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Washington, D.C., May 11, 2012

Ms. Carla Alvarez-Valverde Essex County College New Jersey Dear Ms. Alvarez-Valverde: Mr. Carlomagno Ontaneda, NJIT SHPE Advisor and Assistant Director of Recruitment at the New Jersey Institute of Technology has informed of your many accomplishments as an student at Essex County College, where you will be graduating with an Associate Degree after receiving two of the most prestigious national transfer scholarships. I wish to congratulate you for all your effort and hard work not only for receiving the above mentioned scholarships, but also because early this month you were named a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar to continue your studies. Once again, I express to you and your family my sincere compliments for being the only Ecuadorean citizen that has been recognized with such an important distinction. Sincerely,

Nathalie Cely Ambassador of Ecuador

Carta Carla Alvarez  
Carta Carla Alvarez  

Carta de felicitación a Carla Alvarez