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Emerald Training Services Topics for Discussion Dogman Roller Rigging Forklift Dozer

Dogman A Dogman is employed to direct or operate a crane in the process of loading at the construction site. It is a license that provides you with the information in the application of slinging techniques including the selection and/or inspection of lifting gear to safely.

Roller Roller is a heavy construction gear that helps to compact materials such as soil, gravel, sand, road surfaces and so on. The compacting is done by vibration, impact loading, kneading, and direct pressure.

Rigging At the site of construction, rigging is a process in which everything from power tools to large HVAC systems can be moved into place with the correct method. It also involves safely lifting and moving heavy beams or frames. Rigging covers activities such as: Moving, placing or securing a load using mechanical load shifting equipment. Erecting or dismantling cranes of hoists.

Forklift Forklift are weighty trucks that do the unloading of pallets of blocks/bricks, steel joists, and construction equipment and materials, especially in hauling them from the delivery truck and carrying them to the site. The result is a forklift with outstanding performance, cost-effectiveness and working life.

Dozer Dozer is heavy load machinery that is also known as a bulldozer. It is in use to push heavy yet larger quantities of soil, sand, snow, rubble, or similar material during construction or conversion work. Bulldozers are strong machines that mainly assist with pushing, digging, excavating, etc.

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