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A short biographical sketch Julian Bone Age 64 I have been a full time resident since 1989 I have served one term as a Topsail Beach Commissioner I came to Topsail Beach with my family in 1966 I have a degree in Economics from N.C. Wesleyan

The personal characteristics that make me a good candidate for Topsail Beach Commissioner I have either been in management or self employed most of my adult life. Management and self employment create the development of efficient and frugal management skills. For example I recommended looking at our town’s banking relationship because of excessive bank fees and changed our fees from a minus 8 to 9 thousand dollars to a positive income of 8 to 9 thousand dollars per year. You quickly learn to differentiate between a want and a need. My experience on the Board has been a great learning curve and I have tried to determine if our taxpayers get a value for what we spend. I am thrifty by nature and have tried to carry this trait over to my board votes. I am not a fence- straddler and, when necessary, stand alone in my vote to not waste tax dollars. I also try to research the issues facing our Board and vote accordingly with knowledgeable information.

Your political qualifications that make me a good candidate for Topsail Beach Commissioner In my four years on our board I have hosted fund raisers for several political candidates and have been to Raleigh and Washington D.C. to meet our Representatives. This effort has culminated in the N.C. Legislature passing a Dredging Bill that is a recurring fund for the Shallow Draft Inlets in N.C. This fund is a 1 to 1 match between state and the municipality. This fund yearly generates between 8 and 8.5 million. Topsail has applied for and is supposed to get 3 million this year to dredge our inlet to 150 feet wide and 16 plus 2 feet deep. All of this sand would be placed on our beach. In the project this year we are trying to create a wide berm not a high sand dune. The Beach Re-nourishment Project that Topsail Beach has completed has been called the Model the N.C. Legislature looks at for beach re-nourishment.

The issues or concerns- past, present, and future-that you believe are important to Topsail Beach voters and residents and your position on each matter. One of our major concerns is leadership and management. We need to better manage our finances so that all expenditures benefit the average citizen of Topsail Beach. Again we need to differentiate between wants and needs. Another issue that comes up in

every election is transparency. I have tried to be as transparent as possible but sometimes I feel that the board has not been as open as we could have been with, honesty and integrity. We as a Board need to always be truthful but we can only be as truthful as the information that we are given. One of my concerns on the issue of truthfulness is the Carolina Blvd. ROW. I truly believed the town was going to cut a winding meandering path on this ROW. Had I and other property owners not gotten behind this issue, I truly believe it would have been Clear Cut And Gravel hauled in for parking. Thankfully, I realized what was happening and was able to put a stop to this travesty of cutting trees. We need to ensure that each budget item is clearly identified and monies should not be co- mingled. In moving forward with projects we should target specific groups that will help maintain the lifestyle at Topsail Beach. A prime example would be to expand our Marina Property and sell the Town Center Property. This move would enable us to lease this Marina Property and hopefully create a Fishing Center. A Fishing Center would bring people down that would rent homes, utilize our restaurants, and visit our unique shops. The Town Center Property is our most pressing and divisive issue in 2014. Resolving it will take much tact, patience, and compromise.

Any other comments that you deem appropriate to your candidacy First, I would like to publicly thank the citizens of Topsail Beach for allowing me to serve them for 4 years. The Hot button Issue that I faced was Beach Re-nourishment and how to accomplish this feat without breaking our town. I am happy to report that we accomplished Beach Nourishment without assessing anyone, raising taxes or borrowing money. After this project was completed, we put .12 cents on your ad-Valorem taxes to fund future projects. In this year 2013-2014 dredging, we are planning on placing between 850,000 to 1 million yards of sand on our beach and cleaning out our inlet that will cost the tax payers of Topsail Beach around 3 million dollars. The 2010-2011 dredging season cost our tax payers 7.5 million. I feel that with what I have learned about these complex issues and my propensity to want to SAVE money makes me best suited for the job of being a Topsail Beach Commissioner and asked that you return me to office. Thank you, Julian Bone Candidate for Topsail Beach Commissioner


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