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Work-Based Learning Do You Want to Earn While You Learn? If you are enrolled in college credit courses at East MS Community College (EMCC), and if you are working in a job directly related to your college major, Work-based Learning (WBL) may be for you! Work-based Learning (WBL) is a structured worksite learning experience in which a student, advisor, work-based learning director and worksite supervisor develop and implement an educational training agreement. To be eligible for WBL, you must:

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Be currently enrolled in traditional classroom or online college credit courses at an EMCC campus or extension Be enrolled in an academic, career, or technical major that participates in the WBL program Successfully complete the WBL application process Be employed in a paid position directly related to your college major • Expect to earn at least 90 documented work hours within a one semester time period • Within 2 weeks after the first day of the semester, contact the WBL director and satisfactorily complete the WBL application process. Note: WBL staff will provide EMCC students with job search assistance. You may not be enrolled in WBL until you are working in a job directly related to your college major as determined by EMCC director and/or advisor. Please contact the WBL staff if there are any questions. Students may earn college credit for documented work hours earned during the semester for which the student is enrolled. To determine credit hours a student is expected to earn:

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Determine the average number of work hours each week you expect to work during the semester: Count the number of weeks in the semester, excluding exam week. Subtract two weeks from that number, as pay stubs are due two weeks before exams start. Multiply average hours each week you expect to work by the number of weeks in the semester you determined above. Use the work hour range below to determine college credit hours that you should earn during the semester.

 90 to 179 work hours = 1 hour college credit  180 to 269 work hours = 2 hours college credit

 270 to 359 work hours = 3 hours college credit  360 or more work hours = 4 hours college

The first semester you are in WBL, your WBL number will be: WBL 1911 SC 01 if you expect to work 90-179 hours, WBL 1912 SC 01 if you expect to work 180-269 hours, WBL 1913 SC 01 if you expect to work 270-359 hours, and WBL 1914 SC 01 if you expect to work 360 hours or more. If you advisor approves, and if you continue to meet WBL requirements, you may enroll in WBL for up to 6 semester. Each semester your WBL number sequence will change, with the last digit determined by your expected work hours during the semester.

 1st semester enrolled: WBL GT-01-191(1-4)  2nd semester enrolled: WBL GT-01-192(1-4)  3rd semester enrolled: WBL GT-01-193(1-4)

 4th semester enrolled: WBL GT-01-291(1-4)  5th semester enrolled: WBL GT-01-292(1-4)  6th semester enrolled: WBL GT-01-293(1-4)

For more information, contact: Linda Gates, EMCC District Director of Job Placement/Work-based Learning & Military Liaison, Telephone: (662) 243-1978, Fax: (662) 243-2678,, GT Office: Room 127, Lobby & Suite C, Douglas Building; Scooba Office: Hawkins Instructional Administration Office Demetrius Williams, EMCC Part-time Job Placement/Work-based Learning Assistant, Telephone: (662) 243-2672, Fax: (662) 243-1988,, GT Career/Technical Administrative Office James Rush, Director of Instructional and Student Support, Telephone: (662) 476-5386, Fax: (662) 476-5086,, Scooba Office: Hawkins Instructional Administrative Office

EMCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs or activities. Contact Dr. Jackie Stennis with inquiries regarding this policy. (662) 476-5000 or

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