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January 2013

Prayer of agreement Our Father,

Here we are Lord! We enter this day with a heart fully surrendered. Ahead of us there are many opportunities to live for Your glory. We acknowledge the inability to do anything good for your Kingdom, in our own strength. But Your strength is perfected in our weakness. You have spoken to us, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (The Bible, Matthew 16:24). We stand now at the uphill road to Calvary with a cross that appears heavy, burdensome, and humiliating to those around us. Yet Your Word reminds us the yoke is easy and the burden is light. Your Word also says, the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace (The Bible, Matthew 5:3). So Lord, please sustain us today as we enter Your presence in humility and reverence.

January 2013

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We proclaim these words over our own lives and those in the 10/40 Window. We surrender our will today. We surrender our time. We surrender our pride and desire for selfish gain. We surrender our loved ones. We surrender affections, dreams, goals, talents, and expectations. We surrender our desire to have our own way– justifying ourselves and seeking glory. Crucify this self, which is irritable, envious, resentful, critical, prideful, and worried. Breathe Your own life into this now dead life of ours. Be now the Resurrection and the Life. Empty us now and fill us with Your blessed Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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January 2013

Saudi Arabia, an Islamic monarchy, is a known human rights violator. According to the 2012 Open Doors World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world, Saudi Arabia is ranked 16. Authorities have used various means to crush the freedom of people. With the advent of social media, people who have long suffered under the yoke of suppression have found the possibility for freedom of expression. They might not be allowed to congregate in street corners to voice their opinions and share their views. However, they use social media as a forum for vibrant discussion and dialogue. In the Arab world, Saudis are among some of the most active users of social media. A recent study conducted by the Dubai School of Government concluded that Saudi Arabia has around 400,000 Twitter users–more than any other nation in the region. Facebook, with its nearly four million users in Saudi Arabia, has bridged the gaps in free speech that the autocratic society had created. According to the observation of a popular Saudi blogger, before the arrival of social media, their lives were isolated and they did not know if there were other like-minded people who would be interested in moving the country forward. January 2013

Many Christian Believers have also found for themselves a virtual community on social networking sites and the blogosphere. However, these Christians come under close scrutiny and are often threatened and sometimes imprisoned. Hamoud Bin Saleh, a Christian convert, has been jailed three times in the past eight years. He was arrested because he blogged about his conversion experience. In his writing, he detailed his spiritual search. He wrote about his journey that led him to Jesus Christ and the forgiveness and love that He offers. During his time in prison, Bin Saleh was tortured and abused. He was released, but on the condition that he would not travel outside the country or appear in the media. Social media does open the door for Christians to share the Gospel. It also provides social reformers an opportunity to share their ideas that can transform a regressive society. However, there is a surge of Twitter users among religious clerics and conservative Islamic scholars as well. And a growing number of radical Muslims are also using social media to push their agenda of hatred and anger. An astounding 75 percent of Arabic-language posts revealed anger and animosity toward foreigners and

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non-Islamic cultures. Christian Believers and other reformers face a two-fold threat. On the one hand, the authorities in Saudi Arabia are discussing methods of controlling social media. They are proposing strict punishment for insults against Islam. The term “insult” is loosely defined and puts Christians in harm’s way. On the other hand, the increase in social media usage by radical Muslims can further compromise the safety of Christians. - Pray that Christian witnesses like Hamoud Bin Saleh will not be silenced (The Bible, Deuteronomy 31:6). - Pray for the continued protection of Christians in Saudi Arabia (The Bible, 2 Samuel 22:3-4). - Pray for the wise and productive use of social media site. Pray that the Gospel would be preached on social media sites (The Bible, 2 Timothy 4:2).

Sources: Time, CNB, RT, Compass Direct.

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January 2013

Christian Girl Cleared of Blasphemy - Islamabad, Pakistan In August, a neighbor accused Rimsha Masih–a fourteen-year-old, mentally challenged girl–of burning pages of the Koran, the holy book of Muslims. Later, authorities arrested Rimsha on blasphemy charges which can carry the death penalty in Pakistan. After a three-week detention, she was released on bail and she and her family moved to an undisclosed location. On November 20, a Pakistani court cleared Rimsha of blasphemy charges.

- Praise God for the release of Rimsha Masih. (The Bible, Exodus 15:2) - Praise God for authorities and courts that do not bend to pressure from fundamentalists and extremists. (The Bible, Deuteronomy 10:21) - Pray for continued protection of Christians in Pakistan. (The Bible, Psalm 27:1-3) Sources: Bos News Life

The Grand Renaissance Dam a “Policy of Cooperation” - Khartoum, Sudan The Ethiopian Embassy in Khartoum and the International University of Africa in Khartoum organized a symposium to discuss the impact of the Grand Renaissance Dam. This dam on the River Nile is said to flood 1,680 square kilometers and create a reservoir almost twice the size of Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest natural lake. Experts fear that the construction of the dam would set off a water war in this tense region of the world. However at the symposium held at Khartoum, Ethiopia’s Minister of Water and Energy, Ato Alemayehu Tegnu reassured the gathering that Ethiopia had no intention of monopolizing the waters of the Nile. He said the dam would increase opportunities for development and economic improvements. He also emphasized the prospect of greater January 2013

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trade exchanges between the three countries–Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan. - Praise God for international forums where leaders from 1040 Window countries come together to discourse and dialogue. (The Bible, Psalm 133:1) - Praise God for the “Policy of Cooperation” put forward by the Ethiopians. (The Bible, 1Chronicles 16:9) - Pray that God would ensure the equitable distribution of water resources for Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, and Ethopia. (The Bible, Colossians 1:16-17) Sources: International Rivers, All Africa The 10/40 Window Reporter | 7


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On December 16, 1971 Pakistan surrendered, bringing to fulfillment the official creation of the state of Bangladesh. In spite of taking significant economic strides, poverty is widespread in Bangladesh. Nearly 115 million people live under $2 USD per day. Even though the system of governance is weak and rife with corruption, Bangladesh is still one of the few democracies in the Muslim world. However, in recent times there is increased concern regarding religious extremism and the government has 8 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

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January 2013

Prayer Points 4 Pray for the Christians of Bangladesh. Ask the Lord to grant them protection from all those who intend to hurt them (The Bible, Psalm 18:2).

Bangladesh ÌÌ Population: 150,448,339 a (Prime Minister) ÌÌ Political Leader: Sheikh Hasin 85.6%, Hinduism 12.4%, ÌÌ Predominant Religions: Islam Christianity 0.7% ÌÌ Persecution Ranking: 44th

4Pray for political stability in Bangladesh. Ask the Lord to protect the people against extremists (The Bible, Psalm 27:1).

20 ÌÌ Number of Terrorist Groups: lties: 229

ÌÌ Acts of Terrorism: 153; Casua ÌÌ Percent of Corruption: 80%

ÌÌ Percent of People in Poverty:

4Pray for Christian Mission Organizations in Bangladesh. Ask the Lord to empower them so they would lead many to Jesus Christ (The Bible, 1 John 4:4).


4Pray for the people of Bangladesh. Ask the Lord to provide for their needs (The Bible, John 21:6).

banned two Islamic extremist organizations. Christian Believers make up a tiny sliver of the population in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Christians make up less than one percent of the 161 million strong population. And this small minority is persecuted for their faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Source: BBC, U.S. State Government, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, International Christian Concern January 2013

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For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (The Bible, Ephesians 6:12). When prayers are made from the atmosphere of Earth, one is not often aware that the region between Heaven and humanity is the territory where Satan resides (The Bible, Daniel 10:12-13). It is important that one learns to break through enemy lines, by understanding the adversary. Now the god of this world knows that he is a defeated foe, so he seeks to spoil the prayers of God’s people through certain devices (The Bible, Ephesians 6:10-11). Christian Believers should not be ignorant of these tactics! So how does he try to stop the prayers of the people of God? There are three ways in which he approaches the Believer – either through the heart, the mind or the will.

10 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

HEART If an individual happens to be an emotional person, he will seek to wreak havoc with feelings in prayer. How often has a Believer come into a prayer time and left saying, “I felt like nothing happened”? It is vital to realize that Christian Believers shall not be moved by emotions or the lack thereof. MIND Supposing one is not the type to be moved through the heart, he fills their minds with distracting thoughts, or questions about the effectiveness of prayer. WILL When he attacks the will of man, he does so through laziness. If he cannot dissuade the Believer from praying through laziness, he resorts to busyness, distracting the Believer from the call to pray. As one bends one’s knees before Heaven today, it is important to be mindful that Believers are in a battle, with an army prepared to fight, yet the victory is unto those who diligently trust in Jesus Christ who sees us through.

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January 2013

NOW AVAILABLE! Pray today. Your intercession for Window International Network and the 10/40 Window is valuable. Please remember to pray today.

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P O I N T S January 2013 Day 1 INDIA, SOUTH ASIA

In Madhya Pradesh, Hindu radicals interrupted a prayer meeting led by Pastor B. The extremists accused the pastor of forceful conversion, and beat him and other Christian Believers. Then, they took Pastor B. to the police station, where officials arrested him for violating the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act. Pray for the release of the pastor. Pray for the government to stand strong against those persecuting the Church in India. Pray for God to provide Believers with protection, peace, and strength as they endure harsh persecution. (The Bible, Psalm 46:1)


A few months back, Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was accidentally shot as his motorcade made its way back into Nouakchott, the capital. He has recovered, but questions still remain about who is controlling the country. Mauritania has been stable politically since Aziz seized power in 2008, but it lies on the edge of the Sahara desert controlled by al-Qaeda forces. Pray for Mauritania to be able to bring peace to the land and stability 12 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

to the region. Pray that they are able to control the al Qaeda-linked militants. Pray for more peace in this difficult region of the world. (The Bible, Matthew 5:9)


The oil and border between Sudan and South Sudan continues to be a political and economic issue. South Sudan controls most of the oil. Sudan controls most of the oil pipelines to carry the oil to global markets. Both countries are in need of a boost to their economies. Sudan, upon the secession of South Sudan, lost three quarters of the oil fields. Pray for the people of Sudan to have the daily food they need. Pray for wisdom for the governments to come to an agreement for the good of both countries. Pray for the Muslims in Sudan to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. (The Bible, John 14:1-3)


In South Sudan there are many different tribes of people. Large tribes raid smaller neighboring tribes. They kill the men, and take away the women and children. Death, rape, and kidnapping are commonplace. Having a larger population increases the power of these smaller tribes. Pray for the children that

have the marks (physical cutting) of one tribe but have the blood of another tribe. Pray they do not feel like a lost generation. Pray for forgiveness between tribes. Pray for the reconciliation between tribes. (The Bible, Matthew 6:14-15)


Two brothers beheaded Gastina, a 14-year-old girl, for declining a marriage proposal. Noor Rahman, the girl’s father, refused the proposal on the grounds that his daughter was too young to be engaged. The police arrested the men, but it is uncertain whether any charges will be filed. Ask God to comfort Gastina’s family. Pray for the government to fully prosecute the two men. Pray for the protection and growth of the Church in Afghanistan. (The Bible, Psalm 23:4)


In December 2012, Kuwait held elections. This is an attempt to try and bring more of a democratic feel to the country. Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah has been under growing pressure to give away more power to more people. In the past, opposition-led protests usually took place peacefully, but there has been growing unrest. Pray that Kuwait’s new government will have

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January 2013

righteousness, wisdom, and insight to move the country forward. Pray for Emir al-Sabah to see ways to give away more power to faithful people. Pray for the small church among the local Kuwaiti people. Pray that they grow deeper in their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 6:4-9)


A garment factory fire that killed 112 people and injured 200 is the deadliest in Bangladesh’s history. Top government officials believe the blaze was “planned arson.” Fire officials, however, think the blame falls on faulty wiring. Regardless, the lack of emergency exits turned the factory into a deathtrap. Pray for the physical and emotional healing of the survivors. Ask God to comfort those who lost loved ones in the fire. Pray for Christian Believers in Bangladesh to use this situation as an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. (The Bible, Psalm 126:5-6)


Japan is taking a unique approach to spreading the Gospel. In Tokyo, for example, Pray Festival 2012 is a flea market that has booths with magazines, books, accessories, and manga (a Japanese category of cartoons, comic books, and animated films). The booth promoting Christianity features a manga-style schoolgirl shouting, “Go for it! Our religious reform!” The festival organizer, Shinji Matsutani, hopes to give Christian Believers a chance to “interact and exchange ideas.” Praise God for Christians who are creating new, January 2013

innovative ways to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for Shinji Matsutani’s ministry to result in a great harvest of souls. (The Bible, Mark 16:15)


There is an increase in the rate of cholera cases in Guinea-Bissau. According to the Ministry for Health, there are 1,500 reported cases. Nine people have already died. Doctors say that the epidemic has not yet reached the peak, leaving much room for concern. Pray for the speedy recovery of those affected. Ask God for the provision of clean drinking water and sanitary living conditions in this impoverished West African nation. (The Bible, Isaiah 53:5)


Domestic abuse is rising in Bhutan. According to a 2011 study by the National Statistics Bureau, almost a quarter of the female respondents admitted domestic abuse. Seventy percent of women in the study believe wife beating is acceptable. Parliament is considering a bill which would provide each police station with a Women and Child Protection Unit, as well as one female police officer trained to handle domestic abuse cases. Pray for the lawmakers to pass the bill. Pray for the government to create and enforce tougher domestic abuse laws. Ask God to protect the women of Bhutan from violence and abuse at the hands of their family members. Pray for Christian Believers to take the Gospel to these hurting women. (The Bible, Psalm 20:1)

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Saudi Arabia has been in the news for the way it treats its women. It is the only country that does not allow women to drive. More recently, a system has been set up that tracks women and sends SMS messages to their male guardians when they fly out of the country. Women are required to have a male guardian responsible for them. Some view this as just another way to imprison Saudi women. Pray for the women of Saudi to have more freedom to express themselves. Pray against any spirit that keeps Saudi women from being free in the Lord Jesus Christ. (The Bible, Luke 8:1-3)


The Fula Jalon of Guinea are devout Muslims. Despite evangelistic efforts, and the availability of the Jesus film and the New Testament in their language, there are few Christian Believers. They believe Islam meets their needs, and do not see a reason to convert to Christianity. Pray for the Holy Spirit to ignite the hearts and minds of the Fula Jalon to the truth of the Gospel. Pray for the small number of Christian Believers to boldly proclaim Jesus Christ. Ask God for a great spiritual harvest among the Fula Jalon. (The Bible, 1 John 5:6b)


In Thailand, the rate of people infected with HIV is rising. At least one person per hour becomes HIV-positive. According to the The 10/40 Window Reporter | 13

(Thailand continued)

Public Health Ministry, the AIDS virus infected over one million people over the past twenty years. Today, less than half are still alive. Nimitr Tianudom, with the Aids Access Foundation, warns, “Our country is in a crisis.” Pray for the Thai government to educate its young people of the harms of risky sexual behavior. Pray for Christian Believers in Thailand to actively share their faith, so that many Thai will believe in Jesus Christ. (The Bible, John 5:24)


Due to Niger’s food crisis, child marriage (also known as “hunger brides”) is increasing. According to UNICEF, “Families are using child marriage, as an alternative, as a survival strategy to food insecurity.” Giving a young daughter away in marriage means there is one less person the family needs to feed. The father also receives a dowry of approximately $200 USD, which he uses to feed his remaining family. Ask God to end the food emergency in Niger. Pray for the girls who are married off so young. Pray for the Lord to meet their physical and emotional needs. Pray for Christian Believers in Niger to minister to these young girls, and share the love of Jesus Christ with them. (The Bible, Psalm 86:15)


The government arrested and charged two top officials of the Ministry of Social Development with accepting large monetary bribes from adoption agencies. As a result, legislators are considering tightening the country’s international adoption laws. 14 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

Officials say that 11,000 children live in underfunded and mismanaged state-run orphanages. Lawmaker Erkin Sakebayev says, “Strict rules must be set down. Then, of course, we can give Kyrgyz kids up for adoption to foreigners. It’s better that a poor child live abroad and find happiness and normal parents than stay in our orphanages, where the conditions are terrible.” Pray for the government to allocate more funds to the orphanages, so they can take better care of the children. Ask God to place these children in loving homes. Pray for Christian Believers to look after the orphans in Kyrgyzstan and share the Gospel with them. (The Bible, James 1:27)


There is religious freedom in Burkina Faso. Among the 32 unreached people groups, the majority follows Islam or animism. There is increased interest in Christianity; however, societal beliefs in the occult, idolatry, and fetishism prohibit growth. Pray for the people of Burkina Faso to turn from false religions to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Ask God to bring more missionaries to Burkina Faso. Pray for the Church to thrive and grow in this nation. (The Bible, Psalm 40:3)



Iranian pastor Behnam Irani’s health is quickly deteriorating. The government imprisoned him for his faith, and extended his sentence from one year to five. He suffers from stomach ulcers, colon complications, and a blood infection. He is barely able to walk and authorities do not allow him access to medical care. In addition, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports he also has injuries from “frequent and brutal beatings by prison guards and other inmates.” It is believed he may die soon if he cannot receive medical treatment. Petition the Lord to heal Pastor Irani of all his illnesses and injuries. Ask God to protect him from further beatings. Pray for the government to show him mercy and reduce his sentence. Pray for Christian Believers to courageously share their faith despite harsh persecution. (The Bible, Isaiah 58:8)

In northern Mali, Christian Believers are fleeing south to escape severe persecution. Radical Islamic groups are breaking into homes, searching for unveiled women. Once found, their ears are cut off. Pray for the Christian Believers who must leave all their belongings behind when they flee. Pray that they would experience God’s protection and provision. Ask the Lord to provide opportunities for His Church to share the Gospel in their new surroundings. (The Bible, Luke 12:22-24)


Officials raided two Baptist homes in Aliabad. They confiscated Bibles, New Testaments, and other Christian literature. The men from both homes are former “prisoners of conscience,” imprisoned for practicing their faith. Authorities questioned and released the men. They also took the books to

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January 2013

the State Committee in Baku for “religious expert analysis.” Pray for the protection of Christian Believers in Aliabad. Pray for the Church in Azerbaijan to be strong and courageous in their witness, despite ongoing persecution. Pray for the Gospel to spread in Aliabad and throughout Azerbaijan. (The Bible, Joshua 1:9)


In the far north of Benin, Christianity is advancing among the Fulbe (Fula) peoples. Because of their openness to the Gospel, several thousands are Christian Believers. Several radio programs are available in the Fula language and there is also a Bible school. Praise God for the Fulbe Christian Believers. Pray for Church growth and a great harvest among the Fulbe peoples. (The Bible, Acts 2:47b)


The Protestant community in Poso is experiencing an increase in persecution. The Madele Pentecostal Church was set on fire by unknown attackers. The flames reached the pastor’s home, causing damage. Recently, other churches and Christian-owned properties were also attacked. Pray for the capture and prosecution of the assailants. Ask the Lord to cover His Church in Poso with divine safety and protection. Pray for Poso Christian Believers to stand firm in their faith and not be fearful. (The Bible, Psalm 27:1)

January 2013

Day 11


Recently, the Laos government filed charges against 20 suspected sex traffickers. The indictments stem from 12 separate cases of underage girls forced into prostitution. According to the US State Department, Laos is a “source, transit, and destination country” for human trafficking. While Laos is improving its efforts to prosecute traffickers, it lacks comprehensive regulations prohibiting human trafficking. Pray for the government to create tough anti-trafficking laws. Pray for the young girls who are lured from their families into the sex trade to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. Pray for Christian Believers in Laos to minister to these victims, and for the Gospel to be spread throughout Laos. (The Bible, Revelation 3:20)


The Arab Spring and the increase of violent Islamic fundamentalism in northern Mali have heightened the importance of a clear way forward for Western Sahara. Currently, Morocco controls Western Sahara but this still remains a point of contention. Pray for the United Nations to help bring clarity to this dispute and for a peaceful resolution. Pray for the fulfillment of the Sahrawi peoples’ right to self-determination. Pray they may care for themselves in a godly way. Pray for the Gospel and the Spirit of God to have more freedom to flow into Western Sahara. (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 3:17)

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In a decree issued on November 22, 2012, President Morsi gave himself near absolute powers. In subsequent days, Morsi annulled most of the controversial decree. However, the streets of Cairo and the rest of the country remained tense on the eve of the referendum that would ratify the new constitution. Morsi supporters and supporters of the opposition took to the streets either in support or in protest of the new constitution. Egypt’s opposition National Salvation Front said that the new constitution–drafted by an Islamist dominated assembly– does not uphold human rights and does not guarantee women’s rights. Pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Pray for the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, to rule in the hearts and minds of the people of Egypt. (The Bible, Isaiah 9:6)


The government imposed hefty fines on three Christian Believers for distributing religious literature. The fines are a result of a meeting in Veniamin Nemirov’s home. According to Nemirov, “We had some of our neighbors, friends, and relatives with us. About ten people met to read the Bible and pray together.” During the meeting, officials raided and filmed the home. Then, they confiscated four Bibles and some Christian songbooks. Ask God to provide the Believers with the funds necessary to pay the fines. Pray for religious freedom in Uzbekistan. Pray for the Church in Uzbekistan to withstand The 10/40 Window Reporter | 15

March 4, 2013

January 2013

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The 10/40 Window Reporter | 16

(Nepal continued)p (Uzbekistan continued)

persecution. Pray for the Gospel to spread in Uzbekistan. (The Bible, Matthew 5:10-12)


Infidelity is increasingly common in Nepal. While extramarital affairs are still illegal and taboo, both men and women are changing their views on traditional marriage. Early marriage, arranged marriage, and high unemployment are contributing factors. Pray for the men and women of Nepal to value their marriages. Pray for the Nepalese to respect and honor their spouses. Ask God to bring healing to broken relationships. Pray for Christian Believers to come alongside those who are hurting and share the love of Jesus Christ with them. (The Bible, Psalm 34:18)


The United Arab Emirates has oil reserves, but it also desires to build mega projects and trophy buildings. The global financial slowdown has led to the UAE tightening its purse strings. Consequently, there is a slow down in the building projects. Pray for a blessing to fall on the UAE. Many foreign workers from poorer lands come to the UAE for employment. Pray that the creation of jobs would continue to bless others with income. Pray that the citizens of the UAE would worship Jesus Christ. (The Bible, Matthew 28:18-20)

January 2013

Day 14


Clashes broke out between ethnic Albanians and Macedonians on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Albania’s independence. In the capital of Skopje, a crowd of Albanian youth removed a Macedonian flag and burned it. Later, around 30 ethnic Albanians assaulted several Macedonian children. Officials are investigating both incidents. Pray for peace and forgiveness between ethnic Albanians and Macedonians. Pray for the aggression and violence in Skopje to end. Pray for Christian Believers in Albania to boldly proclaim the Gospel. (The Bible, John 16:33)


Morocco is facing a hard year ahead. Drought and cold weather caused an unusually low grain harvest last year. With 33 million people, Morocco is facing economic hardships. Young graduates from college are unemployed. Europe’s financial crisis is impacting Morocco. Islamic militants in the Sahel also are increasing pressure on the government. Pray for gentle rains and for God to bless the land of Morocco. Pray that God would give the government wisdom in tackling economic pressures and religious fundamentalism. Pray that the Good News would continue to move through all the cities and villages of Morocco. (The Bible, Matthew 9:35)

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Iraq is having problems at different borders. Syrian rebels are increasing pressure on their oil rich border. Turkey and Iraq have been having more words of war. The northern border of Iraq is home to the Kurds and they flow into a number of different countries. On the other border is Iran and they have always been at odds with each other. Pray for the leaders in Iraq to have wisdom to seek peace during these troubled times. Pray for them to care for the people in their country. Pray for Christian Believers living in Iraq to grow deeper in the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in Him. (The Bible, Proverbs 3:5-6)


In Jaffna, students protested a university search by Sri Lankan military and police. Officials were searching for pro-rebel propaganda. The clash injured seven students. International governments and human rights groups are calling on the Sri Lankan government to reduce their military presence in the former war zone. The government refuses to comply, believing it would compromise the nation’s security. Pray for Jaffna to experience peace and stabilization. Pray that the Tamils and Sinhalese are willing to forgive the other for past offenses. Pray for Christian Believers in Jaffna to use this situation as an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. (The Bible, Romans 15:13)

The 10/40 Window Reporter | 17

(Israel continued) (Tajikistan continued)


Israeli Christian Believers and Jews are joining forces to fight against Christian persecution. This year, five churches were vandalized. Israeli community leaders met with Christian Believers to show their support. Chuck Kopp, senior pastor of the Narkis Street Congregation, warns, “This type of thing could very easily escalate if there’s any atmosphere of intolerance.” Professor Elihu Richter, with the Center for Genocide Prevention, agrees. “When you ignore things, events like this, the graffiti and the rest, then worse things are down the road – persecution, discrimination, hate crimes, and God knows the rest.” Praise God for the willingness of Israeli Jews to convey their solidarity with Christians. Pray for Christians to use this as an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Ask God to protect His Church in Israel from further hate crimes. (The Bible, Romans 10:12-13)


Recently, officials banned Facebook because they believe it encourages “mud and slander” about President Imomali Rakhmon. With the presidential election coming up, the government is concerned that social media is contributing to increasing public dissent. According to political analyst Zafar Abdullayev, “We can expect to see more steps to restrict freedom of speech on the Internet, as the authorities have made no secret of the fact they see a real threat in 18 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

social networking sites.” Pray for the upcoming presidential election. Pray for the government to allow freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Ask the Lord to protect the persecuted Church in Tajikistan. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout this nation. (The Bible, Isaiah 54:17)


Chinese Christian Believers are using the popular website, Weibo, to critique the government and call for religious freedom. However, they are cautious because authorities monitor the Internet. Magda Hornemann, with Forum 18 News, says, “But there is a freedom to express beliefs on Weibo that would have been unthinkable in China not very long ago. It appears that Weibo is advancing religious freedom in China to some extent.” Ask God to use Weibo to promote the Gospel and create religious freedom in China. Praise the Lord for the willingness of Chinese Christian Believers to call for freedom of religion. Pray for the Chinese Church to grow, and for a large harvest of souls. (The Bible, Galatians 5:1)


While there is freedom of religion in Djibouti, authorities strongly discourage proselytizing. Islam is the state religion. Conversion from Islam results in severe persecution from society, friends, and family. Pray for Christian Believers in Djibouti to boldly proclaim the Gospel. Pray for the protection and growth of the Church. Ask God to give Muslims in Djibouti visions

and dreams of Jesus Christ so they may come to know Him. (The Bible, Acts 2:17)


Yemen is seeking to have a “National Dialogue Conference.” This would be a gathering that would bring together many different parties in Yemen. Many of these parties are at war with each other, but coming together peacefully would help save Yemen from total collapse. Pray for transitional justice and national reconciliation, two things the people of Yemen consider important to moving forward with any dialogue. Pray for a decrease in the violence that continues to divide the country. Pray for the Good News of Jesus Christ to penetrate into the different tribes in Yemen. (The Bible, Mark 16:15)


Vietnam is among the top three countries in the world with the highest abortion rate. In Hanoi, thousands of abortions are performed every day. Most of the women aborting their children are under twenty-five. According to the General Office of Population and Family Planning, on average, a Vietnamese woman will have had two or three abortions prior to marriage. The government created a policy to limit families to two children. However, no other solution exists to curb the growing abortion problem. Pray for the government to find a solution to stop abortions. Pray for Christian Believers to share the Gospel with Vietnam’s young people. Ask God to open the hearts

© 2012 Window International Network

January 2013

and minds of women so they will be receptive to His Truth. (The Bible, John 14:6)

Day 20


Taiwan’s Ministry of Education created the “Echinacea Campaign” to educate people about the effects of illegal drug use. They also provided resources to help students understand drugs and the drug culture. The Ministry chose the gentle Echinacea plant to represent their campaign because it is a harmless option for people wanting to strengthen their immune system. According to President Ma Ying-jeou and Dr. Chiang Wei-ling, Minister of Education, currently, the effects from drugs permeate all areas of society. Pray for the success of the Echinacea Campaign. Pray for Taiwanese youth to see Jesus Christ as a balm for their soul. Pray for Christian Believers to reach out to these youth with the Gospel. (The Bible, Matthew 11:28-30)


As the Shiites continue to fight for a greater political voice in the Sunni-ruled nation, more violence broke out. Bomb blasts in the city injured and killed several people, but opposition groups have said that talks cannot move forward unless the government weakens its grip on the country’s affairs. Pray that the people of Bahrain will see an end to the violence. Pray for the government to make wise decisions during the crisis. Pray that the people of Bahrain would worship Jesus Christ and that their January 2013

hearts and minds would be opened to peace. (The Bible, Psalm 86:9)


The Tutung people of Brunei are mostly Muslim. They follow the traditional Islamic practices of fasting, praying five times a day, and giving to the poor. There are no churches or Christian materials available. Pray for the Bible to be translated in the Tutung language. Pray for the Tutung to have opportunities to hear the Gospel. Ask the Lord for a great harvest of souls among the Tutung. (The Bible, Matthew 28:19-20)


Lebanon’s ties with Islamic radical countries like Iran are well known. Lebanon has been a country where Arab Christians and Arab Muslims have lived together. Increasingly there are growing pressures to move Lebanon toward an Islamic state. Iran and Hamas (in southern Lebanon) are using the fighting in the Gaza Strip to stir anger against Israel. Pray for peace in this whole region. Pray that people who desire to cause evil to the Christian Believers living in Lebanon would not have their way. Pray for the Church in Lebanon to continue to be a light even as Islamic powers grow within Lebanon. (The Bible, Matthew 5:14-16)

spending billions of dollars on creating an Education City. Their goal is to create an environment where higher education will allow them to continue to prosper after the oil and gas run out. Education is key, as they desire to become more a knowledge-based economy in the future. Pray for them not only to have incredible facilities but also enough professors to move education forward. Pray for a spirit of freedom in Qatar that allows for more freedom of thought. Pray that eyes would be opened and people move from darkness to light. (The Bible, Acts 26:18)


Fire destroyed the Baptist House of Prayer in Turkmenbashi. Authorities thoroughly questioned Pastor Vasily Korobov, President of the Turkmen Baptist Union. According to Slavic Gospel Association spokesman Joel Griffith, “It just seemed like—the questions that they were asking him—they were looking for something other than just a church fire. He’s not really sure what the authorities are doing.” The cause of the fire is unknown. Ask God to surround Pastor Korobov with a hedge of protection. Pray for a quick and peaceful resolution to the investigation. Pray for the Church in Turkmenistan to supernaturally endure the harassment, and courageously share the Good News of Jesus Christ. (The Bible, Galatians 6:9)

Day 22

Day 21 QATAR, ARABIAN PENINSULA Qatar has been

© 2012 Window International Network


There is mounting tension between The 10/40 Window Reporter | 19

(Ethiopia continued)

Muslim worshippers and the Ethiopian government. Recently, officials charged 29 Muslims with terrorism and attempting to create an Islamic state. Discovery of an al-Qaida cell within the country is causing apprehension over rising fundamentalism. Pray for the government of Ethiopia to remain strong in its anti-terrorism stance. Pray for Christian Believers to reach out to Muslims and share the Gospel with them. (The Bible, Isaiah 6:8)


Recently, the Burmese military opened fire on a Christian Kachin refugee camp. The troops attacked the camp for four hours, killing a seven-year-old boy. The soldiers are known to use rape and torture as weapons. Pray for the government to put an end to the military’s violence against Christian Believers. Ask God to cover the Kachin with a blanket of safety, protecting them from further attacks. Pray for Christian Believers to have peace and not be afraid. Pray for the Christian Kachin to boldly proclaim the Gospel despite persecution. (The Bible, Psalm 27:1)

Him. (The Bible, Psalm 91:1-2)


The Barein people groups believe in margay, or nature spirits. They bring the spirits offerings because they believe the spirits are responsible for all blessings and curses. There is no Christian witness or literature available. Pray for a Bible translation to become available in the Barein language. Ask God to send missionaries to this unreached people group. Pray for the Barein to believe in the Great Creator. (The Bible, Isaiah 44:24)


Algeria is a key territory for stopping Islamic religious fanatics who have taken control of northern Mali. The southern border of Algeria is a safe place for refugees as they flee the jihadist insurgency. Some of these refugees are Christian Believers. Pray that Algeria would be a regional peacekeeping force in this conflict. Pray for them to care for all the refugees crossing into Algeria with kindness and dignity. Pray that more Algerians would dwell with the Most High God and trust in


Libya continues to figure out its own political world. Libya has both a prime minister and a president. The new prime minister is Ali Zidan and the president is Mohamed Magarief. These two men are running the country and must continue to set up other ministers and delegates. They also are working toward a new Libyan Constitution. Pray that the government could work for the good of all the people in Libya. Pray against corruption that appears to be widespread. Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would give them much wisdom. (The Bible, 1 Timothy 2:1-2)


The Malay Supremacy group Perkasa is asking Muslims to boycott Christian musician Jaclyn Victor. The Perkasa believe her song, “Harapan Bangsa” (“Hope of the Nation”), insults Islam, and promotes Christianity. Victor claims the song was not intended for a commercial audience, but for the Christian Believers in East Malaysia.

Find current & archived issues of the Reporter online at

20 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

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January 2013

(Algeria continued) un

Praise God for Jaclyn Victor’s bold testimony. Pray for the Perkasa to cancel their boycott. Ask God to use Victor’s music to help spread the Gospel. Pray for Christian Malay Believers to also courageously share their beliefs. (The Bible, Philippians 1:20)


Oman has been working toward Vision 2020, an effort to increase many sectors of Omani economy. Oman has oil, but they would like to diversify the economy. The creation of new ports and Omani workers to work in those ports is all part of the vision. Much of this growth plan has been implemented by Sultan Qaboos bin Sa‘id. Pray that Oman would become a country of economic and financial stability and diversity. Pray that as they seek to globalize their economy, the Omani workforce is blessed with more jobs. Pray for more people in Oman to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and be part of His family. (The Bible, Psalm 33:12)


Kazakhstan’s new religion laws set impossibly high standards for religious minorities. Churches must meet minimum membership requirements, and there are stricter guidelines for clergy training and literature inspection. Prayer is also prohibited in state buildings and schools. According to Forum 18, “Waves of pressure are continuing on religious communities, and the government is trying to funnel religion into channels that it can control.” Pray for the Kazakhstan January 2013

government to repeal the religion laws. Pray for Christian Believers to stand strong in their faith and courageously share the Gospel in their communities. (The Bible, Deuteronomy 31:6)


Tunisia was the birthplace of the Arab Spring. There was much hope that things would be different, and that there would be new opportunities in life. But for the younger, poorer people life has only become harder and more painful. For many of them the hope to go back to school and to have a better live has all but vanished. They are part of a workforce that needs to work to help their families survive. Pray that the needs of the poor in Tunisia are met. Pray for more opportunities for education and employment for the youth. (The Bible, Deuteronomy 10:18)


Four workers are missing, and four other workers are injured, after a dam collapsed in Phnom Penh. Although a search is underway, the missing workers are presumed dead. Officials believe the dam collapsed because it held too much water. Pray for the missing workers to be found. Ask God to strengthen and comfort their families. Pray for the Lord to heal the injured workers. Pray for Christian Believers to minister to these families and share the Gospel with them. (The Bible, Galatians 6:2)

© 2012 Window International Network


The United States government is considering legislation that would compel Turkey to return impounded Christian property and churches. In addition, it would ask the Turkish government to respect the rights of Christian Believers to freely practice their faith. Pray for the international community to continue to pressure Turkey’s government for greater religious freedom. Pray for Turkey to relinquish the property it seized, and to put an end to the persecution of Christian Believers. Pray for Turkey’s Christian Believers to endure government discrimination, and to boldly proclaim the Gospel. (The Bible, Romans 5:3-4)


Around the holidays, South Koreans normally erect huge Christmas displays on three treeshaped towers near the North Korean border. This year, however, the lights are canceled due to fears Pyongyang might issue a military attack in reprisal. The North Korean government denounces the displays as “psychological warfare” designed to spread Christianity into the country. Praise God for the willingness of South Korean Christian Believers to witness to their North Korean neighbors. Pray for their efforts to continue, and for a great harvest of North Korean souls. Pray for the North Korean government to ease restrictions on Christianity. Ask God to protect and encourage His Church in North Korea as they face relentless The 10/40 Window Reporter | 21

(North Korea continued)

persecution. (The Bible, Isaiah 41:10)


Somalia has been a land of violence, piracy, and armed robbery. The ongoing instability in Somalia is a major concern in moving the country forward. The government is trying to combat these issues. However, if the government is not effective, instability and lawlessness will continue. Pray that the government, working with other East African countries, can bring more stability to society. Pray that the government would be wise and righteous in what they are doing and care for the people. Pray for growing freedom to preach and hear the Good News. (The Bible, Matthew 24:14)


The Pakistani government condemned 25-year-old Hazrat Ali Shah to death for blasphemy. The court found Shah guilty after people from his village accused him of insulting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed and the Quran. The blasphemy law is frequently used to resolve personal grudges. Pray for the government to overturn Hazrat Ali Shah’s conviction. Ask God to give him courage, strength, and peace. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout Pakistan despite the blasphemy law. (The Bible, Deuteronomy 31:6)


According to Nigeria’s state police, “misinformation” caused a riot in the northern town of Bichi. Rioters killed four Christians, and looted and burned Christianowned shops after a Christian tailor allegedly blasphemed the Prophet Mohammed. Officials sent a large company of soldiers and policemen to stabilize Bichi. Pray for the restoration of law and order in Bichi. Pray for the safety and protection of Bichi’s Christian Believers. Pray for the Gospel to spread in Bichi and throughout Nigeria. (The Bible, James 1:12)


Officials escorted schoolteacher Geethamma George off the island of Foakaindhoo after Muslim parents accused her of “preaching Christianity.” George drew a compass in geography class. The students thought the compass was a cross and complained to their parents. According to Compass Direct News, authorities moved George to a nearby island because parents “threatened to tie and drag her off the island.” Pray for George’s safety and protection. Pray for her to find a new teaching job. Pray for George, and other Christian Believers in Maldives, to fearlessly share the Gospel with their family, friends, and neighbors. (The Bible, 2 Timothy 1:7)


Jordan is going through more uprisings. The recent increase in 22 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

gas prices is affecting the economy. Everyone, except the very wealthy, is feeling the pressure. The government has been subsidizing the fuel cost but that threatened to bankrupt the country. Protesters are calling for democratic political change because of the price increase. Pray for the removal of government corruption and more accountability in government. Pray for economic blessing on the people of Jordan. Pray for those in Jordan caring for the Syrian refugees (as winter arrives blankets and thermal clothing is needed). (The Bible, Proverbs 29:7)


In Dakar, a protest against the imprisonment of Cheikh Bethio Thioune turned violent after Muslim youth destroyed parked cars and threw objects at moving vehicles. Thioune is a senior leader of the Mourides (the most powerful Muslim brotherhood in Senegal). Officials arrested Thioune in April and charged him with the murder of two of his disciples. Senegal is 95% Muslim. Pray for Dakar officials to restore peace and order. Pray for Christian Believers to boldly share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for the Gospel to spread among the Muslims in Senegal. (The Bible, Mark 16:15)


An exiled opposition group, Addis Ababa, is calling for a mass revolt against the regime of President Isaias Afeworki. The group said that the government has become more corrupt. They also accused

© 2012 Window International Network

January 2013

(Eritrea continued) the government of taking money from the military budget. They are trying to gather support from all the Eritrean people to take down the regime. Pray for peace in the country of Eritrea. Pray that the government leaders would turn away from corruption and gain the trust of the Eritrean people. Pray that the word of Jesus Christ would flow into the country, and that people would become Christian Believers. (The Bible, Acts 12:24)


A booklet distributed by Chinese authorities attacking the Dalai Lama, and claiming the Tibet language is irrelevant, is motivating students to protest and self-immolate. In western China, two dozen Tibetans set themselves on fire in protest of Chinese rule. Approximately 1,000 students at Tsolho Medical Institute recently held a demonstration. Officials shot tear gas into the crowd and beat students with their weapons. Pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict between China and Tibet. Pray for Christian Believers in Tibet to be bold in their witness to student protesters. Pray for many to come to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. (The Bible, John 3:16)


The civil war or revolution in Syria has claimed more than 40,000 lives. About half of these deaths are civilians caught in the fighting. Forces destroyed whole villages. Since March 2011, fighting has increased. Syrian president, Bashar Assad, has been asked to step down by many international January 2013

governments. Pray for President Assad to end the fighting. Pray for the church in Syria as they face increased violence and persecution. Pray for the Christian Believers in Syria to have more freedom to worship and call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. (The Bible, Psalm 96:1-3)


In Inner Mongolia, officials arrested nine Christian Believers who were providing medical services. The police also seized medical equipment. The Christian Believers were witnessing to patients. The government sentenced two of them, Sun Yuefen and Ren Zhimin, to two years in a labor camp for re-education. Pray for the government to free Sun and Ren. Pray for those who heard the Gospel through these Christians. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in their lives and bring them to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for Christians to continue to share their faith in Mongolia. (The Bible, Luke 24:45)


Food insecurity and malnutrition is worsening in East Timor. The high cost of rice is contributing to the problem. Andrew Hewett, Executive Director of Oxfam Australia, says, “Despite efforts from the government, people are suffering.” Pray for an end to the food crisis in East Timor. Pray for lower rice prices. Pray for relief agencies to provide enough food to help the nation survive. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout

© 2012 Window International Network

this starving country. (The Bible, John 6:55-59)


The Moor people group of The Gambia is mostly Sunni Muslim. However, they also include occultism and sorcery in their worship. They use charms and amulets to protect themselves from evil spirits. In addition, they are not receptive to the Gospel, and they do not have a Bible translation available in their language. Pray for the Lord to open the hearts and minds of the Moor people to the Gospel. Pray for the Bible to be translated into their language. Ask God to bring missionaries to the Moor people so they can learn about Jesus Christ. (The Bible, 1 Timothy 2:4)


In the recent conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip many people, including civilians, were wounded and killed. The building used by Gaza’s prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, was destroyed in an air raid, but the prime minister was not hurt. There is much unrest in the country because of the attacks. Pray that both Israel and Gaza Strip would honor the cease-fire agreement. Pray that the Palestinian Church would grow and promote acceptance of all people. Pray that God would bring peace to the land. (The Bible, Leviticus 26:6)


There is growing support for Hamas in the West Bank. Therefore, when Hamas flexes its military muscle against Israel, many in the West The 10/40 Window Reporter | 23

(West Bank continued)

Bank cheer the firing of the rockets at Israel. There is a feeling in the West Bank that negotiations with Israel are dead. Of course there are others in the West Bank that feel very differently. Pray for those in the West Bank that feel there is no way forward without the increase of war. Pray that people working on peaceful ways forward would gain more support. Pray for the Arab Church in the West Bank to be strong. Pray that they grow deeper in Jesus Christ. (The Bible, John 17:20-23)

Window International Network Pray for the Lord to guide and direct the staff of Window International Network. Ask Him to share with them His heart for the 10/40 Window. Pray for them to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and surrendered to the will of God. Petition the Lord to enable them to accomplish all that He desires in this region. (The Bible, Psalm 46:10)

Operation World, SIM, 30-Days Prayer Network, Joshua Project, Joshua Project, Open Doors USA,, BBC News, International Christian Concern, Modern Ghana, Joshua Project, IRIN Africa. ONE, AP, Sofia News Agency, International Christian Concern, The Washington Times, New York Daily News, NPR, International Christian Concern, Joshua Project, International Christian Concern, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, International Christian Concern, Compass Direct News, NBC News, International Christian Concern, International Christian Concern, International Christian Concern, The Daily Beast,

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GENEROSITY MOVEMENT arly last month, in a city in Madhya Pradesh,


India, a group of Christian Believers gathered for a two-day prayer meeting. The pastor led the lively group of worshippers in songs of worship and prayer when a group of fifty Hindu extremists violently interrupted the meeting. The irate group of Hindu radicals, which included some women, rushed into the room chanting angry anti-Christian slogans. The next few minutes saw the unleashing of unbridled violence. According to eyewitnesses, they even attacked the women. The extremists brutally beat the pastor all the way to the police station where they charged and arrested him under Sections 3 and 4 of the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act. This anti-conversion law outlaws forcible conversion through force, fraud, or allurement. However, extremists’ interpretation of the law enables authorities to arrest and charge Christians on a whim.

January 2013

10/40 Window nation bring the Gospel to the people. The time has come again to train the 10/40 Window leaders in strategic level prayer, evangelism, church planting, discipleship, and leadership. The Leadership Training Summit will be held in Sudan in March 2013. You are invited to join hands with Window International Network to sponsor a 10/40 Window delegate. The average cost for a delegate is $2,500. Please invest in a 10/40 Window leader, online, at • Pray for God’s leading and guidance in the planning of the WIN Summit (The Bible, Psalm 143:10). • Pray for God’s anointing over the organizers and delegates of the Summit (The Bible, Isaiah 61:1).

The Christian population of 170,381 in Madhya Pradesh is minuscule in comparison with the total population in the state, which is 60,348,023. This small remnant has come under severe attack in recent times. A local advocate acknowledged that the police are under intense pressure from extreme right-wing Hindu groups to register petty charges leveled against Christians.

• Pray for Christian Believers and pastors in the 10/40 Window nations, who continue to strive for the Kingdom of God amid hardships and danger (The Bible, Isaiah 52:7).

It is against this background of viciousness and violence that pastors and Christian leaders in this

Sources: Census India, Evangelical Fellowship of India, Rutgers

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• Pray for God’s abundant blessing upon the financial partners of WIN. (The Bible, Luke 6:38)

The 10/40 Window Reporter | 25

Elections can change the course of nations. As you consider those scheduled to be held this month: Pray for fair elections free from rigging and manipulation. Ask the Lord to raise up men and women who will serve with integrity, righteousness, and justice. Pray for an end to corruption and graft. Invite the Lord to appoint those of His choosing and fulfill His purposes in the nations of the 10/40 Window.

January ELECTIONS Israel, Parliamentary Elections January 22, 2013 Jordan, Parliamentary Elections January 23, 2013

He changes times and seasons; He deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning (The Bible, Daniel 2:21). 26 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

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January 2013

YOU CAN’T TAKE ITWITHYOU “You can’t take it with you…but you can send it on ahead!”

Those who have repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord know where they’re headed when they die. Praise God for the salvation He has provided for us in the death, resurrection, and ascension of His only Son! But that doesn’t change the fact that you can’t take anything with you to heaven. All earthly treasures will have to stay here when you depart to be with the Lord.

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How is your eternal account looking? For an opportunity to “send it on ahead,” advance the Kingdom and, most importantly, honor God with your finances, go to and make a contribution to Window International Network. It’s guaranteed to be waiting for you – with untold dividends! – when you reach heaven. January 2013

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The 10/40 Window Reporter | 27

removal of dictators and despots who ruled the region.

On August 15, 1945, the crackling announcement of the end of World War II over the airwaves marked the end of a war that had claimed over sixty million lives. On November 9, 1989, a bespectacled reporter broadcasted, on the BBC Nine O’Clock News on TV, the breach of the Berlin wall that had kept East and West Berliners apart for decades. On February 11, 2011, the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, the dictator who ruled Egypt, was tweeted and retweeted countless times. The passage of time has given rise to newer and more efficient tools of communication. Gone are the days when families sat around a transistor radio or a television set waiting for the newsperson to relay the news from half way across the globe. News from the few to the many is indeed a thing of the past. The “Youth Bulge” in the Middle East, 28 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

with nearly 50-70 percent of the population below the age of thirty, has made conventional sources of news outdated. A growing distrust of the authorities forced them to search for news and express themselves on the Internet. Traditional public squares of yesteryears have made way for Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, and YouTube–the public square of our times. Information is freely transmitted and everyone’s voice is heard, undiluted by the opinions of political pundits and commentators. The potent presence of social media was never felt more powerfully than it was in what has come to be known as the Arab Spring–the revolution that swept across North Africa and the Middle East in 2011. Three million tweets, a huge number of gigabytes of YouTube videos, numerous blog posts, and thousands of facebook updates later, the Arab Spring led to the

Even though the concept of using social media for political reasons appears to be a fresh idea, the seed of political activism on the Internet is not a new idea. Activists and students alike turned to the Internet and social media to express their frustrations and their aspirations. A young university student, Kamal, is seen as one of the catalysts to the protests that led to the downfall of Hosni Mubarak. He started writing in a blog after an incident at the railway station. He fell off the train onto the platform, but instead of helping him the policemen beat him. People began to chronicle similar experiences of humiliation and degradation at the hands of representatives of their government. This community on the Internet was formed on the basis of shared experiences and aspirations. They communicated with each other in blogs, Facebook updates, and tweets. On the week prior to the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, the shamed president of Egypt, the total rate of tweets about the political climate in the country increased from 2,300 a day to 230,000

© 2012 Window International Network

January 2013

a day. YouTube videos about the protests went viral with viewership of these amateur videos in the millions. Political activists who long demanded a free and fair country churned out blog after blog demanding a better government. Social media opened a window of opportunity to a world of political dialogue and cultural discourse that would change life as they had known and endured. These discussions crossed borders and enthused people even in surrounding nations to join the conversation. These digital conversations about liberty and democracy encouraged those sitting behind their laptops and smart phones to emerge in the open to protest their suppression. Once they decided to take the peaceful protests to the streets, social media again lent itself. It no longer was just a platform for communication, but it evolved into a tool for organization of these mass demonstrations. Nearly nine out of ten Egyptians and Tunisians surveyed responded that they had used Facebook to organize. Almost every protest organized on Facebook was realized on the streets of Cairo and Tunis. The frenzied reaction of authorities to douse the fire of rebellion was to blackout the Internet, to starve the people of information, and to stifle January 2013

their dreams of freedom. This ploy by the government backfired. Unable to get information on the Internet, more and more people began to take to the streets. This mass exodus of people from their homes to the streets further strengthened the determination of the demonstrators.

of social media. Pray that it would further the cause of the Gospel, peace, and progress (The Bible, Psalm 29:11).

Since the start of the Arab Spring in January 2011, Facebook usage has increased markedly. Just in the first few months of the revolution Facebook users doubled. A vast majority of people surveyed in the immediate months following the resignation of dictators in Tunisia and Egypt said they got their information from social media and not from the non-governmental local media.

Sources: New Study Quantifies Use of Social Media in Arab Spring, Facebook and Twitter Key to Arab Spring Uprisings: Report, About Origins of Revolution Through Social Media in Egypt and Tunisia

Pray for the Peace of God to reign in the “new day” that was brokered in part through social media (The Bible, Isaiah 9:6).

Social media is a force to be reckoned with. It enabled the world to see in real time the horrors that people endured under cruel dictatorships. It enabled the world to catch a glimpse of the hopes and dreams of people. It played a more than vital role in heralding the dawn of a new day in Egypt and Tunisia. Praise God for technology and tools of communication that have broken barriers that otherwise would have been difficult to cross (The Bible, Ephesians 2:14). Pray for the right and proper use

© 2012 Window International Network

The 10/40 Window Reporter | 29


Do you live in the 10/40 Window? How do you celebrate the New Year? Does your family have special traditions and customs for this holiday? Do you have yummy treats that you eat just at this time of the year? As we look through the 10/40 Window, we will find many cultures which have very special traditions to celebrate the New Year. These celebrations are special for the WindowKids and their families. Sometimes people celebrate with a special type of food, or certain music. At other times there is something that the families enjoy doing together, and it becomes a tradition that is celebrated at this time of year. Some of these customs are celebrated by Christians Believers as well. There are other traditions throughout the Window that Christians do not celebrate. Perhaps it has pagan roots, or perhaps it is mostly a Hindu or Muslim tradition. There is one thing that we know for sure. The New Year is a fresh, new beginning for people. It is a time to pray and ask Jesus how we can live better in the next year. It is a time to make changes in the way we act and speak. It is always our goal to be more and more like Jesus!

WindowKids, do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in another country? Do you ever wonder how other kids celebrate their holidays around the world? This month, we have a photo gallery of WindowKids celebrating the New Year. As you look at the faces of these beautiful WindowKids, say a prayer for each of them. What better New Year’s tradition for us as Believers, than to pray blessings over WindowKids from these thirteen countries throughout the year 2013! South Sudan, North Africa

Pray for Christians in South Sudan to intercede on behalf of their country. Ask the Lord to build His Church and make it strong (The Bible, I Thessalonians 5:17).

- Pray for the Lord to protect the people of South Sudan from any groups that might try to bully, intimidate, or attack them (The Bible, Psalm 91:7, 8).

Pray for the Lord to give leaders in South Sudan wisdom and discernment in guiding the newly independent nation forward (The Bible, Proverbs 1:7).

30 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

Lord, I pray for the children of North and South Sudan. I pray that they would always be protected and shielded from the troubles within the government systems. Bless and keep all Sudanese children, Amen!

Š 2012 Window International Network

January 2013

Vietnam, Southeast Asia

- Pray for the safety and persistence of Christians, especially in strongly Islamic areas. - Praise the Lord that the persecution has lessened in recent years. - Pray for the poor.

- Pray that the Vietnamese leaders will continue to fight terrorism. - Praise God that the Vietnamese Church is growing. - Pray that there would be skilled leaders to teach and disciple the new Christians. - Pray for the protection of missionaries in Vietnam.

- Pray that terrorism would be stopped in Indonesia. - Pray for good leaders in the Indonesian government. Jesus, I pray for Indonesian children. I pray for their protection and safety when they receive You as their Savior. Please protect families and give their parents great wisdom. Amen. Tajikistan, Central Asia

- Pray that the communist leaders would come to know Christ. Jesus, it is so dangerous for Christians in Vietnam. No matter what is happening there, You are in control and You love the people very much. I pray blessing and protection over the Vietnamese children. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! Indonesia, Southeast Asia

- Pray for Tajikistan to continue to fight terrorism. - Praise God that in 1992, there were only two or three Tajik believers, but now there are several hundred around the world. - Pray for those who live in poverty in Tajikistan. Pray that God would provide for their every need.

January 2013

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The 10/40 Window Reporter | 31

Saudi Arabia, Arabian Peninsula - Pray that Muslims would have opportunities to discover Jesus. Thank You, Lord, for the children of Tajikistan. I pray that every child would have complete meals, warm clothing, and safe homes. May they always know that You are their Provider. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! Bahrain, Arabian Peninsula

- Pray for freedom for Saudis to choose their own religion. There is only one officially recognized religion (Islam), and conversion to any other religion is punishable by death. - Pray that the Lord would weaken Islam’s grip over key regions in the nation especially known for their fanaticism.

- Pray for peace and an end to corruption in government.

- Pray especially for the cities of Mecca and Medina and the Qasim Region – the “Qur’an Belt” of the nation which includes Riyadh, the capital.

- Pray that the leadership of the nation will make decisions that will improve the quality of life for all. The majority of the population cannot read, get enough food, or good medical care.

- Pray that the Lord would open the eyes of the millions of pilgrims who visit Mecca each year.

- Pray that people of different faiths will work together when there are destructive natural disasters.

Lord, there are few places more dangerous on Earth for Christians to live than Saudi Arabia. I pray for Saudi children and that You would open doors supernaturally for them to know You. Amen

- Pray that Jesus will give them relief from their troubles and give them reassurance that He will never abandon them.

Nepal, South Asia

- Pray that leaders will be given the training, knowledge, and wisdom to grow into mature, godly men and women who will lead the Christian Church with skill and integrity. Jesus, please bless the children of Bahrain. I pray that they would have dreams of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and that they would have freedom from the lies of Islam.

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- Praise God that Nepal’s decade-long civil war has come to an end.

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January 2013

- Praise God that now there is more freedom of religion, but it is still difficult and dangerous to tell other people about God. Before 1960 no Christian could even live in Nepal. In 1959, there were just 29 Christians secretly living in Nepal. Now there could be as many as half a million. Thank God for this amazing growth! - Pray that Nepalese authorities would protect religious freedom for everyone. Christians who have tried to share the Gospel with Hindus face imprisonment or even murder. - Pray for Church leaders in Nepal to be united in purpose and vision as they seek to further God’s Kingdom. - Pray for Nepal to become open to the Gospel and that millions will come to Christ.

medical care. - Pray that people of different faiths will work together when there are destructive natural disasters. - Pray that Jesus will give them relief from their troubles and give them reassurance that He will never abandon them. - Pray that leaders will be given the training, knowledge, and wisdom to grow into mature, godly men and women who will lead the Christian Church with skill and integrity. Lord, I pray that Bangladeshi children will feel safe and secure today. I pray that You would send trained missionaries to help them know You better. Niger, West Africa

Thank You, Lord, for the miracles that are happening in Nepal. I pray that all of the families who have come to know Jesus will have great mentors and receive good discipleship. Amen. Bangladesh, South Asia - Pray that their leaders will experience conversion to Christianity - Pray for the Lord’s favor on the land of Niger. Pray that He will do a miracle to help the people during the famines, and droughts, and with the locust problem. - Pray for peace and an end to corruption in government. - Pray that the leadership of the nation will make decisions that will improve the quality of life for all. The majority of the population cannot read, get enough food, or good

January 2013

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- Pray that Niger’s private radio stations will plant many seeds in the hearts of these precious people. - Pray for the health of Niger’s children. - Pray for a better economy in Niger, as it is

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called the “poorest nation in the world.”

Lebanon, Middle East

- Pray for missionaries to be sent to Niger. Lord, please provide the children of Niger with the basics—food, clothing, and fresh water. I pray that they would know You as Savior, and that they would always have physical provisions. Amen. Mauritania, North Africa

- Pray that the terrorist groups will not be able to regroup, recruit, or have the capacity to be disruptive. - Pray for peace between Lebanon and Israel. - Pray that peace would remain in Lebanon, among its own citizens.

- Pray that God will do miracles in the lives of the Mauritanian Christians.

- Praise God that Lebanon is still the only land in the Middle East where people are free to decide to change their religion.

- Praise the Lord for acting powerfully through the lives of these willing servants.

- Pray that this incredible freedom would be maintained.

- Pray that the Lord Himself will do a miracle and destroy the mighty strongholds of Islam.

- Pray for Christians who are working in Christian schools and orphanages.

- Pray that the nation’s oil wealth will be wisely used for the benefit of all citizens. - Pray that God would supernaturally provide for these people of His own creation! Jesus, I pray that You would provide for the children of Mauritania physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank You, Lord, for loving them so much and helping them overcome the strongholds of Islam. Amen.

34 | The 10/40 Window Reporter

- Pray that Jesus Christ would change the lives of the children. Lord, I pray for the orphans in Lebanon. May they know You as Abba, Father, and always know that they have a Father in Heaven. May their hearts be healed and their futures be bright. Amen.

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January 2013

Jordan, Middle East

Iraq, Middle East

- Pray for the government of Jordan to strongly combat terrorism.

- Pray that the Al Qaeda in Iraq and other terrorist organizations will be thrown in confusion.

- Pray that renegade and hostile terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda and Hamas are caught and properly dealt with for their continued violence against innocent people. - Pray for the salvation of the king and his leaders. - Pray for the peace of Jordan, in the important role it plays in the Middle East. - Pray that God would raise up strong leaders in the Jordanian Church. Jesus, I pray blessings over Jordanian children. I pray that You would help them to see past the lies of Islam and the influences that blind them from knowing Jesus the Messiah. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

January 2013

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- Pray that the demonic forces that are using the terrorists like puppets will be toppled, and that the people will be set free to worship the Lord. - Pray that their leaders will experience conversion to Christianity. - Pray that a new government will allow Christians to worship freely. - Pray that these Christians would remain strong and united, especially the growing Church in northern Iraq. I pray for Iraqi children. Lord, they have endured so much pain and loss because of the war in recent years. Please continue to heal their bodies, hearts, and minds. Amen.

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