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Label From The Editor

It is hard to believe this school year will once again bring so many changes for us personally. I am a mother of four , two of whom are now officially college students. I had to read that sentence twice after I typed it. It just seems like yesterday that Trey was a toddler. I learned I was pregnant with his little sister Abby when he was just seventeen months old, and I was sick pretty much from the word go til I was six months pregnant with her. Trey was such a good boy. He went to bed at 8pm and I just simply laid him down and he would play til he fell asleep. We had bought our first home then in Georgia, and my husband worked long days for Southeastern Freight lines. So the continual sickness made our routine change. I began to rock Trey to sleep at night, from sheer exhaustion and it was a sweet treasured time. I had always sung to him from the moment he was born. I believe in the delivery room there is an archaic VHS Tape with me singing “Jesus loves me” to my new son. Then our song became a gospel song that I changed the words to. I had learned it when I was seventeen in youth choir. “I love you.” It became Trey’s song. I sang it to him almost daily. Just as Abby’s song was “You are so beautiful to me, “ Colton’s song was “You are my sunshine.” Ryan’s song was again, “I love you” , because he didn’t like “You are my sunshine”. it made him sad, he said to think of someone taking him away from me. (He was three when he told me this.) On this one night that I have in mind, I sat rocking Trey. I was too exhausted to sing. My tummy hurt as little Miss Abby was already making her presence in our lives known. As I rocked and just held him close, gently patting his little back the sweet sound filled our space. The song I had sung to him, over and over, as he ate, as he fell asleep, when he was tearful or afraid, tired or hungry, to soothe him, calm him, just let him know his mother was there, he now lay with his little head on my shoulder, singing it back to me.

Trey Duncan 6 weeks old

“I love you. I love you. From the bottom of my heart, to the depths of my soul. I love you. I really do. I love you.” Trey sang those words in his little hoarse whisper. The song of love from a mother to her child was now the song of love from a child to his mother. I cried.Y’all know I am a crier. I was a young mother only about 23 when he sang me this song. I can still remember the little white luvs diaper, the “Alabama” T-shirt he was wearing to sleep in as I rocked and listened to him sing to me. It’s hard to believe that little boy is twenty years old. That he is a junior in college and majoring in music and physics. It is hard to believe he is getting close to the age I was, when I held him in my arms and listened to him sing a love song to me. He is a grown man. I watched the Jungle Book this weekend with Ryan and Colton. Mowgli had decided to leave the family of wolves who had raised him to keep them safe and the mother wolf said to him, “Never forget you are mine, mine to me. No matter where you go or who you will be, you will always be my son.” I cried. Because it made me think of all three of my boys. It also made me think of my mama and her sons and all of you who are the mother of boys. Life brings change but one thing that never changes is how much we love our children: how much we continue to be proud and yes, how much we worry. For those young mothers, cherish the moments, write them down. Share those moments with your sons. For those of us who are in transitioning stages , let’s try to remember those moments. I hope to make many more of these moments. Ryan and Colton are still making those moments with us. Abby is forging her own path and learning how to be her own woman as well.

Trey Duncan High School Senior year

I pray for each of you and your children that the 2016-2017 school year will be one of blessings and great accomplishments for all of us. To a mother, a son is never a fully grown man; and a son is never a fully grown man until he understands and accepts this about his mother. -Unknown

Your friend, Lori Samples-Duncan


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Available at Greenwood’s Premier Flooring Showroom

M-F 10 a.m.-6 p.m. - Sat. by appointment

122 Maxwell Ave (864) 229-1376 “Quality Installation Makes the Difference”





Holiday Lights in Uptown Greenwood Mid November-December


Uptown Greenwood’s Holiday Lights begin Mid-November and are on display through the holidays. Enjoy the sights by car, or park Uptown to stroll along and grab some great photo opportunities! The trees along Main Street and Maxwell Avenue are wrapped in classic, bright white lights. Enjoy the whimsical decor throughout Uptown, including Holiday Open House giant alphabet blocks, Teddy bear, toy solDate:11/11/2016 - 11/13/2016 dier, Santa and more! Also, be sure to visit Connie Maxwell Children’s Home during Kick off the Holiday Season in Uptown December to enjoy their Christmas Lights! Greenwood! Many events are planned to kick off the holiday season and allow folks to get a jump start on their holiday shopping. Uptown is partnering with numerous agenDECEMBER cies and merchants to put together a mixture of cherished Uptown holiday traditions with an infusion of exciting new activities. Once an Angel For additional info, contact 864.942.8448 or Date:12/01/2016 - 12/03/2016 check us out on Facebook. Location:Greenwood Community Theatre 110 Main Street Greenwood, South Carolina 29646 Multi-Guild Annual Exhibition 2016 Date:11/09/2016 - 12/20/2016 Location:The Arts Center of Greenwood 120 Main Street Greenwood, South Carolina 29646

Bridal Prom Pageant Quinceanera Church Attire Men’s Suits Tuxedo Rentals Jewelry Gifts Alterations Custom Designs

864.229.2904 | 1327 Montaque Ave Ext, Greenwood, SC 29649


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UPCOMING E VENTS Santa On Main Date:12/02/2016 - 12/03/2016 Location:Uptown Greenwood Don’t miss our annual photos with Santa, story-time at the Arts Center, and more holiday shopping opportunities in beautiful Uptown Greenwood! Greenwood Performing Arts presents Nat Chandler Date:12/17/2016 7:30 PM Beloved Greenwood, South Carolina native, Nat Chandler, returns to provide an exceptional Christmas treat with Home for the Holidays. This popular actor and singing sensation enjoys an exciting career on Broadway, in concert, and opera. Whenever he comes home, he performs before sold-out houses of enthusiastic audience members. Cost: $34 per person

REAGAN FLOORING CO, LLC. “Where Quality Installation makes the Difference” By Harriet Stwora // Photos By Laura Brown Photography

The Reagan Flooring Company was one of the first businesses in Greenwood that participated in the revitalization of the uptown expansion and its premier showroom is a true example. Located at 122 Maxwell Avenue its owner and founder Jimmy Logan explains.

Jimmy and his wife, Cindy, opened Reagan Flooring, L.L.C. in 2009. The company caters to both commercial and residential customers; 60% of the business is commercial accounts and about 40% are residential.

flooring you can name. However, we deal strictly in flooring and nothing else.”

Prior to founding and investing in Reagan Flooring, LL.C., owner Jimmy Logan spent more than a decade as Director of Purchasing with Blockbuster Video and for the Extended Stay America Hotel chain. After learning the full scale of the flooring business he decided to open his own flooring dealership.

“There are several things:”

“Jimmy, what types of flooring do you sell?” “We install just about everything anyone would want in flooring; carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain, cork, bamboo or any type of

“So tell me, Jimmy, what makes your company stand out above others?”

• “We are an independent flooring dealer and not a part of any national or buying group – that means better selection for the consumer. • We are family operated. My wife handles all the social media such as Facebook and various advertising. Alice Rambo is our interior designer and does a wonderful job of coordinating colors, styles and fabrics to fit the type of flooring they choose. She goes to the customer’s offices and homes so she can get a better idea of what suggestions to make.

• We are locally owned and when you do business with us the money stays right here in Greenwood. • We have a premier showroom in uptown Greenwood and are one of the first contributors to the town’s revitalization program.” A Greenwood native, Jimmy Logan is a graduate of Wofford College (B.A.) and earned his M.B.A. at the University of South Carolina. Upon relocating back to his hometown of Greenwood to raise a family, Jimmy was a Principal in Greenwood Capital, an investment advisory firm, until the principals sold majority interest in the firm to TCB, Corporation, the holding company for Countybank, in the Summer of 2008. Jimmy is active in his church

(Main Street UMC, Greenwood). He is also an executive committee member of the Boy Scouts of America, Blue Ridge Council and is a Board Member for the Lakelands Home Builders’ Association. Jimmy and his bride, Cindy resides in Greenwood and have two sons. Customer satisfaction is foremost to owner, Jimmy Logan. He says he can’t stress enough on how important it is to him that the customer is satisfied with both the materials and workmanship.


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Blossom Shoes & Such:

Bringing Global Fashions to Greenwood By Deena C. Bouknight


even years ago, Kimberly Stephens had a vision. She noticed that downtown Greenwood was beginning to blossom. Building were being renovated in and around Main Street and what is known as Uptown Greenwood. Interested in fashion from a young age, Stephens decided she would bring timely designs - especially where feet are concerned - to the Greenwood area. She wanted women to know that they did not have to travel to find a trendy pair of shoes. And, she says: “We wanted to be one of the first boutiques on the scene of all of the exciting expansion in Uptown Greenwood and around Main Street. I grew up in Abbeville but have always loved Greenwood and everything it has to offer.” With a degree in public relations from the University of South Carolina (USC), she felt like she was equipped: “I started working in retail in high school, but there was a fabu-


Celebrating, Motivating and Educating



lous shoe boutique I worked in during college which really piqued my interest in the world of retail. After a stint at an advertising agency and doing sales in healthcare, I knew the field that was right for me was, without a doubt, retail.” She opened what she dubs “shoe heaven” in a 1,000-squarefoot space in the historic Barksdale Building at 227 Main Street. Inside her store is a colorful array of sandals, wedges, heels, and boots - whatever Stephens and her buyers have discovered on buying trips to U.S. fashion hubs. “We attend regional shows as well as shows in NYC and Las Vegas twice a year. It helps us to get a feel for what’s happening in the market and with trends all over the US and beyond, not just in the Southeast,” she says. Stephens says their “best days” as a store are when customers come in with clothing or ideas for an outfit and her staff

Let’s Talk of two full time and five part time employees helps them accessorize. “We absolutely love to help customers style their new purchases,” she adds. As a self-prescribed shoe fanatic, Stephens says she is her own best customer. She admits that her shoe fetish began in childhood; currently she worries that she has passed the trait onto her daughter. “Shoes are the most important part of my wardrobe. I could wear jeans and a white t-shirt every day but change up my shoes, jewelry, and handbag and have a totally different look. I’m a high heel girl for sure, but wedges are always great to get the height with some added comfort. I genuinely love and would wear every shoe in the store (because I buy them all) but my favorite brands are Schutz, Sam Edelman, Kate Spade, and Dolce Vita to name a few. My wedding shoes were by Butter and they were pink glitter and simply gorgeous. They will still make me happy after 25 years.” However, besides a multitude of shoes from which to choose, Blossom Shoes & Such has a wide selection of the “& Such”, which includes totes, shoulder bags, clutches, and wallets as well as jewelry, phone cases, stylish desk items, scarves, and even fashion books. Some of these items sport the same designer names as the shoes on display. Stephens points out that her sales staff is so well trained and knowledgeable regarding the product in the store that they are able to enjoy and “have fun” assisting customers. She wants those visiting Blossom Shoes & Such to stay a while, try items on, and truly revel in the unique shopping experience.


227 Main Street Uptown Greenwood (864) 227-9273

Her main philosophy regarding Blossom Shoes & Such is this: “The beauty of shoes is that your weight can fluctuate or your coloring might change, but you can always wear something fabulous on your feet! Build a beautiful, quality shoe wardrobe and your closet will thank you for years to come.” Stephens says she has been thrilled to be a part of the Greenwood business community these last seven years. The success of the store has enabled Blossom Shoes & Such to support local charities and school groups. “We love to give back to the community that supports not only us, but Uptown Greenwood as well.” Besides providing a high fashion experience in the heart of Greenwood, Blossom’s extensive inventory is also on display on the website: Shipping from the site is nationwide. For more information, call the store at 864-227-9273. The store, at 227 Main Street, is open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.


Let’s Talk


Romantic Business a t Ti d w e l l J e we l e r s By Carol A. Ryall Photos by Abby Funderburk

If you believe the ads on television, the jewelry business is a most romantic endeavor. For Henry Herron and Tracey Tidwell Herron of Tidwell Jewelers in Greenwood, that is at least partially true. Henry Herron grew up on a family farm and later working in Technology. It was after he and Tracey Tidwell fell in love and married twenty-two years ago, that he joined the Tidwell family business. Tracey is the third generation of her family in the jewelry business. Tracey’s Grandparents opened the first Tidwell Jewelers in Edgefield, SC in 1962. Her parents, Danny and Lynda Tidwell, started their own Tidwell Jewelers with a location in Johnston, SC over forty years


Celebrating, Motivating and Educating



ago. The company now has stores in Johnston, Saluda and Leesville, as well as the newest store in Greenwood. Tracey has been in the jewelry stores since she could walk. She literally grew up in the business. (In keeping with family tradition, their daughter Courtney has been making commercials for the stores since she was five years old. It is indeed a family affair. ) In fact, Henry said of Tracey, “She treats everyone who walks through the door like they are family. She will devote as much time and attention to someone looking for a silver chain as someone searching for a diamond ring. Every customer’s need is her number one priority.”

Let’s Talk scenes, knowing that we helped make that occasion so special. Quietly doing the work and seeing the joyous results.” If you or a loved one have a birthday or anniversary coming up, if you are planning to propose to your beloved any time soon, or want something extraordinary for someone special for Christmas this year, stop by Tidwell Jewelers at 115C Hampton Avenue in Greenwood, or one of their other stores, to see their selection of stunning pieces of jewelry. If there is a cherished piece of jewelry that you never wear, take it in and let them suggest some alternatives for you. You can call them at 864-223-3140 or visit their website at

Tidwell Jewelers takes pride in offering a wide array of distinctive pieces of jewelry, to enable them to find that perfect piece of jewelry for every possible occasion. However, if you want something completely unique, then Tracey or Henry can assist you in designing the piece you are dreaming of. Both of them are GIA Diamond Graduates. Many other jewelers who say they do custom design, in fact just combine parts ordered from a manufacturer. Tidwell Jewelers are able to handle all of your design work in house, from start to finish. They do their own designing, casting and stone setting. They can take that beloved, but outdated, piece of heirloom jewelry and design a brand new piece using the gold and stones from your old jewelry. Henry does all of their CAD Design work, as well as working on the bench doing repairs when needed. They repair watches, re-string your pearls, reset your stones whatever you need in the way of repairs they can do for you in-house. If you are wondering what the value of your older pieces is, they also do appraisals and even show the current day’s market value of precious metals on their website. When asked about the greatest joys and rewards in their business, Henry replied, “This is very much an emotion-based business. The greatest joy is when you custom design an engagement ring and then see photos of the excitement and delight in your work. I like being behind the

Johnston, S.C. (803) 275-4511 Batesburg Leesville (803) 332-4511

Greenwood (864) 223-3140

Saluda (864) 445-2842

Tidwell Jewelers is family-owned and operated with over 100 years of combined experience. We take pride in being able to handle every jewelry repair need in house. Our friendly staff does not work on commission and strives to provide you with excellent service. No commission means no pressure. Also, with low overhead we can pass the savings along to you. The customer comes first - always. We promise to make it worth the drive.

TIDWELLJEWELERS.COM 422 Calhoun Street Johnston, SC 29832 803.275.4511

115 N. Main St Saluda, SC 29138 864.445.2842

100 Main St Batesburg-Leesville, SC 29070 803.332.4511

115C Hampton Place Greenwood, SC 29646 864.223.3140


Santa Calls for You, llc

By Carol A. Ryall // Photos By Abby Funderburk Photography

Dr. Steven Mentzer is an ordained pastor with twenty-three years pastoral and hospice chaplaincy experience who served in Massachusetts, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania before moving with his family to Greenwood, SC. Dr. Mentzer earned his doctorate in Biblical Counseling and authored a book, Broken Vows Shattered Lives, dealing with the recovery of Christians and divorce. His pastoral work was aimed at smaller and struggling churches and helped them to re-evaluate their ministry and mission in today’s world. As a hospice chaplain he helped care for over two-hundred families facing the loss of a family member and its aftermath. Prior to entering into pastoral ministry he worked in the hospitality and food service industry rising to the level of Catering Director with ARAMARK in Portsmouth, Virginia. It was here he helped the company get recognized from his personal recipe for New England Clam Chowder. He received People’s Choice Award by beating out fourteen other restaurants from the area with a majority of votes from five hundred guests. Vicki J. Mentzer, M.B.A., worked for twenty-one years in both the education of children and adults. She worked hard educating adults on governmental assistance to see the possibilities. With many success stories from former students she saw thirty-two students continue 12

Celebrating, Motivating and Educating



their education into college and many more into gainful employment. She served with her husband in churches in West Virginia and together they led seminars and conferences dealing with leadership development in not-for-profit organizations. Origination of Santa Calls for You During a visit with their personal attorney his grandson was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA and the Mentzers offered to go there to be with the attorney’s son and daughter in law. Instead, they ended up praying with the attorney for his grandson and so began

the thoughts that during retirement they could minister to children as Saint Nicholas and Mrs. Claus. Vicki used their vision of Santa Calls for You for her capstone project in her M.B.A. studies and earned a 4.0 on the project. Many of her professors were surprised by the purpose to minister to children and offered their thoughts and good wishes for its success. It was this seminal work which was used to develop the first part of Santa Calls for You. Unlike any other Santa calling product available, Santa Calls for You employs hi-definition camera, lighting and computers to produce a superior product. Families go onto the webpage, and completes the information making the call special. Each call is custom-based to each child with a positive and encouraging message. They both love to encourage children concerning their schooling and remind children even Mr. and Mrs. Claus love to read. Some of the different styles of calls can be for doing well in school; a new baby on the way; being a great big brother or sister and helping around the house or even the over-seas deployment of family members. With the conference abilities of their software, families can be connected to service personnel around the world given a clean access with governmental entities.

“Each call is custom-based to each child with a positive and encouraging message”. Last year they tested this model with actual home visits by asking the parents of the children to complete a brief info sheet prior to the visit. With scroll in hand Santa knew each child’s name, best friend’s name, favorite food, and even the best gift their parent(s) remembered as they were brought into the dialogue. At the conclusion of the visit, the children KNEW whose presence they were. Of the eight home visits or corporate events, each one had a rate of 5Star review on Gigsalad, the professional site for Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. The second part of the project is to provide gifts and support to children in hospital situations. With their joints skills and gifts, Steven and Vicki designed this business/ ministry to visit local hospitals with the approval of their administrations and bring Saint Nicholas and Mrs. Claus to hurting children and their parents. With a combination of years in ministry they desire to come alongside families in difficult times and be a support. They especially hope to help those with no connection to a faith community and in the United States today it amounts to nearly 60% with little or no connection. Their love and support for these families is one way in which they can fulfill what Jesus said: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 NIV

It is the plan to eventually create a non-profit entity in which they can receive gifts toward this purpose of ministering to children in hospitals and spread this across the state of South Carolina. Steven is in touch with several Christian Santa’s who would love the opportunity of helping people outside of the Christmas season. The most inspirational person who touched the Mentzer family’s life was the late, Paul Lauck. Paul had been the Santa for the town of Wellsburg, WV for twenty years. Often for just the joy from the children he portrayed the real essence of the Christmas spirit. Always smiling and with a great big HO, HO, HO, he announced himself into our lives the first Christmas as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Wellsburg, WV. Immediately, our four-year old daughter announced this was the real Santa and at the conclusion of his visit, offered to pray for Santa and his reindeer. Paul saw me a couple of days later and told me in the years he had done this no child had ever offered to pray for him and under his large white beard were tears of joy. Paul Lauck passed away December 25, 2015 and left behind a legacy and a challenge to all who wear the Red that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. God Bless you, Paul.


Live Video Calls with

Enjoy the wonder & magic of Saint Nicholas and his North Pole workshop for any special occasion!

Schedule Your Call Today!



Active Family Chiropractic By Carol A. Ryall PhotosByAbbyThunderburkPhotography


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A little over 10 years ago, Dr. Shana L. Sullivan and her husband Dr. Sean Wolfington earned their doctorates in Chiropractic Medicine and moved to Greenwood where they opened up their health clinic, Active Family Chiropractic. Since that time Dr. Sullivan has seen a multitude of varied cases ranging from neck, leg, knee, and lower back pain to TMJ, chronic headaches, and shoulder disorders. Her clinic focuses on family health, treating the entire family from newborns to the elderly through a natural non drug approach. “I chose this career with the goal of helping people without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery,” says Shana, pointing out that her patients are grateful for her approach to there health especially

when they realize they can return to activities once thought off limits due to their current condition. She said for example many golfers who have given up playing due to injury are able to return to the course through chiropractic care at her clinic. “We see this often. Golfers believe they are in too bad of shape to continue playing and need to stop doing something they love, but they don’t.” Dr. Sullivan and her husband met in Spartanburg while studying chiropractic medicine. Sean had grown up in Michigan, but Shana is a local girl – raised just 45 minutes from Greenwood. When the couple started what they deemed as a “pain relief ” clinic, there were four other clinics offering chiropractic care in the Greenwood area. In 10 year’s

time, the greater metropolitan area of Greenwood, population of 25,000 people now supports a total of about eight clinics. To set her clinic apart from the rest, Dr. Sullivan provides nutritional guidance and has advanced training in Activator Methods (a form of gentle, precise manipulation) as well as applied kinesiology, and physiotherapy. Applied kinesiology is the study of muscles and the relationship of muscle strength to overall health. Through testing, patients are able to get an idea of what might be the cause of their ill health and begin a plan of wellness through supplementation, manipulation and better eating habits. “So we don’t just work with people on how they should eat, but also what specifically they should



eat for their body, which sometimes includes vitamin therapy,” says Shana. “We help them to learn what is lacking in their diets. We give them a nutritional pathway to health.” When asked about a specific case that stands out, Shana recalled a patient whom was an avid runner but was recently complaining of shortness of breath, burning eyes, and an intense ammonia taste in her mouth when she ran. After reviewing blood work taken by her medical doctor and through an applied kinesiology exam, it was determined that the patient was severely thiamine deficient. Shana reported, “She began to take thiamine and the condition improved and then cleared up within days.”

“I chose this career with the goal of helping people without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery”

By utilizing the latest in chiropractic technology we are able to provide professional, personal care for symptoms such as:

Dr. Shana Sullivan and Dr. Sean Wolfington are chiropractic physicians in Greenwood, South Carolina that specialize in drug-free, non-surgical care. The team at Active Family Chiropractic pledges to provide you with the finest personal service and professional care during each and every visit. They are committed to addressing your health care problems using numerous techniques that fit your individual needs.

Neck Pain Low Back Pain Sciatica Herniated Discs Leg Pain Fibromyalgia Sprains/Strains Arthritis Arm & Shoulder Pain Carpal Tunnel Whiplash Migraines Pinched Nerves Allergies Muscle Tension Headaches

CALL OR VISIT TODAY! 2410 Highway 72-221 East Greenwood, SC 29649 864-223-2236


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Aside applied kinesiology, another unique aspect to the clinic is that it has extended hours – until 7 p.m. – every evening of the week except for Tuesday evening. “We wanted to be available for people after work because we know how difficult it is for people to take time off during the normal work day,” says Shana. There are a lot of our clients who depend on us to be open after 5. The after-work hours seem to help many people.” Dr. Sullivan’s office, Active Family Chiropractic is located just a mile and a half from the bypass going toward Lake Greenwood past the old Civic Center. The exact address is 2410 highway 72-221 East, Greenwood, SC. For more information, call 864-223-2236.

Greenwood OB/GYN: Serving Women By Deena C. Bouknigt

The number of babies that physicians at Greenwood Obstetrics and Gynecology have delivered is quite possibly in the thousands. That is because the practice is 50 years old. There have been many doctors over the years that have assisted countless women with their birthing experiences. According to Dr. Krystal White, at the practice for four years, delivering babies is rewarding for a number of reasons. White - and other trained obstetrics physicians at the practice - are able to develop a caring, long-standing relationship with mothers. “That birthing experience is something they always remember,” she says. “There’s a connection.” With that in mind, Greenwood OB/GYN seeks to provide as positive an experience as possible. For instance, so that mothersto-be can have a more accurate image of their babies in utero, Greenwood OBGYN’s acquisition of a new 4D ultrasound provides highly detailed images. Plus, Dr. White explains that even if a woman has already had a C-section, Greenwood OB/GYN works with her to accommodate requests for natural birthing experiences - as long as the patient fits specific criteria. However, Greenwood OB/GYN does not just focus on bringing babies into the world. Women of all ages are treated for a wide variety of issues. Dr. White points out that many adolescents need assistance managing menstrual cycles, middle-aged women struggle through menopause, and aging women are susceptible to various hormone-related challenges.

Regarding surgeries, Dr. White points out that the latest technology is used to achieve the least-invasive procedures possible so that recovery time is minimal.Typical surgeries include hysterectomies, oblations, and tubal ligations. Currently there are eight physicians in the practice. These doctors serve patients at the main 106 Liner Drive location in Greenwood as well as at a Laurens/Clinton location on Wednesdays and Fridays. Full-time physicians each take a 24-hour on-call schedule about once a week. Self Regional Healthcare, the area teaching hospital, is one minute from the Greenwood office. Dr. White attended the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia. A Greenville, native, she secured her residency in Greenville and then joined the Greenwood practice. She says most of the physicians at Greenwood OB/GYN were educated either in Columbia or in Charleston at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Interestingly, Dr. White says she had desired to be a pediatrician for as long as she could remember. Both of her parents are school teachers. She knew she wanted to work with children, but her parents encouraged her to seek a career field other than teaching. She says she could not wait for the pediatric portion of her eight-week rotations during

the third year of medical school. “I was so excited, and then I realized that I was going to be around sick children all day and then go home to my own children (she has two) after all my energy was expended with other people’s children. I came home crying every day from my pediatric rotation,” she shares, and quips: “I guess that’s why we do rotations in medical school.” What she learned soon after, however, was that she “loved” her OB/GYN rotation. “I loved talking to the women, relating to them … understanding. And this is a field of medicine where women physicians are thriving. My residency class was the first to be all female.” Each physician at Greenwood OB/GYN has a unique story regarding how he or she decided to specialize in caring for women. Physicians at the practice are committed to learning the latest procedures, technology, and treatments. For example, some limited fertility options are available, and physicians can treat conditions that prevent infertility, such as endometriosis. For greater fertility challenges, Greenwood OB/GYN’s physicians refer patients to a specialty clinic. For more information about what services are provided to women by physicians at Greenwood OB/GYN, call 864-227-6371.




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The Many Facets of Anne Eller Anne Eller wears many hats. From co-owner of Sharp Facets Gallery to President and talk show host of WCRS as well as Mom to Gracie her Weimaraner, Anne is always on the move. Anne and Jeff Eller, owners of Sharp Facets Gallery, have spent a lifetime creating beautiful jewelry , as well as finding and selling unique “objets d’art” in the gallery. The items are sold not only in Greenwood, but around the world through their vast contacts and website www. You might ask, “How does a jeweler get into the radio business?” During the early 2000’s merchandise greats like Service Merchandise and others were collapsing and going out of business. Jeff was buying close-outs from these companies, but needed a place to sell them. A radio home-shopping show was developed and started on WCRS. Hundreds of soccer balls and Swiss Army knives and 1,000 sterling silver Amethyst rings (to name just a few of the items) were sold on “”The I Love Anne Show.” After a couple of years, the station WCRS was sold and the show was cancelled. However, radio was alluring and Anne loved doing it. In 2010, when WCRS radio station became available again, the Eller’s bought it. Sharp Facets Gallery is located in a converted bank building. Anne’s studio is conveniently located in the back, in what was actually the drive-thru. During the day Anne can be seen bustling from Jewelry to Radio at Sharp Facets Gallery. Between working with clients for radio, she finds time to sell a diamond or two; advise a client how to revamp their jewelry or identify items for potential sale. Jeff works with people downsizing or needing to settle an estate. A big part of Sharp Facets Gallery is buying and selling estates and estate valuation. Anne now hosts three shows during the week. “The I Love Anne Show” runs 8-10am Monday thru Friday. Anne and her radio partner, Peggy, get everybody going with a mix of unusual topics, weird stories, politics and local events. On Saturdays, just for fun she chronicles

classic country music with her show “From Trash to Treasures along a Country Road” 9 am to noon.

Talkers Magazine, calls her a “pistol with a contagious laugh!” Anne has found her voice and her passion and many others think so too. For two years straight, the S.C. Broadcasters Assoc. voted her afternoon show “Meet Me at the Diner”, 4-5pm daily, Best Radio Show for SC. She also received a Star award for her commercial, “Smooch”, for Sharp Facets Gallery. She’s a constant contributor to SC Radio News. Just this year, she was invited to participate in a radio row in Washington, DC - FAIR on immigration and she was embedded with the SC delegation at the RNC in Cleveland. She received an extensive write-up in Talkers Magazine, the bible of Radio Professionals. Michael Harrison, publisher/founder of Talkers Magazine, calls her a “pistol with a contagious laugh!” Tune in to any of her shows and you’ll see what he means. From some of the top syndicated shows to local sports at Emerald High and Clemson Football; unique remotes (not only in Greenwood, but from Columbia, SC to Washington, DC to NYC and beyond) Anne continues to bring great radio to the Greenwood area. As she says, “Have mic. Will travel.” WCRS, 1450AM is the original, and this year, they’ve added 98.5FM. For years WCRS has streamed from their website The website also has podcasts of all her interviews, and free downloadable Apps. September 1 was WCRS’s 75th Anniversary which makes it the 6th oldest radio station in SC. Anne Eller is the “Voice of Greenwood” and declares “It has been quite a ride of unexpected joy and passion! I will keep talking and see where the road less traveled takes me!”


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By Harriet Stwora

Many women associate uninary incontinence with age. Although getting older can contribute to U.I., it is certainly not the only cause. Women of all ages can experience incontinence. There are four (4) types of incontinence in women: Stress Incontinence: When urine leaks out when stress (pressure) is put on the bladder. For instance, leakage may happen during a cough or sneeze, or lifting heavy objects or physical activity.

age, and any underlying problems that are found also affect your treatment. Your doctor can discuss treatment with you. He or she can also help you decide whether any lifestyle changes may help. POSSIBLE TREATMENT OPTIONS

Urge Incontinence: Women with this problem feel a strong, un-controllable need to urinate and have accidents if they can’t get to a bathroom in time. They wet the bed at night or urinate in small amounts. Overflow Incontinence: The bladder doesn’t empty normally and becomes very full. Urine may dribble out of the bladder. The bladder may also never feel completely empty. They wet the bed or have to get up often at night. Or, they sometimes can’t urinate.

DIAGNOSING THE PROBLEM An evaluation helps the doctor find the type of incontinence you have. It also helps rule out other problems. The exam includes questions about your symptoms and medical history. The doctor may also order some tests such as: pelvic exam or urinalysis and culture. A sample of the urine can determine if there is any infection. Another test called the cystogram will involve taking an x-ray of the bladder using a special dye. There are several other tests that can be done to evaluate the bladder, depending on each individual case.

The best treatment for you will depend on the type of incontinence you have.Your symptoms,


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Stress Incontinence • Kegel exercise • Special therapies • Medication • Timed voiding • Collagen injection • Surgery Urge Incontinence Kegel exercises Special therapies Medication Bladder retraining

Mixed Incontinence: More than one type of incontinence occurs at the same time.


The main treatments for each type of incontinence are listed below. If you have a mixture of types, treatments may come from more than one category.

Overflow Incontinence Self-catheterization LIFESTYLE CHANGES MAY HELP Along with any treatments your doctor gives you, you may want to make certain lifestyle changes. These can help treatments work better and ease your symptoms. They include: • Quitting smoking - Smoking can lead to a chronic cough that strains pelvic floor muscles. Smoking may also damage the bladder and urethra. • Losing weight - Excess weight puts extra pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. Exercising and eating right can help you lose


weight. This helps other treatments work better, too. • Making certain diet changes - Some foods may make you need to urinate more so it may be good to avoid them. These include caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Ask your doctor whether these or other diet changes might be helpful. Incontinence needn’t take over your life. With help, you can regain control and get back to doing what you enjoy. For more information about incontinence contact: Dr. Herman (Pete) Parrarmore, Urologist Dr. Preston Turner, Urologist Greenwood Urological Professional Park 109 Liner Drive Greenwood, S. C. 29646 (864) 227-6401 Toll Free in S. C. (800) 922-4194 Satellite Office -Clinton, S. C. on Tuesdays Dr. Herman (Pete) Parramore, is a Board Certified urologist and a native of South Georgia. He attended the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Ga., as well the University of Georgia at Athens, Ga. Dr. Parramore joined the Greenwood office in 1995 and has a staff of twelve. Dr. Parramore comments: “Incontinence is not a normal part of aging. Many women suffer for years before seeking help. Here at Greenwood Urological we can treat most cases.”


Preston Turner, M.D. • Pete Parramore, M.D. • David Feece, PA-C

Earcelia "Cece" Paul-Hill

Counselor, LPC, MAC

I provide a relaxed, professional environment where the client is in control. I don't enable but empower my clients to take control of their emotional health. With my guidance I have seen numerous clients take a path that leads them to a better life. I am a certified provider for anger/conflict management. I am also experienced in addictions counseling and domestic violence. Areas of self limiting behaviors treated include: self-esteem, anxiety, depression, ADHD, conflict management, stress, peer pressure, suicidal ideations, self mutilation and other issues that people face in today's society.

All General Urology Problems • Male Impotence & Infertility Female & Male Incontinence • Kidney Stones Prostate Problems • Urological Cancer 109 Liner Drive Greenwood, SC 864-227-6401 800-922-4194

No Referral Necessary! Office Hours By Appointment


864.223.2243 210 Main Street Greenwood, South Carolina. Monday - Saturday 10a.m. to 6p.m. 8 6 4 -2 2 3- 6 2 2 9 Main & Maxwell is a unique gallery offering a selection of high quality art and handcrafted pieces. It is our intent to support our community by featuring locally and regionally produced work and by providing our member artists with a means to grow their craft through our exclusive granting progra m. We promote art by hand. Located at 107 Venture Ct. Greenwood, SC 29649

Birth Connection is a private practice that offers in-hospital deliveries at Self Regional Healthcare whether you want to have an all natural birth or epidural anesthesia, we are there to support you. We provide loving and expert care through touch and low technology during this most vulnerable time in the life of a woman and her family. We are committed to bring midwifery care to the Greenwood area.

As nurse practitioners we also provide primary care and gynecological services such as annual exams and birth control.

Janet Goff

MSN, APRN, CNM Find us on Facebook! Birth Connection Midwifery of Greenwood

www.MainAndMaxwell. com

For more questions or to schedule an appointment with a midwife call (864) 538-6565.



Main & Maxwell : A rt By Hand

Laura Bachinski

By Deena C. Bouknight // Photos By Abby Funderburk Photography

Brand new to Uptown Greenwood is an artists’ “membership gallery”. Main & Maxwell opened in June of this year in what used to be a bank. Laura Bachinski, a professional potter and an art collector, desired to fill a display and retail void for artists. She explains that the art community in Greenwood is growing, changing, and evolving due to a number of factors.

New people are moving into the area, The Arts Center at the Federal Building hosts local and national work, Uptown Greenwood has a burgeoning music and dining scene, and Lander University’s art department is increasingly active in the local community. One of the artists, Lori Holloway, is thrilled. She says that Main & Maxwell is a “plus” for the Greenwood area. “Walking into the space, you just feel like you’re in an Asheville or a Charleston gallery. There is such a wide range … something for everyone.” Holloway worked as a nurse for 14 years before becoming a professional lampwork jewelry designer. The term “lampwork” is an old term that refers to jewelers using an oil lamp and bellow in order to mold and blow glass; now she and others like her use specialized torches. She said she took at stained glass class once and “as soon as I lit the torch and saw the glass melt, I was mesmerized.” She made bowls full of beautiful beads and one day her husband 22

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asked her what she was going to do with all the beads, so she began to make jewelry. She says she has always had a creative bent, taking some art classes in and since college, but now enjoys having an opportunity not only to create regularly but also to display and sell her wares. Main & Maxwell’s membership gallery works like this: artists can submit an application – available online – and a committee reviews the work to determine if it meets the standards of professionally crafted work with saleable value. To date, 48 artist members have been chosen; all are local and most reside within 20 miles from the gallery. Each member artist has an opportunity to present a selection of his or her work at the gallery. Currently there is a myriad of art presented: paintings, photography, fiber art, pottery, sculptures, wood art, jewelry, and paper and book art. Art is creatively displayed in colorful vignettes, Women

contemporary collections, and decorative arrangements. There are watercolor and acrylic paintings; one artist presents equine beauty on rough-hewn wood boards. Another artist crafts distinct stain glass pieces. Bachinski, along with Gallery Manager Debbie Tackett, expertly merchandises all aspects of the 2,300 square feet of gallery and retail space, even attaching a lizard sculpture to one of the space’s columns. The aged building provides a backdrop of exposed brick walls, stripped concrete columns, floor to ceiling windows, and some painted walls.

Customers can purchase items for as little as $10 to upwards of $1,500. Those patrons who attend another Greenwood event and then visit Main & Maxwell can participate in what is called the Stub Club; they can show their ticket from the event and receive a 10 percent discount on art purchases. Holloway is excited about the opportunities that Bachinski arranges at Main & Maxwell for customers to actually meet the artists. Artist receptions give residents of Greenwood a chance to ask questions about artistic inspirations and processes. “That makes all the difference sometimes,” she says. “We can tell them about the materials you use and how you accomplish the art. Interaction is sometimes the spark customers need to want to own the art.” Main & Maxwell is open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, visit The gallery also has a Facebook page.

Reasons to stay:

325 W Main St Lexington, SC 29072

Blackout drapes, Cable/Satellite TV, Complimentary toiletries, Cordless speakerphone, Desk, DVD Player, Electronic check-out, Electronic/magnetic keys, 32 Inch LCD TV, Hair Dryer, Jacuzzi Bath tub, Individual A/C & Heat, In-Room Coffee Maker, In-Room Safe, Iron & Ironing Board & MORE! Reservations: 803-996-2000

Experience the many pleasures of the Comfort Suites Lexington, South Carolina. Our superbly appointed suites offer rare comfort and a luxurious ambience beyond compare in Lexington, SC. From our superb location, take an historic tour, visit the University of South Carolina campus or savor gourmet dining. It’s all waiting for you here in South Carolina, and we’ll make sure your day is started off right. Enjoy free hot Savory Starts Breakfast each morning you stay with us. Our hotel in Lexington, SC is 100% smoke-free.




Advice in a Stormy Financial Sea By Deena C. Bouknight // Photos By Abby Funderburk Photography

Some of Stephen Akin’s jargon stems from his days spent on waters. He grew up in Houston, Texas, boating and fishing, and became certified as a Merchant Marine Master. So when he uses terms like “stormy” and “coasting” when referring to his multi-decade career in the securities business, it is often because of his lifelong affection with the sea.

“When helping clients with their financial lives, you must monitor their position and the progress toward their goals,” says Akin. “Just as a Skipper always keeps one eye to weather and the other to leeward … stay alert to the smallest change.” Akin entered the investment world in 1984. He first worked with Paine Webber Inc. and then Dean Witter now known as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter until he turned 65 last year and retired – sort of. He has seen his share of ups and downs in the market and has even navigated through rough spots, including the recession that revved up in 2008 and has had reverberating effects on the financial world ever since. He says he has assisted senior citizens concerned about “running out of money”, millennials needing to access retirement funds to make ends meet 24

Celebrating, Motivating and Educating


during challenging times, and parents and grandparents looking to provide continuing education. A family situation that involved he and his wife obtaining custody of two granddaughters motivated him to get back to work in order to not only support them, but also plan for their future. “I always wanted to open my own shop in the investment business, so I decided this was the time,” he says. “Plus, I absolutely missed it. I was never really away from it completely. It’s just such a passion of mine.” At an age when many retire permanently Akin, instead, started Akin Investment Advisory Greenwood, as well as studied for and passed the FINRA Series 65 exam, which covers laws, regulations, ethics, and subjects


such as retirement planning, portfolio management strategies, and fiduciary responsibilities. As a Registered Investment Advisor for South Carolina, Akin works clients through several steps to planning for a variety of lifestyle scenarios. He provides goal setting, explains investment philosophy, and customizes financial situations specific to the client’s needs. Some of Akin’s other services include 401k retirement planning, 529 college fund plans, and IRAs. He also works with the goals and objectives of families interested in estate planning – as well as offers many other financial planning services. As an investment advisor, his role is to stay ahead of changing patterns in the financial world. “People need a lot of help because there is so much confusion out there and misunderstandings

Professional … so many investments people don’t understand. I’m able to provide unbiased advice.” One of the changes in the industry is access to Financial Technology “Fintech” and online brokerage accounts. He knows people are trying computer model platforms which, he points out, “opens a person’s eyes as to the urgency and dollar amounts that will be needed to achieve their dreams.” Yet, 30 years of experience and real communication with a real person is what he offers clients. As a person officially at retirement age himself, his primary advice for young and old is to stop procrastinating when it comes to financial planning. The time value of money is so very important. “I think Einstein once said the 8th wonder of the world is compound interest: He who knows it, earns it; he who doesn’t pays it.” He adds, “Sailing has taught me life is a voyage and no one knows what the future holds.”

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AKIN INVESTMENT ADVISORY Independent "Fee Only" Financial Planning & Portfolio Management Whether you choose one time advice or ongoing services, we offer an affordable approach that provides you a simple, easy to follow step by step plan with investment strategies that will save you time, money and taxes. Financial Planning services begin with a "Free - No Obligation" highly confidential meeting where we discuss your present financial condition as well as your long term financial needs, goals and dreams.

Stephen Herbert Akin

WE CAN HELP YOU WITH... Goal Setting IRA’s - Individual Retirement Planning Investment Philosophy Exchange-listed Securities Risk Management Review Securities Traded Over-The-Counter Education and Retirement Funding Corporate Debt Securities Income Tax Review Certificates of Deposit Estate Planning Review Mutual Fund Shares 401k Retirement Planning Municipal Securities 529 College Fund Plans Governmental Securities

Registered Investment Advisor

“Your Success Is My Only Interest!” • 308 Ferncliff Drive, Greenwood, South Carolina 29649 • 864-344-4438



... in mind, body & soul

Located at the Intersection of I-20 Preparing students K3 - 12th grade for college and life with Christ-like values and academic excellence.


and Hwy 378 — the western gateway for metropolitan Columbia

2026 Woodlawn Road, Greenwood, SC 29649

   

Call 864-229-2427 Visit Follow @ gcs_reflections on Instagram Like Greenwood Christian School - Official on Facebook GCS accredited by: ACTS (nationally); SACS (regionally); SCISA (statewide). GCS does not discriminate against race, religion, age, gender, physical disability, or ethnic background .

(Tel) 803.957.5000 | (Res) 1.800.228.1000 (Fax) 803.957.2480

108 Saluda Pointe Court | Lexington SC 29072

Pat Carroll Owner

GREENWOOD (864)223-4266 Greenwood Hometown Store 1410 Montague Ave Ext Greenwood, SC 29649 Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:30 am - 7:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Sun: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Celebrating, Motivating and Educating




Because your princess deserves the best!


116 Enterprise Ct. Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 388 - 9433

Assisted Living • Respite Care and Short Term Stays

Morningside of Greenwood is a warm and welcoming senior living community offering spacious and comfortable assisted living apartments, as well as respite or short stays for when caregivers are unavailable. Our friendly, skilled 24-hour staff and beautifully landscaped grounds make Morningside a wonderful place to live. Our many services and amenities include restaurant style dining, a full slate of social and recreational activities, regular outings, library, game room, wireless Internet, fitness and wellness programs, in-house beauty salon/barber shop, cozy sitting areas, transportation, and laundry and housekeeping.

Kids love us... Parents trust us!

(Beside Corley’s Market) | 864-229-0305

The Alcoves of A Place For Us Ministries


1405 Bypass 72 NE Greenwood, SC 29649 A Unique Shopping Experience Featuring:

Visit us online at to learn more and schedule a tour.

What’s Precious to you is precious to us.


Auto. Home. Life. Retirement. matter, so wrap them all in a blanket of Nationwide R protection. We put members


What’sprecious preciousto to What’s youisisprecious preciousto tous. us. you

• wedding gifts/registries SM Goodness & Mercy Tea Room • baby gifts/registries SM Serves lunch, desserts, and tea • home décor 864.993.5086 Auto. Home. Life. Retirement. They all • collegiate Auto. Home. Life. Retirement. They all matter, so wrap them all in a blanket of matter, so wrap them all in a blanket of • clothes for women and The Secret Place Nationwide® protection. We put members Nationwide® protection. We put members youth first, because we don’t have shareholders. Upscale Re-Sale Store first, because we don’t have shareholders. • new, repurposed and 864.223.5324 Join the Nation® that knows what’s refinished furniture Join the Nation® that knows what’s important. SM The Shepherd’s Shoppe important. • lawn & garden décor Bible and Book Store • kitchen accessories Combine your policies and save up to 25% 864.943.0242 Combine your policies and save up to 25% • jewelry/purses Auto. Home. Life. Retirement. They all • collectibles Salon Beautopia matter, so wrap them all in a blanket of • embroidery and vinyl Salon and spa Join the Nation that knows what’s Important. Clark Farley 864.538.6393 marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. © 2014 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. NPR-0718AO.2 (8/14) monograms Nationwide® protection. We put members Combine your policies save up to 25% Clark Farley and Agency SM • gift certificates Phone: (803)788-4211 first, because we don’t have shareholders.

What’s precious to you is precious to us.

Cecelia Cook



Cook andknows Associates, LLC Join the Cecelia Nation® that what’s Phone: (864) 229 - 4925 important. 339 Grace Street Greenwood, SC 29649

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Greenwood By TonyaMarie Swearingen

Pat Carroll Pat Carroll bought the store in 2008 after it had been through numerous owners. In 2001 he moved the store out of the Greenwood Mall to its current location at 1410 Montague Avenue Extension. Carroll says, “I believe a number of people go to Anderson, Greenwood, Columbia, and Augusta to do their shopping”. His store offers everything that Sears sells but does so with friendly, knowledgeable hometown service. If you have a problem or a question at a big box retailer, it can be difficult to get the assistance you need from someone in a position to help. Not so at Carroll’s Sears where you can “walk right in and talk to the owner”. He’s truly offering the best of two worlds. The diversity of a big box store with home town customer service. Sears started out as Sears & Roebuck Company and was famous for its catalogs. Catalog sales evolved into what is now Sears Hometown Sales. This is a completely separate company from the Sears mall based stores. It gives big box store variety with a hometown environment. You can even order items from online if the store doesn’t have it and if you order through the store, you get free shipping. Sears Hometown Stores sells a variety of items from lawn and garden, tools, fitness equipment, and even mattresses. They carry all of the major

Pat Carroll, owner of Sears in Greenwood says that although Sears is a national chain, his store is a locally owned and operated business. “My store may say Sears on front, but I am a small businessman”. brands with Kenmore being the signature Sears brand in appliances. Pat Carroll is a member of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce and frequently donates items to local charities. He currently has 4 employees and describes himself as a hands on owner. He feels in a small market like Greenwood, it’s imperative to be directly involved in running his business although he has a very efficient staff. He said, “I need to be the face of the business”. On a more personal note, Pat Carroll’s family consists of 5 cats and 4 large aquariums. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, he graduated from Furman in 1991. He has lived in Abbeville since 2011. Prior to that he lived in Greenville for 7 years and Columbia for 12 years. Before buying the Sears store, he worked as a buyer for Manifest Discs and Tapes from 1992-2004 and at Earshot from 2004-2008. So, why did Carroll choose to buy a Sears store? “Sears is a brand that is still well known and still respected”. This is in spite of the parent company’s struggles with Sears. That parent company was Sears Holdings which owns Sears mall stores and Kmart. His store is now part of Sears Hometown and Outlet stores which seems

to have a bright future. This branch separated from Sears Holdings about three years ago. Since then a lot of work has been done to bring up the standards of Sears stores under its control as well as quite a bit of money invested. This is in hopes of assuring that the brand and the company will prosper and survive for many years to come. Carroll says, “While Sears Holding continues to close stores and struggle to survive, Sears Hometown is opening stores and has a great future. Greenwood is fortunate to have business owners like Pat Carroll who are local owners and operators, truly members of the community. There’s no longer a need to make a long drive to Columbia or Augusta to find your favorite brands and a variety of product lines from which to choose. For now when looking toward the future, Carroll says, “I simply want to continue to be a better businessman and to better serve my customers”.

Business & Web Directory Counseling Synergy Counseling of Greenwood.................... 21 Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry of Greenwood....................... 27 Financial Akin Investment Advisory...................................... 25 Flooring Reagan Flooring............................................................3 Health Services Birth Connection....................................................... 21 Greenwood Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.A........ 29 Active Family Chiropractic..................................... 16 Greenwood Urological............................................ 21

Wingate by Wyndham............................................. 26 Insurance Nationwide: Cecelia Cook & Associates, LLC........ 27 Jewelry Tidwell Jewelry............................................................ 11 Photography Laura Brown Photography.................................... IFC Abby Funderburk Photography..............................7 Real Estate The Bradshaw Group................................................ 16 School Greenwood Christian School................................ 26

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Shopping The Alcoves.................................................................. 27

Sharp Facets Gallery....................................................6 Blossom Shoes & Such................................................9 Sugar Boutique.............................................................4 Main & Maxwell.......................................................... 21 Sears Hometown Store............................................ 26 House of Elegance.......................................................4 Special Services Santa Calls for You..................................................... 13 Travel Jeanne’s Travel Adventures.................................... 26


How the Sphinx can help your back pain. The Sphinx is one of several stretches that can relieve back and neck pain. Learn them all by getting a copy of our 36-page Home Remedy Book. Some back and neck pain can be relieved by special stretches like the one shown below, while others need attention from a physician specialist, do you know the difference?

BACK SPASM: A back spasm can be excruciating, enough to knock you on your knees. The good news is this symptom can often resolve with rest, anti-inflammatories and therapy. A back spasm is typically a signal that you lifted something too heavy, your back is too weak or is not flexible enough. FALL OR CAR ACCIDENT: Traumatic events should always be checked out by a spine specialist to make sure no vertebrae were fractured. RADIATING PAIN: Pain that radiates in an arm or leg can imply a herniated disc and should be seen by a spine specialist within a week.

To learn more, call the South Carolina Spine Center at (888)-526-8806 or visit our website at You can also request our free 36-page Home Remedy Book to help ease painful symptoms. South Carolina Spine Center is the only spine center in the State listed as a credentialed spine center by, and is recognized as a Blue Distinction Center by BlueCross BlueShield. Let us help you get back to activity!

NUMB FOOT OR HAND: Weakness or numbness in a hand or foot, or loss of bowel/bladder control, are all emergency symptoms that need to be seem by a spine specialist immediately to prevent the symptoms from becoming permanent.



Mathew Gowans, MD • Karl Boellert, MD* *Board certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Sumeer Lal, MD • Milchael Kilburn, MD • Greg McLoughlin, MD Board certified Neurological Surgery 115 Academy Avenue, Unit A • Greenwood, SC 29646 Referrals & Appointments: 888-526-8806 Educational Internet site at:


Celebrating, Motivating and Educating



Advanced spine care services of

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