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‘Where do you come from?’ I have answered this question for over a thousand times in these 3 years. And when I answered


from Hong Kong’, they have

different responses. The most impressive moment is when i was going to the laundry in my hall, there was a guy who is waiting for the washing machine asked me where do I came from, ‘Hong Kong’ I answered. Then he was so shocked and said (with a higher pitch) ‘Where the hell is that?’. I cannot believe that he do not know where Hong Kong is, so I went to his room, open the internest browser and go on google map to show him, where the hell Hong Kong is. I have showed him the picture which is similar to the right one, that is the best top night view of the world from the peak.

How do you feel about Hong Kong?

Intro ion


As a colony of British before 1997 for 99 years, Hong Kong was transformed from rocky undeveloped mountainous terrain to a major entrepot for global trade. According to Emporis, there are 7650 skyscrapers in Hong Kong, which puts the city at the top of world rankings. As of 2009, Hong Kong is the fifth most expensive city for expatriates. In this modern commercial city, most people had forgotten about the past, the root of the city, the basic life of Hong Kong. The culture of Hong Kong can best be described as a foundation that began with China, and became more influenced by British colonialism. It is frequently described as a place where ‘East meets West’. Despite the 1997 transfer of sovereignty to the mainland, Hong Kong continues to hold an identity of its own.


Day Hong Kong is known as one of the Four Asian Tigers for its high growth rates and rapid development, but still most areas are highly blighted due to the real estate neighborhood redlining. At present, the problem of urban decay in Hong Kong is becoming serious. The Urban Renewal Proposals, which is for accelerating redevelopment to provide a better living environment and neighbourhood, are carrying out, those historical buildings, remarkable stores or even famous street view will be extinct shortly. Although Hong Kong is just a tiny little dot in the world map, it contains some irreplacable enlightenment. To treasure these, I would like to explore the old (basic) living style of Hong Kongers, bring back childhood memories for every Hong Kongers and to introduce Hong Kong to any others who do not know how is Hong Kong.

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Cloth (Photos from my mum)

Vintage Cloth Shop

It is just similar to those vintage shop in Bricklane London. Clothes from the 60s -90s, price from HKD10 (around one pound). It is a good place for inspiration and clothes for reconstruction.


Hong Kong Style Cafe (cha chaan teng)

In the old days, these eateries only sold different types of iced drinks and buns. However, for making more money some of the them ignore the tradition and provide all kinds of rice plates and even wunton noodles. The original Hong Kong Style Cafe are now scarce.

Cha Chaan Teng

On 19 December 2007, lawmaker Choy So Yuk proposed during a Legislative Council session that Hong Kong’s cha chaan teng be recognised and put up to UNESCO as an “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”.


In Hong Kong cuisine a number of ingredients such as spring onion, sugar, salt, soy sauce, rice wine, cornstarch, vinegar, scallion oil and sesame oil suffice to enhance flavor. Common condiments are white pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil (from right to left). There are a set of these basic condiments on every table in every Hong Kongese restaurant with a chopstick can and a toothpick bottle.


Tong Lau

Tong Lau was a tenement building design in late 19th century, it is unique to Hong Kong. It is essentially a balcony building for residential and commercial use. The ground floor portion is reserved for commercial use, mostly by small businesses like pawnshops and food vendors. The upper floors were residential use and catered to the residents.

Possession Street

The area is where Commodore James Bremer, commander-in-chief of the British forces in China, took formal possession of Hong Kong on 26 January 1841. The traditional household store (picturev) was established in 1959,



Hong Kong has a highly developed and sophisticated transport network, encompassing both public and private transport. Over 90% of the daily journeys are on public transport, making it the highest rate in the world.

Ding Ding

Hong Kong Tramways is one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong. Trams in Hong Kong have not only been a form of transport for over 100 years, but also a major tourist attraction and one of the most environmentally friendly mass transit systems. It is the solely exclusively double-decker operated tram system in the world.

Star Ferry

The Star Ferry is principal routes carry passengers across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. It was founded in 1888 as the Kowloon Ferry Company. From the ferry, one can take in the famous view of the harbour and the Hong Kong skyline. This continues to be popular with tourists, and has become one of the icons of Hong Kong heritage.

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HongK er.

To have special local flavo photos of Hong Kong, I have mainly went to Central district and Wan Chai district, which are the most aged areas, to explore the social customs. Although it is the central business district of Hong Kong, and many multinational financial services corporations have their headquarters in these area, there are still many old streets that have not been redeveloped under the urban renewal planning. For example, in Wing Lee Street there are some old Hong Kong 1960s buildings. The street has been described as “the seediest street in Hong Kongâ€? by Resil (1992). I love the view of close and numerous aged buildings with tin-made letter boxes hanging on rusted gates. Also Peel Street was targeted for redevelopment under the the urban renewal planning. There is a squatter store called Ho Hei Kee Umbrella, run by Mr. Ho Hung-hei, which has attracted the attention of many mass media. He was honoured for making the most expensive umbrella (ÂŁ167) in the world for his Guinness World Record. As the street is going to reconstruct in years, this traditional craftsmanship will be extinct very soon.

Actually I am not that into archaic stuffs before a tour to the old streets in Sheung Wan and Central. I found that Hong Kong is really an inspiring city, how come no one admire it for fashion designing. I have searched the sentence “Hong Kong/ London/ Paris/ New York/ Japan inspired design� on Google and Yahoo, not surprisingly London as the most famous fashion capital, it comes up with 55 million results in total, Paris has nearly 20 million results, New York and Japan both overcome Hong Kong, who shows only 6 million results. Thus I do not really understand how could Hong Kong be the No.2, the highest ranking ever for an Asian City also overcomes both London and Paris, on the ranking of Top Fashion Capitals of 2010, although it is a shopping heaven as every one knows. Therefore, despite the fact that I love Hong Kong , it is an inspiring and potential city, it worths to be known widely. For my final year project, I decided to look deeper, find out the uniqeness of Hong Kong and present it to the mass. Even though I am working on footwear project, I hope that people will enjoy the photos, which I took in this summer or maybe the editorial of the products later, too.

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All the pictures in this booklet are taken by myself in Summer 2010, Hong Kong.


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