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Chance to take revenge slips away MARY COOK Mary Cook’s Memories lists too. On went the long white pinnies. Emerson hated them almost as much as he hated house chores. “If the guys at school ever saw me in one of these, I’d be a goner,” he growled. He glared at me “and don’t you ever, and I mean ever, tell a soul,” he snarled, “or you will pay dearly.” Suddenly, as if someone had lit a candle over my head, I realized this little bit of knowledge might come in handy down the road. I just might be able to use it to my advantage. So began a tug-o-war so to speak. When Emerson aggravated me, which was too often to suit me, I would threaten to tell everyone at Northcote School what Emerson looked like in a long white pinnie. I even went as far as to draw a stick lad, wearing an apron and printed Emerson’s name under it. I kept it in my primer book reader at the ready and made sure Emerson knew it was there.

Emerson’s teasing came to an abrupt halt, I can tell you. I finally had him where I wanted him. I took my sister Audrey into my confidence and even showed her the drawing of the stick lad. At that stage in her life, Audrey was high on religion. She thought what I was doing could be classified as a sin. I mulled over this bit of information and I certainly didn’t want to bring on the wrath of God, but for the life of me I couldn’t understand for a minute why God would care about a scrap of paper with a stick drawing on it which was supposed to be my brother Emerson. Well, the whole idea of using it to expose Emerson at Northcote School wearing a pinnie came to a crashing end not more than a week after I threatened to expose him. It all happened when Three Mile Herman came to school mad as a hatter. Now, Three Mile Herman’s mother and my mother belonged

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to the Women’s Institute together and it seems they got to talking about their families. Three Mile Herman said his mother was told by our mother her idea of switching chores between the sons and daughters and it was good training and made perfect sense if they were ever going to amount to a hill of beans. That’s all she needed to hear. Mother had earned great respect in the Northcote area since everyone knew she had come from New York and therefore must be up on all the latest trends and ideas. So before he could say “jackrabbit,” Three Mile Herman was in an apron doing house chores. Unlike Emerson, he didn’t care who knew it. That didn’t mean he liked either the pinnie or doing house chores, but he like to talk and he liked an audience, so soon everyone at the Northcote School knew about our brothers and the boys in Three Mile Herman’s family doing house chores. Well, that took the sting off for Emerson. There was someone else at Northcote School in the same kettle of fish as he as. I had to tear up the picture I drew and kept in my primer book reader, and Emerson was back to making my life miserable.

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River Ward City Councillor Conseillère, quartier Rivière 174 SEWER WORK COMPLETED AHEAD OF SCHEDULE The lining work on the two sewers running under Highway 174 is complete. The 2.1m diameter sewer, west of the Montreal Road interchange near Jasmine Park was completed February 13, 2013. The 1.8m diameter sewer west of Orleans Boulevard overpass was completed on January 24, 2013. Both of these projects were completed on budget and ahead of schedule. These sewers were identified for accelerated lining under the renewal program launched last September. LRT ON ITS WAY: CONFEDERATION LINE PROJECT AGREEMENT FINALIZED On February 12, 2013, the City of Ottawa finalized the Project Agreement with Rideau Transit Group (“RTG”) to design, build, finance and maintain Ottawa’s new 12.5-kilometre Confederation Line Light Rail project as well as widen Highway 417 from Nicholas Street to Highway 174. This marks the commercial and financial close of the Confederation Line project and the beginning of the construction phase. Construction will begin this spring and will include the start of the widening of Highway 417 between Nicholas Street and Highway 174. Work will also begin at the Maintenance and Storage Facility on Belfast Road. RTG will continue to work on completing its designs, hire local sub-contractors and project staff and commence the work necessary to start excavation of the 2.5-kilometre tunnel under downtown Ottawa. The final project agreements related to the Confederation Line project are currently being prepared for posting on They will be made available this week to coincide with a ceremonial event between the City and Rideau Transit Group. KNOW A CYCLING ADVOCATE? NOMINATE THEM FOR THE BRUCE TIMMERMANS CYCLING AWARDS The City of Ottawa is seeking nominations for the annual Bruce Timmermans Cycling Awards for individuals and organizations who demonstrate a genuine commitment to cycling in our community.


Two awards are presented each year at the end of May recognizing outstanding contributions in the encouragement of cycling. One award is presented to an individual and the second to an organization. If you know of a deserving River Ward resident or organization, I invite you to submit your nomination using the online submission forms on or pick up a nomination form at your local library. Nominations must be received by Friday, March 1, 2013. YOUR STRONG VOICE AT CITY HALL As always, I appreciate hearing from you and encourage you to keep in touch with me as it allows me to serve you better. It is an honour and a privilege being your strong voice at City Hall.


PRESENTATION CENTRE IS NOW OPEN Construction is now underway for Riverstone’s newest residence. We will be offering a selection of care alternatives: independent living, residential care and assisted living. The five-storey development will feature 124 units, including one- and two-bedroom suites, as well as studio suites.




merson wasn’t happy. He was grumpy since he got home from school on Friday and Mother announced that Saturday he would be donning an apron. Mother was high on equality of the sexes back in the days when it had yet to become a popular topic, so once a month, the brothers were in the house to do chores and my sister Audrey and I were sent to the barns. I loved the day we were with Father in the cow byre and the stable, even though he did all the heaviest chores himself. Mother thought any child, male or female, wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans unless they knew how to scrub floors, churn butter, put a meal on the table and if need be, bake a batch of bread. She drew the line, however, at teaching the brothers to sew after Emerson, who was allowed to use the old Singer Sewing machine once just to see how it worked sewed the legs closed on Everett’s long underwear. Mother made him sit that night at the kitchen table and pick out every last stitch with a darning needle! So that Saturday, bright and early, my three brothers, Everett, Emerson and Earl, were given their lists – Mother was also high on

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