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LOOK The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts Circle K International’s Bulletin Magazine

2019 20,2019 November December 1,

Live to Serve, Love to Serve

What’s Inside? Our Motto, Our Pledge, Our Ideals Why CKI? Our Club History President’s Address Bulletin Editor’s Message Meet our Chairpersons Meet our Advisors EDNA Shandy First Semester’s Meeting Intercoastal Beach Clean Up Day Breast Cancer Awareness Crystal Division’s Back to School Treat CKI Week Tek it to dem Joint Outreach Project Division 23 Central’s One Day Senior Citizens Concert LOOK! Deeper Meet the Rest of the Board Members Spotlight

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Our Motto Live to Serve, Love to Serve

Our Pledge I pledge to uphold the objects of Circle K International, to foster compassion and good will towards others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself towards the realization of mankind’s potential.

Our Ideals • To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life. • To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. • To promote the adoption and the application of high social, business and professional standards. • To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship. • To provide through Circle K clubs a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build better communities. • To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism, which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and goodwill.

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Why CKI? PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The skills developed and the opportunities experienced through Circle K International increase a student’s marketability for employment after college. Circle K International’s connection to Kiwanis promotes career networking between collegians and professionals as well. SERVICE Circle K is built off of service. Whether it’s cleaning a beach, feeding the homeless, or building a playground, Circle K’ers give their time and effort to make a difference. Service is perhaps the most rewarding and fulfilling of all of Circle K’s tenents in that members not only benefit the world around them but also benefit themselves. FELLOWSHIP Some of the best benefits are those that we develop with each other. Circle K’ers reign from all over the world and come together in service and leadership to form bonds that last for years to come. As Circle K’er, you will meet people from all walks of life and find friends that share common beliefs in the power of a helping hand.

INTANGIBLE BENEFITS • Campus Involvement • Lifetime Friendships • Personal Growth • Develop service initiatives • Resume Building • Social Opportunities • Career Contacts

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Our Club History As of 2017

The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts Circle K International Club was on the verge of becoming no more. The club had lost their status due to the fact that a majority of the members graduated. In 2017, member Antonio Mundell assumed presidency of the EMCVPA CKI Club. He, along with his team and Past Lieutenant Governor Anishaka Stewart worked vigourously together to get the club active and official again. With hardwork and dedication, the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts Circle K International Club was officially recharted by the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston on December 3, 2018.

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President’s Address

President Giovanni Giovanni Gobern, Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts Circle K International Club President (2019/2020)

President Gio is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communcations (Graphic Design). So far he has completed 2 out of 4 years in his program. Fun Fact: Giovanni has been designing since he was six years old. It all started with a blue house on a green hill in Microsoft Paint.

I deem it a great honour to be writing this address for our next issue of Look!, our club’s bulletin magazine. I always speak of this staircase to the success of our goals. We are all eager to succeed, but as students, we need to understand that all staircases are not the same. Some may be built of out of wood, of concrete and steel, indicating that all our stories are different. Staircases may also be differentiated by its number of steps; these steps have specific challenges that will teach you lessons on our journey upwards. These steps are what are going to mould us as individuals, therefore we need to be prepared for the next step. In taking that step forward, these same steps are going to have holes in them and they are often inevitable. Some of these steps may be slanted and some may just not be there at all and when moving forward, you end up right back where it all started. When going on our journey, we need to ensure that our backpacks are filled with the necessary tools to fix any obstacle we may face when climbing those stairs. Don’t reach a step then turn around, that is not how goals are accomplished. We need to be ready. Not everybody’s success is straight forward. Haven’t you realized that sometimes you walk up a stair then you stop, and when you turn around, it’s all-new set of stairs? When reaching our goals, we must walk with our determination because reaching one objective, is not reaching the final goal. We have made it so far, What’s Next? LOOK! At our destination. LOOK! At what is necessary to reach that destination. LOOK! In your backpacks, are we ready for the obstacles we are going to encounter when arriving at our destination? As you browse Issue 2 of this year’s bulletin magazine, analyze what we have done, see our highlights and our accomplishments, however, when reading, LOOK! At yourself and ask this question; What role do I have to play in providing service to my community? We have started climbing, but what is the next step. Happy Reading. Happy LOOK!-ing

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Editor’s Message

Bulletin Editor


Hey there K- Fam ! Here it is, another EMCVPA CKI Bulletin for 2019. I am so happy that I have been tasked with sharing all the memories that we make together as a club and as a family. These pages are filled with memories that will last a lifetime, memories of great experiences, new friendships made and new interests being discovered. To all of the new members, I look forward seeing all of the memories that you will make with us as a club and for all of the K-Fam vertans thank you for sticking it through with us and keeping us active. All of the hardwork, effort and service that you all put in is not going unrecognized. Congratualtions to all of the members that made it on to the Members Spotlight Hall of Fame, you all were truly deserving. We see your spirit and we are so very thakful for it we just had to acknowledge you ! “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” —George Santayana The Kiwanis Family is truly a masterpiece.

Vanessa Riley, Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts Circle K International Club Bulletin Editor (2019/2020) BE Vanessa is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communcations (Animation). So far she has completed 2 out of 4 years in his program. Fun Fact: Vanessa is also the Vice President of the EMCVPA Student Council.

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Meet our Chairpersons “You can’t spell “fundraising” without “fun”. Being Chairperson of FUNdraising has been a defining moment of my CKI and college experience so far. It’s a position that I am very passionate about. I enjoy planning fundraisers and brainstorming interesting ideas for sales that will capture people’s attention.

Chairperson Fundraising


I saw the need for this position last year as a prospect member while volunteering for bake sales and became determined to be more involved in subsequent years. As with every position there has been challenges along the way but I approach each challenge as an opportunity to learn and improve .”

Hello I’m Omar Eubanks, Chairperson of Fellowship EMCVPA for the tenure 2019-2020.

Chairperson Fellowship


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During my time of being a Chairperson it has been nothing short of a blessing. Being able to lead other persons in service and fellowship while having fun has always been the most enjoyable experience within my tenure. I’ve met some really amazing persons during this time and wouldn’t trade it for the world. #VybzCheck #LiveToServe

Meet our Advisors

Kiwanis Advisor

Erica Haughton

Faculty Advisor

Mr. Horace Prince

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EDNA Shandy We kicked off the semester with a BANG! as we had our first ever EDNA Shandy event, our version of Dandy Shandy that old time favorite. Oh how we had a blast ! Big shoutout and thank you to all the clubs that came out to support, bringing with them so much energy and vibes. We love our K Family so much, fellowship is always a great time.

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The Semester’s First Meeting We had our first semester’s meeting directly after EDNA Shandy the energy and vibes were still very present. The room was filled with members, prosective members and visitor from our CKI family from other clubs. A quick run down of the plans for the semester as it related to projects and fundraising ideas. The meeting was quite informative and interactive.

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Intercoastal Clean Up Day For International Coastal Clean Up Day our club members engaged in2 seperate clean up initiatives. Both of which were huge successes, everone was able to walk away feel very accomplished having making the environment that much cleaner.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month For Breast Cancer Awareness month we hosted a Bake Sale headed by Chairperson Fundraising Tiffany. It was a great success and we sold out all of our yummy cupcakes. Club members came to school wearing their pink in support and we took pictures. We also visited with MICO’s CKI to be apart of their Breast Cancer Awareness Month meeting.

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Crystal Division’s Back to School Treat The Crystal Division of Circle K International held it’s first divisional project a Back-to-School Treat at the Elsie Berman Home for Girls and were so happy to have been apart of it. We had a great time playing games, we had ice cream and there was a handing over of all the donations that we had raised to the home.

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CKI Week

We Choose CKI ! This year’s Circle K International Week was a fun and fellowhipship filled experience. We had a blast completing the CKI Week daily challenges. It was all smiles for our members who proudly posed on Day 1 Choose CKI with the clubs CKI seal, that was designed by IPP Antonio. On Day 2 Why CKI we posted a video where a few members excitingly expressed how they felt being a part of CKI and why they choose CKI. On Day 3 Lead with Love our Club President Giovanni Gobern expressed just how much CKI has impacted his leadership skills. For Day 4 Find Your Family we visited Kiwanis Club of New Kingston and as always we had an amazing time there, we absolutely love visiting with them it is one of our favaourite places to fellowship. Our Mass Meeting experince was truly the highlight of our week, Chairperson Fellowship Omar and Treasurer Deshaun graced the stage with some musical entertainment. Our smiles stretched from cheek to cheek at the end of the day, it was a great time.


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Mass Meeting

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Find Your Family

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‘Tek it to dem’ Joint OutReach Project Our club went with the Crystal Division Club to ‘Tek it to Dem’ Joint Outreach Project on October 11th. This was a health fair geared towards the homeless population. We lent our hands in service and it was a successfully and fulfilling experience. #LiveToServe #LoveToServe

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Division 23 Central’s One Day On October 26 we attended the Kiwanis On Day, an initiative that was hosted by Kiwanis Division 23 Central. We participated in the renovation of the Mona Commons Basic School as we were specifically in charge of painting the mural designed by Club Member Brenesa Allen. The entire project was a very successful one and we left with hearts full of joy having been elated to be a part of an initiative that directly and positively impacts the lives of children.

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Senior Citizens Concert Kiwanis Club of Kingston partnered with the Senior Citizens’ Association to host the Senior Citizens Concert. This year it was held at The Emancipation Park on Sunday, October 6. i

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LOOK! Deeper

EMCVPA & PCC Online joint meeting

Shortwood CKI

Games Meeting


Last Straw


CKI Education Meeting page 23

IUC CKI Theme: Dental Care

Justinne Soman Monthly Project


Clubs & Societies Launch

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Fellowship Meeting


Breast Cancer & Awareness Meeting

Meet the Rest of the Board

Vice President

Kimmone Martin


Deshaun Fender Secretary

Donolee Young

Immediate Past President/DBE

Antonio Mundell

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Spotlight Congratulations !

August Phage Pinnock

Great Job!

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September Tashoy Clacken

Keep it up!

October Shanaye Monteith

You’re Awsome!

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Club Contact: Instagram: emcvpa_circlek Email: A publication of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts Circle K International Club. All

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'LOOK !' - Vol 02 Issue 02  

This is EMCVPA Circle K International's second bulletin publication for the 2019-2020 CKI year.

'LOOK !' - Vol 02 Issue 02  

This is EMCVPA Circle K International's second bulletin publication for the 2019-2020 CKI year.