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EMBASSY Media Group Dr. Brenda C. Miller President & CEO

Media Kit 2012

To this end was I born, and for this cause I came into the world”. St John 18:37 The year was 1973. I had four major experiences that would define my life, forever. I graduated high school; got married; had my first child; and then if that wasn’t enough, I got saved. This in itself was momentous, because I was the first in generations of Missionary Baptist to go to the camp of “Holy Rollers”. During the Sunday night service; I was still trying to grasp this salvation’ experience and tried to figure if I had entered into some cult because all the men had the same name “Elder” and all the women, their first name was “Missionary”. That night, there were about 45 people at church, which I would come to learn later was a lot. The Pastor stood and addressed the congregation. Apparently, I was five hours into my new found salvation and denomination experience and going through a Dr. Brenda C. Miller church split. The Pastor and Asst. Pastor were definitely at Visionary Leader odds. The Pastor stood and asked all that were with the Asst. EMBASSY Media Group Pastor to stand on the side of the building with him and those that were with him, come on his side. I sat with my husband, rubbing by expanding belly and watched as one by one, people move to the opposite side of the room. To my surprise, even my “We provide quality sersister in law, whom I had only met that weekend. As the Pastors vice to our clients and to wife stood to position herself beside her notably shaken hus- those who provide our clients with quality products band, only my husband and I remained in the pews. and services”. Teamwork. The next moments would define my life. I stood and walked across the room with the Pastor and his wife, followed by my husband. Mind you, we were visiting the city, only hours saved and not even a member of the church; but I went and stood with the Pastor. The feeling in the air, the look on his face; I went and stood. It was then I realized, “To this end was I born, and for this cause I came into the world”. From that moment in that wooden frame church on Ivey Lane in Orlando, Fl, my life has been dedicated to Pastors. Helping them be prepared, providing information and resources, in a support network. Twenty years later in 1993, I answered the call to Pastor. College, Leadership training and development; entrepreneurship in media, television and radio personality; marketing and being a Pastor has prepared and qualified me. Technology, time, tenacity, passion and the favor of God is what maintains me. This is not just what I do, this is who I am, To this end was I born”. EMG it’s not business, it’s destiny.

Mission Statement EMG - EMBASSY Media Group is dedicated to provide quality service to our clients and to those who are dedicated to provide our clients with quality products and services. Our Goal: To build a collaborative relationship through Corporate Partners and Corporate Sponsor who have products or services that our clients will utilize within a reasonable period of time. Our Objective: To build a platform where our clients, Independent Pastors; Itinerate Ministers; Indie Artist; Entrepreneurs; Lay Leaders can have the opportunity to understand and appreciate the services and product of Corporate Partners and Corporate Sponsors. Our Service: We work to provide a platform where relations ships can be built and shared to the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. We provide information, resources, and networking opportunities through media and events and networking. “ It’s about Kingdom Business…. You are our client”

EMBASSY Media Group In 1979 I published my first magazine, BrightSide and started Incentive Concepts, Advertising, Public Relations & Marketing. Fresh out of college and working in media and ministry, I was excited to introduce many of the things I was learning with the leadership of the African American churches I was dealing with. Having my own agency allowed me to include BrightSide in the media I was suggesting to my clients. I began hosting events for Pastors and leaders and utilized media as a way of connecting. Thirty three years later, we are stronger and more focused than ever before. The EMBASSY Network International is the only membership network of it’s kind globe. Benefits include, television, magazine, events (live & virtual) information, resources, networking opportunities and discounts from national and international vendors. Building the membership base stronger and the impact of the media, it became apparent we were in need of our own agency, again. The EMBASSY Media Group, Advertising, Public Relations & Marketing Agency was organized as the exclusive agency for the EMBASSY Network International Ministries. To meet the inspirational and motivational needs of members, Dr. W. C. Chambliss, III serves as President & CEO of The EMBASSY. He oversees the inspirational and ministerial aspects on The EMBASSY. I am once again handling all of the public relations, media, marketing, sales, event planning, etc. for The EMBASSY Network International Ministries. The Embassy Media Group will also work directly with National and International Vendors, Corporate Sponsors and Corporate Partners. EMG will also keep the missions outreach of the ministry in the public eye. The EMBASSY Empowerment Missions works with specific thirds world an African oriented countries to evangelize, expose and economically empower these countries. We will utilize our media to give a balanced and more positive view of what is happening in many of these countries. EMG will keep The EMBASSY Network International Ministries before present and potential Pastors, Itinerate Ministers; Indi Artist; Entrepreneurs and mature believers. Let’s work together to accomplish great things.

If you have a business, product or service and your target market is the church or faith based community, you already understand how difficult it is to gain access with or even determining who are the decision makers. There are many ‘gate’ keepers whose primary job is to steer ‘sales people’ in a variety of directions. In many cases, when you finally get to who you thought were the decision makes, you face a long list of presentations and Q&A from another group of board or committee members. With our present economic situation, this is even more prevalent. We remove the obstacles and guess work by putting you in direct contact with the Senior Pastors or FBO head who is the decision maker. It’s this simple, our audience is your audience. Your business can benefit from our promotional process to attract new members. Plus, our memberships are for a 24 month period which builds a relationship and opportunity to have your business, product or service before our members beyond a conference or vending experience. Additional benefits Corporate Sponsors will receiver are: 

Direct access to decision makers - we know who they are, and they will know who you are. Our foundational audience is to Senior Pastors. Many of these Pastors are bi-vocational historically and many newly bi-vocational because of the economy. This means they often miss out on a lot in information, resources and networking opportunities. Membership provides a platform for you to introduce your product or service to a target and receptive audience.


Untapped market - when seeking the church market, the first goal for many businesses is the larger faith based traditional community. However, research and personal experience of the founders know that the majority of churches that are functioning are churches with less than 300 in their congregations. This untapped market has leaders who are receptive for and in need of a variety of services, products , information and resources.

The African American faith Based Market includes churches and NPO that are agents for positive change in the community and represent a cross section of the community. The impoverished get a lot of press, there is a growing number of African American who's income is increasing, despite the economic changes. In many cases, the “playing field” was leveled offering more opportunities than ever before. Inside the church are Pastors; Leaders, Business owners and Professionals; many decision makers or influence decisions on products services and major purchases. One major overlook market is that of the affluent African American. 

The median income of African -Americans households grew 25.8% between 1990 and 2000.


The median income of African-American households are growing four times than that of non Hispanic (white ) households


3.7 million African-American households have combined annual income over $50,000


1.9 million African-American households have combined annual income over $75,000

Finally, in 2009 in the height of economic downfalls; unemployment and foreclosures; the African American market spent $507 billion dollars nationally in products and services; a 16.6 increase over the 435 spent in 2008. These statics relate to the African American community over, but , from one end of the spectrum to the other, there is one thing held in common. \; The CHURCH. EMG is proud to interact with the African American market of Pastors; Itinerate Ministers; Gospel Artist; Lay Leaders; Sales Managers; Network Marketers and Mature Believers. Not only do we represent this market, we are proud to be represented in the above listed statists. We know the market. We reach the market. We are the market. EMG; your agency.

Estimated Expenditures by Black Households - 2009 Apparel Products and Services

$29.3 billion


2.0 billion

Beverages (Alcoholic)

3.0 billion

Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)

2.8 billion


321 million

Cars and Trucks - New & Used

29.1 billion


3.6 billion

Consumer Electronics

6.1 billion


17.3 billion


7.5 billion

Entertainment and Leisure

3.1 billion


65.2 billion


9.6 billion

Health Care

23.6 billion

Households Furnishings & Equipment

16.5 billion

Housewares Housing and Related Charges Insurance

1.1 billion 203.8 billion 21.3 billion


8.8 billion


8.3 billion

Personal and Professional Services

4.1 billion

Personal Care Products and Services

7.4 billion

Sports and Recreational Equipment

995 million

Telephone Services

18.6 billion

Tobacco Products

3.3 billion

Toys, Games and Pets

3.5 billion

Travel, Transportation and Lodging

6.0 billion

Source: Target Market News, "The Buying Power of Black American - 2010" "The Buying Power of Black America" is one of the nation's most quoted sources of information on African-American consumer spending. It is used by hundreds of Fortune 1000 corporations, leading advertising agencies, major media companies and research firms. The report is an analysis of consumer expenditure (CE) data compiled annually by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The CE data is compiled from more than 3,000 black households nationally through dairies and interviews. This information is also used for, among things, computing the Consumer Price Index. The report provides updated information in five sections: - Black Income Data - Purchases in the Top 30 Black Cities - Expenditure Trends in 26 Product & Services Categories - The 100-Plus Index of Black vs. White Expenditures - Demographic Data on the Black Population The 16th annual report on "The Buying Power of Black America" also includes a preview of findings from the forthcoming 2010

The church has always played a major role in the African-American community. Our faith has kept us through turmoil, trials, racial injustice; economic

hardship and more. The African American faith based community is now more vibrant; active and contributes billions of dollars annually economically.

“It is our desire to restore a level of  dignity and   excellence in your ministry growth  process. At the   EMBASSY, small is not a stigma; small  is the new big”. 

EMG: EMBASSY Media Group Target Audience African American Faith Based Male 38% age average 28 - 55 Female 62% age average 25—60 Event Attendees Conferences Seminars Workshops Conferences Ministry help Purchasers Books Music CD’s/DVD’s Kendall Social network Twitter/Tangle//Face book/YouTube/ Linked In/Word Press Have or will be developing a website Owns: Blackberry/Smart phone/ notebooks Christian Media TV/Streaming media Radio; Tech Savvy Webinars, Internet TV; On Demand programming; Virtual Conferencing

Administrative Ministry Leaders - our targeted market are foundational and core members in small church congregations. Not only is their input positively received, it is often duplicated. A large percentage of these leaders start their own ministries in the future as well as investing in their own spiritual growth.

Itinerate Ministers - our targeted market also include Evangelist, facilitators, even Gospel Music Artist who are active in ministry. Then, there are leaders with short range goals for planting a church. These Itinerate Ministry are constantly seeking information's, resources and networking opportunities that will give their ministry and business necessary advantages. Lay leaders - our targeted market of are active faithful and financial supporters of their local church as well as other ministries. Many have their own prayer groups, women’s ministry, radio broadcast, websites and watch streaming broadcast. In many cases, this group shares information they have received with their local churches administrative leaders and ultimately the Senior Pastor.

Entrepreneurs - our targeted market are entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial minded. They are seeking information to enhance, improve and network their business. Many are seeking resources, teaching and training materials and opportunities to enhance their business or are seeking networking base opportunities that are kingdom sensitive.

Member referrals - our targeted market of members have a close circle of friends that they share and exchange information. These individuals often travel together, attend meetings and conferences. These subscribers are more likely to share The EMBASSY with their close circle of friends, expanding our circulation and additional exposure opportunities for your Business, Product or Service.

Loyal & Consistent - our targeted audience are faithful and loyal. Because they often do not receive much needed information, they take customer service and personal attention positively. These individuals are excellent prospects for mailing list, email contacts, etc for your business, product service, even special events.

Our primary client is The EMBASSY Network International Ministries headed by Dr. W. C. Chambliss, III. The EMBASSY offers a variety of advertising; sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

Embassy Resource Center for Pastors Churches & Ministries E. N. I. C. - EMBASSY Network of Independent Churches EMBASSY Economic Empowerment Missions EMBASSY International Church Fellowship Next Phase Ministry Network International { N.P.M.N.I. ] Vantage Point Magazine Harambe Magazine Body Builders Television Network VCC - the first virtual Christian Conference Network. Virtual conferences; conventions; seminars; webinar; expos L. I. F. E. Leaders Institute For Excellence Pastors & Leaders Summits Kingdom CEO Seminars entrepreneurs-business owners - training - tools - elevator pitches

EMG - EMBASSY Media Group, launched in 2012 is rapidly becoming “The Agency” when it comes reaching a target audience. With the new launch, we are excepting clients that we feel we can represent, and service while staying focused on our target audience. This circle of networking actually benefits all of our clients. We are proud and excited t share our growing list of clients.

Ridgetop Ventures

Worship Spaces


Halo Architects


Gone Virtual Studios (ISA)

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Bridge Logos Foundation

Gospel News Now [Affiliate]

SFGMA [Affiliate]

South Florida Gospel Music Awards

IGenii, Inc. - [Affiliate Program]

Return On Investment

EMG: Our Services Advertising

Public Relations



Event Hosting

Media Buys


Network Mixers

Graphic Design

Social Media

Capital Campaigns


Speakers Bureau

Cultural Relations Specialist

Media Production

If you have a ministry; business product or service and you would benefit from the African American Faith based audience; Pastors: Churches; Leaders; Entrepreneurs and their families; EMG is your best choice. EMG is unique because we focus on a audience that we are actively involved in on a daily basis. We don’t just represent this market; we are a part of the market. We are selective in the clients we represent. Since 1979 we have a documented track record in media, leadership training and development; networking and sales. For select clients; we offer Independent Sales Agents and Affiliate Programs.

EMG EPK 2012