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Tools to Enhance Biodiversity Research in Ecuador Nelson R Vinueza David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies April 21st 2014

Things to know about Ecuador before 2007, that will surprise you!

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No trust on the government (government = thieves) Poor sense of nationalism No education standards No connections between universities and industry Taxes always going up to paid international debt Public entities: sources of corruption and inefficient service National football team was the only thing that make us proud

Government Initiatives to enhance higher education 

Enforcing the higher education in Ecuador ◦ Evaluation of all the universities ◦ 14 universities were closed

◦ Implementation of a national system of evaluation 

National fellowships system

◦ Unprecedented minorities get access to world class education ◦ More than 8000 students have received academic scholarships from Senescyt: Universidades de Excelencia, Convocatoria Abierta, etc.

Prometeo Project

◦ Great initiative to bring accomplished scientists to Ecuador ◦ An interesting way to establish “research methodologies” in different areas: Medicine, Social Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering, etc.

Yachay Universtiy,

◦ First planned research university in Ecuador ◦ Starting point of the cultural change in public higher education

Ikiam University

◦ Unprecedented place to build a university considering the culture diversity of a multiethnic people in Ecuador ◦ Unique environment to study and do research related to life sciences

Returning to Ecuador as a Prometeo fellow     

Field: Forensic Science Fiscalia General del Estado Adapting to Ecuadorian culture of work Perceived as potential threat to co-workers Changing forensic science in Ecuador

2012 Reality for Forensic Science

2013 Reality

Yachay    

2012 a great idea 2013 a believer 2014 part of the Academic Think Tank 2014-future Collaborations between North Carolina State University and Yachay

NC State and Yachay 

Institute of Textiles ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Implement new textile technology Nonwoven materials Polymers and Fibers Biomedical textiles

3 + X Program

Tools to Enhance Biodiversity Research in Ecuador  
Tools to Enhance Biodiversity Research in Ecuador  

Tools to Enhance Biodiversity Research in Ecuador Nelson Vinueza