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Personal Qualities I pride myself in always being conscientious with my tasks and being a proactive team player in collaborations and in seeking improvements—in both internal work processes as well as in delivering effective solutions to my clients.

Testimonials “During her short internship with us, we found Yan Ling to be both conscientious and responsible. She also showed unusual passion for the research work that she was involved in, constantly thirsting to learn more and improve her research skills.” - Coleman Yee, Web Consultant at Digital Boomerang

“Yan Ling clearly is a quick learner. As an example, though she does speak good Mandarin Chinese when she joined us, this is after all not her native language. But she quickly started to follow major Chinese business magazines closely not long into her internship, and was able to contribute valuable information from business intelligence angle for a branding and new product development project we took on for a Chinese conglomerate in food and beverage business. In addition, she also helped with a good amount of our project communication to client from English to Chinese. In addition, Yan Ling also demonstrated good communication skills. She presents creative ideas smartly and communicates the benefits clearly. She is a team player and well liked by all who worked with her in our office.” - Haihong Sun, Managing Director at Continuum Shanghai Office

References Coleman Yee Web Consultant, Digital Boomerang Email: Haihong Sun Managing Director, Continuum Shanghai Email:


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