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Knock on heavens door

Knock on heavens door photographers Emanuele Broli Marco Ciccolella All photos copiright @2016 print Intese Grafiche Montichiari - Italy Our thank to:xxxxxxxxx website: www.xxxxxxxxxxxx All right reserved. no part of this book may be reproduced in any manner or trasmitted by any means whatsoever, electronic or mechanical, without the permission of the photographers

SECTION III Sports Article 217.  It is the duty of the State to foster the practice of formal and informal sports, as a right of each individual, with due regard for: I – the autonomy of the directing sports entities and associations, as to their organization and operation; Eventualmente testo Sun Rise ma parte della costituzione brasilana non sarebbe male

II – the allocation of public funds with a view to promoting, on a priority basis, educational sports and, in specific cases, high performance sports; III – differentiated treatment for professional and non-professional sports; IV – the protection and fostering of sports created in the country. Paragraph 1.  The Judicial Power shall only accept legal actions related to sports discipline and competitions after the instances of the sports courts, as regulated by law, have been exhausted. Paragraph 2. The sports courts shall render final judgement within sixty days, at the most, counted from the date of the filing of the action. Paragraph 3.  The Government shall encourage leisure, as a form of social From the Brasilian Federal Costitution




Boccie Alison Levine - Canada

Studiare come riempirla

Allison Levine Canada

- Mixed Pairs 6th place · Mixed Individual a 5th place ”Boccia is more than a sport, its independence. It opens pathways to greater autonomy and self-confidence.”

Swimming Teresa Perales - Spain Mallory Weggemann - USA

“You are the best. You can make a difference and you can change the world.� Mallory Weggemann United States

Position in Rio 5th place in 100m Breaststroke 7th place in 100m Butterfly 5th place in 200m Individual Medley 8th place in 100 Freestyle

Teresa Perales Spain “Dare to win - and to fight every day to become that little bit better.�

Silver Medal 200m Freestyle (personal best time) Silver Medal 100m Freestyle Gold Medal 50m Backstroke Silver Medal 200m Individual Medley 4th place in 50m Freestyle 5th place in 50m Butterfly

Wheeelchair Rugby Stefan Jansson - Sweden

Stefan Jansson Sweden “Wheelchair rugby has become a big part of me. I really believe the sport has brought me more confidence and pushes me to break the limits of what’s possible.” Achieved a 6th place

Wheeelchair Fencing Javone Guissone (Brasil)

Jovane Guissone Brasil “I’ve had quite a life, where everything I have has come from sport.” 6th place in Individual Epee 10th place in Individual Foil 6th place with the Team in Epee 6th place with the Team in Foil

Powerlifting Juan Carlos Garrido - Chile

Juan Carlos Garrido Chile ”The adrenaline I feel before the start of a competition to the moment of completion - all those years of training are defined in just 30 seconds.” 4th place in Powerlifting 59 Kg               

Sailing Daniel Fitzgibbon - Australia

Daniel Fitzgibbon Australia “Sailing is my life. The freedom. The love for the water.� Won a Gold Medal after 11 races

Athletics Francesco Cedeno (Panama)

Francesco Cedano Panama “Thank God I have the opportunity to work, study and practice my discipline.� 11 th place

Table Tennis Gabriel Copola - Argentina Andrea Borgato - Italy Giuseppe Vella - Italy

Andrea Borgato Italy “Table Tennis is a sport of dexterity, reflexes and technical skills. It requires tactical intelligence to adapt your style to your opponents by acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses.� Dropped out in the round of sixteen (Singles) Lost the Double match with Guiseppe Vella in the first round

Giuseppe Vella Italy “Table Tennis remains my main passion. A large part of my life has always revolved around this sport.� Dropped out in the round of sixteen (Singles) Lost the double match with Andrea Borgato in the first round

Gabriel Coppola Argentina “It’s a sport where there are no physical limitations. We can all play table tennis.” Dropped out in the round of sixteen (Singles)

Cycling Road Kim Kluever Chrisiansen - Denmark Viko Merklein - Germany Jani Perltopuro - Finland Christin Reppe - Germany Arkadiusz Skrypinski - Poland

Arkadiusz Skyzypinski Poland “When I first saw a handbike, I realised that this is my future.� 8th Place in Time Trial

Vico Merklein Germany “I don´t train every day for second place. My only goal is winning a gold medal.” Bronze Medal in Time Trial Gold Medal in Road Cycling

Christiane Reppe Germany Sport means so very much to me. It has been my approach to life. I keep myself in shape through it and feel so alive!� 6th place in Time Trial Gold Medal in Road Cycling

Jani Peltopuro Finland “I just love the speed and feeling of liberty when cycling. I love being able to compete against able-bodied cyclists.� 10th Place in Time Trial 8th Place in Cycling Road

Kim Kluever Christiansen Denmark �Hand-biking helped me find a way out of my crisis after my traffic accident. It allowed me to set goals - a reason to fight for something� 4th Place in Time Trial 8th Place in Cycling Road

Wheeelchair Tennis Katharina Krueger - Germany Jordanne Whiley xxxxx - United Kingdom Dana Mathewson - USA Ben Weekes - Australia Philippe Bedard - Canada Gordon Reid - Unitede Kingdom David Wagner - USA

Philippe Bèdard Canada ”Tennis is like life, you have to learn to face adversity. It’s how you react to difficult situations that will determine your success.” Dropped out in the round of sixteen (Singles)

Dana Mathewson United States “Tennis teaches a person self-reliance, accountability, and independence traits that can have a massive impact on someone’s life.” Dropped out in the round of sixteen (Singles) 5th place in the Doubles

Katharina Krueger Germany “The outcome of the match has to do with just two things - the way your opponent plays and the way you deal with it. “ Dropped out in the round of sixteen (Singles)

Ben Weekes Australia “You need to challenge yourself against your opponent and find a way to win. I love the battle.� Dropped out in the round of sixteen (Singles) Dropped out in the first round (Double)

David Wagner United States “Wheelchair tennis means everything to me. It has given me so much and allowed me to travel the world and meet many wonderful people. Bronze Medal in Single Silver Medal in Double

Gordon Reid United Kindom Non c’è sul sito Sunrise Gold Medal in the Single Match Silver Medal in the Double Match

Non c’è sul sito Sunrise

Jordanne Whiley Mbe United Kindom “Tennis has changed my life - and it can change other people’s lives too.” Lost her match in the quarterfinals (Singles) Bronze Medal in Double Tournament

Wheelchair Basketball Megan Blunk - USA Sophie Carrigill - United Kingdom Anton De Rooij - Nederland Carolina De Rooij - Nederland Tracey Ferguson - Canada Asier Garcia - Spain Nikola Goncin - Canada Liam Hickey - Canada Abdi Jama - United Kingdom James Jewells - Canada Adam Lancia - Canada Francisco Sanchez - Spain Alejandro Zarzuela - Spain

Nikola Goncin Canada ”My teammates are my brothers. We are there for each other - on the court and off.” Didn’t reached the Playoff’s

Carina De Rooij Nederland “Basketball is an extremely physical sport, it demands a lot from your body.� Bronze Medal

Anton De Rooij Nederland “Basketball has given me so many opportunities in life. I have a good job, a beautiful wife, fabulous kids and I’ve seen the world. What more could I possibly want?” 7th place

Sophie Carrigill United Kindom “Wheelchair basketball has challenged me to think positively about my disability. To see past any boundaries and to do what it takes to be the best. “ 4th place

Megan Blunk United States “My accident gave me a second chance at life, so I want everyone to know that you can fight it - and you can be happy. No matter what happens in life, don’t ever let it hold you back.” Gold Medal

Adam Lancia Canada ” I loved every challenge that the sport has presented to me - and I’m still being challenged by it on a daily basis.” Didn’t reached the Playoff’s

Jamey Jewells Canada � The biggest challenge for me is to balance being a full-time mom with being a full-time athlete.� 5th place

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Alejandro Zarzuela “I became passionate about it when I went to watch a training session for the first time. From that moment on, I knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. “ Silver Medal

Abdi Jama “As a kid, wheelchair basketball gave me another purpose in life after my accident. It gave me confidence and the belief that you can do anything.� Bronze Medal

Liam Hickey Canada “Wheelchair basketball lets me demonstrate to everyone just what people with disabilities are capable of.”

Didn’t reached the Playoff’s

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Aliser Garcia Spain “I’ve always liked all sports and practiced many of them, but as soon as I got to know about wheelchair basketball, I knew that this was the sport for me. Silver Medal”

Francisco Sanchez Lara Spain “You always have to aim to be the best and fight for it until the very end.� Silver Medal

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Credits Emanuele Broli xx,xx,xx,xx Marco Ciccolella xx,xx,xx,xxx front and back covers @xxxxxxx

printed in xxxxxx 2017 Intese Grafiche, Montichiari (BS), Italy ISBN xxxxxxxxxx

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