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Our ideal house.

The ideal house must have : the pitched roof , the garden , the pool , the fireplace , the master bedroom , a bath , a living room ,

The garden .

The perfect garden is an open space and relaxing with views of the sea or the countryside .

The pool .

The perfect home should have a very large pool ,square or oval with white edges .

The bedrooms

The ideal bedrooms should be a relaxing and welcoming place where you can rest peacefully .

the wolk-incloset.

The perfect wardrobe should be a spacious room where you can lay your clothes and keep them tidy .

The bathroom .

The ideal bathroom should be spacious but not too much to be able to wash in peace .

The kitchen

• The kitchen must be a place where you can express passion for cooking , but must also be a safe place.

The living room

The living room is a place where you can rest in the afternoon and watch movies on televison .

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