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The holding company

Harmony in motion


Partnership with Japanese companies has always been of a strategic importance for our Group. Transforming Horizont into a broadly diversified manufacturer we take Japanese experience and achievements as a lead.


Yuri I. Predko Chief Executive Officer Horizont Group


Today HORIZONT Group is one of the largest companies in Belarus. Members of the Group are not only leading companies within the country but have also deserved their respect abroad.

25 employees

legal entities and branches

8000+ 3

With wide business portfolio Consumer and industrial electronics (R&D, production, sales and service)

Lighting (R&D, production, sales and service)

Plastics (R&D, production, sales and service)

Real estate

(Development & rental services)

Research & Development (production & engineering, prototype)


(logistics, medical services, catering, recreation)

Auto components

(design & engineering, production) 4




Product development

Instrument production

PCB production

Automatic PCB mounting

Manual PCB mounting

Component installation

Mechanical processing

Plastic injection

Metal casting


Mass assembly production

Small-scale assembly


Horizont Group offers You all the necessary help and support which can be provided by our status of Investment Agent of the Republic of Belarus

legal administrative procedural financial consulting visa

Investment Agent

Where ideas meet substantial support



Japan/ Belarus joint initiative


Production organization Standardization Key competence for High-Tech products (panel)


Immediately available production facilities Skillful workforce Optimized production costs Experience in the assembly process Logistics on CIS territory Access to the customers of CIS market

as a result JOINT PROJECT on production and sales all over the CIS

0% customs duties for local production 0% import duties for components and equipment Immediately available production facilities

Direct access to Government and Ministries support Country policy for local production support Joint investment with no control share limitation

Cheap and qualified workforce Free economic zone benefits Low production costs Lobby on Russia and Belarus markets

Strong technical and R&D competence Good logistics on CIS territory Direct access to the customers of CIS market

Possibility for special incentive package Access to state programs and initiatives

Favorable environment

Available in the Group

Solid support

COOPERATION FORMS Engineers and designers are well able to provide all R&D services for product development , including circuit design and software

R&D for customers

Having a wide range of projects under implementation, Horizont Group is constantly seeking for reliable partners and suppliers on a competitive basis

Buy and sell

Production capabilities of the Group allow us to provide a wide range of production services meeting high international standards and assuring top quality levels

Production cooperation

International experience of the Group allows much deeper integration, including creation of joint ventures

Joint Venture

The Industrial Park in Belarus:

new opportunities for cooperation Horizont Group is a shareholder of the Park


The Industrial Park in Belarus


The holding company Horizont  

The holding company Horizont