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SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


Emanuel Temple Youth Pastor Speaks Welcome to iSpeak, your newsletter and your voice.

I magnify God for the glorious vision he has bestowed upon the iSpeak staff. It is through the "inspiration" of the Holy Ghost and the motivation of men that iSpeak is now in action. It is our hope that pitfalls are exposed, your mind is engaged and your heart is renewed through a few written words. Sooooo. Enjoy! _Eld. Jason Meadows

Inside What My Pastor Means to Me

uRock Report What About Now! From Tragedy 2 Triumph


Religion and Politics

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Mission Possible Our mission as a youth ministry newsletter is to engage the social and spiritual need of the youth in our church and community. We will supply a platform for the youth to express their faith through their own words and actions, and to encourage them to use their God given talents to build the kingdom of God while developing each one to become a more effective witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will address realities that we face daily, we intend to expose the deceptive traps that enslave the multitude and compel the willing to receive life through the grace of God with the written word.

OUR PASTOR Have you ever walked in our Pastor's shoes, And gone where his feet have trod? Have you ever thought of what he means to us, And on your knees, given thanks to God? Have you ever told him thank you, For being there, when times are tough, For comforting words and fervent prayers When trials come and the storms of life are rough? He answers our calls in the middle of the night And tells us not to worry, for he will be there. He gives up his comfort of quiet rest And comes with prayers of comfort to share. Have you ever thought to say thank you Pastor, For preaching God's word to help us understand, For all the times he has asked for things That will lend us a helping hand? When you pray, put him at the top of the list And ask the Lord to surround him with loving care, To give him strength and walk with him, To help him with the burdens that he must bear. Have you ever walked in our Pastor's shoes, And gone where his feet have trod? Have you ever thought of what he means to us, And on your knees, given thanks to God? By: Judy Crowe

What My Pastor Means To Me... My PASTOR means leadership. Our PASTOR guides us each day to know how Photo courtesy of C. Morgan to live our eternal lives with God. Without our PASTOR we would all just be living to go be with the devil. Without our PASTOR we would not know how to ignore the devil when he tries to lure us into doing something. Our PASTOR is sharing. When we are in time of need our PASTOR is the one that helps us. Our PASTOR is caring. Every Sunday our pastor is trying to save someoneʼs life. He is the one that allows us to have different programs and activities because he is a caring pastor. Our PASTOR is loving. He love us in our own special way. He does not care if you have the fanciest car parked outside or if your car isnʼt fancy. He still loves you. Our PASTOR is faithful. We never see our pastor doing something that the bible says that we shouldnʼt do. If we see him doing anything itʼs reading the Bible. So, this is my PASTOR and if you donʼt know him, his name is Bishop O.L. Meadows. He is the key to helping me to live eternal life with God. _JaDarius Gaines (age 11)

My pastor is special to me because he is a wonderful man of God and a lot of people look up to him. He loves and cares for people and their souls. God has chosen the right man to be my pastor. He preaches to help adults and kids to live a good life. He takes time out to talk to people. He prays for me and my family. He loves God. He has prayed for a lot of people and God is going to let them live a long life. He has saved a lot of people souls. He prays for people that are sick. I love my pastor and God is gonna let him live a long life. That is what my pastor means to me. _ JaMyia Miller (age 9) 2

uROCK Ms. Heather Skanes

Being amazing is nothing new to Heather Skanes. As my god sister, fellow church member, and Soror, Heather has succeeded in every aspect of her life for as long as I have known her.  She has kept God first and always acknowledged Him for her accomplishments.  She excelled at Washington University, St. Louis where

she majored in African American studies, Premed. From there, she studied at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.  She now attends medical school in Dayton, Ohio.  I am so proud of her and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for her next.  Aside from scholastic accomplishments, Heather is talented musically, has superb oratorical skills, is a wonderful motivator, and my best friend.  Congratulations on everything, Heather, uRock! _Brittany Fountain

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Shout Outs! Congratulations: Elder Jai Flowers became an ordained Elder in the Church of God in Christ during our Jurisdictional 88th Holy Convocation. Justin & Tiffany Kirkland tied the knot on August 27 at Washington Temple COGIC.

Happy Birthday Facebook Friends! Missy. Lisa Gaines 9/1 Bro. Jonathan Kirkland 9/2 Missy. Vanessa Edwards 9/17 Missy. C. Cookie Morgan 9/16 Bro. Justin Kirkland 9/22 Bro. Christopher Pitts 9/24 Sis. Brooke English 9/26 Sis. Anissa Jackson 10/11 Sis. Yolanda Jones 10/15 Bro. Quay Walton 10/16 Sis. Mavis Brown 10/19 Sis. Crystal Hutchins 10/21 Sis. Felicia Coleman 10/21 Bro. Jimmie Johnson 10/28 Sis. Jessica Odum 10/30 Bro. Jonathan Murphy 10/31 Bro. Courtney McGowan 11/1 Sis. Kristina Allison 11/9 Sis. Tiffany Clayton 11/10 Sis. Someka Reynolds 11/12 Sis. Titiania Burgin 11/14 Bro. Keith Snow11/17 Bro. Bobby Skinner 11/26 Email your “Shout Out” to

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What About Now? A Word From Our Youth Pastor

In our modern world, everything has a "now" quality. What's IN? What's OUT? Who's the latest and greatest to capture the attention of the masses? All of these things scream "now." So you ask. What about "now"? By definition "now" means at the present moment. So, the question should read what about at

managed to postpone "Now." Here me out. In our world of uncertainties, the one thing that cannot be duplicated or replaced is time. Yet, we take it for granted and live as if tomorrow is a given. Constantly putting off the best thing we have: "Now." A senior in high school recently told me that she couldn't wait for college so she could live life. And as I thought about what she said I became worried about her definition of life. Life is the existence of opportunity, hope and breath. And it's only delay is death. So my question to the senior and anybody who has put off life What About Now?

strive to be THE BEST me possible. "Now" I refrain from blaming ANYBODY or ANYTHING about my situation. "Now" I get up and go forward. "Right Now" is my time to say Yes Lord. "Now" I live through Christ. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is totally in God's hands. But one thing God has given you is the power over your "Now." Accept it and apply it. _Elder Jason Meadows

What About Now?

Photo courtesy of C. Morgan

this present moment. Could it be that in the midst of the latest star to embark upon rehab, the most recent post or tweet that we've

I propose to you a commitment to God and to yourself that "Now" becomes your rally cry. Not as in a demand on God to do something for you with an ultimatum but something greater. We will declare that "Now" I will pursuit doing what is right. "Now" I will

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From Tragedy Young and old, I'm a survivor thrice of physical and sexual abuse and I hope that you will never experience something so tragic. But to those that have, there is hope. God can fix every area that's broken in our lives. He can heal all those wounds, the nightmares and the flashbacks. God is a healer of all the pain. I have some more healing to do because I carried my pain from childhood into adulthood; that was a big mistake. I never told anyone until I was grown. Satan used that to make me fearful, and quiet, causing me to withdraw from people; that residue from my past pain is still in me. I have never been to counseling so I'm still healing. I pray that God heals all of our scars and fix all the brokenness. FROM TRAGEDY 2 TRIUMPH, we have victory in Jesus. My prayer is that the Potter will put us together again. We are the clay and He is our POTTER. You can be healed in the name of JESUS. There is nothing too hard for the Lord! So ladies stop looking for love in all the wrong places, for God is love. Been there and done that! Take back what the devil stole from you. You don't Testimony Service Is have to Now Open! give Share an encouraging yourself to testimony with the youth. every man Email us at or woman because -Submissions will undergo editing and you not guaranteed to be published. have no



self-esteem. You don't have to sell yourself to the highest bidder. You don't have to turn to drugs and alcohol because you've lost your hopes and dreams. I glorify and honor God because he is my Deliverer! He rescued me and He will do the same for you. This may not be for everybody, but I pray that this portion of my testimony will help somebody. I have got to come out of the pit that I've been stuck in most of my life; we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and by the words of our testimony. I'm seeking freedom in Jesus Christ. I need God's wholeness and His happiness in my life! I don't deserve God's grace but, he never left me nor did He forsake me! I am truly thankful! God loves us unconditionally; it doesn't matter what we did, He still loves us. Maybe you currently are or have gone through some type of abuse in your life (past or present). Don't repeat my mistake. Tell somebody that you trust and don't hold on to the guilt, shame, and pain. Get that mess out! Release the bitterness and anger; let go of the hurt. It will be helpful to talk to somebody that has experience in what you are going through. I pass healing and deliverance to you and in the future, you can pass it on to someone else. Open your mouth and shout it out! If you don't have a physical person to talk to, I am available. I will believe you and I won't tell anybody but God about it ! God specializes!!!!!!!! I love you and I pray that God heals all of the scars! _Ms. Justina Waller



Etiquette 101: Religion and Politics Reassessed By Gary Crosby Traveling, sports, hobbies, recreational activities, education, and favorite foods are all appropriate conversations that follow the proper rules of etiquette at the dinner table. However, two serious topics that have traditionally been avoided at the dinner table in American homes are religion and politics. Should religious convictions and political opinions be discussed more often to turn an old taboo into an open forum for people to freely express their reasoning on certain issues to move us forward and find common ground? Religion has been a part of our dialogue since the founding of the nation. People derived their awareness of political issues from churches. Church was the center of communities and lives. Since the peculiar institution of slavery and during the turbulent era of segregation, Blacks have sought refuge and strength from the Black church. The “Church” is seen as both a religious and social institution. From Selma, Ala. to Birmingham, Ala. to Montgomery, Ala., the American Civil Rights Movement began on the pews of black churches. Today, many churches serve as a

beacon of light and hope in urban cities and rural towns across the country. Yet, the separation of church and state remains a heated debate in the public square because we, as American citizens, have failed to converse about these lingering societal problems, which have resulted in steering clear of it at all costs in the living rooms, dining halls where our dinner conversations, values, and ideals typically are affirmed, validated, or denounced. As a political science major, political campaigner, and former history teacher, my academic and professional experiences revolved around all things political. It is easy for me to speak about these topics because I studied and lived politics for a couple of years. Social scientists conducting empirical research and academic studies tell us that liberals are more likely to be secular, modernists, Democrats, and supporters of a clear divide between religion and politics – Blacks tend to remain rooted in traditional religious values while identifying as Democrats. Whereas, conservatives are regular church goers, the religiously right, traditionalists, and Republicans see church and state as a blurred line that works for the betterment of society. This political debate has led to heightened tension, no solutions, and outright division in the nation. During the 2008 presidential election, religion and politics

became hot button issues, along with a plethora of other subjects. When President Obama – then Senator Obama from Illinois – jumpstarted his political career as the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 he stated that “[t]hereʼs not a liberal America and a conservative America; thereʼs the United States of America.” Essentially, he argued for unity, which starts with public discourse. In the name of progress, modernists must talk to traditionalists, and vice versa. Before veteran gospel star and pastor Hezekiah Walker released his popular song, “Souled Out,” E.J. Dionneʼs penned, Souled Out. In this book, he warns that religious democracy will greatly weaken if religion only exists in the “private sphere” because “[a]ll traditions have a right to defend themselves in public” (183). The position to mix religion and politics is challenged. Most liberals perpetuate a system of strict separation of church and state, keeping religion as a personal conviction, and following in the footsteps of former New York Governor Cuomo – the father of the current governor. Stretching Dionneʼs argument out further to the degree that religious groups have a duty to voice their concerns in the political process to strength our democratic values, Americans must have candid

conversations to find common ground. (Continues on Pg.8 )


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“iSPEAK” ...speaks volume!!!!

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How to Avoid Email Hacking If someone were to hack your email account, it could mean big trouble. He could read your private messages, send out spam mail or make your messages public. Naturally, you want to take the steps necessary to prevent email hacking, but the process could be intimidating if you aren't technically gifted. Fortunately, by making smart choices and using additional tools to scan for potential security holes, you can reduce the chances that a hacker can get into your account. See instruction to prevent hacking.

Instructions on how to Prevent Hacking 1. Choose a complex password. If you use a simple password such as "password" or "princess," it makes it easy for people to guess your password. Instead, choose a password that makes use of both capital and lower case letters, numbers and special characters like the percent or dollar sign. 2. Change your password regularly. Every month, make a point of changing your password to a new complex password. 3. An anti-virus software program can help you to recognize unusual activity on your computer, which could be someone trying to hack your email account. The software will ask you whether you want to remove the program. 4. Use an anti-Keylogger Program. Anti-virus software doesn't always catch keylogging software, which records what you type on your computer--including passwords. Anti-keylogging software specifically scans your computer for this type of activity. There are many free versions of this program available. Read more: How to Prevent Email Hacking |

Etiquette 101: Religion and Politics Reassessed (Continues from pg.6)

Americans have been taught to feel uncomfortable and told not to talk about them. In his book about religion, Alan Wolf points out that there was a time when faith in the public sphere was welcomed and beneficial, but Republican Congressman Souder (IN-3) and other Evangelicals rely heavily on their faith traditions and speaking in “Gold talk,” which is strange to “mainline Protestants, Catholics, and Jews,” and secularists, religion and politics have been questioned (222). Wolf argues we should encourage and accept political elites bringing their religion to the table in deciding on policies for the nation (225). Congressman Souder affirms, “[t]o ask me to check my Christian beliefs at the public door is to ask me to expel the Holy Spirit [or the Holy Ghost]

from my life when I serve as a congressman, and that I will not do” (21). Checking our religious convictions at the door leaves no room for understanding both sides of an issue. Checking our faith at the door leaves no room for compromise. The relationship between religion and politics remains complex, but it is necessary in explaining our worldview to the public. Politicians actually talking about where their beliefs originate move us forward to discussions that will bring about possible solutions. America, letʼs use some good manners and invite Jesus and politics to the dinner table tonight. The good ole congregational song has it right: take the Lord along with you/ everywhere you go/you go need Him/you go need Him/ everywhere you go. 8


Answer: Yes, Sometimes, No 1. Overtake other to get ahead? 2. Trust GOD enough? 3. Run stop signs for the “fun life”, thus avoiding Christian values? 4. Avoid thanking GOD for my blessings and 4-way stop signs? 5. Keep away from praying at night before bedtime? 6. Stay away from asking GOD to forgive me of my sins? 7. Steer clear from taking GOD’s name in vain (swearing)? 8. Get around taking communion and looking both ways before crossing? 9. Avoid thinking of GOD throughout the day? 10. When speeding undecided or speeding avoid thinking “What would Jesus do”?

SUDOKU Directions: Using the numbers 1 through 9, the 81 cells in the sudoku grid must be filled so that every column, row and block contains the numbers 1 through 9. No number can repeat within any column, row or block.

SCORE YOURSELF COUNT ALL: “NO”, “SOMETIME”, AND “YES” ANSWERS (10 OR MORE “YES” ANSWERS) – Unsafe driver with GOD, need to slow down (5 “SOMETIMES” ANSWERS)Semi- aggressive driver with GOD, but still need to slow down (5 to8 “NO” ANSWERS) – In the driver’s seat with GOD, No tickets! (9 OR MORE “NO” ANSWERS)You are an aggressive driver with GOD.

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