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Ballyfermot Express Wednesday January, 2014

Seanad Vote


By Emear Smithers On the Friday 4th of October’13 we are been asked to vote to remove the Seaned because it is felt that we don’t need this step into making new laws. Seanad is part of our constitution that is why we the people have to vote for it to be removed. The Dáil is where bills are debated and start to become a law in our constitution. Seanad is the second house in Ireland’s parliament. Then it was sent to the Seanad to be debated again to make sure it is legal and doesn’t go against our constitution. Then it is sent to the President of Ireland to sign the bill into law. If the President doesn’t have a background in law they may refer it to the high court to get clarification that it’s not going against our constitution. The government argument is that we don’t need this step because it is costing the country 20 million euros a year. Most of the government parties what us to vote to remove Seanad the only government party that is against it is Fianna Fáil would are in opposition to the


Ballyfermot Swimming Pool Closure By Emear Smithers

Dublin City Council paid €25 million euros on building this new leisure centre in Ballyfermot.

The leisure centre opened on the 4th of November’08. The swimming pool was closed on the 15th of April’13 due to loose tiles in the swimming pool. Don Daly Said “The swimming pools work is happening and has been totally stripped of all the

tiles and the next stage of works will commence shortly. The Ballyfermot leisure centre said that it will be reopening in late spring’14.” The local community are wondering who will be paying for the swimming pool repairs and how long will the community have to wait for the repairs to be completed? One of the delays in getting the swimming pool open as fast as possible is that Dublin City Council and the Spanish company are in dispute that who should be paying for the repairs. Dublin City Council started

Ballyfermot Swimming Pool Closure By Emear Smithers

the building work started in October’ 04 and was completed in June’08. The building was handed over to be fitted out before it was opened to the public. The Spanish companies point is that Dublin City Council took charge of the building and their work had passed the building regulations and the tiles started to falling off was five years later. How are they responsible? So the case has gone to the courts and we are waiting for

Ballyfermot Swimming Pool

Fire in Ballyfermot By Emear Smithers A major incident happens in Ballyfermot on Sunday evening at 8pm. This left two young men fighting for their lives. A major fire broke out at 46 La Fanu Road and the resident of Mrs Ann Murphy aged 73 raised the alarm. Who lives there with her two sons Sean aged 32 and Alan aged 26. When the local Gardaí and Fire Brigade arrive to assets the incident. Supervising Officer Sergeant Stephen O’Hair took charge of the scene. Mrs Murphy was very upset because her two sons were in the back garden. The Gardaí couldn’t get to the


back garden until the fire was brought under control. The fire brigade got the fire under control and rescued Mrs Murphy’s two sons. Who were both badly injured in the fire. They were taken to St. James Hospital by ambulance for treatment and are said to be in a stable condition with 1st and 2nd degree burns.

Detective Sergeant Harry McGonagall was waiting to speak to the two men about the incident. The Gardaí were concerned because Sean is in involved the Distended Republican Army and has served a seven year prison sentence for explosive. The eyewitness said it sounded like explosive bang

House Fire in Ballyfermot

Ballyfermot Library Re- Opens

Fire in Ballyfermot

By Emear Smithers

Ballyfermot Library Finally the Ballyfermot library is open four years after it closed for repairs to the roof. Which was meant to take one year. A lot of the people of Ballyfermot thought that there was a shortage of money and they couldn’t finish the building. While some of the people knew what was happening because the Dublin City Counsel where meeting the residence and asked what they would like the library to look like when it was finished.

closed the people of Ballyfermot was provide access to a mini library in the Ballyfermot Civic Center. This library could not whole the full range of books, but did offer the best service that was possible, Even though they didn’t have the full range of books they did offer the full range of services. You could order in books if you wanted to read. There was a small computer room with a limited number of computers. There was no study space or anywhere to sit and read the books.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Oisín Quinn was one of many high profile people to attend the grand opening as well as members of the public.

The new library took four years because there where more grants available and instead of just fixing the roof they decide to refurbish the whole building.

While the main library was

Una Gomez the senior library


Continued from page 2 before the fire erupted. With these worrying statements because of explosive sound that they called the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) to make sure that there were no hazardous explosive devices in the shed. Commandant O’Hara asked that the perimeter be push further back because they feared that there could be hazardous explosive devices to insure the public safety. The EOD are still investigating if there are any incendiary devices. One of the eyewitness Mrs McGeddigan told how she helps Mrs Murphy when the fire broke out. Mrs McGeddigan said she was in her kitchen with her two sons Mark aged 6 and Niall age 7 cooking rashers and sausages when she heard Mrs Murphy shouting on the street. Mrs McGeddigan rand 999. Another witness Anton O’Hare aged 62 said he was “listening to music up stairs when he heard a sound like an explosion and then a bright light.” The two men ran from the shed on fire. One man fell to the ground and rolled t on the ground to help put out the fire and he pulled the second men down as well.