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Volume 19 Issue 28 ● Friday 4th May 2012 ● Study Skills Seminar 25th April Congratulations to all the Year 8 pupils, who successfully participated in the study skills seminar, on Wednesday 25th April. During the workshop students engaged in a series of high impact and motivating activities around memory techniques, multisensory learning, time management and revision strategies. We hope that this practical preparation on study skills will inspire our Year 8 students with practical examples of how to prepare for their end of Year examinations. On the day there was great advice to suit all of learning styles. Presenter Bernard Thompson commented: “The event was a great success. The students were committed and enthusiastic about the programme. The feedback was very positive and they all outlined their intention to use the learned strategies and techniques in the run up to the exams and the years to come.” There was also positive feedback from parents who attended the seminar in the evening, finding it very helpful and informative, presented in a lively and interesting way, giving them many insights into learning styles.

GCSE Business Studies Revision Classes Thursday 3.40 – 4.40pm in Room 34 Suitable for Year 11 students taking their module this year or any Year 12 students re-taking this module. Topics: Unit 1 – Business Start-Up, Production and Marketing in Room 34 GCSE Business Studies Revision Classes Wednesday 3.40 – 4.40pm in Room 37 Suitable for all Year 12 students taking Unit 2 module this year. Topics: Finance, Managing People, Growth & Business Plan.

Music Announcements Junior Choir Thursdays at 12.45pm Senior Choir Thursdays at 1.25pm Junior Traditional Group Fridays at 12.45pm AS & A2 PE Revision Classes Wednesday Lunchtime from 1.15 – 2pm, Room 56

Hospitality GCSE Revision Classes Tuesday and Thursday at 1.30- 2.00pm Topics for Unit 2 and Unit 3 will be covered.

AS Geography Classes

A-Level Maths Clinic:

AS Geography revision Thursday after school

Runs every Tuesday from 3.40pm to 4.40pm in Room 1 & Wednesday in Room11

Year 14 Final Farewell Year 14 students begin study leave for their A Level Examination at 3.30pm on Thursday 10th May 2012. All students, their parents/guardians and all staff are invited to a Mass of Celebration in the Sports Hall at 7.30pm; non-uniform. We would like to thank all Year 14 students for their co-operation and courteous manner shown since joining the school in September 2005 or September 2010. We wish you all every success in your examinations and in the future. Mr Murray, Mrs McKenna, Mr McCloskey, Mrs Mc Sorley, Mrs Breen, Mrs Fretigny & Mrs Mc Morrow

WORLD ASTHMA DAY - MAY 1ST 2012 The NI branch of Asthma UK said sufferers in the region are "considerably underestimating" the risks posed by the condition. More than 180,000 local people have asthma. Every year, over 1,700 are hospitalised "It's extremely worrying that many people with asthma in Northern Ireland do not realise their own risk of ending up in hospital," said Joan O'Hagan, Director of Asthma UK Steven-James Stothers, who is a 23-year-old asthma sufferer from Belfast, says having an attack is "one of the most frightening experiences" he has had, and encouraged others to avoid it. "During my late teenage years I rebelled against taking my medication because I wanted to fit in with my friends. "Throughout that time I was in hospital at least once a month after having an attack. But then I realised I do need my inhalers to keep healthy. Pupils prescribed inhalers, are advised to leave a 2nd inhaler in Medical Room with immediate access in event of asthmatic episode in school. Parents will be asked to complete School Asthma Card which is kept with individual inhaler. For further information contact the school nurse.

Geography Fieldwork May 2012 The annual fieldwork studies to Mullaghcarn and Marble Arch Caves will take place in the coming weeks. The schedule of trips is below; Year 8 – Marble Arch Date Tuesday 15th May Wednesday 16th May Thursday 17th May

Class Sets 8A & 8F 8D & 8E 8B & 8C

Year 11– River Study Date Class Sets Friday 11th May 11S1 Monday 14th May 11S3 Monday 18th May 11S2

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