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Correction A May 7 article titled “Museums increase ‘connexion’ with new loyalty card” incor-

rectly stated that all 10 museums in the Ottawa Museum Network are part of the Con-


nexion Card program. In fact, Nepean Museum is not part of the program.



20 th Annual

Volleyball & Ultimate Tournament

+ and 5K w

al k!

June 9 th, 2012 Shefford Park

Emma Jackson


(10 minute drive from downtown) Free shuttle from Gloucester Centre

8am to 7:30pm

Metcalfe resident Wayne Swales shows off his winning pickerel, which measured 21.5 inches after an all-day fishing derby in Osgoode on Saturday, May 12. His fish was more than twice the length of runner-up Deanne Duncan’s catch, which measured nine inches. The Osgoode-Carleton Snowmobile Club hosted its third annual derby as a fundraiser for the club, and had 41 anglers chase pike and pickerel through the Rideau River before gathering for drinks and celebration at the nearby Riverbend Pub. While Swales won the pickerel category, Metcalfe resident Chad Woolsey won the pike contest with a fish measuring 25.75 inches. That category was much closer; the runner-up Steven Cordeiro caught a 25 inch pike.

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Pet Adoptions





This neutered male, tricolor Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix dog is approximately six years old. He was surrendered to the shelter by his owner on May 9, and is looking for a family who will take him for walks every day. Trips to the dog park would be great, too! Max has a friendly and polite way of meeting new people, and he will happily show you all of the commands that he has mastered. He gets along with other dogs and kids who are familiar with large dogs. He lived with cats in his previous home. Max needs an assertive and confident owner who will expose him to all sorts of new people and places, because Max can be a bit leery of new things. A crate would be a comfortable place for Max to feel at ease as he gets used to his new home.

This unaltered male, green and yellow Budgie is about a year old. He was brought to the shelter as a stray, and is one of two budgies currently available for adoption. Budgies are curious and playful birds that can form a strong bond with their owners. They do best in pairs or larger groups and like to feel like part of a flock. If you have room in your family for another flock member, contact the adoption centre to enquire about Echo! For more information about these or other ‘animals available for adoption, please call the Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or visit


Lady Thomas

Do you think your pet is cute enough to be “THE PET OF THE WEEK”? Submit a picture and short biography of your pet to find out! Simply email to: attention “Pet of the Week”

Time to make a grooming appointment


Manotick EMC - Thursday, May 24, 2012

reaction, and you need to know the steps to take to appropriately deal with any situation that may arise. Make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations because dogs can encounter unvaccinated animals while camping. Dog licenses should also be current, and microchip and identification tags must be up-to-date. A second set of tags with your cell phone number (or perhaps the number of the cottage or the campsite you will be staying) may be a good idea. Dogs can get stressed out when their routine changes. Too much stress can lead to erratic behavior, even illness. Getting your dog used to many scenarios in the weeks before your trip is easy and fun. Put up your tent in the back yard before you camp and let your dog get used to it. Bring your dog’s bed, and a tarp or plastic sheet to help keep it clean and dry – and to help keep your dog warm. Bringing the bed that a dog is most used to is as much behavioral support as comfort. Camping may mean an increase in physical activity for your dog, so make sure your dog has plenty of water. Even if your dog is well-behaved, you will need to keep him or her on a leash. It is unfair to other campers if your dog wanders into their campsite, and regardless of whether your dogs is friendly, he or she could run

Please note: The Ottawa Humane Society has many other companion animals available for adoption. Featured animals are adopted quickly! To learn more about adopting an animal from the Ottawa Humane Society please contact us: Website: Email: Telephone: (613) 725-3166 x258

into various scenarios and unfriendly people or animals. Make sure your dog’s leash, collar and buckle are in good condition and will not break if he or she suddenly lunges. Bring extras, just in case. Be sure to stoop and scoop! Your companion’s waste is not only a nuisance to other campers, but is bad for the environment, especially if you are near a water source. Bring a muzzle with you. Even if your dog is not aggressive and you never have to use it, it is a great safety precaution. If your dog is injured, his or her behaviour can and change and panic or fear may cause your dog to react differently than normal. The muzzle will prevent him or her from biting you or others trying to administer first aid. Don’t forget extra treats for your canine companion. It’s a treat for you to get away from it all, and you should try and make the experience extra special for your companion animal, too! You may not like certain types of bones or treats because of the mess they make in your home – but camping is a perfect outdoor place to offer these treats! Remember: your behavior with your dogs affects ALL campers with dogs! Keep your dog quiet, exhaust your dog with exercise, keep your dog on a leash at all times and never, ever leave your dog alone at a camp site. R0011412982

12-5303 Canotek Rd.(613) 745-5808 WWW.TLC4DOGS.COM


Hello my name is Lady Thomas. I am a mother of four boys hear I am in bed with my three son’s first born Dekota is the one on right then it’s Nick & Chance is on my left, I am missing one of my sone’s his name is Geno I don’t see him much. I love my family very much, I have two sisters Ashley & Tamara I love when Tamara lets me have some Of her spicy chips I am her Chunky Monkey. Then there is my mom Rose & my dad Dave oh there are two more in are home the hamster Hunter & the Fish Violet.

It’s that time of year when weekend getaways are appealing, and summer vacation time is just around the corner. The OHS receives a higher number of dogs surrendered or abandoned as strays in the summer months because their owners cannot find care for them during their holidays. But why not pick a getaway that’s fun for the whole family, furry members and all? Camping with your canines can be a lot of fun, and a learning experience for everyone involved. Don’t forget, all these new smells and sites can be very exciting for a dog, and you have to be able to restrain your canine companion in the presence of distractions, such as deer, squirrels and other critters. If you are going to camp with a dog (or dogs), it is important that the dog is well-behaved around other people (both adults and children) and animals. Your dog will need to understand when play time is over and how to be quiet. You may want to consider taking the dog to basic training which will help both you and the dog in the new environment – it will make you a better, more responsive dog owner, and it will help you keep your canine companion comfortable in the new place. You know your dog better than anyone. You know what may provoke a defensive

Manotick EMC  

May 24, 2012

Manotick EMC  

May 24, 2012