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Identity, Purpose & Destiny If you don’t know who you are, you will be an easy target for deception. Your identity helps you know your purpose and destiny

Identity, Purpose & Destiny Jesus gets His identity from His Father Matthew 3:17 Satan attempts to steal Jesus’ identity in the wilderness Matthew 4

Identity, Purpose & Destiny Peter receives revelation from heaven of Jesus’ identity Matthew 16:13 The Father confirms the exclusiveness of Jesus’ identity in history Matt 17:5-8

Identity, Purpose & Destiny Parable of the Talents Matthew 25:14-30

•God gives to us as He sees fit to. •God rewards us by what we do with what He gives us. •Our identity is not in what we are given, but by what is in our hearts. •What is in our hearts determines what we do with our gifts.

Identity, Purpose & Destiny Jesus had a dual nature: Son of Man Son of God Jesus identified with His heavenly father not His earthly

Identity, Purpose & Destiny We have a dual nature: Natural parents Heavenly parents We must identify with our heavenly parents in order to have our heavenly inheritance.

Identity, Purpose & Destiny