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SCHEDULE UPDATE / CONFIRMATION a) Kramer lecture & Live performance by a band selected by Kramer Thu 4/29 (room available between ~2pm-8pm) @Harold Washington Library Auditorium. This event is open to the entire Columbia Community and to the public. Most promotional efforts will focus on filling up this room (~400-seat capacity). We'll start with a live performance by the selected band (pop/rock, 4-6-piece ensemble, 1 hour maximum). Two-three Eclipse speakers will feature as monitor speakers during the performance. Next, we will have a Kramer's lecture about producing, recording, engineering techniques based on his career (powerpoint presentation with CD and/or computer file audio examples). This will last ~2 hours including discussion. One speaker may feature as monitor during Kramer's presentation. The event can be videotaped. However, since the images on the powerpoint are copyrighted, the shot CANNOT include the computer projection screen. b) Band/Kramer rehearsal Fri 4/30, ~4-9pm. @AA&A building, room LL11 (Live room, basement of the AA&A building, capacity of 77 people). This event is open to the entire Columbia Community (not for public) but our target audiences will be AA&A and Music students. Kramer will rehearse with the Band in preparation for the Sat 5/1 studio recording session. Attendants will be observing and learning from the process. The event can be videotaped. Fujitsu may provide 2 Eclipse monitors for the event. At 9pm we'll start moving the band equipment from Room LL11 to Studio A of AA&A (also in the basement of the AA&A building), setting up for the Sat 1/5 all-day recording/mixing session. c) Band/Kramer recording/mixing Sat 5/1 ~9:30am-~10pm, @AA&A studios. Event attendance restricted to the selected band and AA&A select senior students that will be assisting Kramer with recording/mixing. This will be a whole-day event. Portions can be videotaped per Fujitsu's needs. It goes without saying that students involved in the organization of the various events and/or videotaping assistance have access to all events. It has also been confirmed that Kramer will have access to all video clips produced during his visit to use as he sees fit (non-commercial use).

EMC Schedule Update  

EMC Schedule Update 2/25/2010

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