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Programming: language How computer processing of human language is harnessed by EMBL scientists


Text mining technology at Europe PMC speeds up scientific discovery by identifying key elements from large collections of text.

e have 35 million records; that’s about seven times the size of English Wikipedia,” says Maria Levchenko, community manager at Europe PMC. “We’re in a very good position to utilise text mining.” Hosted by EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), Europe PMC is a database for life science literature. It

aims to provide free, worldwide access to scientific research. To handle its vast collection of textual data, Europe PMC is one of the increasing number of organisations capitalising on the technological gold rush of text mining: using computer software to comb through existing text and extract new knowledge. One of Europe PMC’s main goals is to use text mining to accelerate scientific discovery.



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