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MODULE 3:  FABRICATION   EMILY  MARKOS  636466                                            

INSPIRATION For  this  module,  I  decided  to  continue  with  the   theme  of  disgust  that  was  previously  explored   in  Module  2.  My  group  discovered  this  idea  from   crowded  trams,  and  how  they  are  somewhere   we  are  often  denied  personal  space  and  where   our  individual  notions  of  what  personal  space   means  come  in  to  conflict.  We  were  inspired   about  how  other  people  around  you  can  intrude   in  your  personal  space,  and  what  methods  can   create  a  larger  space  and  cause  distance   between  other  passengers.  A  way  we  thought   effective  was  by  making  people  not  want  to  be   around  you,  therefore  creating  a  larger  personal   space.  So  through  Module  2,  we  investigated   certain  ways  to  disgust  people  and  repel  them   away.  When  I  began  working  by  myself  in   Module  3,  I  wanted  to  continue  this  theme,  but   in  a  more  conceptual  way  and  with  more   volume  to  my  designs.  I  decided  to  experiment   with  only  air  inflatables  (no  longer  liquid)  in  an   attempt  to  achieve  this.      


PROTOYPE   With  this  first  prototype,  I  tried  to  create  a   representation  of  one  of  the  balls  of  pus  that  my  group   created  last  Module.  I  did  this  by  getting  its  basic  outline,   and  creating  it  out  of  plastic.  I  used  the  taping  technique,   but  I  feel  that  it  wasn’t  very  effective  and  left  my   prototype  looking  distorted.  Also,  I  wasn’t  very  happy   with  this  as  it  didn’t  create  the  same  feeling  as  my   previous  ideas,  and  it  looked  too  rigid  to  be  something   that  belonged  on  the  human  body.    



PROTOTYPE 2                                        

With this  prototype,  I  decided  to  go  with  a  new  approach   and  looked  at  the  human  body  itself.  I  experimented  with   creating  different  organs,  this  time  using  the  iron  to  seal   the  plastic.  I  came  across  some  difficulties  with  this   prototype;  which  included  the  color  and  the  shape.  I   didn't  like  how  red  it  was,  I  found  it  to  looked  too  fake  and   like  a  cartoon.  Also,  the  curves  of  the  organs  were  difficult   to  do  with  the  iron,  and  they  kept  crinkling  up.  To  solve   this  I  decided  to  stay  with  the  idea  of  organs,  yet  make   them  more  representational  and  into  straighter  shapes.    




CREATING THE  MODEL                                                    

Module 3 emily markos  
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