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2015 SWEDEN’S HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT TO UKRAINE In 2014-2015, Sweden has contributed with

EUR 10 mln

to humanitarian aid to Ukraine Sweden is the


6th largest humanitarian donor in Ukraine

EUR 1,5mln to UNHCR for: Emergency shelter assistance to owners of destroyed houses or armed conflict escapees; Child protection, prevention and response to Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV); 6700 people have received non-food items (such as blankets, warm clothing and essential kitchen utensils); 1500 IDPs legally consulted; 250 buildings repaired ensuring housing and access to social services for the conflict-affected civilian population.



Through its support to the Humanitarian Response Plan, Sweden, via its partners UNHCR, UNICEF, OCHA, NRC, and "Save the Children", contributes targeting:

338,000 people with basic non-food items, such as warm clothing and blankets 35,000 households with shelter support 25,000 children with child-friendly spaces

EUR 300,000 to UNICEF for: Psychosocial support to conflict-affected children and their families

EUR 200,000

to OCHA for: Ensuring humanitarian coordination

EUR 2,2mln

to ICRC to ensure protection and emergency relief for the conflict-affected most vulnerable people in Donetsk and Luhansk regions

17,800 people

18,000 people

received food

received essential household item

5 hospitals

equipped with medical equipment

Ensure that displaced and those in detention can restore and stay in touch with their families

EUR 1,25mln

2,000 people

received vouchers to support their basic needs

980 visits

to detainees

Promote respect for International Humanitarian Law

to NGO partners for:

2015 Sweden's support to Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) ensures: 600 vulnerable conflict-affected 99 households (2,000 people) in eastern Ukraine obtained shelter rehabilitation and household kits; 1,800 vulnerable conflict-affected people 99 in eastern Ukraine receiving non-food items (such as warm clothing and hygiene articles); 600 vulnerable conflict-affected 99 households (2,000 people) in eastern Ukraine receiving cash or in-kind support to cover their basic needs.

2015 Sweden’s support to Save the Children ensures: 2000 conflict-affected boys 99 and girls in eastern Ukraine received psychosocial support; 1000 internally displaced 99 boys and girls benefit from accelerated learning to be able to integrate in schools in their host communities; 2000 conflict-affected boys 99 and girls in eastern Ukraine receive back-to-school kits.

Sweden has worked with all our partners to ensure gender mainstreaming in the humanitarian response

Sweden humanitarian support to Ukraine info sheet  
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