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From Flea Markets to Luxury Villas – Gorgeous Goa has it all! By Emelia Hall To experience Goa is to experience a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and smells that transport one into a world of spectacular seascapes, pulsating music and palate tingling cuisine. Where else can one find a region that offers so much to so many? Goa is a land that appeals as much to those looking for culture and heritage as to those who want the hip, rocking lifestyle. It attracts the budget traveler as much as it does the exclusive, expensive set. And Goa makes everyone feel equally at home.

Goa’s versatility is most evident in the way it has evolved geographically. North Goa is bustling with activity and throbbing with life; Central Goa is the repository of history and architecture and houses the Capital; while South Goa responds to the call of the ocean with some of the most beautiful, secluded beaches that attract those who worship the sun. And every one of these geographic regions of Goa has the most beautiful luxury villas. These private rental villas are to be found on the beaches, next to charming rustic villages and alongside imposing Portuguese churches in towns echoing with history. These villas and mansions cover the entire spectrum of styles – from modern, swanky bungalows to traditional Portuguese architecture. And they offer the highest standards of luxury imaginable – in terms of décor, cuisine, housekeeping services and a myriad other facilities that are unparalleled. The villa experience is one that no traveler can ever forget. These private luxury villas are located in places that give access to all that Goa has to offer. Those who love shopping can visit the markets in Mapusa in North Goa; Margao; the flea market in Anjuna; and the Saturday night market in Arpora, among the more popular ones. Goa is also home to some very high end designer stores located in the bigger towns that cater to the discerning traveler. History buffs who visit Goa find themselves transported into a different time as they make their way through awe-inspiring cathedrals and churches; Portuguese mansions; and Maratha forts. The local residents are proud of their culture and traditions and charm visitors to Goa with their music, cuisine and lifestyle.

Those who crave the outdoor life also find a multitude of exciting opportunities in Goa such as quaint, little known villages nestling within hidden river islands; glimpses of marine life out in the Arabian Ocean; varied species of wild life in the jungles of the Western Ghats; and forest camps with 4 star facilities. Swaying palms, cashew trees, paddy fields, winding rivers, bamboo groves and shimmering beaches are all woven into the tapestry of the Goan countryside. Goa today, is an amalgam of the old and the new; the wild and the tamed; the natural and the man made. Goa is the perfect blend of all that is needed to charm every single visitor.

From Flea Markets to Luxury Villas – Gorgeous Goa has it all!