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Embassy Global Ministry Network “Till we all come in the unity of the faith”… Ephesians 4:13 A Kingdom Lead Ministry Dedicated Since 1979 to:


Meet the Founders & Visionaries Dr’s. Will & Brenda Chambliss We are so excited to about the next phase of growth for Body Builders Television Network. In 2004, we printed our last issue of Harambe Magazine and launched a seven year goal to establish Body Builders Television Network. Our seven year goal and vision became a reality on September 1, 2011 with the global launch of Body Builders Television Network. At the height of our promotions in 2012, our website domain name was virtually “kidnapped” and held hostage. The price to get it back was more than we had or were willing to pay. Every domain name that was remotely near Body Builders TV was snatched up. At that point, we decided to emphasize other aspects of our ministry and we launched the website:; the Embassy Resource Center for Pastors, Churches & Leaders. What the devil meant for evil actually worked out for our good. The Embassy Resource Center for Pastors, Churches & Leaders is just that. A growing source of information, resources, and networking opportunities for Pastors; existing; transitioning and emerging Leaders. In 2012, we knew the timing was right for us to go to the next phase of re launching Body Builders Television Network. God gave us the name and focus for the next seven years, appropriately called, Global Vision 2020. In the next few pages, we hope we can share with you the vision and how your partnership with us will be a blessing to you as well. A major foundation of our ministry is our media ministries; Vantage Pointe Magazine (digital); Harambe Magazine (color print); Embassy Radio and Body Builders Television Network. Unlike many people who are getting involved in media because it is popular; Dr. Brenda has been in this same field since 1979 after graduating from college. “ I have seen media change and churches become more actively involved. We believe that media is a major tool for evangelism, outreach and church growth. God has used technology to “ level the playing field’ as it relates to media. What once was basically un obtainable is now available for those who know how to leverage their positions.” Body Builders Television Network is , “Redefining Christian TV” with new programmers, more content and clearly defined channels. Our ease of viewing on different formats will make us easy to access when ever and where ever. Our online presence affords us the platform to reach viewers globally.

Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. Proverbs 22:29 Our professional efforts to market and brand our ministry over the next seven years will make the Embassy resource center for Pastors Churches & leaders and Body Builders Television Network a recognized name. God is bringing balance and accountability to all areas, especially media. As we incorporate the local church Pastor as a active and ongoing part of our ministry outreaches, our goal is to impact the Kingdom of God and allow others who make Kingdom Investments the opportunity to benefit as well. To promote our ministries to a larger audience, we launched , “ Will & Brenda TV” in December 2012 in Atlanta, Ga on WATC TV 57. This is Atlanta’s number one Christian TV station with a audience reach of 4.75 million viewers. A part of Global Vision 2020’s goals for 2013 is to expand, “ Will & Brenda TV ” to additional markets. Those cities will include: WRXY: Fort Myers, FL., WGNM: Macon, Ga., WYBU: Columbus, Ga., WHTN: Nashville, TN., WVLR: Knoxville, TN. WCLF: Tampa Bay,; WACX : Orlando and WJYS: Chicago Global Vision 20/20 has been called an “ambitious project’ we call it a vision that can become a reality. Be a part of history as we take the Embassy Global Ministry Network to another level. We do not even know if we will be here to fulfill this goal because we all know that any day now, He can return. But, we who know scripture do know that making disciples and winning souls is an ongoing commission from the Lord. Let us “occupy until He comes” and be found working for the Kingdom and the King until He returns. Bottom line, if we are faithful and diligent, seven years from now, we will accomplish more than if we do nothing but find excuses .

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. Thomas Jefferson To maximize our efforts, we have formed, “ Gideon's Army Partners’ or GAP. This group of 300 annual partners will be a foundational part of underwriting the programming of “ Will & Brenda TV” which will expand and promote Body Builders Television Network. Our “ Gideon’s Army Partners” will receive great partner benefits including 13 weeks of programming to air your broadcast on Body Builders Television Network; listing in Vantage Pointe Magazine for 3 issues; VIP seating at our annual Pastors & Partners Conference in October; a guest appearance on “Will & Brenda TV” taped during our Power Partner Weekends and GAP listing as a Media Underwriting Partner on “ Will & Brenda TV” broadcast closet to your viewing area for one four(4) broadcast. Partnership, it works both ways. Let’s join together for the Kingdom of God. Advancing the Kingdom… Drs. Will & Brenda Chambliss

Embassy Global Ministry Networks Global Vision 2020 January 2013 - December 2020 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2 Part of the reason why goal setting fails is that people don’t understand the different types of goals and how to treat them. Goals may involve: •

Developing a new skill or improving current skills.

Beating old habits, or developing better ones.

Producing an outcome, achieving a dream.

The way each of these types of goals are treated is different – some are short term, others are medium to long term, some have a clear direction to achieve them, others may have a more torturous path, and some are naturally easier than others to achieve. Goals can also be: Big-picture goals – your end destination as defined by the ‘Big-Picture' Statements for your various life aspects. These goals are typically not achievable in one simple step – there is a journey to be taken to get there. •

Milestone Goals – these are the series of goals that will take you to your destination.

Mini Goals – milestone goals may need to be broken down into bite-size chunks to make them more manageable.

This is shown diagrammatically as follows, where you can see that your ‘Big-Picture’ is achieved through a few long-term milestone goals, which are achieved through several medium-term goals, which are achieved through many short-term mini goals.

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Global Vision 20/20 Financial Goals January 2013 - December 2020 $10 Million Dollars in Cash & In Kind Our Seven Year Goal Partnership Goals 1,500 Gideon’s Army Partners-three hundred annual GAP members 1,500 Next Phase Ministry Network International– three hundred annual N.P.M.N.I 7,000 - GV2020 Partners -1,000 annual partners per year 1 million subscribers to Vantage Pointe Digital Magazine -partners, viewers, believers

Global Vision 20/20 Spiritual Goals January 201 - December 2020 Partner with 7,000 US Churches Plant 1,000 New Global Church Partners around the worlds 1,000 intercessors 444,400 New Disciples

1 million New Believers in the US Our Pastors & Partners Conference expand from Atlanta Holiday Inn Capital Conference Cener to the Georgia World Congress with seating capacity for 10,000; filled by Oct 20, 2020

The Embassy Global Ministry Center When our Pastors & Partners support the Embassy Global Ministries & Body Builders Television Network, they are making a investment into facilities that will benefit the Kingdom of God and our Partners. In 2010, Worship Spaces.Com and Halo Architects became Corporate Sponsors with Body Builders Television Network. In 2012, our relationship developed to the point where Dr. Miller-Chambliss’s agency, EMG Embassy Media Group became the in-house sales representative for all three companies. Not only do we represent the company introducing Pastors to the phenomenal series offered, we believe it so much that it will be designing and building our global ministry center. Our entire process will be handled by Stan Robertson, President & CEO and each of the professional companies in Lubbock, Texas. • • •

Halo Architects Gone Virtual Studios Gateway Capital Stewardship

Our state of the art facility will be nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Ga & North Carolina. The lodge feel and beautiful surroundings will be perfect for retreats, conferences and more. The facility will feature a 1,500 seat auditorium; Production Facilities; Body Builders Television Studio; Embassy Radio Network; Café/Restaurant; Gift Shoppe's & Boutiques; Embassy Resource Center and the home of the Embassy Global Church Fellowship. We plan on being in this facility, debt free by October 20, 2020. This global ministry center is designed to by utilized by our Pastors and Partners for events; services and more. Pastor, if you are planning on building or remodeling within the next 3-5 years, I encourage you to visit our company websites and contact me for additional information. Also, register now for our Vision casting workshops , conducted by Stan Robertson and myself and others during our October pastors & Partners Conference. Don’t make costly mistakes, find out what to do; when and how. Worship Spaces: Halo Architects: Gone Virtual: Gateway Capital:

Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss Senior Account Executive 877.846.8478 Ext.5

Body Builders Television Network Pastors & Partners Conference October 16-19, 2013

Holiday Inn Capital Conference Center 450 Capital Ave SW Atlanta, Ga

Embassy Empowerment Mission: Liberia Since 2005, we have been actively involved in missions. Make sure to visit our website to learn more: When you support Body Builders Television Network; portions of your funds go to the support of one of our empowerment missions: Liberia. Most media shows the more negative side of residents to emphasize the need for support. Embassy Empowerment Mission: Liberia shares the needs but shows the strength and positive things that are happening as well. We don’t just send support; our goal is to empower the Pastors and Community leaders who we have identified and assist them by providing them with their most urgent needs while instilling a sense of dignity.

Pictures sent by our Pastors and Partners in Monrovia & Kakata; Liberia

Above: The home of Pastor Blately & Agnes Williams that we have supported since 2011; my name sake little ”Brenda”; a service at the Embassy Global Church of Liberia. We need to complete the building.

Our Goals for 2013—2020 Annual Empowerment Missions trip - January 2014 Embassy Global Ministry Center– Liberia - this will house: • Embassy Conference Center & Body Builders Television studios • Embassy Resource Center for Pastors Churches Leaders Above– Pastor Eddie Seboya(l) a • Embassy Shoppes - entrepreneurial business for community and tourist part of our team. Below- sound • Embassy Internet Café’ ; Lending Library and Cafe board we purchased for church.

Embassy Global Church Fellowship-Liberia Embassy Christian School Embassy Community Empowerment Center This will help to generate the tangible missions in one location. The center will also serve as training and information for residents. Food Bank ; Scooters; Generators; Mosquito Nets; clothes giveaway; household goods and building supplies (nails, etc). Once again, visit our website for additional information: and go to Empowerment Mission Liberia.

Dr. W. C. Chambliss, III

Founders & Event Host

Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss

Gideon's Army Partners-GAP is limited to 300 annual members, Gideon's Army Partners will be a foundational part of the Embassy Global Ministries and Body Builders Television Network. Each year, our membership fees and benefits will definitely change. But, for 2013, we want to make our benefits outweigh your investment. We are excited to add a new channel to our lineup, GAP.TV, channel three (3) on the Body Builders Television Network., On Demand 24/7 globally.

2013 Gideon's Army Partner Investment $900 Terms: Deposit of half $450 and balance in thirty days VIP Guest at a BBTV Power Partner Weekend Retreat Spotlight Interview for “ Will & Brenda TV” taped during our Power Partner Weekends 2 RSVP Seats at October Pastors & Partners Conference Promo Listing for your Church“ Will & Brenda TV” in your viewing area for 4 weeks 1/4 page ad in Vantage Point Magazine Year subscription to Vantage Pointe Magazine 13 week programming or promo on GAP.TV. If you would more information on GAP: (706) 455-9092 or (706) 374-0303 Email: and

Next Phase Ministries Network International

Itinerate Ministers

Indie Gospel Artist

Christian Entrepreneurs

Since 1998, N.P.M.N.I. has been a platform for sharing of information, resources, networking opportunities and fellowship for Itinerate Ministers, Independent Gospel Artist and Christian Entrepreneurs. With our growth our new members will experience more benefits and opportunities than ever before. New to N.P.M.N.I. members is the opportunity to be located on a specific channel; GAP.TV, since this is another partnership type.

2013 N.P.M.N.I Investment $375 Terms: Deposit of $200 and balance$175 in thirty days 1 Registration BBTV Power Partner Weekend Retreat Appearance/Performance during our Power Partner Weekend Appearance/Performance included in BBTV Power Partner Weekend taped for airing on GAP.TV and VIP Seating on Body Builders Television Network 1 Registration at October Pastors & Partners Conference 1 Year subscription to Vantage Point Magazine

Gideon's Army Partners & Next Phase Ministry Network International  

Information on GAP & N.P.M.N.I. membership and benefits, 2013

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