commute elsewhere for work.

Children’s Services and Mark Few, men’s basketball coach at Gonzaga University and the winningest active coach in NCAA Division 1 basketball. Located between City Hall and the Fire Station is our Veterans memorial, honoring the memory of Creswellians who served in the armed forces. Here you’ll find tribute paid to Navy seaman First Class Duane Hodges who, on January 23, 1968, died aboard the U.S.S. Pueblo when it came under fire from North Korea. IN LANE COUNTY and across the state, Creswell is known for its Fourth of July celebration, its top-ranked Emerald Valley Golf Course and the Creswell Bakery. At the heart of Creswell are the people who live here. Driving into Creswell you’ll see our welcome sign that says it best: “Welcome to Creswell, the Friendly City!”

Famous Creswellians include Harry and Bertha Holt, founders of Holt International

25 S. Mill St. Creswell, OR 97426


M-F 8 am - 5:30 pm Sat 8 am-4 pm Sun CLOSED

Serving Lane County for over

30 years

Point S (formerly known as Creswell Tire Factory and I-5 Tire) has been serving Lane County for over 30 years. With continued support from surrounding areas such as Pleasant Hill, Dexter, Goshen, Springfield and Cottage Grove our business continues to flourish. We employ two A.S.E. Certified Technicians for all your automotive and light truck needs. Our Quick Lube services hundreds of vehicle a month and we are able to meet your factory warranty requirements as well as scheduled maintenance. We also sell many lines of tires to meet your driving requirements for every budget. 4


What Do Ya Know? Creswell 101 Population: 5,410 Land area of city:

Railways: Central

School District Office:

Oregon Pacific Rail

1.7 square miles

Water treatment plant:

998 W. A St. / 541-895-6000

Size of government: 26 Elevation: 542 feet Population density:

34276 Cloverdale Road

3,153 per square mile Landmarks: Creswell Butte, located south of the City; Middle Fork of the Willamette River,

Wastewater treatment facility: 395 Meadow Lane Other water sources:

Creslane elementary: grades K-5; 996 W. A St. / 541-895-6140

Creswell Middle: grades 6-8;

Garden Lake Well Field

655 W. Oregon Ave. / 541-895-6090

Public Works Shop:

Creswell High: grades 9-12;

83624 N. Pacific Highway (HWY 99)

33390 Niblock Lane / 541-895-6020

located to the east of the City; Interstate 5, divides the City.

Fire stations: South Lane

Nearest City over 50,000:

Electric providers: Emerald

Creswell Christian Academy: grades k-12: 597 S.

Eugene/Springfield, North of City on 1-5; 12 miles east on Highway 126

People’s Utility District, Pacific Power and Lane Electric CO-OP

Nearest hospital:

Lane County waste management:

PeaceHealth in Cottage Grove

Public transportation: Lane Transit (bus), leaves from Eugene daily, round trips

Principle industries:

County and Rescue

Short Mountain Landfill Fuel suppliers: 76 Station on Oregon Avenue, Acro Station at Southbound 1-5 ramp, William

retail and services, governmental; Wise Women Herbal; mostly on Highway 126, Territorial Highway

Creswell Airport:

and Broadway.

83501 Melton Road

Infrastructure and key resources City Hall: 13 S. 1st St. / 541-895-2531

Highways, major roads:

On the the cover of this year’s 2018-19 Creswell Visitor Guide is University of Oregon alumnus Morgan Flint, seen as he chips the golf ball up and over a sand trap in an attempt to get it onto the green during the Oregon Athlete Foundation Golf Tournament at Emerald Valley Golf & Resort on April 20, 2018. Flint, a 2010 graduate from Bend, was a placekicker for the Ducks who played from 2005 to 2009. PUBLISHER Scott oLSon






LAyoUt & dESIGn


AndREw von EnGEL & ERIn tIERnEy

Tractor Supply Co., Bi-Mart, cascade home center

Tow truck services: Froggies Towing / 541-747-1335 Heavy equipment: Creswell Public Works / 541-895-253

Highway 99

Aaron Smith, South Lane County

Bridges: Melton Road, Dale

Fire & Rescue

Kuni Road, Interstate 5 overpass


Treatment Plant, Dale Kuni Road

Christopher Palanuk Photography

Animal supplies, farm:

Emergency trained citizens: Teen CERT - Captain

Post office: 150 N. Mill St.

To be featured in the 2019-20 visitor guide, please contact


J. Welt Inc., Creswell Municipal Airport - Aviation jet fuels

East/west - Oregon Avenue; North/south - Interstate 5,

Locations of past flooding: Ashgrove Loop, Water

Front St. / 541-729-7345

About this issue

Total enrollment: Elementary: 602; Middle: 289; High: 377




n the mid-19th century, Euro-Americans poured into the Willamette Valley, taking advantage of the rich lands. Elijah Bristow claimed the first land in Lane County, near present day Pleasant Hill. Other settlers quickly followed, claiming what they viewed to be the best property. In 1850, the Donation Land Act formalized and encouraged settlement in Oregon. The act granted 640 acres to each married couple who lived on and cultivated their claim. In 1857, the first schoolhouse in Lane County opened – a small cabin near the Bristow residence where students were taught by W.W. Bristow, son of Elijah Bristow. Shortly after the school opened, the first church was constructed nearby. Before long, towns dotted the landscape of the upper Willamette Valley. The original site of the settlement of Creswell began a few miles east of present-day Cloverdale. By 1852, John Gilfrey operated a general store in Cloverdale and a post office served the surrounding community. When the plans for the location of the Oregon and California Railroad became known, many of the Cloverdale community moved west, across the Coast Fork of the Willamette River to a spot that railroad reached by 1871. In this year James Robinett and Alvin Hughes donated land to plat a town. In 1873, Ben Holladay of the Oregon and California Railroad named the town Creswell, after the U.S. Postmaster General at the time, John Creswell. Euro-American settlers in the area relied on agriculture and timber to make their living and the small town plugged away.

CRESWELL’S RICH HISTORY grew from its fertile land to around 500 people. In 1873, the citizens of Creswell built their first church. Although the building was constructed to serve a Methodist congregation, multiple denominations held services in the building. In 1874, Creswell built its first public building, a schoolhouse, that would later also house the public library and Creswell Civic Improvement Club. Alvin Houghes donated the land for the school and C.P. Curren served as the first schoolteacher. The tworoom school building reflected the growing population and the need for a spacious building. The building served as both the schoolhouse and a John Gilfrey community gathering place where Christmas parties, Grange meetings, and band practices were held. To accommodate the growing population. Creswell built a new schoolhouse, and in 1900, the First Baptist Church of Creswell bought the original schoolhouse building. In 1909, A.C. Bohrnstedt, an enterprising businessman from the Midwest, came to town and helped initiate what is known as the Bohrnstedt Boom. Bohrnstedt saw the agricultural potential of the Creswell area and bought 1,400 acres of

The period from 1870 to 1909 saw gradual growth, with Creswell expanding



land, creating the A.C. Bohrnstedt Orchard Company. He then ordered 40,000 fruit trees to be planted that winter and made room for 77,000 more trees in his nursery. Bohrnstedt then began to advertise his land to investors in the east. For example, Bohrnstedt brought “excursion trains” of interested people to Oregon, with many passengers later buying property from Bohrnstedt and staying in the Creswell area. 6 The Creswell Development League also helped to publicize by publishing a promotional booklet in 1909 touting the fertile fruit and nut land that surrounded John Creswell Creswell. This booklet proclaimed, “It (Creswell) is a wide awake, bustling little community of about 500 in inhabitants and with an assured future…” By the end of 1909 Creswell’s population of 500 had increased 35 percent, and Bohrnstedt predicted the population to reach at least 1,200 by 1915. The information on Creswell’s history was reprinted from a document submitted by Creswell Public Library and Civic Improvement Clubhouse through the United State Department of the Interior National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places Continuation Sheet.

City of Creswell grows, seeks new opportunities By Aliya Hall


he city of Creswell has been growing in recent years, and Economic Developer Michael DeHart said he hopes the expansion continues. “We’re ticking up, but there’s still work to do,” he said. Since DeHart arrived in 2016, employment from individuals who lived and worked in Creswell grew from 150 to 210, with 850 more individuals commuting to Michael DeHart Creswell for work. Economic Developer Just within the past year, companies from outside of Oregon, such as Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Tractor Supply Co., opened up new locations in Creswell, bringing in more jobs and opportunities for Creswell’s citizens. Even established companies, like Farmlands Market, is looking to expand. Despite all its promise, DeHart said that Creswell has a major

Creswell City Hall 13 S. 1st St. 541-895-2531

disadvantage because around 1,800 individuals leave for work outside of the city. “For a town of 5,000 living next to Eugene and Springfield, we’re a bedroom community,” DeHart said. “That hurts retail here. It’s hard to have a retail based economy when everyone is transient here.” DeHart said that if people are already working there, they are going to shop there as well. Especially with all the shopping and grocery options available in Eugene and Springfield, it’s harder for Creswell’s markets to compete.

“We lack some

things that are quality of life elements,” he said. “It’s hard to have a Main Street when people get used to having that in Eugene and Springfield. Small cities transition from one purpose for existing, to struggling mightily because they’re either not near anything or they’re lingering next to a bigger city.”

That said, Creswell still has huge advantages in its land inventory; there are 40 to 50 undeveloped acres of industrial land off of Interstate 5. Although developers have been historically wary of the land because it doesn’t have water or sewer access at this time, DeHart said the City now knows what they want and need. “What we’re doing now is developing financial techniques,” he said. “A $1 million to $3 million project is difficult to afford, we need a payment set up, like mortgages.”

There has to be a balance, however, between bringing in new development and maintaining the city as is. The City is working on a new transportation and parks plan, and DeHart said the community deserves to have those fixed, but he also wants to encourage developers to consider Creswell. “If you’re thinking about development here — please, by all means. I’d love to work with you,” he said. At the moment, most of the economy is living off of household tax revenue, a market that has exploded due to the housing shortage in Eugene. “We see room for growth and pent up demand from Eugene,” he said. At the end of the day, DeHart said the best way to create economic growth in Creswell is for the community to simply spend money there. “Keep your activity in Creswell instead of Eugene and Springfield,” he said. “It makes a huge difference.”



Keeping it Green: Creswell revitalizing, expanding, cherishing city parks By Aliya Hall THROUGHOUT THE CITY OF CRESWELL, there are 36.76 total acres of dedicated park land for the community to enjoy. These five parks offer specific uses, whether for community and neighborhood fun, special uses, or a natural resource area. Creswell is working on a master plan to improve the city’s parks, and even expand its acreage with the inclusion of 56.1-acred Cinderella Park.

“Our parks give residents opportunities for physical activity, connections with nature and gatherings of all sizes for all ages,” Michael DeHart, economic development coordinator and park council member, said. Harry Holt Park is 2.27 acre neighborhood park located between north 4th and 5th streets. Amenities include: restrooms, picnic shelter and tables, basketball and five tennis court, playground area, open grass lawn and grass volleyball court. The community park of Garden Lake is 33 acres, and is located on the east side of Creswell, along Melton road. The park features: pathways and trails, restrooms, Ron Petitti pavilion with interpretive signage, picnic tables and benches, a pond and fishing pier, foot bridges, natural area, historic Applegate Trail plaque with flag, rock and plantings, restoration plantings and a kiosk.


Parks: Cinderella Park: 34275 East Cloverdale Road Garden Lake Park: Along Melton road Harry Holt Park: Between north 4th and 5th streets Downtown Pocket Park: South 1st street Creswell Community Center: 99 South 1st street Cobalt Building: 364 Cobalt lane Cinderella Park will be the latest park added to the City. It used to belong to Lane County as an old landfill, but the Park board hopes to make more out of it in coming years.

There are two special use parks in Creswell. One at the Cobalt Activity Center and the other at the Creswell Community Center. The Cobalt Activity Center park is located at 364 Cobalt Lane and sits at 1.2 acres. With an open grass lawn and shade trees right on the bus line, the small park offers a free library kiosk, memorial “Rock 2 Rock,” and a building with an activity center and food pantry. The Creswell Community Center on 99 south 1st street also has a community building and free library kiosk, along with landscaped beds, grass lawn, and benches.

City for a park. After completed environmental assessments, City Administrator Michelle Amberg hopes the park can be transferred over.

The Downtown pocket park across the street from the fire station on south 1st street is only .01 acres, but it still offers the community a small shelter with a picnic table, bench, and landscaped beds.

ALONG WITH adding a new park, the City has also drafted a 2018-2028 master plan to, “Create a vision for an innovative, inclusive and interconnected system of parks, trails and open spaces. . .” the plan said on page 4. This includes revitalizing spaces by making them compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as freshen up the areas.

“Community parks like Garden Lake Park are good for finding some quiet time in a natural area, or to go for a walk around a pond,” DeHart said in an email. “Special use facilities, like the Cobalt Activity Center, are a jack of all trades fit for movie screenings, after-school programs, food pantries or martial arts lessons (or all of the above). Pocket parks are a little less exciting, but they provide a nice opportunity to eat lunch, share coffee or just take a break from the sun or rain.” CINDERELLA PARK WILL SOON JOIN those park ranks in upcoming years. At 56.1 acres, the park belongs to Lane County, and was an old landfill that is currently classified as undeveloped. Creswell has asked the county to give the land to the


The park has the possibility of accommodating development to support Willamette Water Trail infrastructure through temporary short-term camping and non-motorized water access. Riparian restoration could also expand the Western Pond Turtle habitat. Amberg said the city will rename the park, potentially calling it Kalapooya Meadows.

For DeHart, the park is a labor of love, but he said it pays off when he sees the community have a good time. “Folks really love parks,” he said. “We hope our parks system can not only make Creswell a pleasant-looking community, but also give opportunities for recreation, learning, bonding and getting in touch with nature.” More information can be found at the Parks and Facilities webpage: www.


‘Creswell Rocks!’ #CPR

A community treasure hunt


If you’ve been moseying around town with a keen eye, you may have noticed painted rocks scattered in discreet places. Some are painted with landscapes or hearts, others with glitter or goodwill sayings. But no matter the design, the intent is clear: to simply make you smile with this random act of kindness. After all, it’s the little things in life, right? Sanipac’s Aaron Donley upped the ante by showcasing Creswell’s Mayor Dave Stram on one of the rocks stashed around town, taking “rocking” to a whole new level. “Aaron’s been pencil drawing his whole life; he just loves to sketch,” said Jenni Donley, Aaron’s wife. “One day, when I started to paint my rocks, he kind of sat down with me and realized, ‘wait, I can sketch on these rocks too.’ It’s the same idea, just a different medium.” Donely has also done a sketch of U.S. Postmaster General John Creswell, and even added some historical facts on the backside of the rock. When these rocks are released into the world, community members have a field day dropping clues on the Creswell Painted Rocks Facebook page to find him. The group’s exploded since it was first introduced to the community and now garners over 700 followers on the social media page. Creswell residents Rheann Young, Jonathan Young and Katie Ashcroft are administrators

Jenni Donely is one of Creswell’s master “rockers.” She’s always busy crafting, hiding & finding.


and shows that Creswell is a community of encouraging people,” Donley said. The rocks can be planted everywhere and anywhere. The rocks should be visible, but not too visible. Popular hiding spots include waterfront parks, inside local businesses, in playgrounds and on family-friendly hiking trails. Common places to find these rocks in town are at Holt Mayor Dave Stram was a bit excited to find himself on a Creswell rock one afternoon.

of the page and been enjoying how much the group has grown since its inception. The premise is simple. All you do is gather some flat, paintable rocks, acrylic paint, sealer and decorate your rock. Often, rocks can be found with a hashtag mark such as #CPR (for Creswell Painted Rocks) and #CreswellRocks with instructions at the bottom of the rock to tell the finder where to post the found rock on Facebook, if you so choose. If not, you can simply rehide your found rock at another location for others to find, or keep it for yourself. The Creswell Painted Rocks hunt is such a positive activity for the whole town. “It’s impacted people’s lives personally,

Park, Garden Lake Park, the pocket park across the street from South Lane County Fire & Rescue, and Creswell Library, to name a few. “People thrive on each other’s positivity,” Donley said. “People are being changed because of everyone’s kindness.” Find out more online on Facebook: Creswell Painted Rocks #CPR #CreswellRocks.

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• Electrical • Paint • Lawn & Garden Your one-stop shopping • Equipment Rental andforMUCH center all your MORE! home

(541) 942-1301

improvement needs!

40 South 5th • Cottage Grove

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104 South Mill St. • Creswell

Mon-Sat 8am-6pm • Sunday 9am-4pm WE DELIVER




The Annual Fourth of July Celebration and Parade M O R E THAN J UST A C O M M U N ITY C E LE B RATI O N

By Mike Rothgeb CRESWELL, OREGON: a small town of slightly over 5,000 individuals makes up a tightknit community of old-fashioned values in Southern Lane County. Every year, The Creswell Chamber of Commerce, residents and local businesses host an event known throughout Lane County as the best place to be during the birth of our great nation. The Annual Fourth of July Celebration and Parade is a special time when the Creswell community comes together to enjoy each other’s company, live music, local vendors, an impressive parade and, to top it all off, a fireworks show. Creswell just celebrated its 26th celebration this summer and the reception couldn’t have been better.
 In the weeks leading up to the Fourth of

July, The Creswell Chamber of Commerce worked tirelessly to plan, coordinate and organize upcoming festivities. During the Fourth of July Celebration, The City of Creswell’s population spikes from 5,000 residents, to easily 20,000 men, women and children from all across the State of Oregon. Every Fourth of July Celebration and Parade is made possible by Creswell Chamber of Commerce members, local business participation and support, and the dedication of Creswell community members.
 Starting at 7 a.m. in Harry Holt Memorial Park, the day begins with Breakfast in the Park. This breakfast event featuring eggs, pancakes, ham, strawberries, coffee and orange juice, helps fund future celebrations, and is a great way to fuel up for the day ahead. Diners can enjoy live, local music

while waiting in line and eating their meal. Breakfast in the Park preparation begins weeks in advance and volunteers arrive as early as 5:30 a.m. to set up chairs, tables, grills and food in anticipation of 1,000 diners. Creswell Chamber members, volunteers, and local veterinarian, Dr. Sheri Schlorman, work around the clock to prepare for this event. Lines for breakfast are shorter earlier in the day, so it’s a good idea to arrive before 9 a.m. Breakfast is no longer served after 10 a.m. as cleanup takes place before the parade starts at 11 a.m.
 Live musical performances take place in Harry Holt Park from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and include many local performers, the Oregon Tuba Ensemble, One More Time Marching Band and many more. The local music has received wide praise in past years and many even enjoy dancing after the parade’s conclusion. THE CRESWELL PARADE IS A TRUE PATRIOTIC tradition where individuals, businesses and organizations drive and march their way through downtown Creswell. Over 80 entries take part each year, and Creswell is the only town in Lane County that hosts an annual parade. The parade includes participation from Creswell, Cottage Grove,



Stop by early on July 4th to reserve a spot in line for Breakfast in the Park and the parade route. Stick around after the parade to enjoy local vendors, music and family activities while waiting for traffic to clear up. Spectators may not place chairs on sidewalks until 24 hours before the parade. Chairs must not block the sidewalk, access to businesses and driveways, and must allow adequate space for pedestrians and American Disability Act accessibility. Free parking is available at Creslane Elementary School, the Creswell Middle and High Schools and Emerald Valley Golf Course and Resort. Barricades block off the parade route starting at 10 a.m., one hour before the start of the parade. Be sure to arrive early and follow all signs for detours and parking locations.

Pleasant Hill and entries from all over Lane County. To kick off each Fourth of July Parade, the Experimental Aircraft Association flies over Creswell in their vintage aircraft in a demonstration of patriotism. In past years, military F-15 jets have flown above the parade route during the day. BEGINNING IN 2018, The Creswell Chamber addressed two continuous issues that crop up every Independence Day: parking and traffic. This past year, Creswell offered a shuttle service from downtown to across the highway at Emerald Valley Golf Course and Resort. Not only did this shuttle service ease congestion and address limited parking along the parade route, it also provided a free ride to the Creswell Firecracker Vintage

Car Show at the golf course. Also across the highway, children enjoy free airplane rides hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association at Creswell Airport. At dusk, the celebration is far from over. Residents and visitors enjoy an amazing light show released between Creslane Elementary School and Creswell High School after sundown. The Creswell Chamber encourages spectators to arrive around 6:30 p.m. to set up chairs and enjoy picnic dinner baskets in anticipation of the fireworks show. There are over 200 parking spots available at the Elementary and High school, so grab a shady spot while supplies last. Around 9:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., the show begins provided by Chamber vendor Western Display Fireworks and runs for approximately 30 minutes. Security is available throughout the day to assist with directions, safety concerns and lost children. Porta potties are also available at the elementary and high school for visitor convenience. From Independence Day parades to antique car shows, The Annual Fourth of July Celebration in Creswell has it all. Visit The Creswell Chamber of Commerce on Oregon Avenue, or visit www.creswellchamber. com for more information about upcoming events.

The Creswell Chamber of Commerce offers a shuttle service between Emerald Valley Golf Course and Resort and Joe’s Diner. This shuttle allows easy access from one side of the highway to the other, without the need to move vehicles. Patriotic buttons are available for purchase at Breakfast in the Park. Buttons are numbered and there will be random drawings throughout the day for prizes. Only service animals are allowed in the Harry Holt Park during the Fourth of July Celebration. For the safety and enjoyment of pets and others, please leave dogs at home or in the hotel room. Remember not to leave children or animals in vehicles during the event. Contact The Creswell Chamber of Commerce for more information on how to take part in future Creswell community events. The Creswell Chamber welcomes all to stop by their office across from City Hall at 95 West Oregon Avenue for questions, suggestions and volunteer opportunities. More information about all upcoming events within the Creswell Community is available at Besides the Creswell Fourth of July Celebration and Annual Tree Lighting Celebration, the small town also hosts a Creswell Community Wide Yard Sale during the spring, which attracts visitors from all over Lane County. The City of Creswell and the Chamber of Commerce are always looking to add other events throughout the year. Local business participation is strongly encouraged, and volunteers are welcome to help organize and set up the events. The Creswell Chamber of Commerce welcomes local business owners and non-business members to attend Chamber meetings to assist with new events and address concerns.




Creswell Tree Lighting Celebration: THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR

By Mike Rothgeb

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, Creswell began a new and exciting tradition that has continued to grow and improve over the years. In 2003, The City of Creswell upgraded Oregon Avenue by adding trees, lamps and benches, creating a more welcoming and bright downtown. Come December of that same year, the trees were decorated with lights and the lampposts with banners and tinsel. Thus, the Annual Creswell Tree Lighting Celebration was born.

The Annual Creswell Tree Lighting Celebration occurs on the first Saturday in December. On the days leading up to the celebration, the City of Creswell Public Works hangs banners, lights and other decorations for the holiday season, spreading cheer and Christmas spirit for the upcoming festivities. December 1, 2018, will mark the fifteenth year The Creswell Chamber of Commerce has presented the Tree Lighting Celebration, and with it, the excitement of tradition returns.



Wes Violet, DVM Kristine Willaman, DVM Eleanor Teplin, DVM Anna Robledo, DVM Hailee Olheiser, DVM

255 Emerald Parkway P.O. Box 430 Creswell, OR 97426

Serving our community for 41 years! m Babies through Kindergarten – 5Cs m Traditional Classroom Format m


380 Kings Row, Creswell, Oregon • 12


vehicles and of course, Santa. Santa always takes part in the parade, and is available to good little girls and boys once the parade concludes. Many local businesses also join in the festivities and offer different activities during the celebration. Dr. Greenwood of Creswell Family Dental Clinic offers face painting and balloon animals to children throughout the ceremony. BEFORE THE START OF EACH CELEBRATION, a local entertainment stage is erected in the Creswell Library parking lot on Oregon Avenue. Creswell High School students and the Community Choir have performed festive and joyous songs in past years. In 2017, The Oregon Tuba Ensemble even made an appearance and performed their magnificent renditions of famous holiday songs. Inside the library, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be available to meet and take photos with boys, girls and those young at heart.

In addition, The Creswell Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual Creswell Holiday Market. Creswell’s Holiday Market features a wide variety of local arts and crafts vendors each year. The Creswell Chamber of Commerce is constantly looking for new organizations, businesses and individuals to help decorate ornaments and wreaths, and take part in the annual celebrations. Those interested should call 541-895-4398 or stop by the Chamber of Commerce office at 95 W. Oregon Avenue.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Creswell Community Center at 99 South 1st Street hosts a small craft fair. This fair features many arts, crafts, paintings and other forms of expression by local artists. During the craft fair, Mrs. Claus will even read Christmas stories to children. Also at the Community Center, the Creswell Library hosts their Festival of Trees to raise funds for future community events. The Festival of Trees offers Christmas trees for families to decorate, take home and enjoy during the holidays.

THE ANNUAL Creswell Tree Lighting Celebration, The Holiday Light Parade, Holiday Market and Festival of Trees are all opportunities to start off the holiday season. These events not only bring the Creswell community closer together, but bring visitors and tourists into The Friendly City.

TO ENHANCE the Tree Lighting Celebration, The Creswell Chamber of Commerce also presents an Annual Creswell Holiday Light Parade. Both the lighting of the trees and the parade start after sundown and last for a couple hours. There were over twenty entries for the parade last year, which included festive floats,

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541-746-1583  Board: Ron Davis, Brandon Jordan, Kevin Parrish, Brian Parker, Bent Mikkelsen CR E SWE LL VI S ITORS G U I DE 2018–2019



New to town? Here are some helpful links to help you get situated in The Friendly City.



Public Works is responsible for maintaining the City’s water, sewer, stormwater, streets and street lights, Public Works also maintains all City buildings and public parks.



541-­895-­253113 S. 1st St., PO Box 276, Creswell, OR

The City of Creswell contracts with the Lane county Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services. This provides the City with access to services typically available only to larger agencies.


Lane County Sheriff’s Office

City Hall houses most administrative functions within the city. These include the office of the City Administrator, City Recorder, Finance Director, Municipal Court Clerks, building and electrical permits, water and sewer billing and account information, airport billing and account information, animal licensing, community center reservations, planning and land use information, and code enforcement. City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PLAN N I N G & PE R M ITS Permits are required for any new construction and alterations or additions to existing buildings, including structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, manufactured dwellings, boiler and elevator work. However, there are some exceptions to permit requirements. If you aren’t sure is you need a permit please call 541-895-2531.



Creswell line: 541-895-2025 Non-emergency line: 541-­682-­4150 For emergencies: 911

FIRE – MEDICAL – RESCUE South Lane County Fire & Rescue (SLCF&R) SLCF&R proudly serves both residents and visitors in Creswell, Cottage Grove and rural South Lane County. For non-emergencies, call 541-­942-­4493.

The Creswell Library is a hub of the City. There are many activities available for all ages besides access to books, DVDs, music and magazines. Make sure to come by and pick up a calendar of events and a beautiful library card.

SCHOOLS Creswell School District

541-‐895-­6000 988 W. A St., Creswell

Creswell High School

541­‐895­‐6020 33390 East Niblock Lane, Creswell

Lane Library District 541-895-3053 64 W. Oregon Ave. PO Box 366, Creswell


541-­484-­1151 787 Bailey Hill Road PO Box 21410, Eugene

Pacific Power

1-888­‐221­‐7070 PO Box 26000, Portland


541‐736‐3600 1650 Glenwood Boulevard PO Box 10928, Eugene

Creswell Middle School

541‐895-6090 655 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell


Creslane Elementary School

City of Creswell

541‐895-­6140 996 W. A St., Creswell

Creswell Christian Child Care Center (5Cs) 541-­895-­4652 380 Kings Row, Creswell

541-­895-­2531 13 S. 1st St., PO Box 276, Creswell info@creswell-­‐


LIBRARY Creswell Library

Lane Electric Cooperative

UTILITIES Emerald People’s Utility District 541‐746-­1583 33733 Seavey Loop Road, Eugene

Northwest Natural

541‐342­‐3661 1405 SW Hwy 101, Lincoln City


Community Sharing Program

Hillside Church

Eugene Skydivers LLC


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Hobby Field – Creswell Airport




Spectrum/Charter Communications



Routes to Eugene & Cottage Grove 541­‐687‐5555

South Lane Wheels Call to Schedule 541-­942-­0456

SENIOR SERVICES Meals on Wheels 541­‐895­‐2338

Lunch & safety check for homebound seniors 60 and over. Serving noon-time meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Donations appreciated. Call for reservations.

Senior & Disabled Services —­ LCOG 541‐682‐7804

Senior Connections 541­‐942-­5577

Kiwanis Club of Creswell

541-­895-­4309 PO Box 1047, Creswell

Meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month at noon at Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant.

Creswell Lions Club

PO Box 1, Creswell

Family Relief Nursery

541-­943­‐4835 720 North 14th Street Cottage Grove

COMMUNITY FOOD RESOURCES Community Food for Creswell Food Pantry 541-­246‐9117 364 Cobalt Lane, Creswell

541-­895-­2136 82546 N. Pacific Highway, Creswell

New Hope Baptist Church 541­‐895­‐4436 597 S. 7th St., Creswell

St. Phillip Benizi Catholic Church

541‐895-­8686 552 Holbrook Lane, Creswell

CHURCHES Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

541‐292­‐7168 303 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

541-895‐3338 531 S. 10th St., Cottage Grove

Church of the Nazarene

541­‐895-­2937 805 S. Front St., Creswell

Creswell Christian Center

541­‐895­‐4622 501 Holbrook Lane, Creswell

Creswell Church of Christ

541‐895-­3328 380 Kings Row, Creswell

Creswell Faith Center


541‐895‐3352 635 Holbrook Lane, Creswell

541-­895-­2535 755 S. Front St., Creswell

Creswell Presbyterian Church 541­‐895-­3419 75 S. 4th St., Creswell

Essene Church of Christ

541­‐927‐3017 45 N. 3rd St., Creswell

Gospel Net Ministries

PET RESOURCES Creswell Veterinary Hospital

541­‐895­‐3536 345 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Tractor Supply Company

541‐895‐2545 190 Emerald Parkway, Creswell

Eugene Spay/Neuter Clinic

541‐682‐3643 3070 W.1st Ave., Eugene

Greenhill Humane Society

541-­689-­1503 88350 Green Hill Road, Eugene

Humane Society of Cottage Grove

541‐942‐3101 33 N. 8th St., Cottage Grove

South Willamette Veterinary Clinic

541­‐895-­5665 255 Emerald Parkway, Creswell

Willamette Animal Guild

541-­345-­3566 3045 Royal Ave., Eugene



Faithworks Fellowship

Emerald Valley Golf & Resort


541­‐895-­3029 93505 Melton Road, Creswell 541‐895‐2913 83501 Melton Road, Creswell Airport manager, Shelley Humble shumble@creswell-­‐

PARKS & FACILITIES Cobalt Building

364 Cobalt Lane, Creswell W541­‐895-2531 Built in 1993, the Cobalt Building is located in close proximity to schools, residential neighborhoods and downtown. This building offers multiple recreational, educational and arts activities.

Creswell Community Center

99 S. 1st St., Creswell Call City Hall for information 541-­895­‐2531

This center is located in the heart of downtown Creswell, a perfect place to recreate, entertain, host social functions or us as a meeting space.

Emerald Valley Golf & Resort 541‐895-­2174 83301 Dale Kuni Road, Creswell

An 18-hole, 7,300-­yard championship course, the Emerald Valley Golf Course is tucked in between city limits and the urban growth boundary, extending to the Coast fork of the Willamette River, makes the perfect place to tee up.

TAXI SERVICES CG Classic Taxi 541-­9 68-­7212, Cottage Grove Soldiers Taxi 541-­9 53-1511, Springfield

541‐895-­2174 83301 Dale Kuni Road,





Revitalize Your Exterior Pressure Wash, Putty, Prime and Paint. We take pride in Prep! Make Your Interior Pop Whether you just got new furniture and need a couple Accent Walls or the house you just bought was painted Tangerine Dream. We can help. Breathe Life into Your Deck Why rebuild when you can repaint? Save thousands and get that composite, slip-resistant look.

Pressure Wash the Years Away Remove moss from homes, sidewalks, patios, RV pads, driveways and some roofs. Remove years in hours! “Steve and his crew are very professional and courteous. They are considerate with time lines and always keep the customer updated on issues that may arise. I would hire him again and have already referred him to my family and friends. —Tami Napper

Call Today

(541) 556-0374




CCB #161831



Dan’s Plants


I strive to provide superior service to my clientele. In doing so, my desire is to provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience…

Flowers • Veggies • Produce

One house at a time, one friendship at a time, one community… the best place in the universe to live, right here in Oregon!

Residential in City • Residential with Land (septic, well, acreage, out buildings, river frontage, farm, forest deferral) • Bare Land with or without improvements • First Time Home Buyers • Estate / Elderly Placement Manufactured Homes in Parks or on land •Luxury Homes • USDA, VA, FHA funded homes • Hobby Farms • New Construction

82243 Davisson Road,



Debi Douglass, ABR, GRI, Broker Dan & Peg Grousbek Owners


ABR, GRI, Broker • 2445 Oakmont Way, Eugene / 541-343-0322 • • facebook : Debi Douglass/ A HouseSOLD Name! Zillow: Debi Douglass • Licensed in Oregon since 1995

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lay P r e m m Su My t a s e t a D za Boys Piz

Download our Free iPhone & Droid Apps Hours: Sun - Thu 11 a.m. - 9 p.m., Fri - Sat 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

96 N. Mill Street • Creswell • 541-895-4505 18

BRING THE KIDS and let them burn off steam in the airconditioned 2000 sq. ft. Kids Power Play area in My Boys Pizza. Take advantage of the low pricing and delicious food choices on the kid’s menu!


■ Locally owned and

operated ■ Servicing Lane and surrounding counties ■ Combined 30 yrs. experience

■ Licensed General

Contractor specializing in residential roofing ■ Free estimates

CCB# 215817

Mike Jones: 541-321-3344, or 541-942-8052 ■ Office: 541-781-3894



championships, Valley Golf drives local fun By Aliya Hall SINCE 1966, Emerald Valley Golf and Resort has been a staple of the Creswell community. The course offers world class greens, said Laine Wortman, general manager and head golf professional, and is a draw to tourists and locals alike.

It took two years to complete the 18-hole course, and over the years the direction changed — with the original back nine becoming the first nine. However, not much else has changed over the years, except for ownership changers and the course growing up. “The trees that were planted are now beautiful and majestic,” Wortman said. “There’s a lot of them, and it makes the course challenging to say the least.” Over the years trees have been scaled back, or lost to ice storms, and he said that for players new to the course, it would seem they could cut down 100 more trees. The current owner of the course and resort is Jim Pliska, of Pliska Investments. Pliska played golf on the University of Oregon team, and Wortman said he has made a commitment to keep the quality of the course at a high standard. “WE’RE FORTUNATE that the owner is emotionally invested in the facility,” Wortman said. “It’s helpful as an employee.”

Along with the 18 holes on 170 acres, Emerald Valley also has a 300-yard practice range and a 300-yard back driving range that the University of Oregon golf team uses. The course also offers the ability to practice chipping and maneuvering sand bunkers.

The high-end season rate is $48 to walk the 18 holes, but there are discounts available for seniors, students, and for specific times. Emerald Valley also offers memberships and punch cards. At the moment, Wortman estimated there are 100 season pass members, which fluctuates with age and seasonality. “We have aggressive programs to build membership, and if you’re a loyal customer, we can get the rate down to an affordable option for a quality course with country club conditions,” he said. “I’d put our greens up against anyone in the country.” Emerald Valley has hosted around 50 Pacific Northwest and West Coast qualifiers. Wortman estimated that it has hosted more majors than any other Pacific Northwest facility in the last 30 years. Locally, it has also hosted the high school state championship for the past 20 years, as well as corporate and association tournaments. “In championship golf, it’s a desired site,” he said. “It’s a challenging course that identifies the best player.” ALONG WITH THE COURSE, Emerald Valley also owns the resort building, which has an event space for parties and weddings, office spaces, and a gym. There are four leased office spaces, and the gym is leased to and managed by an outside party.

Depending on the season, employees fluctuate from seven to 35. Although there are seven full-time year around, in the summer they hire college and high school kids in part-time positions.

Valley apart is its affordability. Emerald Valley wants to get more involved with the community. “We host a lot of local events that become networking opportunities and also fundraising for the community,” he said. “We’ve been good neighbors, but want to expand through the community. We want to show the positive side of golf. Golf is fun and not just the staunch country club attitude people think it is. I want to give locals access to grow the game.” He wants to attract the non-traditional golfer, including couples and families. At the end of the day, Emerald Valley is a locals golf course; although it brings in tourists, it’s for the community. IN THE FUTURE, Emerald Valley has plans to expand. It wants to grow the clubhouse and the restaurant into more of a boutique and upscale eatery, increase the back end of the range, have a complex for shorter hole games, provide more covered spaces and increase access to the range.

“These are just ideas on the whiteboard, but it’s nothing concrete,” he said. What is concrete, is the future development of further property. Emerald Valley owns property on Sunday Drive, which is intended to provide Creswell with 20 more single houses. Wortman said they are hoping to begin construction in the next six months. “We want to get more people closer to the golf course,” he said, “and to get them to live in Creswell.”

Wortman said beyond the challenging nature of the course, what sets Emerald

Emerald Valley Golf and Resort ♦ 83301 Dale Kuni Road ♦ 541-895-2174 ♦ CR E SWE LL VI S ITORS G U I DE 2018–2019



Wise Woman Herbals

Providing Employment, Growth in Creswell


ise Woman HerbalsÂŽ is the largest employer in Creswell and has been an integral part of the community for over 20 years. Founded in 1989, Wise Woman Herbals remains dedicated to producing superior quality botanical supplements for health care practitioners and their patients. The company began as a home-based business of Dr. Sharol Tilgner, and has grown over the past 29 years to employ more than 50 local employees who carry on the legacy and values instilled from the founder. As stewards of their community, they hold strong to the values of sustainability and local sourcing, providing economic growth for individuals, small local farmers and wild crafters, as well as the growth of their hometown community. We took some time to interview Elliot Rohde, the CEO of Wise Woman Herbals.



BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Q. How has Wise Woman Herbals changed over the past few years? As the third owners of the business in nearly 30 years, we fell in love with the WWH brand and team, and felt as though we could offer a fresh perspective to facilitate growth. Since we have purchased the business, we have focused on three areas to grow the business: Strengthening our connection to our current practitioner base via practitioner education; Contract manufacturing, utilizing our investment in high-end bottling and processing equipment; Acquisition of similar quality brands/lines to compliment our portfolio. One of the most exciting developments is that the WWH brand is now recognized via an established professional brand internationally, as we have now launched in Australia. Throughout this growth process, we have remained committed to producing award winning botanical extracts.

We have roughly tripled the number of employees in the past three years and are currently over 50 employees.

Q. How does the growth of Wise Woman herbals affect the community of Creswell?

As we grow and expand, we create more jobs for residents of the community and support other business owners in Creswell by virtue of the location of our company. We hope to be a company and brand that the Creswell community is proud to have among its leading businesses. WWH is a thriving, vibrant business and this energy is attractive to other prospective businesses looking to start or relocate their business.

Q. What does the next 12-18 months look like for the company?

In the near term, we will continue to expand our operations and footprint, and look to expand our facility. Learn more about Wise Woman Herbals products and career opportunities

Q. Since you acquired the company, how many jobs have you created?



The Friendly City’s

Creswell Hobby Field Airport Jet A and 100 LL Avgas available 24/7 from Card Lock System

Competitive Prices • Courtesy Cars Free WiFi • Pilot’s Lounge

Dr. Joseph Greenwood, DMD Network providers for:

•Ameritas •Delta •Guardian • LifeMap • Metlife •MODA •ODS (both premier & PPO) • Pacific Source • Principal


• Regence BC/BS of Oregon, MedAdvantage & HMA

• Reliance Standard • Standard Insurance • United Concordia • Lincoln Financial • Detegra • The Children’s Program

225 W. Oregon Avenue

We look forward to seeing you. Like us on Facebook

Our goal is to be your complete septic tank provider for all your needs.

24 Hour Emergency Service • Expert Plumbing Services Sewer and Drain Cleaning • Septic System Installation and Repair Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning • System Locating Service Video Inspection • Sewer Repair Inspections for Home Buyers and Sellers Drain Field Repairs Inspection and Installation Field Line Repairs Inspection and Installation Detention Ponds • Storm Sewers A Creswell Company Locally owned and operated 541-687-6764




Automated Weather Observing System

Unicom Frequency: 119.275 Phone: 541-895-2349

541-895-2913 83501 Melton Rd., Creswell, Oregon •

Fire Chief’s Message The Creswell station is staffed with two career members and up to two resident firefighters 24/7. The two on-duty career members are comprised of a Captain and an Engineer (both paramedics). As a result, response times and service delivery have been dramatically improved. Station 203 now handles an average of three calls per day. Currently the District handles an average of 12 calls for service per day with an average of 3 calls per day in the Creswell area.

By Chief John Wooten SO UTH LAN E CO U NTY FI RE & RESCU E

SOUTH LANE COUNTY FIRE & RESCUE is proud to provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to our customers in the Creswell area. SLCF&R provides fire protection to a 132-square mile area encompassing the cities of Creswell and Cottage Grove.

The District has an ISO rating of 2/4/10W, which is a significant improvement from the 5/9 we previously had. This means lower overall homeowner insurance premiums for Creswell, which is now a Class 2 inside city limits. Some of our customers have reported up to $300 annual decreases in their homeowner insurance policies. The Creswell area (Station 203) houses one of two new fire engines thanks to the 2015 GO Bond. The station also houses a water tender, two medic units, a Type 6 brush engine and a staff/utility vehicle.

SLCF&R has placed Creswell as the number-one priority for a new fire station. A committee was commissioned by the Board to select a future new station sight. The committee completed their work in summer 2018 by recommending the new station be located where the old Community Center building is. The Board unanimously approved the recommendation and the project will now move into a design concepts phase. The District will be working closely with the City in an attempt to reach an agreement for the two properties. THE BOARD, STAFF AND I appreciate the support of our customers. Our team works very hard to deliver the best possible service with the resources available to us. Through improved partnerships with our neighboring agencies we continue to improve the protection provided to the Creswell area and our entire District.

Our career, resident and reserve members are proud to serve you and will continue providing the highest quality service delivery we can.

South Lane County Fire & Rescue

Save Money. Save Lives.

Ground Ambulance Memberships $65 per year Call 541-942-4493 for info FOR EMERGENCY DIAL 911

Air & Ground Ambulance Memberships $110 per year

Serving Creswell & Cottage Grove CR E SWE LL VI S ITORS G U I DE 2018–2019


the city of creswell Pictured at left, employees of the City of Creswell are all-smiles outside of City Hall in Summer 2018.

Creswell City Council Pictured at right, Creswell City Councilors Gary Mounce, Martha McReynolds Jr., Council President Richard Zettervall, Mayor Dave Stram, Amy Knudsen and Judy Drago pause for a photo in August 2018. Not pictured is Councilor Misty Inman.

Plan your day in Creswell

As the official visitor center of Creswell, the Creswell Chamber of Commerce has resources and information about:

• Local attractions

• Lo Lodging and dining

• Visitor guides for destinations across the Northwest • Maps of o Creswell and Oregon





95 West Oregon Avenue



CRESWELL BUSINESS HUB Creswell’s Experienced Pet Groomer for 29 years! Planning with a personal touch.

Insurance & Financial Services


497 Oakway Rd. Ste 240 Eugene, Oregon 97401

Call today for a FREE quote 541-225-3911

•Excellent rating and reviews • Peaceful & laid back atmosphere • Skilled in unique cuts & special breeds 34118 Cloverdale Rd

541- 895-5343

Registering Now for 2018-19 school year

Private Christian School • Preschool Before and After School Care Small Classes: K–12 • Electives: Music Drama, STEM, World Language

We appreciate your business! Come visit our drive-thru at 375 E. Oregon Ave.Creswell

597 S. Front St., Creswell • • 541-729-7345

Emerald Valley Spirits Creswell Liquor Store

For all your Liquor & T0bacco needs

159 E. Oregon Ave. , Creswell 541.895.5229 Please drink responsibility & be safe! CCB# 199876 • OCLS 5573

Michael Black Locksmith



Susan Bennett

Susan understands Creswell & the surrounding areas Building Stronger Communities Through Home Ownership




Welcome to Creswell, “The Friendly City!” Whether you’re visiting for the first time or are a longtime resident, this guide is for you. Brought to you by the Creswell Chamber of Commerce and our local business members, The Creswell Chronicle and support from the City of Creswell; we hope you find the information useful and enlightening. As you look through the guide we hope you’ll enjoy reading more about our community, its rich history and our events. We think you’ll agree this is a wonderful community. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your idea of adventure, Creswell fits the need. Perhaps it’s a new beginning with a home or business. Maybe you’re here for a visit or a short stay. Whatever brings you to Creswell, we are happy you are here. Our long history of agriculture is still visible; from our farms, fields, orchards and local produce served in stores and restaurants. You can purchase local honey created by bees that have pollinated the vegetables served in your next meal. For the visitor to Creswell you’ll find information about our restaurants, lodging, events as well as interesting articles about our town. Our 4th of July parade and celebration honor the traditional celebrations and keep the small town experience alive. Craft fairs, winter tree lighting festivities, community yard sales… we have them all. Looking to relocate to a small town or new to the area? You’ll find helpful information on services and businesses to make your transition easier. You’ll find most of your needs are available in Creswell; find them in this guide. Commercial and industrial lands are available and waiting for you to plant a new or relocated business along I-5 and in a wonderful location for you and your employees. The Creswell Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center is here to assist you. We are located at 95 West Oregon Avenue; next to City Hall; phone 541-8954398. If you seek information beyond this guide, please stop by or give us a call. — Don Amberg


PAMELA PALMER, chamber administrative assistant and Don Amberg, chamber administrator will be happy assist you.

Creswell Chamber provides networking, tourism for City By ALIYA HALL

The Creswell Chamber of Commerce has been serving its community since 1964. Although best known for putting on events, such as the 4th of July parade, and working in the tourism realm as a visitor center, Don Amberg, chamber administrator, said that there is more to the chamber than people realize. “One challenge is that the community thinks the chamber does events and only events, and that’s not really true,” he said. “There’s a lot more that chambers can and should do.” Amberg said the chamber is also responsible for networking, connecting individuals and businesses, as well as providing support for local businesses. Although managing tourism has been on the rise for the past 20 years in chambers across the U.S., Amberg said that he wants to broaden its responsibilities. Since the chamber has added Pamela Palmer as an administration assistant six months ago, there is more ground they can cover. The Creswell Chamber of Commerce has 82 members, and although that’s smaller than Cottage Grove and Springfield chambers, Amberg said that they have been growing: 15 members have joined in recent years. Another thing the chamber offers is networking opportunities. Amberg said that they host luncheons to encourage idea building and to get businesses aware of one another. “It helps others know where they fit in the community,” he said. “Having people aware that we need certain things in the community to function and there’s openings. We’re sharing that information, if you want to make a difference, here’s a way.”


With Interstate 5 splitting Creswell, it’s important for businesses to network across the freeway, Palmer said. One challenge for Creswell is buying local, but it can be hard to buy local if the community doesn’t know what’s available to them, she said. “We almost keep a pulse on the citizens and the city, and what’s going on and how we’re doing,” she said. By strengthening the chamber’s support for businesses, Amberg hopes to help facilitate advice for owners who have questions and tax laws, financing, transitions and updating business plans. He said even if they don’t have all the answers, they can put owners in contact with those who do. “Call us up and say, ‘Hey, I want to do this.’ We can give thoughts on where to go and what to look at,” he said. Especially in regards to policy. Most businesses are aware of federal law changes, but it can be the state and local law changes that can be harder to get information out, he said. The chamber also sits in with city and, occasionally, county planning, which keeps them updated on community matters. Along with all the groups the chamber works with, Amberg has worked at a chamber before in Toledo, before working at Creswell’s for the past four and a half years. He said he enjoys working in the back office, building budgets and plans, while Palmer prefers talking to citizens and tourists that stop in. “I love Creswell and I love Oregon,” she said. “It’s easy to talk about what you love; it’s a great place to be.”


2018 Chamber Member Directory Below is a list of services provided by members of the Creswell Chamber of Commerce

Advertising & Media Press & Publications

Agriculture, Apiculture (bees, honey)

The Creswell Chronicle

Bear Mountain Honey

Automotive Guaranty RV

Community Newspaper 541-895-2197 34 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

541-744-2250 81888 Bear Mountain Road, Creswell

Emerald Valley Magazine

TwinTimbers Christmas Tree Farm

Local lifestyles publication 541-600-0030 34 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Graphic Design Crippen Design Graphic design company 541-321-0975 175 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

541-214-8550 82234 Highway 99 South, Creswell

Tractor Supply Company

541-895-2545 190 Emerald Parkway, Creswell

Arts, Culture & Entertainment

541-998-2333 20 Highway 99 S., Junction City www.guarantychevroletautos. com/

Signs & Banners Rainbow Graphic Signs Inc. Signs and banners 541- 895-4766 82590 Butte Road, Creswell

541-895-8860 116 Melton Road, Creswell

Voorhees & Associates Realty Inc.

541-954-5121 33763 Dillard Road, Suite 200, Eugene

Point S Tire & Auto

541-895-4840 25 S. Mill St., Creswell

Auctioneer Voorhees & Associates Realty, Inc.

The Wright Shop

541-895-2606 140 S. Mill St., Creswell

Fuel Station Creswell Commercial Services Inc. (76) 541-895-4846 66 N. Mill St., Creswell

Hobby Field — Creswell Airport Creswell Coffee Company

Business & Professional Services Appraiser

541-895-2913 83501 N. Melton Road, Creswell

541-954-5121 33763 Dillard Road, Suite 200 Eugene

Human Resource Services Family Relief Nursery

541-942-4835 720 N. 14th St., Cottage Grove

Computers & Telecommunications Computer Services & Sales

Oregon Internet Properties 541-942-7088 79080 N. River Road, Cottage Grove. CR E SWE LL VI S ITORS G U I DE 2018–2019


CHAMBER MEMBER DIRECTORY Telephone, Television & Internet

Family, Community & Civic Organizations

Spectrum Business

Chambers of Commerce

541-315-0431 1505 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

I NTE R N ET Spectrum Business

541-315-0431 1505 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

WE BS ITE Crippen Design

541-321-0975 175 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Oregon Internet Properties 541-942-7088 79080 N. River Road, Cottage Grove

Prismatic Media Group LLC

541-895-2140 Box 877, Creswell

Creswell Chamber of Commerce 541-895-4398 95 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Edward Jones Investments

Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce

State Farm — Terra Hager

541-942-2411 700 E. Gibbs Ave., Suite C, Cottage Grove

Creswell Grange #496

541-746-2668 298 West Oregon Ave., Creswell

Springfield Chamber of Commerce 541-746-1651 101 S. A St., Springfield

Community Organizations The Kiwanis Club of Creswell 541-895-4309 83373 Highway 99 North PO Box 1047, Creswell

Construction Equipment & Contractors


Derminer Painting & Wood Care

Creswell Library (Lane Library District)

541-556-0374 66 Sandalwood Loop, Creswell Facebook @derminer.painting

541-895-3053 64 W. Oregon Ave. PO Box 366, Creswell

Event Planning Event Center Emerald Valley Golf Club

541-895-2174 83301 Dale Kuni Road, Creswell

541-485-9470 86 E. Broadway, Eugene 541-895-2005 114 Melton Road, Creswell

Banner Bank

541-895-4511 265 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell 541- 895-3061 168 Melton Road, Creswell


Finance of America Mortgage

541-895-5500 145 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell

First Community Credit Union

541- 895-3061 168 Melton Road, Creswell

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage

541-465-4132 800 Willamette St., Eugene www.mortgageapply.usbank. com

I N S U R AN C E Country Financial

541-225-3911 497 Oakway Road, Suite 240, Eugene Www. katrina.tilley

Government, Education & Individuals Creswell Christian Child Care Center

541- 895-9125 244 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

541-895-4652 380 Kings Row, Creswell www.creswellchristianschool. com

Farmers Insurance

Creswell School District

Creswell Insurance Group

541-895-4515 65 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

541-895-6000 998 W. A St., Creswell

Oregon Insurance Company LLC 541-895-2832 PO Box 867, Creswell

Payne West Insurance

541-942-0555 1645 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

State Farm — Terra Hager

541-895-2005 114 Melton Road, Creswell

Banks & Credit Unions

First Community Credit Union


Finance & Insurance Financial & Investment Services

Mortgage Banking Banner Bank

541-895-4511 265 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Fire & Rescue South Lane County Fire & Rescue 541-942-4493 233 Harrison Ave., Cottage Grove

Government City of Creswell

541-895-2531 13 S. 1st St., Creswell

Lane County Community & Economic Development

541-682-6503 125 E. 8th Ave., Eugene


Lodging & Travel

Cleaning Services



Comfort Inn & Suites

Servpro of Springfield/East Lane County

City of Creswell

Creswell Chiropractic

541-895-4464 24 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell Facebook @ Creswell Chiropractic


541-895-4025 247 Melton Road, Creswell

Super 8 Creswell

541-895-3341 345 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Creswell Family Dental Clinic

541-895-4985 225 W. Oregon Ave, Creswell

RV Parks

Emerald Valley Dental

Meadowlark RV Park

541-895-3000 195 Melton Road Creswell

541- 525-3348 298 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Tourism Hospitals & Clinics Emerald Valley Wellness Clinic 541-895-5300 300 N. Mill St., Suite A, Creswell

PeaceHealth Medical Group Creswell Clinic

541-232-4990 180 Melton Road, Creswell

Nursing Care Creswell Health & Rehabilitation Center 541-895-3333 735 S. 2nd St., Creswell

Pharmacy Creswell Health Mart Pharmacy

541-895-2413 175 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Creswell Chamber of Commerce 541-895-4398 95 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Travel Lane County

541-484-5307 754 Olive St., Eugene www.eugenecascadescoast. org

541-345-0115 3535 W. 1st Ave., Eugene

Funeral & Cremation Services

Creswell Historical Museum 541-895-5464 55 N. 5th St.,Creswell

Creswell Christian Child Care Center

541-895-4652 380 Kings Row, Creswell


541-736-3600 1650 Glenwood Boulevard, Eugene

Pets & Veterinary


Rock Nest Training & Pet Care

City of Creswell

541-895-3162 29907 Hamm Road, Creswell

541-895-2531 13 S. 1st St., Creswell

Creswell Veterinary Hospital

541-895-3536 345 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Real Estate, Moving & Storage

Public Utilities & Environment

Robert Marquess Trust

Property Leasing & Management

541- 914-8802 PO Box 550, Creswell

Emerald People’s Utility District 541-746-1583 33733 Seavey Loop Road, Eugene

Lane Electric Cooperative

Personal Services & Care

Waste Removal & Recycling

541-942-0185 123 S. 7th St., Cottage Grove

Smith-Lund-Mills Funeral Chapel



(541) 895-2531 13 S. 1st st. Creswell, OR 97426 http:/

541-484-1151 787 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene

Pacific Power

1-888-221-7070 4025 Old Highway 99 S., Roseburg

Real Estate Services Meadowlark RV Park

541-525-3348 298 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell

Robert Marquess Trust

541-914-8802 PO Box 550, Creswell

The Radcliffe Real Estate Team Inc.

541-554-4454 600 Dale Kuni Road, Suite 230, Creswell



CHAMBER MEMBER DIRECTORY Windermere Real Estate — Vince Casey 541-868-4559 1600 Oak St., Eugene

Joe’s Diner

541-895-2700 230 East Oregon Ave., Creswell Facebook @JoesDiner2013

Creswell Dairy Queen

Realtors Susan Bennett Real Estate

541-895-3051 70 Emerald Parkway, Creswell

Figaro’s Pizza

541-743-1331 2644 Suzanne Way, Eugene

541-895-5205 167 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell www.

The Deb Elliott Group at Keller Williams

Round Up Saloon

541-913-3972 84224 N. Enterprise Road, Pleasant Hill

541-895-2002 13 N. Front St., Creswell Facebook @RoundUpTavern

TJ’s Family Restaurant & Lounge

Religious Organizations

541-895-3109 365 E. Oregon Ave. PO Box 488, Creswell

Creswell Church of the Nazarene

Vinnie’s Smokin BBQ LLC

541- 895-2937 805 S. Front St., Creswell

541-972-2159 85800 Edenvale Road, Pleasant Hill

Faithworks Fellowship

541-658-5416 33 Village Drive, Creswell

Creswell Bakery

541- 895-5885 182 S. 2nd St., Creswell

Creswell Coffee Company

541-895-8860 116 Melton Road, Creswell

Hot Shots Coffee

541-895-9140 375 1/2 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell Facebook @HotShotsCoffeeCreswell

The Bean Hopper

Cascade Home Center

541-895-4166 104 S. Mill St., Creswell

FAR M STO R E Tractor Supply Company

541‐895‐2545 190 Emerald Parkway, Creswell

Sports & Recreation

Airport & Flight Instruction

Eugene Skydivers LLC

541-895-3029 83505 Melton Road, Creswell


Aircraft Maintenance

Hobby Field — Creswell Airport

541-895-2913 83501 N. Melton Road, Creswell

PU B LI C TR AN S PO RTATI O N Lane Transit District

541-687-55553 500 E. 17th Ave., Eugene

Hobby Field — Creswell Airport

541-895-2913 83501 N. Melton Road, Creswell

Creswell Coffee Company

541-895-2174 83301 Dale Kuni Road, Creswell www.

541-895-8860 116 Melton Road, Creswell www.



G O LF C O U R S E Emerald Valley Golf Club

Emerald Valley Golf Club

541-895-2174 83301 Dale Kuni Road, Creswell


Emerald Valley Spirits

Join today! Open your account at any of our 28 Oregon locations or visit your local branch.

541-895-2559 159 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell Facebook @EVSpirits

Farmlands Market

541-895-3500 204 W. Oregon Ave., Creswell

541-895-8905 274 E. Oregon Ave., Creswell


541-895-3718 82734 Howe Lane, Creswell

Shopping & Specialty Retail Gifts & Specialty items

Restaurants, Food & Beverages

Uncle Kenny’s Oregon Gourmet Rubs & Spices




168 MELTON RD. 541.895.3061



Creswell, Oregon Visitor Guide 2018-19  

This magazine is a Creswell Chamber of Commerce-centered publication. Produced by The Creswell Chronicle community newspaper, this magazine...

Creswell, Oregon Visitor Guide 2018-19  

This magazine is a Creswell Chamber of Commerce-centered publication. Produced by The Creswell Chronicle community newspaper, this magazine...