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Connectors You can apply one of 3 modes: ‘If Next Connector’

You can select the text, and continue to play with different values. Take note each time, and you’ll see the indicators change. This is a bit like ‘braille’ , allowing you to speedread your designs visually and make sure you have the trims where you want them.

You can also opt to have your letters connect by ‘ runstitch’ . This is great when you are perhaps working on piques or other types of similarfabrics and you don't really want connecting stitches to show. If your letters are closer, and you use a value like 0.8, you can effect a penetration between letters. This can allow cleaner lettering in cases, effectively hiding the connections. Generally, you may find making your own templates more effective, because you can tailor parameters more exactly. The tie in/off settings are very similar to the trim settings.